GH Update Thursday 6/16/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/16/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is standing at the nurses' station when Robin approaches and asks for a patient file. When handing it to her, Liz notices that Emma has made her mother a bracelet out of pasta. She proceeds to tell Robin that Jake once made her a lump of clay with a peg in the middle on which to hang her keys. He must have noticed her looking for them every morning. Liz says that what Jake lacked in creativity he made up for in observation. Steve and Patrick exit the elevator and join the women at the desk. Patrick tells Liz he has a major surgery to do in the morning. If she's ready to get back in the OR, he'd love to have her on the team.

Anthony arrives to see Lisa. She asks him if he brought what she asked for and Anthony hands her a garment back. Lisa examines the contents and tells Anthony that she always made a point of dressing for Patrick. It looks like some things never change.

Jason asks Spinelli if he has seen Anthony on his new security system. Spinelli says he hasn't and asks Jason if Michael and Kristina liked his graduation gift: two autographed copies of his book. Jason is certain they did so Spinelli seizes the opportunity to talk about a possible sequel. Jason tells him he doesn't exist in anything Spinelli writes ever again. Spinelli suggests just a brief mention but Jason cuts him off and reiterates his point. Sam rushes down the stairs and tells Spinelli they need to go because they have a husband that cheats on a very tight schedule and they're going to be late. Jason asks Sam if she's certain she's ok to go on a stakeout.

Lucky arrives home and Siobhan tells him she made rosemary cookies. She explains that an old Irish wives' tale says that you should bake them if you're worried about someone coming home. She offers one to Lucky but he declines. Siobhan admits she thought Lucky might have gone off to look for Luke again. Lucky tells her he was just driving around, attempting to get his mind off of everything that happened with Luke. Siobhan wonders if it worked.

Patrick begins describing the patient to Liz but she cuts him off and tells him she would love to get back in the OR. Patrick tells her they will start going over the case but Steve interrupts them and tells Liz they need to have a family conference. As they walk away, Patrick wonders what's going on. Robin asks him if he really believes it's a good idea to have Elizabeth in the OR. Patrick reminds her that Liz is the best OR nurse he's ever worked with. Robin suggests that Liz might need more time but Patrick believes she needs to get back to work. Robin asks what will happen if she's in the OR and something occurs that she can't handle. Patrick is adamant that Liz wouldn't have said yes if she wasn't ready.

Liz knows that Steve doesn't believe she's ready to go back in the OR because of her meltdown the other day. She tells him that she was upset because she walked into Jake's room and saw all his things in boxes as if she wasn't supposed to think about him anymore. Steve tells her it's the fact that she didn't remember that she had asked him to do it that bothers him. Liz apologizes for freaking out on him and Steve tells her the first apologies were more than sufficient. He tells his sister that, while he's not judging her, there's a lot of pressure in the OR and she needs to be in total control. Liz assures him that the OR is the one place she DOES feel in total control. She insists this will be good for her.

After surveying her outfit, Lisa informs Anthony he can leave so she can get changed. Anthony jokes that he feels used and Lisa supposes she should be grateful that he's the one person in town that understands why she can't just walk away. Anthony says that people that turn the other cheek are either fools or cowards and she has every right to seek revenge. Lisa says that anger is food for some people and Anthony replies that revenge is dessert. Lisa tells Anthony he makes her feel sane. Anthony believes her plan is not only sane but practical. He is worried, however, that he hasn't heard and exit strategy. Lisa tells him not to worry because she has it all figured out.

Jason reminds Sam that Dr. Lee said nothing strenuous for three weeks after surgery. Sam tells him that stakeouts aren't strenuous. Spinelli apologizes for not considering her potentially delicate condition. He tells her he will take on any dangerous tasks but Sam reiterates that it's not dangerous. Spinelli tells her she needs to keep herself fit so that she may become with child. Sam tells him they don't need to talk about that. Spinelli tells her to rest but Sam insists she has to go on the stakeout because this is a very important client. Jason offers to go in Sam's place and Spinelli is thrilled at the thought of going on a stakeout with Jason.

Dante and Lulu are out for a walk and Dante wonders why their stroll took them past the old Spencer house. Lulu says she was just being silly and Dante says he prefers silly to the worried mode she's been in lately. Lulu tells Dante that Lucky is being weird about the house, referring to it as a trap as if it sucks people in and chains them to it. She tells him that Luke used to say someone should burn it down. Dante wonders if Lulu thinks Lucky would do that but Lulu insists she was just being silly.

Siobhan brings dinner to Lucky at the coffee table and sees him playing with a lighter. He tells her it was Luke's cigar lighter and he took it from him after he tried to torch the casino. Siobhan doesn't think that would have stopped him. Lucky comments on the legacy Luke left him but Siobhan tells him that's not all he has. She points out that he has good memories but Lucky wonders if Luke woke up every morning looking for the exit. Siobhan informs him that Luke said he loved him and Lucky seems surprised to find out she and Luke discussed him. Siobhan assures him it was only in passing. Lucky asks Siobhan what Luke said and she hesitates. Lucky takes this as a bad sign. Siobhan finally gives in and tell Lucky that Luke said he is shackled to his past and the best thing for him would be to break free. Lucky replies that Luke's one to talk.

Spinelli tells Jason they will be like one against the night and Jason reminds him there are two of them. Spinelli reminds him of the time they worked together during the Metro Court disaster and Jason reminds Spinelli that HE wound up becoming a hostage. Spinelli reminds Jason that he chased down Jerry Jax and Jason remembers that he was beat up by Jerry's men. Sam interrupts their reminiscing by saying that she thinks such a wonderful reunion should be saved for something more important than a cheating spouse. Spinelli thinks she lacks faith in him. Sam assures him that's not true. She tells him he is the assassin of cyberspace and she, Sonny and Jason appreciate everything he does. Spinelli replies that sometimes a person wants his life to be more than what others tell him he does well. Jason sighs and agrees to go but Sam insists it won't work. She tells him they need to get photos and there's no way anyone will buy Jason in a waiter's uniform. Spinelli agrees that Sam has a point. Sam tells both men that their love and concern is duly noted as she hustles Spinelli out the door.

Dante wonders if this is one of those times where he is supposed to be quietly supportive. Lulu tells him he can say anything he wants because she is trolling empty houses in an attempt to control her brother. She realizes she has no right to judge anyone else's behavior after all the crazy things she's been doing lately. Dante wonders if Lulu means turning down the trip to Paris that Maxie was going to give them. Lulu says she means quitting her job. And turning down the trip to Paris? She also means trying to fix up the Haunted Star. And turning down the trip to Paris? She also means asking Nikolas for money to buy the casino. Dante wonders if he's mentioned the trip to Paris. Lulu tells him that wasn't realistic and Dante replies that it wasn't supposed to be. He tells Lulu her life has too much reality in it to begin with. Lulu points out that everyone is in pain, Lucky most of all. He blames himself for what happened with Luke and it's not all his fault. Dante says sometimes guilt is a way of taking control of a situation. Lulu is confused because it was Luke that wanted to escape the house, not Lucky. Why is he trying to rewrite history? Dante theorizes that it is easier to blame the house than to blame Luke for giving up.

There's a pounding on the door of Lucky's apartment. When Siobhan opens it, Maxie waltzes in and tells her she needs to see Lucky. Siobhan tells her that Lucky isn't home and informs her she can leave. She tells Siobhan she can stay or not. Siobhan reminds her that she lives there. Maxie replies that Lucky needs to know he's Aiden's father. Siobhan quickly closes the door and asks Maxie if she's crazy for picking now to tell Lucky about Aiden. Maxie points out that Lucky is a mess and thinks that finding out Aiden is his son could keep him grounded. Siobhan tells her Lucky might not want to be grounded. Luke said he was cutting all ties with his past and she thinks Lucky wants to do the same. He said as much when he left. Maxie seems worried and asks what Lucky said he was going to do. Siobhan doesn't know but she assumes it's nothing good. She is worried that finding out about Aiden will push Lucky into a bottle of pills Maxie wonders what Siobhan would do if it turned out that knowing about Aiden would keep Lucky sober. There's another knock at the door and this time it's Nikolas. He asks if Lucky is around and Maxie looks guilty.

Elizabeth runs into Lucky at the docks. Lucky asks if Liz remembers when he ran away as a kid and they spent a couple of nights under the pier. Liz remembers wet clothes, sand in her hair and the fact that she never felt safer. . .or happier. Lucky tells Liz that was the first time he saw flaws in Luke and now they're all coming back. Liz reminds him that they got past it but Lucky doesn't think they can this time. Liz wonders if it's because of Jake and Lucky says yes, but not in the way she thinks. He tells Liz that he went looking for Luke and what transpired when he found him. Liz suggests that Luke was trying to push Lucky away for his own good. Lucky says he believed that at first, but then Luke said that killing Jake liberated him. What the hell is he supposed to do with that?

Patrick is tying Robin's macaroni bracelet back together. She fidgets nervously but Patrick assures her that he's sewn lacerated nerves back together and he can certainly handle this. Robin thanks him and tells him Emma would have been upset if her creation had fallen apart. Patrick wishes he could put everything back together that easily. Robin thinks they're doing great considering what they've been through and Patrick says it doesn't hurt that Lisa is gone. Steve approaches them and tells Patrick it's his call if he really wants Elizabeth in surgery tomorrow, but makes it clear he doesn't think she's ready. He tries to tell Patrick that Liz is having a hard time with Jake's death but Patrick thinks it would be weird if she wasn't but she's getting better. Steve and Robin adamantly maintain that Liz isn't ready for the OR but Patrick chooses to take her at her word that she's ready. Steve still thinks it's too soon but Patrick tells him that since he put a crazy woman back in the OR he should cut his sister a little slack. During this exchange, Lisa sneaks in dressed as a security guard.

Siobhan tells Nikolas that Lucky went out. He could only take so much well meaning pressure to feel better. Maxie tells Nik that she thinks the best thing for Lucky is to be around family, to maintain ties to Liz and the kids. Nikolas reminds her they discussed it before and pushing Lucky toward Elizabeth is a mistake. Maxie starts to tell Nikolas that this isn't about a desire to make up for what happened between her and Lucky but Nik cuts her off and tells her it's an inappropriate conversation to have in front of Lucky's new wife. Siobhan says it's fine because they're all trying to help Lucky, but she still thinks they should let things lie. Nik agrees. Realizing she's outnumbered, Maxie storms out. Nikolas tells Siobhan that Maxie means well. He tells Siobhan that no one realizes how hard all this must be on her. Siobhan argues that it's not as if she and Lucky married for normal reasons, but Nik knows that she cares about him. She tells him that Lucky is hurting too badly to take comfort from her. Nikolas asks if she's seen Luke but Siobhan tells him she waited in the hotel room. She doesn't think it would have mattered anyway, as it was clear that Luke didn't want to have a heart to heart with Lucky. Nikolas tells Siobhan he never thought Luke would wind up failing Lucky like this.

Elizabeth can't believe that Luke said killing Jake liberated him. Lucky tells her Luke feels bad about it and will carry it around for the rest of his life and Liz wonders how he's liberated. Lucky explains that Luke believes being beyond redemption allows him to cut ties with everything. He is claiming that's how he's always been. Liz tells Lucky that she's tried really hard not to blame Luke for anything that happened but she's not sure she can forgive him for doing this to Lucky now. Lucky says he has to own up to the part he played in it. He pushed Luke too hard and now his father is taking the easy way out. Liz is adamant that it's not Lucky's fault and no one blames him. Lucky thinks maybe they should.

Patrick assures Steve that he and Elizabeth trust each other. He swears they won't let each other down and they won't let the patient down. Steve finally folds. He says he has been pushing Liz to get back to normal and what could be more normal than being in the OR? If Patrick is sure, Steve will let Liz know she's on the team. He walks away and Patrick notices that Robin is quiet, which usually means she has a lot to say. Robin admits she does but she doesn't think Patrick wants to hear it. Lisa watches them from across the hall.

Dante meets Maxie on the docks in response to her call. What's the emergency? Maxie tells him Lulu needs an emergency boyfriend transplant. She tells Dante that she schemed to get that trip to Paris for her and Matt but gave it to Dante so he could help her crazy friend. Dante says he would love to go to Paris but Lulu is a little distracted right now. Maxie instructs him to try harder. She says that Lulu has already lost it and if Lucky implodes it will push her right over the edge. Dante doesn't think Lucky is as fragile as everyone thinks he is but Maxie says he's really upset or he wouldn't be talking the way he is. He's going on about cutting ties and forgetting the past. Dante says that just sounds like someone venting. Maxie agrees, it sounds like someone, but not Lucky. She points out that he's just lost his son and now he's lost his father, not to mention that he's a recovering addict. Maxie tells Dante that the sky is falling and Lucky's going to be the one to pull it down on everyone.

Siobhan tells Nikolas that she owes Lucky in more ways than one. He saved her from being deported and it's her turn to help him now. Nik reminds her she can only help him if he wants to be helped. Siobhan thinks Lucky is like Luke in his stubbornness. Nik points out that there is a battle inside of Luke in which the dark side fights it out with the side that is inherently good. Siobhan supposes Lucky got the good side. Nik admits to having his own dark side but says that being a father changed that. Siobhan is on her hands and knees looking under the furniture. Nik becomes distracted and asks her what she's looking for. Siobhan tells him there was a lighter there but it's gone. She must have put it away and forgotten about it. Nik goes on to say that Luke has gone to the dark side before but he's always come back. He never thought he'd see the day when he would turn his back on Lucky for good. Siobhan reminds him that they don't know that he has and Lucky doesn't know that either. She tells him that a child isn't something to be passed over lightly. Nikolas points out that neither is a child's death. He tells Siobhan that he has to leave but urges her to call him if she or Lucky need anything. They hug and Siobhan sees him out. She starts to take the dinner plates to the kitchen but suddenly looks back at the table. An idea slowly dawns on her and she looks upset. She sets the plates down then grabs her purse, sweater and keys and rushes out the door.

Lucky stands outside the Spencer house. He stares at the house while repeatedly opening and closing the lid on Luke's lighter.

Robin admires the bracelet Emma made her and smiles. She whirls around suddenly as if sensing that someone is watching her. At that moment, Patrick comes up behind her and lays his hand on her arm, causing her to jump. She apologizes for being jumpy when she has no reason to be, but Patrick points out that Lisa has been messing with her head for a year. Robin tells Patrick how much she loves the bracelet Emma made. They discuss their daughter for a few moments and then Robin tells Patrick she can't imagine life without her. Patrick wonders where that came from and Robin says she has been thinking about Elizabeth. If it was her and her child had died, she wouldn't be able to go back into the OR and she would want a friend to tell her. Patrick tells Robin she can't undermine Elizabeth but Robin swears she isn't doing that. She knows Patrick is trying to be supportive but she wonders if it's for the wrong reason. Does he really need Liz's skills in the OR is he doing this out of guilt because he couldn't save Jake?

Dante tells Maxie to talk to Siobhan since she was with Lucky in Florida. Maybe she can tell them how he was down there. Maxie thinks Siobhan is only interested in what is best for Siobhan. She tells Dante that Lucky has a history of falling for extremely selfish women, including her. She tells him Siobhan knows Lucky is headed down a bad road. Dante suggests that it's not too late for Lucky to head down the right road and Maxie wonders when he became the world's most positive policeman. Dante tells her he has faith in Lucky's character. Maxie tells Dante that Lucky's faith is everything to him and it's been shattered. She says that's what happens when your parents pull the rug out from under you and suggests that Dante has some idea what that's like. She goes on to say that, while his parents threw him a curveball, they didn't walk away and leave him behind. Dante suspects Maxie is talking about herself now. Maxie tells him that when her parents ditched her, she acted out in an attempt to bury the pain. All acting out does, however, IS to bury it, so you have to find another way to manage the pain. Maxie is worried that in Lucky's case this could mean addiction. Dante points out that Lucky worked very hard to get sober and tried to help Luke out. Maxie asks where Lucky's 12 Steps got Luke. She points out that he is disillusioned, discouraged and angry. She's worried that he will start to think Luke is right when he says nothing matters and decide it's time to blow his life apart. Dante thinks Lucky is too rational for that. Maxie agrees. Lucky is rationale and kind and loving. . .and his life is still going down the toilet. She thinks it could get worse. Dante hates to say it, but he thinks Maxie might be right.

Liz goes to the penthouse to see Jason. She starts to walk away but then the door opens. Liz admits to Jason that she didn't really think this through and is there on impulse. Jason invites her in. She tells him it's about Lucky, then goes on to say it's really about everything, starting with the night she let Jake walk out the door. She tells Jason that Lucky found Luke and it didn't go well. She explains that Luke said horrible things to Lucky. Jason says that's just Luke's way but Liz tells him not with Lucky. She goes on to say that Lucky is flipping it all around and blaming himself for defending Luke and for not taking care of Jake. Jason tells her that Lucky DID take care of Jake. He reminds her that when they all made that decision, no one knew what would happen. Liz tells him he is the only one that still has that clear picture and asks him if he will talk to Lucky. She wants Jason to tell Lucky that he forgives him but Jason points out that Lucky didn't do anything wrong. Liz tells him that Lucky doesn't believe that. He's in a bad place and really needs help. Jason doesn't think he can help Lucky. He thinks the only person that can really help him is Liz. Liz says too much has happened between them and, besides, Lucky is married now. Jason points out that they are still connected. Liz thinks he means by their son, but Jason tells her they are connected by more than children. He tells her that when it comes right down to it, there's never been anyone for Lucky but her.

Lucky backs out of the Spencer house pouring gasoline on the porch as he goes. When the can is empty, he tosses it into the house. He flicks the lighter open and watches the flame dance for a moment before dropping it into the pool of gasoline on the front porch. He watches as the house begins to burn.

Patrick admits he will always feel guilty for not being good enough to bring Jake through. Robin tells him it's not about being good, no one could have saved Jake. Patrick says that's not good enough for him. Robin reminds him that they gave Jake the best care they could, which is what they give any patient. Patrick tells her this is exactly why he wants Liz on his team. He believes in her self-awareness but Robin thinks it's cloudy at best right now. Patrick knows that Elizabeth feels guilty about what happened. He believes she needs to rebuild her confidence and start to believe in herself again. If they OR is the place where that can happen for her, he's going to give her the chance. Robin tells Patrick that, while she respects Elizabeth, she is going to put herself on the standby list to assist and she wants Patrick to promise he will think about it. Patrick tells Robin if she feels that strongly about it then he will.

Spinelli rushes off the elevator dragging Sam behind him and shouting that they require assistance. Sam insists that nothing is wrong with her but Spinelli points out that she wouldn't have doubled over in pain if nothing was wrong. Sam explains that she was working and she felt some cramping. Spinelli says that doesn't bode well for the "potential Stone/Samantha miracle." Robin smiles and asks Sam if she's pregnant.

Lisa sneaks into a supply closet where she removes her glasses and takes apart the gun she is carrying.

Elizabeth tells Jason she wants to do what's right for Lucky. Jason tells her she has to be honest. He tells he that's what went wrong with them the first time. Liz tells him there's so much more to the truth than telling Lucky how she feels and Jason instructs her to tell him everything. He tells her not to make any more decisions for the good of someone else. Liz is afraid that whatever she says will be too late to do any of them any good.

Lucky is watching the Spencer house burn when Dante rushes up and asks him what happened. Lucky tells him it's a farewell present for Luke. Dante tells Lucky they need to get him out of there before someone sees him but Lucky shakes him off. Dante pushes and shoves Lucky towards the car, at one point threatening to throw him in the trunk. He finally manages to get Lucky in the car and calls the fire department. As they are sitting in the car, Siobhan arrives at the burning house. Thinking Lucky is inside she screams his name multiple times. When she gets no answer, she takes out a handkerchief to cover her mouth and darts inside through the flames. Dante hangs up the phone and asks Lucky if he's sure no one saw him. Lucky says he's sure and tries to get out of the car but Dante yanks him back inside. Lucky tells him he wants to watch the show but Dante reminds him he just set a house on fire. He points out that the law frowns on arson, especially when it's committed by a cop. Lucky shouts that no one cares about an abandoned house. Dante says apparently Lucky doesn't care about losing his badge. Lucky thinks Luke might appreciate that, although not as much as watching the place burn. Suddenly, a scream emanates from the direction of the house.

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