GH Update Monday 6/27/11

General Hospital Update Monday 6/27/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Davis home, Kristina kisses Ethan. Ethan backs away quickly. Kristina says kissing Ethan was better than she expected. Molly and Alexis return home early. Alexis is horrified to see Ethan in her house. Kristina insists that she and Ethan weren’t doing anything wrong. Kristina says Ethan was helping with planning her trip abroad. Molly suggests Florence as a good city to visit. Molly rambles on about Europe. Molly implies that Kristina and Ethan could have a romance in Italy. Alexis is shocked by Molly. Alexis gives her opinion about visiting abroad. Ethan talks about seeing Venice. Ethan reminisces about traveling to Europe, then shocks Alexis by speaking of his former conning ways. Molly is impressed by Ethan’s stories. Molly asks Ethan if he ever kissed anyone under a famous Venice bridge. Ethan says he might someday, then looks at Kristina. Once Ethan leaves and Molly is in her bedroom, Alexis and Kristina sit down for a chat. Kristina is excited about going to Florence. Alexis brings up the fact that she and Molly interrupted Kristina’s seduction of Ethan. Alexis is not pleased that Kristina invited Ethan under false pretenses. Alexis thinks Kristina is infatuated with her crush. Alexis says Kristina needs to be nice to Ethan. Kristina gets defensive.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward offers Michael and Abby jobs at ELQ. Edward wants to know when the two can start working. Michael says he needs Jason’s approval first. Jason remains silent. Edward insists ELQ would be a good fit for Michael. Abby tells Michael that it’s his decision if he wants to work for Edward. Michael asks Jason to weigh the pros and cons. Jason says Edward is loyal and that family ties are important to him, but warns that Edward is also sly and manipulative. Jason advises Michael to be cautious. Michael thanks Jason for being candid. Jason leaves through the patio door. Abby asks Michael if she should leave. Michael wants a few minutes to consider Edward’s job offer. Abby is beside herself. Michael asks Abby if she’s okay. Abby says being at the Quartermaine mansion intimidates her. Edward gets off the phone and says he can arrange for a main office tour. Michael brings up Jason’s warnings. Edward is sentimental when talking about how quiet the house is now that everyone is gone. Edward regrets driving Jason away. Edward wants to offer Abby an assistant position and Michael a job in acquisitions. Michael suggests something in the green tech department. Michael doesn’t want special treatment. Edward speaks of Alan, Emily, AJ, Justus and Jason. Michael reminds Edward that this is only a summer job. Edward and Michael make a toast.

At Jax’s office, Brenda and Jax are spending time with Josslyn. Jax hopes Brenda will testify at the custody dispute. Carly barges in the office and glares at Brenda. Carly grabs Josslyn and holds her in her arms. Carly leaves the room to locate Mercedes. Alone, Jax begs Brenda to help him. Brenda says she is protective of Alec, so she can see where Carly is coming from. Carly walks back in the office, visibly irritated by Brenda’s presence. Carly announces Jax’s plan to use Brenda as a pawn. Carly is convinced that Jax set up this scene to anger his wife. Carly thinks Jax wants to paint her as an unfit mother. Brenda asks Jax if he used her. Jax is quiet. Carly says goodbye, then makes it clear Brenda will never see Josslyn again. Brenda asks Jax again if he set her up. Jax says he didn’t, but he’s not very convincing. Brenda says Carly is selfish, then comments that she and Jax are terrible for each other. Jax brings up his argument that Sonny and Jason are dangerous influences in Josslyn’s life. Brenda thinks Jax is better than Carly. Jax reminds Brenda how dangerous the mob is and insists she help him.

At the Corinthos home, Dante and Sonny talk about Lulu leaving for Florida to find Luke. Dante says Lulu is at a brothel looking for Luke. Sonny thinks Luke could end up destroying Lulu. Dante thinks Sonny could never act like Luke. Sonny is thankful Olivia protected Dante. Sonny recalls being close to his own mother. Sonny says he never wants to be a victim again. Dante wants to know why Sonny is so driven. Sonny is adamant he didn’t want to be Deke’s victim anymore. Dante wonders what will happen to Luke. Sonny and Dante agree that Luke is spiraling out of control.

At the Florida brothel, Lulu is confronted by the mysterious Javier. Javier wonders why Lulu is so persistent in finding Luke. Javier senses that Lulu is related to Luke. Lulu says she’s trying to locate her boyfriend Dominic. Javier is making Lulu uncomfortable. Javier believes Dominic might be Luke’s business partner. Lulu demands to know where Luke is. Lupe intervenes on Lulu’s behalf. Javier suggests Lulu meet him later in a private room. Once alone, Lulu asks Lupe why she covered for her. Lulu knows Lupe is scared about something. Lupe says Javier won’t give up until he gets answers from Lulu. Lupe says Luke is a nice man and that she spent a lot of time with him. Lupe warns Lulu to leave immediately.

Carly shows up at Jason’s apartment and vents about her visit with Brenda and Jax. Carly wishes she could have some junk food to calm down. Jason lets slip about Michael’s news. Carly is sickened to hear about Edward’s job offer. Carly wants Edward to have no part in Michael’s life. Jason reminds Carly that working at ELQ is a lot better than working in the mob. Carly fears how Edward might try to influence Michael. Carly worries that bad karma will come back around to her. Jason thinks Michael will be safe under Edward’s wing. Carly is sure that Edward hates her.

Brenda returns home with a gift for Sonny. Sonny is preoccupied and doesn’t comment on his present, a new shirt. Brenda throws the box aside and demands to know what’s wrong. Sonny confides about his talk with Dante. Sonny wonders if he and Luke are alike. Brenda jokes she would never marry Luke, but admits Luke’s drinking is destructive. Sonny brings up Jax, which infuriates Brenda. Brenda can’t believe Sonny is questioning her time spent with Jax. Sonny says he’ll never get along with Jax. They continue to bicker back and forth over Carly and Jax. Sonny doesn’t want to fight. Brenda can’t understand why Sonny continues to defend Carly. Brenda says Carly is unstable and not a good mom. Sonny makes a cheap shot about Brenda keeping Alec away from his father. Sonny speaks of his crummy childhood, then tells Brenda that he loves her. They share a hug.

Abby shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Abby wonders if she made a mistake in accepting the job offer. Abby says Edward wants Michael to be his heir. Jason agrees with Edward’s motives, but knows Michael is smart. Abby is all for what’s best for Michael but worries that Edward will cloud her boyfriend’s judgments. Jason reassures Abby that Michael won’t break up with her. Jason thinks Abby should speak to Michael about her concerns. Jason admits he stole Michael from the Quartermaines, so this is Edward’s chance to get even. Abby wonders if Michael is really safe working at ELQ.

Carly and Michael have a chat at the Jacks home. Michael says he took Edward’s job offer so Abby would get a chance to work. Michael and Carly disagree about the offer, but Michael reminds his mom that he’s an heir to the Quartermaine fortune. Michael is frustrated because he can’t work in the mob nor at ELQ. Michael jokes about flipping burgers for the summer. Jax walks in and apologizes for his behavior toward Carly. Michael informs Jax about the ELQ offers. Jax suggests Michael and Abby come work for him instead.

Dante shows up at the brothel looking for Lulu. Dante runs into Lupe. Lupe flirts with Dante but has no clue about his interest in Lulu. Lupe wants to seduce Dante but he isn’t interested. Dante inquires about any unusual men hanging around the brothel. Lupe suggests going upstairs.

Lulu slowly approaches Javier’s room. Javier urges Lulu to enter. Lulu finds Javier sitting on a chair, staring at a huge bed. Lulu demands to know Luke’s whereabouts. Javier says he’ll answer Lulu’s questions once she is done with her audition in bed. Lulu is speechless.

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