GH Update Monday 6/13/11

General Hospital Update Monday 6/13/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Dominican Republic, Sonny and Alexis walk in on Ethan’s divorce proceedings. Kristina is shocked to see her parents. Kristina insists this is her life and that she’ll make her own decisions. Ethan pipes in that he and Kristina are not getting married, he’s simply getting a divorce. Sonny wants to know how Kristina ended up in the Dominican Republic. Ethan explains how he ran into her aboard the plane. Alexis asks about the sleeping arrangements. Kristina says that she and Ethan stayed in a hotel room, but Ethan slept on the couch. Kristina lets slip that they went clubbing until midnight. A man walks in and asks Ethan to sign the divorce papers. Krissy wishes her parents would stay out of her business. Alexis wonders why Ethan is divorcing Maya. Kristina pipes in and claims she still likes Ethan. Ethan plans on getting a divorce one way or the other. After signing the documents, Kristina tells Alexis and Sonny that she’s flying back with Ethan.

At Jake’s, Patrick runs into Coleman. Patrick says that being at the bar reminds him of Lisa. Patrick talks about how crazy Lisa is. They have a few drinks. Patrick discusses Lisa’s obsession with him. Coleman asks if Patrick liked all the attention Lisa gave him. Patrick says Lisa was not crazy in college. Patrick wonders what made Lisa change so much. Coleman asks Patrick if he has any regrets. Patrick says he visited Lisa in Shadybrook. Coleman knows Patrick is a good man, but wonders if he’ll cheat again. Patrick maintains he’ll stay faithful to Robin. Coleman is skeptical. Coleman says Patrick is a player. Lisa walks in wearing glasses and a black wig. Lisa sees Robin arrive at Jake’s. Lisa overhears Robin and Patrick talking. Coleman asks Robin about her thoughts on fidelity. Robin assumes Coleman is having relationship issues with Kate. Robin advises Coleman to be honest with his girlfriend. While Lisa listens, a man walks up to her table and sits down. Anthony’s goon slides over a gun which Lisa puts in her purse. Lisa is sickened by the sight of Robin and Patrick kissing.

Anthony is summoned to Lisa’s apartment hideout. Anthony is irritated and threatens to call the police. Lisa wants Anthony’s help. Anthony says he needs a “distraction” right now. The two agree that they will help each other. Anthony hands Lisa a cup of coffee, then they go over her plan. Anthony loves Lisa’s latest scheme and wishes her good luck. Anthony admires Lisa’s determination. Lisa says she almost feels sorry for Robin and admits she loathes Patrick. Lisa can’t wait to make Patrick’s life miserable.

Lucky finds Luke in New Orleans. Lucky asks Lupe, Luke’s friend, to leave the room. Lupe kisses Luke. Once alone, Lucky apologizes for his behavior. Luke accepts his son’s apology but refuses to come home. Lucky says he needs Luke in his life. Luke asks Lucky to speak his mind. Lucky admits that Jake’s death was a truth he couldn’t accept. Lucky feels bad that he blamed it on Luke’s drinking. Lucky tells Luke that he forced him to say he was an alcoholic. Lucky is adamant that he loves his father unconditionally. Lucky begs Luke to come home. Luke is stubborn. Luke believes everyone back home wants him to fill a role – husband, father, friend. Luke refuses to live like this anymore. Luke says no one will change him. Lucky is shocked by the harshness of Luke’s words. Luke rambles on about being a loner and recalls his childhood. Luke says he isn’t a family man and that he never wanted to be a father. Luke knows he got “off track” when he married Laura. Lucky tries to reassure Luke that no one will tell him what to do, but Luke ignores him. Luke says he learned a valuable lesson after Jake’s death – he is beyond redemption. Luke tells Lucky that he feels “liberated”, that there is no possibility for forgiveness now. Luke wants to live on his own terms, so therefore he is done being a dad. Luke asks Lucky to leave. Lucky is teary-eyed as he walks out. Alone, Luke begins to sob.

On the plane back, Lucky is quiet. Siobhan senses Lucky’s visit with Luke was unsuccessful. Lucky admits he is disappointed in Luke. Lucky realizes he never really knew his dad. Siobhan offers her opinion on the matter. Siobhan believes Luke is guilt-ridden and didn’t mean what he said. Lucky disagrees – he knows Luke meant every word. Lucky figures Luke needed an excuse to walk away. Siobhan holds Lucky’s hand in hers. Lucky talks about his childhood, how the Spencers were always on the run and scamming people to survive. Lucky says Luke loved adventure until settling in Port Charles. Lucky knows Luke didn’t like parenthood. Lucky tells Siobhan that Luke hated the Spencer home. Lucky says he is starting to hate it too.

On the jet, Alexis, Sonny, Ethan and Kristina are quiet. Alexis begins lecturing Krissy about Ethan. Kristina defends that she’s an adult now. Sonny and Kristina argue over Ethan. Sonny believes Ethan is using his daughter. Sonny tells Kristina that she’s not acting rational. Kristina thinks Sonny is the last person to judge since he has people killed. Alexis is horrified by Kristina’s behavior. Sonny insists he’s a good dad. Sonny reminds Krissy about her bad taste in guys (Kiefer). Ethan says he isn’t taking advantage of Kristina. Sonny implies he doesn’t trust Ethan because Luke is his dad. Ethan gets mad when Sonny says he’s a coward. Ethan will do anything to keep Krissy safe. In fact, Ethan refuses to stop seeing Kristina. Kristina has a huge grin on her face.

On the docks, Brenda is making a phone call to Max. Brenda relays that she’ll be home soon. Brenda turns around and Anthony is there. Anthony says Brenda used to be a model. Anthony brings up the fact that Brenda is married to Sonny. Brenda is surprised to learn that the man she’s talking to is Anthony Zacchara. Brenda brings up Claudia. Anthony says Sonny took advantage of his vulnerable daughter. Anthony rambles on and recites a poem to Brenda. Anthony comments about Brenda’s lack of bodyguards. Anthony warns Brenda to watch out. Brenda is freaked.

In his room, Luke loads a bullet in his gun. Lupe walks in and sits next to Luke. Luke talks about his father Tim Spencer. Luke speaks warmly of Lucky, says he loves him deeply. Luke is proud to have taught Lucky survival skills. Luke thinks Jake’s death will give Lucky the freedom to hate his father now.

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