GH Update Tuesday 6/21/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/21/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is about to take a drink when Elizabeth walks in and tells him Mac needs him at the hospital. Lucky replies that Mac needs all available cops. He informs her that he's not available and he probably won't be a cop much longer. Lucky asks Liz if she knows how Siobhan was injured. She tells him she didn't even know who the patient was until she walked into the operating room. Lucky tells her that he set the Spencer house on fire. He explains that Dante pulled him away and then they heard someone scream. He figures Siobhan must have gone into the house to save him. Lucky asks Liz why he always hurts the people that love him the most. Liz begs him not to do this to himself. She tells him his sons need him, not just Cameron but Aiden, too. Lucky looks confused and Liz finally breaks the news she's been hiding. She tells Lucky he is Aiden's father.

Maxie is holding Spinelli's hand when the nurses tell her it's time to take him into surgery. As they wheel him away she begs him not to give up.

Lisa has grabbed Robin and is holding a syringe full of drain cleaner to her neck. She cautions Robin to stay still or she will stab her with it. Patrick urges Lisa to let Robin go so they can talk. Lisa thinks they've talked enough but admits she was disappointed with his closing statement. She offers him one more chance to save the woman he loves. She tells him to convince her not to kill his wife.

Patrick tells Lisa that if she wanted Robin dead she would have killed her already. He knows this is all about wanting attention from him. He believes that's why she called him to Shadybrook. She wants to know that she matters to him whether it's good or bad. Patrick assures her that she does matter to him. Lisa is momentarily distracted by this and Patrick takes advantage of this opportunity to lunge at her and grab the arm with the needle. They struggle and Lisa injects herself with the drain cleaner. She collapses in Patrick's arms.

Dante takes Maxie to the roof for some fresh air. He assures her everything is going to be ok but Maxie is inconsolable. Spinelli is fighting for his life because she couldn't stop taunting Lisa. Dante reminds her that Lisa is crazy and she can't blame herself. Maxie tells him that Lisa seemed to be enjoying herself the entire time. Dante tells Maxie that Lisa snapped. He believes she targeted Robin and Patrick and Maxie just happened to be in the way. Maxie informs him that Lisa hated her, too. She admits she talked trash on Lisa from the beginning. She tells Dante that she knew Lisa was trouble, but didn't know she was this kind of trouble. Dante asks her how Spinelli got shot and Maxie describes the scene in the room. She tells Dante that Lisa aimed the gun at her and Spinelli jumped in front of it. She explains that Lisa wouldn't let anyone help him. Spinelli was lying on the floor dying and she didn't care.

Jason comes running around the corner and finds Sam. He hugs her tightly and she assures him that she's fine and Spinelli was just overreacting. Sam assumes Jason heard about the hostage situation and came to rescue her. She tells him she loves that about him. She explains that she and Nikolas were stuck together during the lockdown and when it was over he wanted to stop and check on Siobhan. She notices that Jason seems agitated and asks him what's wrong. He tells her that Maxie was one of the hostages and that Spinelli was shot trying to save her. He goes on to say that Spinelli is in surgery but it doesn't look good. Sam is upset that Spinelli was only there because of her.

Liz repeats her announcement. Lucky informs her that if he decides to take a drink nothing will stop him, not even a well-intentioned lie. Elizabeth assures him it's not a lie. She tells him that she has the test results but Lucky reminds her she already had two tests that proved Nikolas was the father. Liz tells him she had another test done because of Jake. The older Jake got, the more he looked like Jason. She realized that the older Aiden got, the more he looked like Lucky. Lucky insists that this is because both he and Nikolas share Laura's genes. Liz reminds him that Helena was hovering around during the time they had the original tests done and could have had the results changed with one phone call. She tells him she had another test done to be sure and her suspicions were confirmed. Lucky says if she wants him to believe her then fine, he believes her. Now what does she want him to do? He asks her why she's telling him this now. Does she like playing God, giving him things and then taking them away? Liz begins to cry. Lucky begs her to stop tormenting him. He asks her to leave him alone and let him go.

Lucky reminds Elizabeth that she let him believe Jake was his son for months before telling him the truth. Now she is admitting she knew Aiden was his for. . .how long DID she know? Liz apologizes but Lucky says he just wants to know the truth. Why is she telling him now? Liz tells Lucky it's the reason Jake died. She explains that she was reading the test results when Jake walked out the door. That's why she wasn't paying attention to him. She goes on to say that after Jake was hit nothing else seemed to matter. She tells she wanted him to be Aiden's father so badly but she didn't realize she would have to pay for it with Jake's life.

At the hospital, Mac hugs Robin tightly. He tells her he is glad she's ok but angry at himself for not trusting his gut. He had a nagging feeling that Lisa would be back. When he got the call telling him shots had been fired at the hospital, he knew right away it was Lisa and he was terrified she would kill Robin. Robin admits that it was close but they survived, thanks to Patrick. Mac grudgingly thanks Patrick. He asks if Lisa is going to survive but Patrick doubts she will. Mac knows that as the police commissioner he should want her to survive so she can be convicted but as an uncle and a father, he hopes she burns in hell. Patrick says he can't believe Lisa went that far. She put so many people's lives in danger because of what he did. Robin tells him that Lisa was crazy and he can't blame himself. "Uh. . .well" Mac replies but Robin won't hear it. She tells her uncle that she and Patrick reconciled a long time ago and it's time for the two of them to do the same, starting right now.

Jason and Sam go to Spinelli's room to wait for him to get out of surgery. Sam tells Jason she is sad and worried and really frustrated with herself for not realizing what was going on and going to help Spinelli. Jason tells her no one had any idea what was going on until Lucky called it in. He tells her he was with Mac and Dante when it happened and Sam is surprised that the police let him come in. Jason gives credit to Dante for asking him to come along in case he needed to end the situation quickly. Sam is glad Dante realized the hostages were more important than who works for whom. Jason agrees but wishes they had gotten there sooner.

Dante tells Maxie he was pissed at Spinelli for going into the air ducts when he was supposed to be getting the access code that would let them into the building. Now he realizes that if Spinelli hadn't done that Maxie might be dead. Maxie laments the fact that this happened just when she thought she didn't have to worry about him anymore. She explains that when they were a couple she was always worried he would do something dangerous in an attempt to impress her. She thought if Spinelli wasn't in love with her anymore, he would be safe but she was wrong. Tonight he showed up to save her anyway. Dante puts his arm around Maxie and attempts to comfort her.

Matt removes the bullet from Spinelli's chest. "Detective Spinelli" watches over the scene with interest.

Steve points out that Spinelli has lost a lot of blood just before he starts to crash. Matt reacts with urgency, telling his team that he doesn't want to lose him. "Detective Spinelli" approaches the table and asks his lifeless self what is up. He can't believe he's giving up during the most important fight of his life. He tells himself that if he doesn't make it through the surgery, he'll miss the part where Maxie declares her undying love. As the doctors labor to save Spinelli, his alter ego instructs him to man up. He steps back and Spinelli's heart starts beating again. The doctors stabilize him as his alter ego proclaims that he knew he had it in him.

Jason asks Sam if she needs anything but she insists she's ok. She tells him the cramps weren't even that bad but Spinelli wanted to be safe. She informs him that Spinelli wants them to have a baby so bad he's convinced himself that she's pregnant. Jason wonders if she got the test results but Sam says she wouldn't be surprised if they got lost in the chaos of the day. She assures him she's not worried about the results, she's just worried about Spinelli. She reminds Jason that he's been a really good friend to them and Jason agrees. They reminisce about when they first met Spinelli. Jason says he couldn't understand a word he said and Sam jokes that they still can't understand him. She commends Jason for being patient with Spinelli even when he goes way over the top. Jason replies that Spinelli is a true friend. Jason admits he doesn't know what he would do without him.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she wanted to tell him but he was dealing with so much. Lucky thinks she could have found a way. Liz tells him his relationship with Nikolas was &# 9;a factor. They had just found their way back to each other and she didn't want to ruin that. She didn't want to take Nikolas away when Lucky needed him so badly. She convinced herself that it needed to wait but then Lucky got married and she didn't want him to feel obligated to her. Lucky surmises that this is why Liz was at his wedding. Liz admits that she wanted to tell him before he got married but then she heard his voice and realized he was happy. She could tell he really wanted to marry Siobhan so she decided the news had to wait. Lucky says that she was just trying to protect the people she loves in a painful situation. They've both just been trying to get by. Lucky admits he has been destroying things left and right. He destroyed his relationship with Luke and set the house on fire, now he doesn't even know if Siobhan is going to survive. How is he supposed to live with that? He tells Liz that he is no better than his father.

Lucky tells Liz that one of the worst moments he experienced after Jake's death came right there at the bar. He explains that he came to tell Luke he was the driver but Luke assumed he was there to tell him Carly was cleared as a suspect. Lucky recalls that when he told Luke the truth, Luke couldn't wrap his mind around it. Lucky recounts watching as Luke poured a big drink and gulped like it was going to save his life. He says it was then that he realized that Luke hit Jake because he was drunk. He tells Liz that ever since then he has been running away, just like Luke. He admits that he decided tonight was the night he would jump into the bottle alongside Luke and take the coward's way out. Liz informs Lucky that he is stronger than his father. She goes on to say that she believes in him. She always has and she always will. Lucky takes a deep breath. He tells Liz she always knows how to talk him down from the ledge. He turns to the bar and pushes the glass of scotch away from him. He turns and takes Elizabeth's hand. He tells her that her faith in him saved him tonight and he will try his best not to let her down. Liz informs him he could never let her down. Lucky asks Liz if Aiden is really his and she confirms it. Lucky wonders if Nikolas knows and Liz says she has to go and tell him. Lucky asks if she wants him to go with her but she says Nik deserves to hear it from her. As she walks away, Lucky calls her name. When she turns back, he says thank you. Liz smiles at him through her tears.

Mac instructs Dante to go to the station and write a detailed report of how he ended the hostage situation. He asks him to minimize Jason's role so he doesn't have to hear about it from the mayor. Dante leaves and Robin walks up and tells Mac that Patrick will have to give his statement later because he needs to have his arm checked out. Mac says it's just a surface wound and Patrick laughs but Robin gets annoyed. She sends Patrick off to have his arm checked while she has a chat with her uncle. She tells Mac she is less than impressed by his efforts to make peace with Patrick. Mac assures her he didn't mean anything by it. He was just under the impression that the wound was minor. Robin starts lecturing him about by saying that Patrick is a brain surgeon and if there's any damage to his arm at all it could affect his career. She stops suddenly and asks Mac why he's smiling. He tells her he loves it when she scolds him and he's glad she's still alive to scold him. Mac grabs Robin for another hug and tells her he is so happy nothing happened to his girls. Robin assures her she's fine and asks him to promise he'll try harder with Patrick. Mac agrees. A lab tech rushes up and gives Robin the test results she needed. She informs Mac that she has to deliver the results right away but that she will be back. They're not finished yet.

Maxie tells Dante she knows he was shot in the chest and survived but Spinelli isn't as strong as he is. Matt hurries up and tells Maxie that it was tricky but Spinelli is going to be fine. Maxie throws her arms around Matt and hugs him tight.

Robin finds Jason and Sam in the hall outside Spinelli's room. She thanks Jason for saving the hostages and he tells her he's just glad everyone is ok. He is hoping Spinelli will be ok, too. Robin assures Jason that his friend is in good hands. She tells Sam that despite the chaos they were able to process her test results. Sam is surprised. She stares at the folded paper Robin handed her and then asks Robin to tell her what it says. Robin tells Sam her instincts were correct: She's not pregnant. Sam says that's what she thought and thanks Robin for finding her and giving her the results. Robin promises to let them know if she hears anything about Spinelli and leaves. Jason senses that Sam is disappointed and asks her if she is ok. Sam assures him she'll be fine.

Robin asks Mac if he's seen Patrick but Mac says he hasn't been around. Robin wonders if that means Mac scared him off again but Mac insists he hasn't seen him. He tells Robin he's sorry for the digs he made earlier but Robin knows he isn't. Mac admits he doesn't believe Patrick should get a free pass on all this. He knows Patrick can't be held responsible for the actions of a crazy woman but none of it would have happened if he hadn't cheated on Robin in the first place. Robin tells Mac that Patrick knows he was wrong and has apologized numerous times. Steve walks up to the nurses' station and tells them that Lisa is in a coma. There's no way to tell when or if she'll wake up. Robin figures she should be happy about that but is having trouble feeling it. Mac replies that if she isn't going to be happy about, he will. As politically incorrect as it sounds, he believes Lisa got exactly what she deserved.

Maxie sits at Spinelli's bedside waiting for him to wake up. She turns to Jason and Sam and says they wouldn't believe how brave Spinelli was. She compares him to a hero from one of those old detective movies. The scene changes to a black and white fantasy in which Spinelli is the detective and Maxie the damsel in distress. Spinelli the gumshoe acts as though he doesn't have time to talk with Maxie, but she spins him around to face her. He saved her, which has to mean something. Back in reality, Maxie tells Spinelli he is the bravest man she knows and Jason has nothing on him. "No offense." she tells Jason. Jason assures her there is none taken. Sam suggests she and Jason leave and give them their privacy.

Lucky sits by Siobhan's bedside. He apologizes for taking so long to come back. He tells her he doesn't know how to start making amends, but it would help if she was ok. He couldn't take it if he thought he hurt her. Siobhan begins to moan and her eyes open. She asks Lucky what happened. Lucky asks if she knows who he is and Siobhan assures him her head doesn't hurt that badly. He's Lucky Spencer, her husband.

Maxie continues to sit by an unconscious Spinelli. She tells him she knows she should have kept her mouth shut instead of antagonizing Lisa. She really thought Lisa was going to kill her until Spinelli dropped in and saved her. In a black and white fantasy, Maxie tells the Jackal that she can't go home until she expresses her gratitude. The Jackal encourages her to express away and they kiss. In reality, Maxie kisses Spinelli and his eyes finally flutter open. She welcomes him back and he tells her to keep the kisses coming. . .in a strange voice. Maxie asks Spinelli if he is ok and he informs her that his name is Jackal. Jackal P.I.

Robin finds Patrick on the roof and asks him if everything is ok. Patrick assures her he's fine. It was just a surface wound like Mac said. Robin apologizes for Mac and commends Patrick for saving her. Patrick thinks Lisa could have easily stabbed either one of them but she didn't. When they were fighting with the syringe, it was as if she just gave up. Robin asks Patrick to tell her he's not blaming himself, but Patrick replies that he didn't try to stop Lisa from plunging the syringe into her chest. He's a surgeon and he's sworn to save lives but he didn't save hers. Robin points out that Lisa wanted to die and she knew how to make it happen. Unfortunately for her, she didn't do it right and now she's a prisoner in her own body. She insists that none of this is Patrick's fault and they are finally free, but Patrick looks uncertain.

Lucky tells Siobhan that Matt said she will make a full recovery. Siobhan is trying to piece together what happened. Lucky explains that he set the house on fire and then he and Dante were in the car when they heard someone scream. They ran into the house and carried her out. Siobhan says it wasn't brilliant of her to run into a burning building but Lucky urges her not to make it ok. It's his fault and he's truly sorry. Siobhan chuckles and agrees that it's his fault. She tells him he'll just have to make it up to her. Lucky tells her he will start making it up to her by doing better. He takes her hand and tells her he wants to be the husband that she deserves.

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