GH Update Tuesday 6/14/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/14/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Max and Milo drag Ethan into Sonny's living room. Sonny instructs them to let him go. He thanks Ethan for coming and Ethan wonders how he could have resisted such a warm invitation. Sonny tells Ethan it's time they got to know each other a little better.

Kristina tells Molly about her trip to Santo Domingo. She tells Molly that Ethan was saying wonderful things about their relationship on the plane ride home. Molly asks if Ethan actually referred to it as a relationship and Kristina replies that he said he cares about her and he doesn't need Sonny's permission to see her. Molly squeals over Ethan's recklessness. She ask Krissy if Ethan actually managed to get his divorce with Alexis and Sonny interrupting. Kristina tells her that Maya is history and Ethan is free. Molly is excited that now no one can object to Kristina dating Ethan. Alexis comes around the corner into the living room and assures the girls that she can. . .and she does.

Abby meets Michael on the docks. She notices he is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and wonders if he has decided to bail on his graduation. Michael assures her that if walking across a stage and accepting his diploma will make his parents happy he will do it.

Lucky is standing on the porch of the Spencers' old house when Lulu jogs past. She spots her brother and asks him when he returned and where Luke is.

Carly is rushing around getting ready for Michael's graduation when Jax arrives at the house. She tells him if he is there about Josslyn he needs to call Diane. Jax tells her he is there about Michael. Carly starts rambling about the fact that Michael is graduating high school and it is a big day for him but Jax cuts her off. He explains that Alexis invited him to the graduation and he is intending to go. He hopes they can put aside their differences for the day. Carly reminds him that the last time they agreed to do that Jax was trying to get emergency custody behind her back. Jax assures her that won't happen today but Carly wonders why she should believe him. Jax tells her he really wants to see Michael graduate but only if it is ok with her.

Abby tells Michael she wishes she had gone to her graduation. Michael wonders why and she explains that she was too cool to realize that graduation only comes around once, and besides, she didn't have any family to watch her graduate. Michael tells her he realizes how lucky he is and that's why he's going. He also tells her that Kristina needs him to be there, confiding that Madison has been harder on her than she will ever admit. Michael tells Abby all he has to do is stand around a stage and get embarrassed when his parents cheer to loud. Abby laughs and says that his family can be intense, but Michael knows how much the day means to them. Abby tells him he has to do it for himself, too. Even though he might not realize it now, in a few years this day will be important to him.

Alexis reminds Molly that Kristina left the country without permission, got Molly to cover for her, lied to Alexis and disrespected her father. Molly tells Alexis that young lovers have to defy their parents, like Romeo and Juliet. Alexis reminds her they wound up dead. Kristina asks Alexis if she will calm down if she promises not to stab herself. Molly laughs and Alexis tells her it's not funny. Molly replies that it might not be funny but it IS romantic. Alexis tells her it's irresponsible, not romantic. Molly points out that sneaking onto a plane with a guy your parents hate and accidentally having to spend the night in a foreign country sounds like the plot of a novel. Alexis tells both girls that there will be consequnces for their actions but, just for today, they are going to celebrate Kristina's graduation. She worked hard and overcame a lot of obstacles and she deserves to be celebrated. Alexis tells Krissy she's proud of her and Krissy replies that she wishes Alexis would respect her choice in men. Alexis tells her that for one day they are going to try to appreciate each other instead of provoking each other. Molly turns to Kristina and excitedly asks if Ethan is invited.

With Ethan feet away, Max and Milo discuss where they could feasibly dump a body. Max wonders what's wrong with the Pine Barrens and Milo tells him that everyone uses the Pine Barrens and they're getting too full. Max tells him there's always room for one more. Sonny asks Ethan if he's heard from Luke. He tells Ethan that it's a shame what happened. He's known Luke a long time and he might have come back from it. Ethan agrees with him. Sonny says he can't imagine what it would be like to never see your kids again. A nervous Ethan makes small talk about the coffee Sonny has served him and Sonny says he's experimenting with a new blend. Sonny asks Ethan if he has any job prospects other than working for Johnny. He tells him that Anthony is back in town and that could pose a problem. He would hate to see Ethan get caught in the crossfire. Ethan replies that he recently had some luck in Atlantic City so he should be fine for awhile. Milo points out that the Pine Barrens are on the way to Atlantic City and suggests they drop Ethan off there than try their luck at a few casinos. Sonny tells Ethan he has two options: Sonny can pay him off and he can leave town for good or he can go with Max and Milo. Either way, Sonny doesn't want Ethan seeing Kristina.

Lulu asks Lucky if he found Luke but Lucky remains quiet and looks perturbed. Lulu tells her brother that she wants to help, no matter what's going on. Lucky asks her how much she knows about Luke's father. Lulu tells him she knows that he left Luke and Bobbie when they were young but she doesn't know the details. Lucky explains to her that Tim Spencer was a violent alcoholic that beat his wife and kids. He tells her that Luke promised himself that he would never become that. Lulu replies that he kept that promise. He never got drunk and hit them, he always tried to be a good father and when he left he always came back. Lucky points out that Luke has spent his entire life running away from his father but now his worst nightmare has come true: He has turned into the man he hates the most.

Lucky tells Lulu he saw a side of Luke that he had never seen before. Luke kept it hidden from them their entire lives. Lulu asks where he is and Lucky tells her he's in the brothel where he grew up, the only real home he's ever had. Lulu tries to tell him that's not true, but Lucky tells her the house they grew up in was never Luke's home. He says it was a failed compromise at best and it saddled Luke with responsibilities he never wanted. He asks Lulu if she has any idea what it was like for him to be in the brothel knowing Luke grew up there. He tells her to imagine if he had to watch her walk down the hall with some guy knowing she was going to have sex with him and he was going to take a cut. He tries to make her understand that this is the environment that shaped Luke and now this whole mess has driven him right back to it.

Milo informs Max that, should they choose the Pine Barrens, he isn't doing all the digging. Max replies that he has a bad back and Milo says he's been using that excuse for months. Max says that's because it's true. His lower back is tight and he needs a massage. Ethan tells Sonny he's not one to refuse a pay-off if the price is right, but he's trying to avoid financial arrangements involving people he cares about. Sonny tells him it's his choice and instructs Max and Milo to take him away. Ethan thinks it's bad form for him to disappear on Kristina's graduation day. Sonny tells him not to worry about that but Ethan assures him Kristina will. He yanks his arm away from Milo and tells Sonny he doesn't have to resort to murder to protect Kristina. Sonny reiterates that he's just asking Ethan to stay away from her. Ethan tells him they're just friends. Sonny reminds him that Kristina blamed him for beating her up and maybe he wants revenge. Ethan balks at the idea that he would want revenge against a high school senior. He tells Sonny that he's just a passing fancy for Kristina. She'll go off to college and meet a guy with a bright future and he'll fall by the wayside. He tells Sonny that, until that happens, Kristina feels safe with him. Maybe Sonny should try trusting her judgement. He storms out with Milo at his heels. Max asks if they should put him in the back seat or the trunk and Sonny instructs them to let him go.

Carly tells Jax that she appreciates that he got Michael into Madison and she's sure she didn't thank him enough. She goes on to say that Michael is happy he finished school and that he was there to support Kristina after all she went through. Jax tells her it was a shock for Alexis to learn that her daughter's perfect boyfriend was abusive. Jax asks how Josslyn is. Carly tells him that Morgan read to her all morning and showed her his karate moves. Jax is sorry he missed Morgan's last match. Morgan comes downstairs and angrily asks what Jax is doing there. He wants to know if Carly invited him to Michael's graduation. Jax explains that Alexis invited him but he was hoping they could all sit together. Morgan wonders if they are supposed to pretend that Jax isn't trying to steal Josslyn. Jax tells Morgan he's sorry he let him down and he really wanted to be a good father to him. Morgan says if Jax really cared about him, he wouldn't be trying to take Josslyn away. Jax tries to tell him it's a little more complicated than that but Morgan says it seems pretty simple to him. Jax said he wanted to be his father but he doesn't. He said they would be a family forever and then he left and now he wants to take Josslyn away from Carly. Jax tells Morgan he is trying to keep Josslyn safe. He goes on to say that if the adoption had gone through he'd be fighting for custody of Morgan, too. He tells Morgan that he loves him very much and he hopes once this all blows over they can patch things up. Maybe they can go sailing this summer? Morgan tells Jax that he can't make things better so he might as well not even try.

Michael tells Abby the best part of Madison is that it's over, but he also admits he was glad to be there for Kristina. Abby thinks it must have been intimidating to start at such a competitive school in his junior year, but Michael tells her the worst part was that when he got out of Pentonville all the kids were scared of him. He tells her it got worse after what happened with Keifer. Abby observes that it seems like Kristina has friends. Michael says she does and admits he could have had more friends himself, but he wasn't really interested in anything the other kids were. Abby suggests that maybe he can try harder to make friends at PCU. Michael tells her it's a nice try but he's not going. Abby tells him she'll save that lecture for after he graduates and asks him if he wants to stop by later. She's not going to graduation? Abby tells him it's a family day and Michael tells her it would mean a lot to him if she were there. Abby says she thought he'd never ask and they kiss.

Ethan is sitting alone at the Haunted Star when Lucky arrives. He correctly assumes that things didn't go well with Luke. Lucky tells Ethan that Luke refused to come back and Ethan requests his help in telling Lulu who is supposed to be meeting him at the Star. Lucky tells Ethan that Lulu already knows and she didn't take it well. Ethan figures Lulu won't be resurrecting the Star anytime soon and he's kind of disappointed. He always believed the place could be a success if it were open more than twice a month. He's glad it gave Lulu something to focus on, however, and admits he was a little jealous. He tells Lucky that it isn't bad to have a lot of free time. He tells his brother that he went to Atlantic City and won some money. He goes on to tell him that right after that he found his wife in bed with another man. Lucky is shocked. Ethan tells him about his trip to Santo Domingo and the fact that he is supposed to be headed to the Pine Barrens with Max and Milo. Lucky cautions him to be careful. They don't want to lose him on top of Luke. Ethan wonders if Luke is really gone. Lucky believes he is. He tells Ethan that Luke wants nothing to do with the Spencers. From now on, they're on their own.

Dante meets Lulu at the docks and Lulu tells him that Luke isn't coming back. Dante tells her he's sorry and Lulu says he doesn't sound surprised. Dante admits he had his doubts and Lulu realizes she's the only one that believed he would come back. Dante says if he was in Luke's shoes, he wouldn't want to be around the people that loved him because he wouldn't feel like he deserved it. Lulu really thought Luke and Lucky would work it out because they always have before. Lulu thought if she had the Star ready it would be something for him to come back to but she realizes this is different. This isn't about love or forgiveness or guilt. It's as if Luke has slipped away from them somehow. Dante tells Lulu she is making it sound like he's dead. Lulu says that Luke is in place where nothing matters. He doesn't have to love anyone or care about anyone or have any responsibility. She tells Dante it's as if Luke has resigned from being their father.

Sonny shouts up to Brenda that it's time to leave. Brenda comes down and tells Sonny she's not going to the graduation. Sonny is upset. He tells her that it's a very important day for his kids and he wants her to be there so they can all celebrate. Brenda reminds him that Carly doesn't want him there and Sonny tells her that Carly has nothing to do with it. Brenda tells him that Carly will start something and it will turn into a fight. She doesn't want to do that to the kids so she is going to take the high road and stay home. Sonny's tells her she absolutely isn't.

Michael arrives at graduation and Kristina rushes to hug him. She tells him that she almost missed graduation and will fill him in on the details later. She warns him that Sonny and Alexis are both angry and Michael is shocked that she's in trouble and he isn't. Krissy tells him she needs to make both parents happy and she can because of him. She tells him she never would have survived madison without him. Michael tells her not to give him too much credit. He had to finish high school as part of his parole. Kristina tells Michael if he can survive Madison then PCU should be no problem. Michael smells something fishy. He tells Krissy that it's strange how college admissions work. She got waitlisted at Yale and he got into PCU without even filling out an application. Krissy says it doesn't matter how he got in as long as he did. Michael tells her Abby finally admitted that she was the one that filled out the application. Isn't it great how she's always looking out for him? Kristina gets angry and tells Michael that Abby is lying. She filled out the application and is the only reason he got into PCU. Michael smiles and tells her she's busted. Kristina realizes she's been caught and playfully slaps Michael.

Sonny tells Brenda he wants his wife with him to see his kids graduate from high school. Brenda tells him he is assuming Carly will act like a rational person. Sonny says he'll stop her from doing anything but Brenda tells him that he can't and he knows it. Brenda says that Michael and Kristina have worked very hard and they deserve a perfect day. She believes the best way to make that happen is for her to stay home. Sonny tells Brenda that she and Carly are part of an extended family and they need to learn to work things out. Brenda assures him that they will but she doesn't think Michael and Kristina's graduation is the place to start working on that. Sonny tells her the kids are expecting her and Brenda instructs him to tell the kids they'll plan a special cookout to celebrate. She tells Sonny that he needs to go and let her stay there and he needs to leave right now or he's going to be late. Sonny begrudgingly leaves but makes it known he's not happy about it.

Lulu tells Dante that she expected Luke to take off as soon as they found out he was the driver so she did everything she could to make it ok. Dante tells her there wasn't much more she could do. Lulu tells him she didn't have to be part of the intervention but Dante says that she was trying to help. Lulu thinks she was just pouring salt in an open wound like everyone else. Dante thinks she's being too hard on herself. He reminds her of the self-destructive behavior Luke was displaying. Lulu replies that they could have done more than tie him to a chair and tell him what a lousy father he's been. Dante tells her that's not what they did. Lulu thinks they should have gone with her first instinct and rallied around Luke. Dante suggests Lulu accompany him to Michael's graduation to take her mind off of Luke. Lulu tells Dante she's so proud of Michael but she doesn't feel up to going. Dante tells her he's not going either because he doesn't want to leave her alone. Lulu insists that he go and tells him she won't be alone because she is meeting Ethan at the Star. Dante wishes he could fix everything for her. Lulu thanks him but tells him he can't, just like she couldn't fix things for Luke. Dante tells her that Luke loves her. Lulu knows he does, but he doesn't love her as much as he wants to stay gone.

Ethan asks Lucky where he found Luke and Lucky replies that he's in Florida. He tells Ethan he can give him the address if he wants it but he doesn't think it will do any good. Ethan points out that he and Luke met as adults so their relationship is different. They're more like good friends than father and son. Ethan thinks he might be able to talk some sense into Luke. Lucky tells him he's welcome to try but says they aren't as alike as Ethan thinks. Ethan points out that they're both con-men, they both drink too much and they both need their families more than they like to admit. Lucky points out that their childhoods were vastly different. Ethan didn't exactly grow up in a brothel. Ethan agrees that his childhood was pretty great until his parents died and he struck out on his own. Lucky admits it was the same for him: his parents loved each other and they always treated him with respect. Ethan realizes it was very different for Luke. Lucky explains that Luke never got to be a kid. He had to lie,cheat, steal and watch his sister work as a prostitute. He goes on to say that all that cynicism and loneliness never really left Luke, he just learned how to hide it from everyone. Ethan observes that it doesn't seem as if Luke is hiding anymore. Lucky agrees. He let the darkness take over. He went home and there's no coming back from that. Ethan sighs. There has to be some way back. Lucky says not if you believe you're irredeemable.

Ethan maintains that Luke has come back before and will come back again. Lucky reiterates that the man they thought was their father is gone. It’s possible he never existed. Lulu arrives and asks Lucky if he told Ethan about Luke. Ethan confirms that he has but tells Lulu he’s not convinced Luke is gone for good. Lucky reminds Ethan that he wasn’t there. He didn’t see the look in Luke’s eyes. Ethan tells Lucky that Luke is a survivor. Lucky agrees. Luke is the ultimate survivor which means he can toss out anything he can’t afford, including his kids. Lulu believes that Luke needs them, but Lucky points out that they need HIM. He cautions her not to confuse the two. He tells her that Luke never wanted to be a father and now he wants to be on his own, away from all of them. Lulu tells him not to say that. Lucky tells her that Luke said killing Jake was liberating for him. He tries to drive home the fact that Luke wants nothing to do with them and the sooner they accept it the sooner they can get on with their lives. He slams his coffee mug down on the bar and walks out.

Molly enthusiastically greets Abby when she arrives at the graduation ceremony. She proceeds to tell Alexis that Abby is the love of Michael’s life, that they have overcome terrible odds to be together and that now she is going to celebrate an important milestone in his life. She says that fate has brought them together and nothing can tear them apart. Alexis cautions Molly against making Abby’s life seem like a romance novel but Abby appreciates her enthusiasm. She thanks Alexis for helping Diane with research for her case and tells her she’s happy to be free. Molly tells her that nothing can hold her back now. Nothing can stand in the way of Abby and her one true love: not her past life, not being framed for murder, not socities expections or the fact that she’s so much older than the man she adores. . .not even Carly and Sonny.

Brenda is trying to wrangle Max and Milo into helping her rearrange some things in Alec’s room but Max wants to get some men from the warehouse to help because of his lower back problems. Jax arrives and Brenda is pleasantly surprised to see him. Max isn’t. Brenda asks him to keep quiet but Max says Jax is no friend of the former Mrs. C. He’s trying to steal her daughter. Jax starts to tell him that’s not exactly what’s happening but Brenda sends Max and Milo out of the room. Jax explains that he came to tell Sonny he is going to the graduation and make sure there are no hard feelings. Brenda informs him that Sonny has already left and Jax is surprised she didn’t go. Brenda explains her reasons and Jax suggests she go with him. Brenda laughs and tells him that she’s certain both Sonny and Carly will love that. Jax says they’re all adults and asks her again to go with him.

Carly arrives at the graduation and walks up to say hello to Alexis and Molly. They discuss how strange and wonderful it is that they are about to watch their children graduate. Carly hopes the mayor’s speech doesn’t go on too long but Alexis says it probably will. That’s fine with her because it gives her a chance to catch her breath after Kristina’s little adventure. Carly says she thought kids were supposed to get easier as they get older. Sonny arrives and Molly immediately asks where Brenda is. Sonny lies and says she got sick at the last minute and had to stay home. Carly scoffs but Molly offers to email her some headache remedies. Alexis says that, despite some bumps in the road, they made it. The kids are still alive and they are all still speaking to each other. Sonny thanks Carly and Alexis for being great mothers, despite the fact that he hasn’t made it easy. Both women joke about Sonny’s ability to turn on the charm. Dante arrives and explains that Lulu couldn’t make it because she is still dealing with her issues with Luke. Sonny is glad Dante could make it. He tells him that Michael wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for him and he appreciates it.

As the kids line up for the procession, Kristina tells Michael she’s not sorry she sent in the application to PCU on his behalf. She tells him that Molly wrote his essays and muses that if she had written her essays she might have gotten into Yale. She figures going to PCU with Michael is the next best thing. Michael reminds her he hasn’t decided if he’s going yet. Kristina tells him not to rule out college just in case he decides not to be the world’s biggest mobster. Michael tells her this day is about making their parents happy and suggests they skip talking about their futures. They joke about the fact that Kristina is determined not to let this go until Michael agrees to go to PCU with her. Their jovial mood is dampened when an announcement is made that Melinda Bauer has funded a scholarship to be given in the name of her late son, Keifer.

Lulu and Ethan find Lucky standing on the porch of the Spencers’ old house. He tells them he can see the house as Luke sees it,as a cage with lace curtains. Lulu says it wasn’t all bad, but Lucky reminds her that Luke’s marriage to Laura fell apart here and so did his marriage to Elizabeth. He sees the house as a monument to everything they’ve lost. He tells them he finally understands why Luke always said he wanted that place to be torched. He thanks them for coming to find him but insists he has to get back work.

Kristina tells Michael she just wants the ceremony to be over. One of their classmates approaches and comments on how great it was of Mrs. Bauer to donate that money. He says he’s certain she would have rather spent it on Keifer but Kristina got him killed. Michael gets angry and Kristina tries to calm him down. The boy says that some loser hit Kristina and Keifer got the blame. Kristina tells him that Ethan never hit her and he asks why she said he did. Michael shouts that she doesn’t have to explain herself to him as Krissy tries to tell him that she was trying to protect Keifer. The kid tells Kristina that everyone told Keifer he could have done so much better than her. Michael shouts that Keifer was an abusive pig. The boy replies that if Keifer did hit Kristina, she deserved it.

Jax arrives and Alexis tells him they were starting to think he wouldn’t show. Jax says he had a little delay but everything is fine. He jokes about the location of their seats and wonders if they get binoculars that far back.The ceremony begins with the mayor stating that this is the most promising class of seniors Madison has ever had. As he is describing how wonderful the students are, there is a ruckus at the side of the stage and some of the girls are screaming. Michael knocks the boy that was picking on Kristina onto the grass right in front of the stage. He looks up and realizes everyone is watching him. He runs off and leaves Krissy looking very upset.

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