GH Update Monday 6/6/11

General Hospital Update Monday 6/6/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn punches Jax in the MetroCourt lobby. Carly is horrified. Carly pulls Shawn aside and asks him to calm down. Jax makes a comment that Shawn is acting just like a gangster. Jax insists Shawn is a danger to Josslyn. Shawn defends Carly in front of Jax. Jax reminds Shawn that he’s still married to Carly. Carly cringes when Jax calls her an “unfit mother”. Carly grabs Shawn’s arm and warns him not to goad Jax. Jax wipes off his mouth. Carly wants to know why Jax is being so confrontational. Shawn butts in and tells Jax that he no longer works for Carly. Shawn apologizes to Carly for making a scene, then hurries out the door. Carly criticizes Jax for his behavior. Jax warns that his actions will only get worse. Carly calls Jax a jerk. Carly fears that their bickering will destroy Josslyn. Carly and Jax continue to bicker in front of eyewitnesses. Carly accuses Jax of manipulating everyone he knows. Jax will protect Josslyn at all costs. Carly wishes she and Jax could come to some solution, possibly joint custody. Jax refuses to budge on his terms. Carly is visibly frustrated.

At Sonny’s house, Brenda makes a suggestion that her husband leave the mob. Jason and Sonny are speechless. Brenda figures Jason would be perfect to take the reins. Sonny is visibly amused by Brenda’s offer but maintains that the kids wouldn’t be protected. Brenda will do anything to keep Alec safe. Brenda looks to Jason for his opinion. Jason brings up the fact that Brenda found the dead hit woman in Sonny’s office. Brenda knows Sonny needs to get out of the organization. Jason is unable to give Brenda a direct answer. Jason scoots out the door before Brenda can say anything more. Brenda confronts Sonny about Jason’s evasiveness. Sonny brings up Michael’s shooting. Brenda listens as Sonny recalls when Michael was shot during a tour of the coffee warehouse. Brenda points out that their situation is different from then. Sonny says he’d have to move out of Port Charles if he left the mob. Sonny refuses to leave his children behind. Sonny tells Brenda that he’d love to retire, but he’s in the mob for life.

Ethan is sitting on the ground outside Kelly’s. Ethan appears drunk and hands a dollar to a passerby. Kristina walks toward Ethan and notices the wad of cash in his hand. Ethan rambles on about having terrible luck. Ethan feels sad because he became close with Luke. Ethan announces Luke has left Port Charles. Kristina and Ethan sit down at a table in Kelly’s. Kristina urges Ethan to eat. Ethan looks depressed because Luke is gone. Ethan fears Luke won’t be returning this time. Ethan is convinced his father is punishing himself for hitting Jake. Ethan thanks Kristina for listening. Ethan receives a text from Maya. Ethan misses Maya, which irritates Krissy. Kristina tells Ethan that she’s his confidante. Kristina feels terrible about Luke. Ethan wonders if the Spencer family can ever reconcile their differences. Ethan makes a decision to go see Maya in Philly. Kristina is sad to see Ethan go. Ethan promises to keep in touch with Krissy.

Outside the diner, Shawn runs into Carly. Carly wants Shawn to talk about his dishonorable discharge. Shawn wishes Carly would drop the matter. Carly says she and Shawn are friends. Carly is thankful that Shawn protected Josslyn while she stayed at the hospital. Shawn admits the information Jax dug up is true. Carly asks Shawn if he killed one of his own men deliberately. Carly demands to know the truth. Shawn says his orders were to open fire, then explains he took the dishonorable discharge instead of being court-martialed. Shawn brings up his PTSD, then goes on to talk about working for Theo. Carly asks what Shawn plans to do next. Shawn is looking for work again.

At the Haunted Star, Dante talks to Lulu about buying the Haunted Star. Lulu insists it is a great investment, but Dante isn’t gung-ho about the idea. Dante worries that a life upheaval is the last thing Lulu needs. Dante points out running a casino is demanding. Lucky walks in and overhears the two talking about the Haunted Star. Lucky doesn’t agree with Lulu’s enthusiasm. Lulu asks Lucky if he’s heard from Luke. Lucky says he’s been busy working. Lucky wishes Lulu would leave their father alone. Lulu tells Lucky that he pushed Luke away. They argue while Dante is stuck in the middle. Lulu asks Lucky to find Luke. Lucky wants to know where Lulu got the money to buy the casino. Lucky reminds Lulu that Luke is an alcoholic. Dante wants Lucky to back off Lulu. Lucky thinks Dante is enabling Lulu’s denial that Luke has a drinking problem. Dante walks out so Lucky and Lulu can talk alone. Lulu asks Lucky for a favor – find Luke and bring him home. Lulu insists Luke loves Lucky the most. Lucky doesn’t agree. In fact, Lucky thinks Lulu is making the situation all about herself. They continue to butt heads on the subject. Lucky thinks Luke won’t return. Lulu is fed up with Lucky spewing “12-step” to her. Lulu is mad at Lucky. Lucky knows the intervention didn’t save Luke. Lulu maintains Luke isn’t an alcoholic. Lulu starts yelling at Lucky and brings up his own addiction. Lulu pours herself some scotch. Lucky watches in horror as Lulu takes a shot.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s office. Dante tells Jason about Luke’s failed attempt at rehab. Dante hopes Jason can talk to Lucky. Jason wants no part in helping Lucky and Luke with a reconciliation. Jason still blames Luke for Jake’s accident. Jason apologizes to Dante, but makes it clear he can’t help him. Dante wonders why Jason can’t leave the mob for Michael. Jason remains silent. Carly shows up to vent to Jason. Jason tells Carly that he’ll get another guard to watch Josslyn. Carly misses Shawn and brings up Jax’s deplorable behavior. Carly worries what Jax might try next. Jason asks Carly if he always follows through on promises. Jason comments that Carly might lose Josslyn because of him. Carly worries that Jax will ruin Josslyn’s life. Jason brings up Michael. Jason is wondering if he’s any worse than Luke. Carly insists Jason is a good person. Jason wonders why he’s still in the mob.

Ethan shows up at the Philadelphia hotel where Maya is staying. Ethan stands outside Maya’s hotel room and listens while she leaves him a voicemail message. Ethan walks in and sees Maya in bed with another man. Ethan is speechless.

Sonny and Brenda stand out on the patio. Sonny says Port Charles will always be linked to crime, considering the city is near New York City and the Canadian border. Sonny is proud that he controls Port Charles. Sonny knows the mob situation is taking its toll on Brenda. Brenda agrees to learn how to deal with it. Brenda is worried about Alec. Sonny vows to protect Brenda’s son. Brenda tells Sonny that she loves him. Sonny hugs Brenda. In bed, Sonny and Brenda talk about what they want from life. Brenda believes that she and Sonny will change their perspective now that Alec is with them. Sonny promises to stick by Brenda no matter what. They share a passionate kiss.

Dante returns to the Haunted Star and finds Lulu sitting at the bar. Dante inquires about Lulu’s talk with Lucky. Lulu feels guilty for being so cruel to her brother. Lulu figures that she’ll end up fighting with Ethan too. Dante says Lulu is going to have a horrible hangover. Lulu fears that she’ll lose her family. Lulu pours a drink for her and Dante. Lulu proposes a toast to the Spencer family. Some jazzy music is playing over the loudspeakers. Dante grabs Lulu’s hand to share a dance.

At his apartment, Lucky starts packing a duffel bag. Siobhan walks in through the front door. Siobhan wonders where Lucky is going. Lucky announces his plans to find Luke. Lucky talks about his fight with Lulu. Lucky knows he should have handled things differently with his sister. Lucky tells Siobhan that Lulu was right about Luke. Siobhan offers to accompany Lucky in his search for Luke.

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