GH Update Monday 6/20/11

General Hospital Update Monday 6/20/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital conference room, Robin, Maxie, Patrick, and Steven are panicking because Lisa shot Spinelli in the chest. Maxie is freaking out and yells at Lisa to get Spinelli some help. Steven presses on Spinelli’s wound. Steven and Patrick scream at Lisa. Lisa waves her gun around. Maxie holds Spinelli’s hand. Lisa threatens to shoot Spinelli in the head if people continue to speak out of turn. Lisa says she is acting as judge and jury of this “trial”. Everyone begs Lisa to let Spinelli go. Lisa rambles on to Patrick. Steven tries to persuade Lisa to change her mind, but she is not listening to the psychobabble. Maxie begins crying. Lisa calls Patrick “selfish”, then starts asking him questions about their past relationship. Lisa demands to know if Patrick ever loved her. Patrick says he was concentrated on his residency when they were in college. Patrick says he loves Emma very much, then adds that he did send mixed messages to Lisa.

Outside the hospital, Dante and Mac are talking about the hostage situation. Dante receives a call from Lucky. Lucky says Lisa is holding four people hostage. Lucky relays that Spinelli is missing. Ronnie criticizes Spinelli’s actions in trying to play hero. Jason is quiet. They wonder if the system can be hacked into. Dante worries that the six-digit code is impossible to decrypt. Ronnie and Mac argue about their next step. Ronnie suggests a detonation of some kind, but Mac hates the idea. Jason says they need to get on the roof, then offers to use the helicopter hovering over the hospital. Ronnie pipes in that Jason is not helping with the rescue mission. Dante defends Jason. Dante asks Ronnie to butt out. Dante and Jason hurry to the roof. Dante shoots the lock, then they enter through the rooftop entrance. Unbeknownst to them, Ronnie and Mac continue to butt heads about Jason’s involvement. Mac says Jason is an exception to the rule because Robin and Maxie’s lives are in danger. Mac reminds Ronnie that Lisa is crazy. Ronnie is frustrated because Mac won’t support his views.

In the OR, Elizabeth administers the wrong drug to Siobhan. Siobhan starts coding. Matt and Elizabeth don’t notice that Siobhan didn’t receive dexamethsone. After getting the bleeding under control, Matt says Siobhan might not come out of her coma. Matt asks Liz to keep an eye on Siobhan’s condition. Elizabeth says Siobhan needs to survive for Lucky. Afterwards, Lucky inquires about Siobhan. Elizabeth says Lucky’s wife is in ICU. Lucky tells Elizabeth about the evacuation plan. Lucky and Elizabeth head for Siobhan’s hospital room. Matt explains how Siobhan’s brain bleeding is under control, but she is in a coma. Lucky is speechless.

Dante and Jason find Lucky working on the hospital computer. Lucky says Spinelli might have entered the ventilation system. Lucky tries Steven’s birthday as the code, but nothing happens. Jason suggests trying Jake’s birthdate. A siren goes off, alerting everyone that the lockdown is over. Someone offers to go through the air ducts to get to the conference room. Since the blinds are closed in the room, Dante wants to try another idea. Jason remains mum. Lucky, Dante, and Jason wonder if Spinelli is injured. Jason asks the two what would they do if Lulu was one of the hostages.

From the conference room, Lisa hears the sirens and asks Robin and Patrick what happened. Patrick asks Lisa to let them go. Lisa threatens to shoot Robin. Lisa asks Patrick if Robin is boring. Lisa directs her questions at Steven. Steven disagrees that he favored Robin and Patrick. Lisa gets mad when Steven says she’s crazy. Lisa thinks Steven wanted her transferred to thwart a sexual harassment lawsuit. Steven apologizes for not being a friend to Lisa. Steven says a Houston transfer could have stopped this from happening. Steven reminds Lisa that she is throwing her career away. Lisa tells Steven to stop talking, then calls a new witness. Spinelli starts gasping. Maxie says she was suspicious of Lisa right away. Maxie praises Robin on her tolerance of Lisa. Lisa is surprised when Maxie says they are both a lot alike. However, Maxie thinks Lisa took things too far by stalking Patrick and Robin. Maxie is amused that Lisa has lost everything. Lisa laughs in response. Lisa tells Robin that she will be speaking next. Lisa comments that Robin is a hostile witness. Lisa says she feels sorry for Emma because of Robin. Lisa argues with Robin. Spinelli’s lungs are filling up with blood. Steven props a pillow under Spinelli’s head. Patrick asks Lisa to reconsider letting Spinelli go. The phone rings. Lisa yells for Maxie to answer it. Maxie blurts out to Dante that Spinelli is bleeding and that “court’s in session”. Dante wants to talk to Lisa about releasing the hostages. Lisa refuses to negotiate. Maxie tells Dante that Lisa will not allow any more interruptions. Maxie hangs up on Dante. Jason tells Dante that it’s time for Plan B.

Outside GH, Ronnie updates Mac about the tactical team that entered the premises. No accomplice was found, so Ronnie urges Mac to get Jason escorted out of the hospital. Mac wants Ronnie to stop this nonsense with Jason. Mac wonders what Lisa’s agenda is and how she got the gun.

At Johnny’s apartment, Anthony is working on his garden when Johnny storms in. Johnny is furious that Anthony helped Lisa, then rambles on about Lisa holding the hospital at gunpoint. Anthony tells Johnny that Lisa never planned on leaving the country. Johnny feels betrayed that his dad kept quiet about Lisa’s true motives. Anthony dares Johnny to throw him over the balcony. Anthony brings up Claudia and her manipulations of Johnny. Anthony compares Claudia to her mother. Anthony implies Johnny is weak, but compliments him on his intelligence and cunning ways. Anthony thinks Johnny is too caring of the wrong people – Lisa, Michael, etc. Anthony says he helped Lisa to get her out of the picture. Anthony worries that Johnny might have been charged as an accessory. Johnny admits he liked Lisa. Anthony goes over Lisa’s plan. Anthony doesn’t feel guilty for helping Lisa. In fact, Anthony thinks it is a win-win situation. Johnny brings up when Anthony had a stroke and Claudia wanted to smother him. Johnny is worried that Anthony’s actions keep coming back to him. Anthony says Johnny’s mom was courageous until the very end. Johnny considers throwing Anthony off the balcony.

In the conference room, Lisa stands over Spinelli, who is unconscious. Maxie tells Lisa to leave her friend alone. Robin brings up seeing someone die, which infuriates Lisa. Lisa badmouths Robin in front of everyone. Lisa is tired of Robin’s sob story involving Stone. Patrick interrupts, saying Lisa has changed from their college years. Patrick wishes Lisa would drop the gun. Patrick promises to get Lisa some help. Lisa is crying but then starts clapping her hands. Lisa mocks Patrick, then tells him to sit down. Lisa announces that she’s reached a verdict. Lisa says everyone in the room is guilty of scapegoating and all should die. Jason and Dante rush through the door and take Lisa by surprise. Lisa grazes Patrick’s arm, then grabs Robin. Lisa hurries out of the room, where Dante jumps on top of her. Lisa is knocked out.

Lucky visits Siobhan in her hospital room. Lucky talks about visiting Ireland, one of the most beautiful places he’s ever seen. Lucky regrets not saying goodbye to Siobhan. Unbeknownst to Lucky, Elizabeth is watching from the hallway.

Outside the hospital, Ronnie tells Mac that a SWAT team is ready to enter the premises. Mac doesn’t like the idea since Lisa might start shooting people. Lucky walks by them. Lucky says Siobhan is in a coma. Mac needs Lucky’s help, but Lucky walks away. Ronnie worries that Dante is on his own inside GH. Ronnie tells Mac to put his emotions aside and agree to have the SWAT team do their job. Liz walks out the door and Mac stops her. Elizabeth inquires about Lucky. Mac relays that Lucky disobeyed a direct order. Elizabeth rushes after Lucky. Lucky ends up at the Haunted Star. Lucky uncovers the roulette table, then picks up a liquor bottle and pours himself a drink. Lucky stares at his drink, tears running down his face.

In the conference room, Dante handcuffs Lisa. Robin is worried about Patrick’s gunshot wound. Maxie is holding onto Spinelli’s hand. Spinelli is carried to the OR room. Steven keeps pressure on Spinelli’s wound. At the OR, Matt looks over Spinelli’s injury. Maxie tells Matt that Spinelli saved her life. Maxie is crying as she begs Matt to save Spinelli.

Lisa awakens in the conference room. Lisa has a hypodermic needle in her hand. Robin is talking to Patrick when Lisa grabs her. Patrick panics when Lisa begins holding the needle to Robin’s neck.

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