GH Update Tuesday 6/7/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/7/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Jason is seated at Sonny's desk when Sam walks in and apologizes for being late. Jason admits that he forgot they were supposed to go to dinner. Sam says a change of plans is fine. She senses that something is wrong with Jason and asks him what it is. Jason tells her he thought he made peace with being in the business years ago, but lately he has been wondering if he should quit.

Lulu and Dante are at the Haunted Star. They are kissing passionately. Lulu pulls Dante's shirt off and they lean against the bar and continue to kiss.

Lucky tells Siobhan he didn't expect Luke to stay in rehab. He questions who put him in charge of Luke's sobriety and Siobhan reminds him that his family begged him to fix the situation. Lucky replies that they wanted him to help and not to drive Luke away. Lucky believes that because he drove Luke off it's his job to go find him. He explains to Siobhan that he has to do it alone.

Ethan stares at Maya who is in bed with another man. He says that his timing could have been better. Maya says that she is sorry. The man points out that Maya has been looking for a way to tell Ethan about then for awhile and now he knows.

Jason tells Sam that Dante asked him to reach out to Lucky and tell him he doesn't blame Luke for Jake's death. Sam thinks that's unfair but Jason tells her he understands that Dante is doing it because he's worried about Lulu. Sam says that Lulu is worried about both Luke and Lucky but doesn't believe things will get better if Jason says he doesn't blame Luke. Jason tells her he turned Dante down. He says that Dante knew it was a long shot but, as he was leaving, he told Jason that Luke's arrogance about his drinking is similar to the way Jason lives his life. He is constantly breaking laws and taking risks while pretending it doesn't affect the people that he loves. Sam isn't buying it. Jason tells Sam that when he first went to work for Sonny he didn't care about right and wrong. All he wanted was to prove that he wasn't weak. Sam points out that he sounds like Michael. Jason is aware of that and tells her that's the reason it's so hard for him to argue with Michael: He sounds like a hypocrite. If the business is so wrong, why is Jason still in it?

Siobhan makes it clear that she isn't pleased with Lucky's decision to search for Luke on his own. Lucky maintains that he works better alone but Siobhan continues to argue that he needs an ally. Lucky reminds her that he's been doing this sort of stuff since he was a kid and questions why she would want to risk it anyway. Siobhan reminds him that he's her husband, even if it is just for a green card. Lucky replies that it isn't just for a green card and she knows that. Siobhan tells Lucky she wants to help him no matter what. She begs him to save her the trouble of having to follow him by agreeing to let her come along.

Ethan observes that surprises often play out better in one's head than in reality. Maya tells him this is all her fault. The man she was in bed with asks if she is certain she wants him to leave and Maya insists she's fine. He wonders if they would consider talking later on after they've had time to calm down and Ethan replies that he's plenty calm. Maya's boyfriend tells Ethan that he can only imagine what he's going through and asks him not to take it out on Maya, but Maya assures him Ethan would never do that. He goes on to tell Ethan that Maya has been tearing herself up about the situation for some time. He assures Ethan that this isn't just a casual encounter. No matter how difficult it may be, they are all better off now that Ethan knows. He tells Maya to call him later and leaves the room. Ethan says that, for a con that prides himself on reading people, he's been pretty obtuse. Maya tells him not to blame himself but Ethan thinks he should have figured out what was going on when Maya left for a family emergency that never seemed to end. Maya points out that she was lying to him. She's called and texted him at least once a day since she left. Ethan realizes she always sounded vague and that should have tipped him off. Maya knows she should have told him but as soon as she heard his voice she couldn't do it. Ethan tells her he just wanted to surprise her and he didn't mean to put her on the spot. Maya takes full responsibility. She knows she is to blame because she's a coward.

Maya explains that she met the man, whose name is Aaron, when her aunt was in the hospital. She tells Ethan that he was a cardiologist. He started bringing her coffee and then lunch and then one thing led to another. Ethan assures her he got that part. Maya tells him she's made her decision and she's not going back to Port Charles. Ethan replies that sometimes things happen and starts to leave. Maya asks him to stop being so nice. She tells him she wouldn't be if the shoe were on the other foot. She treated their marriage like it was nothing. Ethan reminds her that their marriage would have been annulled a long time ago if it weren't for Edward. Maya confesses that she loved being married to him, the nights they spent together, their lost week in Vegas, walking on the docks and watching the ships go by. She tells Ethan he was the best time she ever had and Ethan replies that she still takes his breath away. Maya tells Ethan that being with him and knowing she could fall completely in love with him scared her to death.

Dante and Lulu are dressing after their romantic encounter aboard the Star. Dante says they're lucky someone didn't walk in on them and Lulu realizes she should have locked the door. She says that since she practically owns the place she doubts anyone would walk in. Dante was hoping he could make Lulu forget about all that stuff and she tells him he did. It was the first time since Jake died that she was able to let go. Lulu tells Dante he gave her a new perspective on everything and Dante tells her if she ever needs his help again she should just say the word. Lulu realizes that she has been all over the place lately. She has been trying to control Luke and Lucky and has been pushing Dante away. She tells him that she's sorry and Dante assures her that if she apologizes to him like that every time he will have no trouble forgiving her.

Lucky tells Siobhan he can't find any leads on Luke and Siobhan wonders if there's any chance he's still in Port Charles. Lucky tells her the only reason he stayed in town was because of his family and now that he's left them he would want to stay as far away as possible. Siobhan suggests that maybe Lucky should respect that and let Luke do what he needs to do. Lucky tells her if it was the other way around, Luke would hunt him down and help him so it's the least HE can do for Luke. The only problem is that he has no idea where to start. Siobhan says that, since Luke didn't leave for the normal reasons, they can rule a lot of places out. She also says that he's not trying to prove a point to Tracy. Lucky tells her that he's lost Tracy, in fact, he's lost just about everyone. Siobhan asks Lucky where you go where you go when you're lost. Lucky says home and Siobhan wonders where home is for Luke. She asks if Luke has any other family. Lucky thinks of Laura but knows that Luke wouldn't bring her into this. Siobhan asks him where the last stop is for Luke. If Luke has been reduced to instinct and driven by pain, where would he go? Lucky tells her he thinks he might know.

Sam asks Jason if he's tired of the business and would rather do something else. Jason thinks maybe it would help Carly if he quit because Jax wouldn't be able to argue that he's a danger to Josslyn but Sam doesn't think it will. He then says that maybe Michael would choose another path if he quit and Sam reminds him that Michael is going to make his own decision. Jason argues that at least he would be setting a good example. Sam says that some people might argue that Michael would be safer if Jason stayed in the business. Jason is confused. He thought Sam would want him to quit. Sam asks if Jason thinks their child would be safer if he quit.

Maxie runs into Spinelli at Jake's. He asks her if she's heard from Lulu because she has left him several puzzling messages on his voicemail. He tells Maxie that Lulu asked him to look for Luke and then left him more messages telling him that would be pointless and informing him that she is taking over the Haunted Star. Maxie explains to Spinelli that Luke bailed on rehab and Lulu seems to think fixing up the Star will give him something to come back to. She admits that she thought Lulu would come to her senses after Luke left and beg for her job back but instead she is borrowing money from Nikolas to buy the Star. Spinelli wonders if he should start looking for Luke after all but Maxie doesn't think he's coming back. Lulu needs to get past this on her own and she's not making very good progress. Spinelli laments the fact that real life problems can't be solved as easily as those in works of fiction. Maxie says it would be just like in his book where every case was solved in the end. Spinelli is concerned the book might have been cliché but Maxie assures him it was wonderful. He tells her that his words of encouragement inspire him and calls her Maximista. Maxie says she thought he might never call her that again. Spinelli stammers while trying to come up with a response and Matt walks in with Robin and Patrick. He kisses Maxie on the forehead and Robin asks her if Mac called to tell her about Lisa. Maxie thinks Lisa probably fled to Canada by now and Robin agrees but tells her that Mac insisted on staying with Emma tonight. Maxie wonders if that's why they're late and Patrick tells her his surgery was a little more complicated than he thought. Robin suggests he buy the first round in honor of Matt's surgical brilliance. Matt teases Patrick by implying that he's afraid he's not top gun anymore. Maxie asks for details and Robin tells her Matt saved a patient in the OR. Patrick insists that Matt was merely assisting him but Matt points out that he found the bleeder and saved the patient. Maxie kisses him on the cheek and tells him he's her hero. As he watches them laugh, Spinelli looks both sad and frustrated.

Jason asks Sam if she thinks their future child would be safer if he did something else. Sam points out that he can't run away from his past. The cops would know where to find him. His enemies would know where to find him. He can't deny who he is so why would he want to do something else? Sam reminds him that he likes to take risks. Jason wonders if he's being selfish by taking risks when people need him. Sam thinks maybe she's the one being selfish. She loves Jason just the way he is and doesn't want him to change.

Ethan supposes that being afraid of falling too deeply in love is a good reason for ending a marriage. It beats irreconcilable differences or mental cruelty. Maya tells him he could never be cruel to anyone but she never should have agreed to stay married to him. Ethan thinks they should just agree that they shared a very enjoyable experience. He points out that they got married by accident so it makes sense that they should break up by accident. Maya says that Ethan is being so nice about everything and Ethan begs her to use another word besides nice. Maya says it would have been so easy to fall in love with him. She points out that he takes everything in stride, even now. Ethan admits that he has been on the other side of the situation before and perhaps this is karma. Maya says that proves how different they are. She gets enough life and death adventure at the hospital. She can't walk a tight-rope in her personal life. Ethan tells her that he understands. Maya apologizes for not telling him and admits that she just couldn't let him go. Ethan says he'll take that as a compliment. Maya realizes she hasn't even asked how things are going with Ethan. He assures her he's fine and has just returned from Atlantic City where he won big. Maya asks why he was in Atlantic City and not running the Haunted Star. He tells her Luke is on hiatus and he needed a break. Maya asks if he's certain he's ok. Ethan insists he's fine. He's just learning what it means to be part of a family. Maya realizes she has to tell Edward what happened. She feels awful because Ethan won't get his half of the money now. Ethan says he doesn't care about the money. He was only holding out for it because he thought she needed it and, besides, he's pretty sure Edward would have found a way to cheat them out of it anyway. Maya jumps up and shouts at Ethan to yell at her and tell her she's a liar but he refuses. They had a good time but every party has to come to an end. He tells her that when she wins the Nobel Prize for medicine, no one will be cheering louder than him. Maya says she'll try not to let him down and Ethan assures her she could never do that. He tells her that she was the most fun he's ever had too and assures her that's saying something. Ethan kisses Maya on the cheek and hurries out of the room. Outside the door he breaks down in tears.

Lucky and Siobhan are discussing the place Lucky believes Luke might be. He says he can't believe it's still around and Siobhan says she can't believe he found it. Lucky admits he wouldn't have if she hadn't forced him to think about it. Siobhan asks if she should put on a show of false modesty but Lucky tells her to go ahead and gloat. Siobhan merely says that everyone needs help sometimes, even Lucky. Lucky asks her if she got the tickets. Siobhan says she did and they need to get going. There's a knock at the door and it's Lulu and Dante. Lulu tells Lucky she's sorry for blaming him for what happened with Luke and admits that it was low for her to drink in front of him. She knows Lucky loves Luke as much as she does and she has no right to judge him. Lucky thanks her but tells her everything she said was true. He drove Luke away and now he's going to find him and make everything right.

Lucky explains to Lulu that they are going to look for Luke and they need to get going to make their flight. Lulu is glad they're going but doesn't want Lucky to do it solely because she made him feel guilty. Lucky tells her that's not why he's going. He admits that a lot of what she said to him was true but one thing wasn't: Luke doesn't love Lucky more than her. Lucky goes on to say that he loves Lulu more than his need to be right. He tells her that this is about doing the right thing and putting her pain ahead of himself so that's what he's going to do. He knows Luke won't come back on his own so he has to go find him. Lulu tells him to be careful. Lucky tells her he won't issue any ultimatums. Luke has to deal with his drinking on his own, if he ever does. Lucky admits that he understands that shutting him out won't help. Lulu is thrilled that Lucky gets it but her brother warns her he can't guarantee he will be able to get Luke to come home. Lulu believes he can do it. She laughs with relief and hugs him. Dante watches the scene with a look of concern on his face.

Sam asks Jason to remind her why he gave Jake up. Jason says it was to keep him safe. Sam asks him what the result of that was and Jason says that Jake died anyway. Sam wonders if Jason thinks he could have kept Jake safe if he had given up the mob. Jason thinks he made the wrong choice but Sam thinks it's the guilt talking. She tells Jason that giving up the business won't bring Jake back and, if they have a child, it won't guarantee that child a perfect life. Jason says he knows but Sam wonders if he really does. She assures Jason that she isn't trying to tell him what to do, she just wants him to think about what he's doing and why.

Spinelli watches Maxie, Matt, Patrick and Robin as they joke about the surgery Matt and Patrick performed. Patrick wonders why every procedure has to turn into a competition. Why can't Matt just accept that Patrick is the best and he's good? Robin asks Matt if he's going to let Patrick get away with that and Patrick insists he would have seen the bleeder. Matt agrees that he would have eventually and hopefully the patient would have still been alive. Matt says that when he found it Patrick's face was filled with awe. Patrick replies that it wasn't awe; he was shocked Matt knew what he was doing. Maxie asks them why they can't both be smart and Patrick tells her that's not fun. Spinelli starts to head out but Robin calls him over and invites him to share their fries. She tells him she hasn't read his book but heard it was great. She grabs a chair and encourages him to sit down and tell them what it's like to be a real writer. Maxie says she should have invited him to join them but she thought he was working. She assumes Matt and Patrick haven't read his book but insists that they should. Kate calls Maxie and she walks away to answer her phone. Patrick insists on buying another round because he has never had a drink with a real author before. Robin joins the men at the bar and leaves Spinelli sitting at the table. When Maxie returns she is ranting about the new assistant Kate hired. She tells Spinelli that she isn't doing anything right and she made her miss her lunch break. She is telling him she will have to figure out a way to get the girl fired when she starts choking on a french fry.

Maxie gets up and starts stumbling around. Spinelli is yelling at her to relax and take a deep breath. Matt realizes she is choking and performs the Heimlich maneuver. Spinelli apologizes for not realizing how serious the situation was. Robin assures him Maxie is ok. Maxie tells Matt he really IS her hero.

Ethan walks into Kelly's and Kristina asks him what happened. Ethan tells her he isn't sure but he thinks he just got his heart broken. Kristina asks if he and Maya had a fight and Ethan tells her it was all very civilized. He explains that Maya has met someone new and that he seems very nice. Krissy seems surprised that Ethan met him and Ethan replies that it was very brief. Kristina feels like she's missing something. Ethan says Aaron is much more appropriate for Maya than he ever was. He tells Krissy she's not coming back to Port Charles and Krissy wonders why she couldn't tell him that before he went to see her. She can't believe Maya would do that to him when he is going through so much with Luke. Ethan admits he couldn't tell her. He didn't want to leave her feeling guilty. He tells Krissy that he and Maya never made a real commitment. He never earned the right to pour his heart out to her. He never told her that he was starting to fall for her and envisioning a future for them. He tells Krissy that he just couldn't risk putting his heart out there. He goes on to tell her that if she ever finds true love, she shouldn't wait too long to act on it because once it passes by it's not coming back.

Lulu and Dante return to the Haunted Star. Lulu can't believe that when she finally gave up on pushing Lucky and Luke together, Lucky came around. Dante tells her it's going to take Lucky awhile to find Luke so maybe they should get some dinner or some sleep. . .or not sleep and do other things. Lulu says she has a couple of things to take care of first. Dante points out that finding Luke and bringing him back are two different things. Lulu says she realizes that but she believes that once Lucky drops the whole alcoholism thing Luke will realize they accept him for who he is and come back.

Lucky and Siobhan settle into their seats on the plane. Siobhan complements Lucky on the way he dealt with Lulu. He took a big weight off her shoulders. Lucky says he wishes Lulu weren't so enmeshed with Luke emotionally. He says it feels like she is going to self-destruct with him and Siobhan replies that she hopes that isn't the case. Lucky hopes so, too. Siobhan points out that he has a lot of work ahead of him with Luke and Lucky tells her there's still time to bail out. Siobhan won't hear of it. Lucky tells her it won't be easy but Siobhan assures him that easy is boring. She says that easy is going to work every day and paying your bills and knowing the highlight of your week will be going to the grocery store. She goes on to say that easy is feeling stifled and domesticated and it will be good to stretch her feet a bit. Lucky tells her that, despite what he said earlier, he's really glad she came with him.

Jason asks Sam what she would want if it were up to her. Sam can't see Jason being happy doing anything ordinary. She says she could see him traveling the world. Jason points out that Sam likes to travel. Sam admits that she does and says if Jason is suggesting they sail away together she might be tempted. She goes on to say that it wouldn't be realistic. What about her mom and her sisters? What would Spinelli do without a P.I partner? What would Carly do without her Jason? Jason asks her if she wants to stay. Sam replies that she wants him to be true to himself. Jason's phone rings and it's Bernie. Jason asks him how much they lost.

Jason says the situation is escalating and he needs to shut it down. Sam says he better get going because there are a lot of people counting on him. Jason thanks her for listening to him. He tells her he's not sure about much right now but he is sure about her. He kisses her and heads out. Sam looks slightly worried.

Ethan tells Kristina he hates messy scenes where everyone is yelling and saying thing they'll regret. He's had way too much of that with his family lately and doesn't need to seek it out. Kristina asks if he and Maya argued. Ethan tells her he didn't want to come across like a jealous idiot but Krissy thinks Maya is the idiot for choosing a boring doctor over Ethan. Ethan says it's for the best because they never would have lasted. Their lives were going in opposite directions and it's better to end it now before too much damage is done. Kristina points out that Maya really hurt him and he can't hide that from her. Ethan tells Krissy that Edward will be the one that's really hurt. He thought he had bought his way into Maya's life and found a new hope for the Quartermaines. Ethan says that it's over and the only thing left to do is sweep the ashes under the rug and move on. Kristina asks him how he intends to do that and Ethan tells her he is going to fly to the Dominican Republic and get a divorce.

Lulu is working on the computer at the Star and Dante says he thought the plan was to go back to his place. Lulu says she wants to but she needs to go over the liquor orders first. Dante asks why she is order liquor and Lulu explains it's for the Star. She tells him Luke could be home in less than a week. Dante thinks that's a little optimistic. Lulu is so happy she can look on the bright side and she wants the casino open as soon as possible. She thinks Luke is going to be so happy she saved it for him.

Lucky asks Siobhan if she is really feeling stifled and domesticated. Siobhan doesn't think she used those exact words. Lucky says she did but it's ok. Luke found Port Charles to be incredibly stifling. He tells Siobhan that Luke's freedom ended when they moved into the house that Laura loved so much. He says he doesn't blame Luke and gives him credit for trying. He just couldn't handle the routine and the responsibilities. Siobhan wonders how such a free spirit raised such a grounded son. Lucky isn't sure how grounded he is. Siobhan tries to assure him that everything is going to be alright. She tells him they will find Luke and bring him home. Lucky tells Siobhan that Luke is the most determined person he knows. If he wants to destroy himself, he'll find a way to succeed. Siobhan asks Lucky to promise her that, no matter what happens with Luke, he won't let his father destroy him too.

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