GH Update Thursday 6/23/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/23/11


Written by Melissa
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Maxie pounds on the door of Jason's penthouse shouting for someone to open it. When Sam does, Maxie storms in and demands to talk to Jason. Sam tells her Jason is out and asks her what's wrong. Maxie explains that Spinelli isn't himself and Sam thinks that's to be expected considering her got shot. Maxie tries to explain that Spinelli looks like himself but he isn't himself. Sam informs her that she's not making any sense Maxie replies that Spinelli isn't either. He's morphed into Jackal P.I.

Jason arrives in Spinelli's hospital room with his laptop. Spinelli's greets him with "Holla, Morgan." When Jason appears confused, Spinelli informs him that he's supposed to "holla back." He tells Jason he's glad to see him and informs him that he's planning to leave the hospital soon. He wonders what jobs Jason has available for him once he blows this pop stand.

Alexis tells Kristina that while it pains her to punish her she's going to do it anyway because Krissy needs to learn that her actions have consequences. She informs Kristina that she won't be going on her class trip. When Kristina balks that the trip is to Cancun, Alexis informs her that she already had her tropical getaway when she snuck off to the Dominican Republic with a married man. Krissy points out that she didn't sneak, she boarded a plane and flew. She tells her mother she's allowed to do that because she's almost 19 and Alexis counters that Krissy still lives under her roof. Alexis laments the fact that Kristina is forcing her to act like some generic mom. Kristina watches the door as she asks her mother if they're finished. Alexis tells her they're not. She also says that she knows Krissy is trying to get rid of her before Ethan shows up. She wants to know something: Is Kristina trying to get Ethan killed?

Sonny tells Michael he's glad he decided to work for him. He realizes it's not as exciting as what Michael wanted, but he thinks he'll find the coffee business interesting. He tells Michael that he'll be meeting influential people and seeing some of the world but Michael doesn't see how he'll be doing that from a coffee warehouse. Sonny tells him he'll be working in the office and going to plantations. Michael replies that he's not signing up for a cushy office job. Is Michael saying that if doesn't get the job he wants he'll go work for the Zaccharas?

Michael points out that he didn't say anything about the Zaccharas and Sonny realizes he may have jumped the gun. He explains that he wants to give Michael so much but he doesn't want it to involve the dirty side of the business. Michael assures him he got that the first 100 times Sonny told him. He goes on to tell Sonny that he doesn't want him paving the way for him in the coffee business. He wants to start at entry level. Sonny tells him that means loading trucks and Michael replies that it's an honest day's work and it will keep him in shape. Sonny tries to push Michael into taking the better job but Michael doesn't want to take it over people that actually deserve it. He reminds Sonny that all he's qualified for right now is loading trucks. Sonny tells Michael that as a kid in Bensonhurst, he promised himself he would make it and would never struggle like his family did. Now, he is offering Michael something he never had and Michael isn't interested.

Alexis reminds Kristina that when Sonny gets angry he has a trigger reaction . . . literally. She tells Kristina that Sonny is very angry now and Kristina replies that it's because Alexis jumped to the wrong conclusion and told him she was running away to marry Ethan. Kristina tells Alexis that she's talking about Ethan like he's a gang-banging drug dealer and reminds her mother that she actually likes Ethan. Alexis replies that it's not about whether she likes him or not. What Kristina did is still wrong and she's not going to get away with it. Alexis tells her that in addition to missing her class trip, she can't go to Manhattan with her and Molly. Additionally, she expects Kristina to be home by 6:00 every night. Krissy is furious. She tells Alexis it is completely unfair that Sonny can literally get away with murder but she gets in trouble for supporting a friend. Alexis wonders if Kristina thinks she's being fair to Ethan. She's putting him in a position where he has to take care of her and that's not right. "You don't know anything about us." Kristina replies. Alexis points out that there is no "us." While she is certain Ethan cares about her as a friend, he isn't going to cross that line because a) he knows she's vulnerable and b) he wants to live. Alexis tells Krissy if she really cares about Ethan she should find herself another, more appropriate, boyfriend.

Ethan goes to the Quartermaine mansion to see Edward. He apologizes for neglecting Edward and tells him that life interfered. Edward is aware of what Luke has done and tells Ethan he should be ashamed of himself. Ethan is pretty sure Luke has that covered. Edward starts to rant about the hell Luke but Tracy through but stops himself, sensing that Ethan didn't come to talk about Luke and Tracy's marital problems. Ethan tells Edward he has news about Maya. He explains that Maya likes Philadelphia and is planning to stay there permanently. Edward tells Ethan to convince her to come back and Ethan explains that he can't do that from Port Charles. His particular brand of charm works better up close. Edward wonders if Ethan has even tried and Ethan assures him that he has. Edward points out that this is rather unfortunate for Ethan because the deal was, in order to get a million dollars, he had to stay married to Maya for one year in Port Charles. He goes on to say that he doesn't want Maya in Philadelphia; he's grown used to having her here. Ethan says he has as well but, short of dragging her home on a private plane, there's nothing he can do. Edward tells him the HE has a private plane and Ethan wonders if Edward would lend it to him. Edward replies that he would for a worthy cause. Ethan then informs him that he would need money to finance the trip. When Edward asks how much, Ethan assures him it's nothing too steep for a man of his means . . . maybe $250,000?

Sam theorizes that Spinelli might have been loopy from the anesthesia or perhaps having a laugh at Maxie's expense. Maxie wishes that were true. She tells Sam again that Spinelli has turned into the character from his book but Sam doesn't know what she means. Maxie explains that he keeps calling her doll face and sugar lips. He calls the nurses dames and he even called Diane "cookie." Sam chuckles and wonders if Diane threatened to sue him. Maxie tells her that Diane is perverse so she loved it but Maxie did not. Sam asks if Maxie has talked to his doctor and Maxie tells her it's Matt. He told her that Spinelli didn't have a stroke and there's no neurological damage so he's not worried about him, but Maxie says that Matt doesn't know Spinelli like she does. Sam asks what her take is and Maxie replies that it must be something deeply psychological. She thinks it is some type of wish fulfillment and reminds Sam that Spinelli wrote that book so he could be like the character: confident, organized, heroic. Sam points out that he definitely fulfilled the heroic part. Maxie agrees. Spinelli literally took a bullet for her and she wants to help him return to the terrific guy she knows he can be. If she can't help him do it, she thinks there's only one person that can.

Jason asks Spinelli if he's practicing a character for his next book and Spinelli informs him that life isn't practice. One time around the block and you're worm food. Jason tells him whatever he's doing needs to stop because they have problems. He tells Spinelli that he got a call from Bernie who told him that close to $20 million is missing from the offshore accounts. Spinelli asks him if it was an inside job and Jason replies that Spinelli is supposed to tell HIM that. He reminds Spinelli that tracking money and handling transfers is what he does. Spinelli says that doesn't sound like his cup of tea. Jason reminds him that he told Bernie the money would move automatically so they didn't attract attention from the Feds. Spinelli asks how he would know that. Jason tells Spinelli that Bernie needs those account numbers. He needs to find that money. Spinelli replies that Jason must be pulling his leg; he's no keyboard jockey. Jason finally catches on. Is Spinelli saying he doesn't know how? Spinelli confirms that he has no clue.

Ethan tells Edward that he wouldn't normally ask for money so bluntly, but the Haunted Star is closed so he can't take his usual route of fleecing some high rollers. He reminds Edward that time is of the essence. They have to get Maya back before she becomes too comfortable in Philly. He tells Edward that they are still newlyweds and, since they didn't know each other that well to begin with, they shouldn't be separated during this crucial time in their relationship. Edward asks how their relationship is going and Ethan tells him it is going really well. Edward wonders what he gets out of this deal and Ethan tells him that he gets Maya back too. He can't deny he's grown to love her. Edward starts to laugh and Ethan wonders what is so funny. Edward tells Ethan he's a chip off the old Spencer block. He then informs Ethan that Maya called him to tell him personally that she was staying in Philadelphia with another man. Ethan says that, while that might be her intention at the moment, he does have the upper hand since he's her husband. Edward tells him that Maya also said she had seen Ethan very recently and he was going to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. Ethan remarks that they certainly covered a lot of territory. Edward tells Ethan it was a pleasure watching him work. He tells Ethan that Maya cared about him a great deal but he just didn't figure into the life she set out for herself. Ethan guesses Edward didn't either. Edward tells him that happens more often than not. Ethan points out that he gave the marriage his best shot. Maybe he could get a partial payment? Edward replies that Ethan blew it. He had the sweetest of all deals but he drove Maya away. He tells Ethan to get out of his house and slams the door in his face.

Michael tells Sonny he respects him and points out that no one handed Sonny anything. He worked for everything he has and Michael wants to be able to say the same for himself. Sonny tells him that his father wasn't in a position to help him but if he had been he would have let him. Michael doubts it. Sonny isn't the kind of guy that takes the easy way out and neither is he. Sonny wonders why Michael has to be so stubborn and Michael replies that he's his father's son. Michael tells Sonny he agreed to take a job at the warehouse because he knows he can do it. Once he understands how it all works he'll be ready to take the next step. Sonny finally agrees. Brenda arrives home and Sonny tells her they were just finishing. Sonny asks Brenda to tell Michael about the incident at Kelly's and Brenda tells him about seeing Anthony there. Sonny wants to make sure Michael understands that was an implied threat. Anthony is upping the game and Sonny doesn't want Michael anywhere near him or Johnny. Michael understands. He asks Sonny who he should see at the warehouse. Sonny gives him instructions and Michael hugs Brenda and leaves. Brenda wonders why Sonny asked her to tell Michael about Anthony. Sonny tells her that Johnny and Anthony have been courting Michael and they were getting close but by threatening Brenda, Anthony overplayed his hand.

Jason instructs Spinelli to open his computer in the hope that he'll remember something. Spinelli asks where the handle is and Jason asks if he's serious. He opens the laptop and Spinelli comments that it's mildly interesting. Jason reminds Spinelli that a lot of money is missing and he needs to find it for him. Spinelli asks how many smackers Jason said were missing. After figuring out that Spinelli is talking about the money, Jason reminds him that it's $20 millions. Spinelli whistles. Jason shouts that if he doesn't find the money his organization will be compromised. Spinelli tells Jason he feels for him but he can't help him. Maxie and Sam walk enter the room. "Doll face! You came back!" Spinelli shouts. Maxie tells him to stop calling her that. Spinelli asks Sam what's going on at the office and wonders if there are any cases that need the Jackal's special brand of finesse. Maxie asks Jason why he hasn't fixed Spinelli yet. Jason pulls Sam out of the room and asks her how they can fix Spinelli. Sam isn't sure she wants to. She kind of likes the Jackal P.I. thing. Jason gets angry. He tells her that this guy can't work on a computer and Spinelli can. He needs Spinelli back now.

Sam is trying to show Spinelli computer programs that he created hoping that it will jog his memory. Spinelli keeps staring at Maxie. He tells her she is sporting a nice set of gams. Maxie tells him to stop staring at her with Spinelli's eyes because it's creeping her out. Sam shows Spinelli a video game and tells him he created it. Spinelli doesn't think that's possible. Maxie tells him it's called the Saga of Stone Cold and he made a lot of money. Spinelli seems surprised that he has money and asks Maxie what she's doing on Friday. It becomes clear that nothing looks familiar to him. He tells Sam she's boring him with the computer stuff. He informs her that Jackal P.I. doesn't work on a machine, he lives on the edge. He looks death in the eye and sneers. Spinelli attempts to sneer but it looks as though he smells something unpleasant.

Sonny tells Brenda he doesn't want to talk about Anthony. He tells her it's such a nice day that she should take Alec down to the lake and feed the ducks. Brenda says she doesn't want to feed the ducks without him. Sonny says he would love to go but he has something to take care of. Brenda asks if it's business and Sonny tells her it's scarier than business. He explains that Alexis is coming over to talk about Kristina. He thinks she is too lenient. Sonny believes they need to set boundaries and shouldn't move them around to suit Kristina. Brenda wants Sonny to promise he will listen to Alexis because she might have a more realistic idea of what it means to be a girl. Sonny asks Brenda how they are supposed to get rid of Kristina's crush on Ethan and Brenda laughs. Sonny can't deal with the fact that Alexis allows him to be around. He tells Brenda that Kristina showed up with Ethan on the day of the graduation and Alexis let them go for a walk. Brenda gasps. She didn't know Alexis let them go for a walk. Oh no! Sonny tells Brenda she can laugh all she wants but things are going to change. Brenda tells Sonny that she is going to stay out of the situation like he asked her to, however, she wants to let him know that no father in the world has ever won the battle with a teenage girl who thinks she's in love.

Ethan goes to see Johnny and asks if he has any work for him. Johnny tells Ethan he'll have something in a couple of weeks and offers to spot him until then. Ethan says he'll be fine. He pours himself a drink and raises the glass to Johnny. "Cheers?" Johnny says. Ethan says there isn't much of that going around. Johnny thinks that's obvious and asks Ethan if he wants to talk about it. Ethan tells Johnny he caught Maya with another man and they're divorced now. Johnny says he didn't see that coming and Ethan invites him to join the club. Johnny says Ethan doesn't have to put on an act because he knows Ethan cared for Maya. Ethan points out that it doesn't matter. He tells Johnny he stopped by to tell him there's a storm brewing. Anthony is making his presence known and Sonny is pissed. Johnny says those two are always looking for a fight. Ethan wonders where that leaves Johnny and Johnny says right in the middle as always. He believes if he plays his cards right he can hold off the war. Ethan wonders how that's possible and Johnny tells him the key to dealing with Sonny is through Michael.

Jason is trying to find someone else to track the missing money when there's a knock on the penthouse door. He opens it and is surprised to find Edward. Edward tells Jason that he and Monica were hurt by the fact that they weren't invited to Michael's graduation, but pleased that he actually lived to make it to that milestone. He tells Jason they need to capitalize on the momentum. To that end, he wants to offer Michael a summer internship at ELQ. It's time Michael got back to his real family.

Jason tells Edward that Michael is going to work at the coffee warehouse. Edward says that the warehouse is a mob front but Jason insists it's legitimate. Edward says he wouldn't expect him to say anything else. He asks Jason if Michael is going to college and Jason tells him Michael was accepted to PCU. He asks if Michael's grades are good and Jason says they're excellent. Edward informs Jason that he shouldn't even have to ask him these questions. Jason tells Edward he doesn't want to fight. If Edward wants Michael to work for ELQ he should ask him. Edward believes that Michael will do what Jason says. Jason tries to explain that Michael does what he wants but Edward maintains that Jason exerts a lot of influence. Jason thinks Edward is giving him too much credit. Edward tells Jason that he doesn't want to fight with him either. He knows Jason had the best of intentions, however, he handed Michael over to Sonny when he was a baby and Michael has been paying the price ever since. He tells Jason that this is his chance to make things right.

Brenda reminds Sonny that she was 18 when she fell in love with him and he is way more unsuitable than Ethan. She tells him that no one could change her mind about him because, unfortunately, you love who you love. Alexis walks in and apologizes for interrupting but Brenda tells her Sonny is probably glad he doesn't have to hear her unsolicited advice. She wishes them both good luck as she leaves. Alexis asks Sonny why she needs luck. Sonny explains that he wants to make sure they are on the same page about Kristina's punishment. Alexis explains that she stripped Kristina of two trips and gave her a six o'clock curfew. Sonny tells her that's a start. Alexis suggests they talk about Ethan. She tells Sonny if they forbid Kristina to see him they are really just daring her to defy them. Sonny says he isn't going to let her see Ethan and Alexis tells him this is where he runs into problems. He is constantly saying he isn't going to let people do things; however, people have free will, even teenagers. It's part of what makes our country so great. Sonny tells Alexis she's too lenient. She's the mother and Sonny is the dad. He's going to tell Kristina what to do and she'll do it. Alexis laughs. She calls Sonny a Neanderthal and invites him to join her in the 21st century. She tells Sonny that he needs to have a little faith. Sonny reminds her that the last time they let Kristina run with love Kiefer beat her up. Alexis tells him that Ethan isn't Kiefer but Sonny replies that Kiefer wasn't Kiefer until their daughter wound up in the hospital. Alexis wonders if Sonny really thinks Ethan is going to beat up Kristina. Sonny admits he doesn't know what Ethan is going to do but he's not going to find out at his daughter's expense. He wonders where Alexis' sudden love of Ethan came from. The last time he saw her she was scared to death that they were going to elope. Alexis is speechless.

Abby stops by to see Michael at the coffee warehouse. She asks if things went well with Sonny and Michael says they went as well as they could considering he isn't doing what Sonny wants. He tells her Sonny was resistant but he held his ground. He told his father he would only work there if he could start at the bottom. Abby is proud of him and says she needs to follow his example and get a job of her own. Michael tells her that since they're living together he can cover expenses until she finds something. Abby wonders if she should take Anthony up on his offer to hook her up with Angela Dwyer. Michael asks if she realizes she would be playing right into Anthony's hands. Abby points out that she's Anthony's lawyer and wonders if she could spy for Sonny. Michael informs her that Sonny and Anthony are gearing up for a major war and Abby needs to stay far away from them. Abby tells Michael that's good advice. Will he be taking it too?

Sam suggests that going over some of their cases might help Spinelli remember. Spinelli tells her the things they're working on are small potatoes. He suggests that they need something juicier to get the blood flowing: murder, kidnapping, espionage. Sam tries to remind him that he's been really concerned about her taking too many chances. Isn't he worried about her getting pregnant anymore?

Spinelli tells Sam if she wants to pack a diaper bag instead of a piece that's her prerogative. He thinks it's a waste of a perfectly good partner but she's gotta do what she's gotta do. Sam asks what would happen with the business and Spinelli tells her not to get hysterical. Jackal P.I. will handle the cases solo.

Kristina is waiting for Ethan to arrive at Kelly's. When he does, she pretends she wasn't expecting him. She tells him she was texting a friend who is at the mall shopping for the trip to Cancun she is no longer allowed to go on. Ethan thought that was her graduation present and Kristina tells him it was until she went to the Dominican Republic. Ethan apologizes but Kristina says she wouldn't trade their trip for anything although she does admit that it sucks being under curfew. She tells Ethan she has to be home at six o'clock and realizes it's almost time to head out. She sighs that she's going to be very lonely until further notice.

Alexis asks if Sonny is saying she overreacted but Sonny assures her that's the way a parent should react when her daughter takes off with someone who earns a living pouring drinks and scamming people. He says it's the reaction he wants to see more of from her. Alexis tells him she finds it hilarious when Sonny gets judgmental about how people earn a living. Sonny tells Alexis that Kristina crush on Ethan has to end and he can tell her why because he's a man. He tells her that no matter how platonic the relationship is, if Kristina keeps pushing Ethan will give in and something will happen. He tells Alexis she needs to stop letting Krissy manipulate her. Alexis tells Sonny he's a hypocrite because Michael is living with a former stripper. Sonny says that's different and Alexis wonders why. Sonny tells her it's because Michael's a boy. And? "And nothing." Sonny replies. Alexis tells Sonny she has to go. Sonny asks if she's clear on what he said and Alexis sarcastically assures him that she is.

Johnny stops by the coffee warehouse. He asks Michael how much hauling coffee pays and Michael tells him it's a decent hourly wage. If Johnny is looking for a job Michael has an in with the boss. Johnny tells Michael he thought he was coming to work for him. Michael tells him that was until Anthony approached Abby and threatened Brenda. He knows that Anthony is gearing up for a war with Sonny and he'll never side against his father.

Kristina asks Ethan what his plans for the near future are but he's not sure. He tells her that Johnny might have work for him but not for a few weeks. He explains that Lulu was all about reopening the Star but that seems to have been put on hold. Kristina tells him she knows he'll figure it out. Ethan confides that he was actually thinking about hitting the road again and Kristina tells him he doesn't have to decide right away. She asks him what his plans are for the evening then suggests that he come over to keep her from losing her mind from boredom. Ethan doesn't think Alexis would like that very much but Kristina assures him her mother doesn't have a problem with him. She knows Sonny is being totally unreasonable and she just goes along to get along. She smiles sweetly and Ethan and asks him again to come over.

Abby goes to the Quartermaine mansion at Edward's request but she's not sure why she's there. Edward tells her he thought it was time they got to know each other better since she is so important to Michael. He also wanted to thank her for being so kind to him in the aftermath of Sonny and Brenda's wedding. He invites Abby to tell him about herself and she wonders what he would like to know. Edward suggests they start with her profession. What does Abby want to be when she grows up? Abby tells him she is studying to be a paralegal and Edward asks if she is currently employed in that field. Abby explains that she is trying to be but the job market is so tight. Edward tells Abby he can find her a job at ELQ and she can start right away. Abby points out that he doesn't even know her job skills but Edward is certain they can find something to suit her. He tells her there's only one tiny little provision. Abby had a feeling there would be. Edward will find her a well paying, intellectually stimulating job at ELQ provided Michael comes on board as well.

Johnny tells Michael he would never ask him to side against his father but Sonny is working an angle just like Anthony. Michael tells Johnny he can see what is going on and Johnny says he should be able to see that a compromise is necessary then. Michael reminds Johnny that Anthony was the one that broke the truce. Johnny realizes that but Sonny and Jason retaliated and now there are burnt warehouses and lost shipments. Everybody loses. Michael tells Johnny it's obvious he wants something so he might as well spit it out. Johnny tells Michael that coming to work for him is the only way to maintain a truce. Michael reminds Johnny that he said he would never ask him that. Johnny never thought it would come to that but the situation has gotten desperate. The two of them teaming up is the only way to keep the town from going down in flames.

Jason goes to see Sonny. He explains that Edward wants to give Michael an internship at ELQ. Sonny wonders what Jason thinks about that. Jason admits that it might be good for Michael. Michael might decide he likes business and ELQ is big and legitimate. Sonny reminds Jason that he left the Quartermaines because he felt like they were swallowing him whole. His brother A.J. stayed with the family and it destroyed him. Sonny doesn't want that happening to Michael.

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