GH Update Thursday 6/2/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/2/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Brenda and Alec go to meet Sonny at his office. Brenda is telling Alec that they're going to take a trip on a ferry but when she opens the door to Sonny's office she screams suddenly. There in Sonny's chair is the dead hit woman. She regains her composure and quickly closes the door. She comforts Alec as Sonny comes running. He opens the door, takes one look at the dead hit woman and quickly closes it.

Maxie arrives at the Haunted Star having been summoned by Lulu. Lulu tells Maxie she needs her help and Maxie assumes Lulu is going to beg Kate for her job back. Lulu tells Maxie that 3 years working for Kate is long enough. She informs her that the only person she is willing to break her back for is her father.

Patrick tells Shawn that he needs surgery to remove mortar fragments lodged near his spine but Shawn is adamant that he won't go under the knife. Patrick reminds Shawn that he asked for his medical opinion and he's giving it to him. Shawn insists that he's lived with the fragments for two years and he can live with them a few more. Carly exits the elevator and stands by the nurses' station watching them talk. Patrick looks at Shawn's records and comments on the fact that he was treated for post traumatic stress disorder. He asks if Shawn is still receiving treatments. Shawn informs him that it's none of his business.

Jax invites Robin to the Metro Court. She is happy to see a friend after all the family drama of the last few months. She asks Jax if he has gone on any exotic trips lately. Jax says that he wishes he had but he's been staying close to home because Josslyn is his priority. He tells Robin this is why he wanted to see her. Robin says if he's planning on asking for advice he should know that she and Patrick are figuring it out as they go along. Jax admits that he is too, but he knows that he needs to keep Josslyn safe. He tells Robin that Carly has a blind spot when it comes to Sonny and Jason and he can't make her realize that Josslyn is in danger. Robin isn't surprised. Jax informs Robin that he is going for sole custody and he was hoping she would testify on his behalf.

Jax explains to Robin that he wants Josslyn to live with him full-time and Robin wonders when Carly would see her. Jax explains that Carly is welcome to see Joss whenever she wants so long as she keeps her away from Sonny and Jason. Robin correctly assumes that didn't go over well. Jax says he's trying to be reasonable and Robin points out that reasonable and Carly don't go hand in hand. Jax thinks if Carly were really interested in Josslyn's well-being she would agree to his terms. Robin points out that Josslyn would never get to live with her mom and tells him that's a lot to ask. Jax admits that Carly said the same thing and wonders whose side Robin is on. Robin tells Jax that she loves him and understands that he is worried about Josslyn's safety. She admits that Carly isn't her favorite person and Jax says that's what makes her perfect for this job. Robin goes on to say that, no matter how she feels about Carly, she IS a good mother. If Robin were to testify, she would have to be honest about that.

Shawn tells Patrick he's not there to talk about PTS. He's only there because his doctor told him to have his injury checked every six months. Patrick tells him the fragments are moving closer to his spine. He asks what kind of pain medicine Shawn was prescribed but Shawn tells him he doesn't take anything. Patrick says that's his choice, however, he still recommends removing the fragments. Carly stares at them as Shawn goes on to say that the doctor in Kandahar told him it was best not to operate. Patrick agrees that might have been true at the time but now the fragments are causing neurological risks. Shawn asks how big the risk is and Patrick admits that it's minimal right now but that could change. Shawn says that until it does Patrick can stop pushing surgery. They glare at each other and Patrick breaks the silence by telling Shawn he should get some treatment for his PTSD. He walks off and Carly approaches Shawn. She asks him if he's ok and he assures her that he is. Carly asks about his disagreement with Patrick. Shawn tells her that he has some damage from a shrapnel wound but it doesn't affect his ability to protect her and Josslyn.

Lulu tells Maxie she wants to reinvent the Haunted Star and make it successful. Maxie says she didn't think Luke cared much about profits and suggests Lulu ask him before she starts. Lulu informs Maxie that Luke left rehab 15 minutes after he checked in and Maxie isn't too surprised. Lulu was going to have Spinelli track Luke down but she realized they would just be bringing him back to the same situation he ran away from. Maxie reminds them they were just trying to help but Lulu tells her Luke didn't want help. She says that it wasn't helping to repeatedly tell him he was an alcoholic. Maxie wonders what alcoholic would want that. Lulu says she should have trusted her first instincts. On what planet did it make sense to push Luke toward rehab? "The planet of good intentions?" Maxie replies. Lulu thinks she can give Luke something to come back to if she fixes up the casino. Maxie wonders if that includes redecorating because this place is stuck in the 80's. Lulu says she intended to redecorate and bring in a younger crowd and she wants Maxie to help her. She tells Maxie how good she is at knowing what's hot and she knows she would be great at this. Maxie shakes her head. She tells Lulu that she can redecorate all she wants but it won't bring her father home.

Steve and Elizabeth are working on a patient's chart when Liz has another vision of Jake. She is so distracted she doesn't hear Steve tell her that the patient is extremely allergic and can't have penicillin. Steve's pager goes off and he has to leave. Liz goes back to the patient's chart. In the section that asks what allergies the patient has she checks "none".

Brenda apologizes to Alec for screaming. Sonny tells the boy everything is going to be ok. He tells Brenda he doesn't know who the woman is but he's going to find out. He suggests they leave and they exit with the guard just as Dante arrives. He tells Sonny he got an anonymous call and asks him what's happening. Sonny points at the office and tells Dante to go in there. Dante opens the door and comments on the fact that Sonny has a corpse in his chair. He definitely wants to hear about this.

Sonny starts walking towards the dead woman but Dante instructs him not to touch anything. Sonny assumes she's the woman that killed Brandon. Dante explains that she escaped from custody but questions how she wound up dead in Sonny's office. Sonny tells him to ask Anthony Zacchara. He thinks Anthony hired her, arranged for her to escape and then killed her before she could talk. Dante says if they don't find evidence Sonny will be a suspect, too. Sonny tells Dante if he had killed her she wouldn't have been found. He also wouldn't have killed her and left her in his office so Brenda and her son could see her. Dante says maybe that's the whole point, to make himself look like the victim when he's really a killer. Sonny balks at the idea but Dante tells him he's thinking like an investigator. He starts to inspect the body but Sonny tells him the best thing for him to do is forget he was even there.

Jax agrees that Carly is a devoted mother which makes it worse that Sonny has such a hold on her. Robin reminds him that Sonny is the father of two of Carly's children. Jax points out that those children have suffered because of it. Robin wonders if Jax really expected Carly to cut ties with Sonny when he married her. Jax replies that he thought he would be the most important man in her life. He believed once they had their own child she would distance herself from Sonny and Jason. Robin thinks that might have been a bit unrealistic. Jax points out that Robin has been around the violence in Sonny and Jason's life and all he's asking is that she testify to that in court. Robin reminds him that she's close to both Sonny and Jason. Jax says she doesn't make a habit of allowing Emma around them. Robin tells him she goes to Sonny's house to visit and she's been to Jason's several times. Jax replies that she's not dependent on them. He tells her that every time there's a crisis Carly runs to them to solve it. Robin understands that this might have bothered him when he and Carly were married, but she honestly doesn't consider Sonny and Jason a threat. Jax asks her about the psychological damage to Sonny's children. Would Michael have gone to prison if he wasn't influenced by Sonny and Jason? Robin tells Jax that she will be happy to tell the court what a wonderful father he is but she just can't say that Carly is a bad mother.

Carly and Shawn arrive back at Carly's house. Carly admits that she heard Shawn and Patrick talking about his PTSD. Shawn tells her he doesn't want to discuss it and Carly says fine. Two seconds later, she starts talking about it again. She tells Shawn it reminds her of the first time they met, when he helped Molly on Baker Street. Shawn tells her he's glad he was there. Carly recalls how freaked out Molly was by the bus crash and that Shawn was able to recognize her symptoms because he had been there. Shawn says that Molly researched PTSD and wound up knowing more about it than her therapist. Shawn tells Carly it's easier to talk about someone else's problems than his own. Carly understands. She suggests they go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Shawn says he'll load the car. As he leaves the room the doorbell rings. Carly opens the door to find an annoyed Tracy. She asks Carly where Luke is and Carly assumes he's in rehab. Tracy tells her Luke left the night he arrived and asks Carly if she helped him.

Maxie tells Lulu she understands how it feels when your parents leave. There's a sense of emptiness that she tried to fill in a multitude of ways but in the end it's better to accept it. Lulu tells Maxie she's sorry about Frisco and Felicia but Luke's not like them. Maxie points out that Luke leaves over and over again. Lulu tells her it's not because he doesn't care. Maxie says that she understands that but reminds Lulu that a terrible thing has happened. Luke killed Jake and he doesn't want to quit drinking so he left. Lulu tells Maxie she needs to give him a reason to come back and he's at his best when he has a sense of purpose. Maxie wonders if a casino really counts as a purpose and Lulu tells her that Luke loves it when the Star is full of people. Maxie tells her that was before the accident. Lulu replies that his drinking got out of control after the accident. She knows Luke was hurt by the way his family treated him and she never should have gone along with it so she needs to make it up to him. Maxie asks Lulu what will happen if Luke never comes home to see the new and improved Haunted Star. Lulu is adamant that Luke will come home. When he does, she will show him that she loves him and accepts him the way that he is.

Matt asks Liz for a patient's chart. It turns out to be the one she was filling out when she had the vision of Jake. Matt looks at the chart and comments that something is wrong. Liz asks him what it is. He tells her that the patient is allergic to penicillin which is noted on her records but not on the admission forms. He tells her that someone really screwed up.

Matt looks over the chart and says that it doesn't look like the patient was actually prescribed the medicine which is good because it would have killed her and he's pretty sure she likes her life. Liz tells him she'll make sure it never happens again. Matt tells her it isn't her fault. He blames it on the budget being cut and the staff being stretched thin. Matt says he should probably put on his administrative hat and get to the bottom of it but he doesn't like to wear that hat because it clashes with the doctor outfit. Elizabeth tells him she'll find out who did it and let them know it was a serious mistake and it's unacceptable. She offers to correct the chart herself. Matt wishes everyone was as conscientious and dedicated as Liz. He walks off and Liz sighs with relief.

Tracy says that Carly and "Uncle" Luke have been thick as thieves and orders her to fess up. Carly tells Tracy she doesn't know where Luke is. She meant what she said at the intervention. Tracy asks Carly where she thinks Luke MIGHT be. Carly points out that Tracy is his wife and should know better than she does. Carly was under the impression that Luke takes off alone. Tracy replies that Luke is in trouble and needs help before he self-destructs. Carly thinks that's for Luke to decide. Tracy shouts that Carly isn't hearing her but Carly believes that Tracy isn't hearing Luke. She isn't surprised that Luke left and she doubts he'll be back. Tracy repeats that she needs to find him. Carly wonders why. Is Tracy planning to tell him yet again that he has a drinking problem? Tracy says she wants to help him. Carly tells Tracy that she believes Tracy wants to help Luke and she believes Luke has a problem, however, Tracy married Luke knowing exactly who he is and it's not really fair to change the rules after the fact.

Olivia is working the front desk at the Metro Court. Jax walks up and quietly asks her to keep a record of the times that Carly is seen with Jason and Sonny at the hotel. Olivia assumes this has something to do with Josslyn. Jax tells her he needs to prove Carly is in regular contact with them. Olivia asks if he is planning to take the list to court in an attempt to get full custody. Jax confirms that he is because Jason and Sonny are dangerous. Olivia points out that the business is dangerous but they themselves are not. Jax believes that's debatable. He tells her that Carly refuses to keep Josslyn safe so he has to take action. Olivia tries to walk away. She tells Jax that she doesn't like where this is going. Jax tells her all he is asking her to do is keep a list. Olivia replies that he is trying to get her to help him take Josslyn away from Carly and she doesn't feel good about that. Jax wonders how Olivia can believe he's wrong for wanting to keep Josslyn safe when she kept Dante away from Sonny for most of his life.

Dante calls the dead body into the PCPD. Sonny tells him he's making a lot of work for someone. Dante says he would rather do it the right way then have Sonny hide the body and hang a guilty sign around his neck. Sonny reminds Dante that he just told him he's a suspect. Dante tells him he'll be exonerated after the police do their job. Sonny reminds Dante he'll be taken off the case for conflict of interest and Dante thinks it might be for the best. They should let someone impartial handle the case. Sonny wonders if Dante is doing this so justice can be served. Dante asks Sonny why he's complaining since he never did any time anyway. Sonny tells him that's not nice. They stand and stare at the dead woman. Sonny wonders who called in the tip. Dante says it was anonymous but Sonny insists it was Anthony. Dante tells Sonny he'll find out but Sonny says that Anthony must have covered his tracks and it will be hard to pin it on him. Dante replies that prison is full of people that think the same thing. Sonny says he will call Diane and make arrangements to give a statement. Dante asks Sonny what he thinks this is all about. It would be an awfully big risk for Anthony to move a body around town just to make Sonny's life difficult. Sonny believes he has an ulterior motive. He thinks there is something bigger that Anthony is after. Dante asks Sonny what that might be.

Patrick tells Epiphany that Lisa's patient is doing much better. Epiphany is aware of that since he keeps yelling at her nurses. Patrick assumes she would like him to sign a release form for the man and she hands him one already filled out. Steve walks up and thanks Patrick for taking over Lisa's patients. Patrick is just glad she's gone. Epiphany points out that as crazy as Lisa was she was a great surgeon. It will be difficult to replace her. Steve agrees and says until they do everyone will have to work overtime. His phone rings and he steps away to answer it. Robin walks up and tells Patrick she needs to tell him something and she wants him to be quiet until she's done. She tells him that when Shadybrook called and asked him to talk with Lisa he could have said no but he didn't. Patrick tries to interrupt but she shushes him. She goes on to say that when he came back with flowers she assumed Lisa said something to make him doubt their relationship. Patrick starts to interrupt again and Robin tells him he is horrible at following directions. She says that whatever Lisa said she was wrong. She wants him to know that she loves him. He is a wonderful husband and a wonderful father and she's so grateful to him for not letting her give up on their marriage. Patrick thanks her for saying that but wonders why she is. Robin tells him about her conversation with Jax. Patrick is impressed that Robin refused to take sides. She tells him she couldn't help but think about how horrible it would have been if they had filed for divorce and fought over custody of Emma. Patrick reminds her that they didn't and that they are okay now. Steve hangs up the phone and walks over to them. He tells them that Lisa has escaped.

Steve relates that Lisa was being moved from Shadybrook to a more secure criminal psychiatric facility when she somehow escaped. Robin asks if she had any help but Steve tells her the police think she was on her own. They believe she is unarmed but he suggests Robin and Patrick be prepared. Robin says they need to check on Emma. Epiphany tells Steve that the PCPD wants Lisa's files made available in case she tries to contact a patient for help. Robin and Patrick head to the elevators while discussing their disbelief over the latest turn of events. Patrick tries to figure out if anything she said to him was a clue. Robin theorizes that Lisa is probably headed for the Canadian border but Patrick wonders if she might try to get back at them. Robin thinks Lisa was so cocky while she was getting away with stalking them that maybe now that she's been caught she just wants to leave town. Patrick insists they still need to take precautions and Robin agrees but she still thinks Lisa as a fugitive might be less dangerous than Lisa walking around the hospital pretending to be normal.

Matt and Maxie meet up at Kelly's. Maxie tells him she ordered him a latte and Matt offers to repay her by taking her out to dinner. Maxie thinks she'd be lousy company because she's worried about Lulu. She tells Matt that Lulu is having a rough time and Matt thinks that's understandable. Maxie thinks that Lulu is overreacting to the fact that Luke checked himself out of rehab. Matt is surprised to hear this news and Maxie tells him she thinks it was Luke's way of saying good-bye to his entire family. Matt says rehab only works if the person wants to get help. Maxie agrees but challenges him to try telling Lulu that. She tells Matt about Lulu's plans for the Haunted Star and her belief that it will bring Luke home. Matt thinks that theory sounds flawed. Maxie thinks Lulu is in denial and won't admit that Luke has left her flat. Matt hopes Maxie didn't tell Lulu that but Maxie admits she did and Lulu freaked out. She tells Matt that Lulu threw it in her face that Frisco and Felicia abandoned her. She knows Lulu wasn't trying to be mean and understands that she just hopes Luke will be different. Maxie understands what Lulu is going through. That feeling of being left behind is something you never get over. Matt sighs and asks Maxie if this is why she doesn't believe that anything good can last.

Tracy wonders if it bothers Carly that Luke has abandoned everyone that loves him. Carly agrees that it's terrible but reminds Tracy that Luke was told to change or else and she's guessing he chose "or else." Tracy asks if she approves of that and Carly tells her she understands because she is going through the same things with Jax right now. She tells Tracy about Jax's stance on Sonny and Jason and the fact that he knew they were part of her life when he married her. Tracy points out that Luke hadn't run down a child when she married him and now his drinking is out of control. Carly is confused because Jake's death was ruled an accident. Anyone on that road could have hit Jake including Carly. Tracy tells Carly that Luke is in complete denial. Carly knows that but she admits she doesn't blame Luke for taking off.

Jax reminds Olivia that she lied about Dante for years and wonders why she can't tell the truth to keep Josslyn safe. Olivia realizes she looks like a hypocrite but she believes the situations are different and she can't be any part of what Jax is asking. Jax points out that Olivia was there from the beginning. She watched Sonny become the sort of man that would shoot an unarmed cop. Olivia tells Jax that she realizes he hates Sonny, however, if he wants to put Josslyn first he has to compromise with her mother. Jax thinks that's easy for her to say because her son is grown and can protect himself. Olivia tells Jax if he and Carly can meet in the middle Josslyn will be the winner. She asks him to think about it and walks away. Jax's phone rings. He answers it and asks the person on the other end what they have on Shawn Butler.

Matt thinks Maxie blames herself for her parents leaving when really it has nothing to do with her. He believes this is why she is afraid of relationships and convinces herself she will ruin anything good that comes her way. Maxie asks him how he knows all this and Matt teases that he is incredibly intelligent and has amazing intuition and an incredible bedside manner. Maxie tells Matt that it's hard not to take it personally when both parents leave you. Matt says everyone has their baggage to handle. Maxie tells him that she and Georgie weighed their parents down. They didn't want the responsibility of children. Matt tells her that responsibility is part of the job and that they are to blame, not Maxie. Maxie asks Matt how he knows it wasn't about her since he wasn't there. Matt tells her he thinks she's an amazing person and any parent would be lucky to have her as a daughter.

Steve meets Olivia at Kelly's and tells her that Lisa has escaped. He wonders if they could have avoided all this if he had fired her months ago but Olivia warns him not to second guess himself. Steve tells her that Patrick repeatedly told him that Lisa was threatening Robin but Lisa replies that it was all hearsay until he had proof. It would have been unfair to side with Robin and Patrick. Steve thinks he should have dug deeper but Olivia reminds him that an entire police force came up with nothing. What was he supposed to do? Olivia tells Steve that he kept his objectivity and it was the right thing to do. She thinks he should be proud of himself. Steve leans back in his chair and smile at her. He tells her that she's pretty good at giving pep talks and Olivia assures him she doesn't just compliment people to hear the sound of her own voice. She means what she says.

Tracy arrives at the Haunter Star. She tells Lulu she knows Luke is gone and she knows that Lulu is aware because the doctor told her she had been there. Lulu says she didn't call Tracy because she knew she would go looking for Luke. She admits that was her first instinct, too, but then she realized they had to give him a reason to come back. Tracy replies that they are fresh out of reasons. Luke chose alcohol over family and friends. Lulu thinks Tracy is being too hard on Luke and Tracy think Lulu is behaving like a classic codependent. Lulu tells Tracy that she loves her and realizes that she has good intentions but that she's really pissing her off right now. She thinks that Tracy and Lucky were too hard on Luke so that in addition to feeling guilty about Jake he now feels guilty about letting everyone down. Tracy says she did what she thought was best and Lulu tells her that's what she is doing now. She tells Tracy about her plans to revamp the Haunted Star. Tracy informs her that plan is not workable on any level.

Shawn tells Carly he has Josslyn ready to go but Carly tells him she realized she has a conference call with Jax. She tells Shawn to take Josslyn to the park with Mercedes and she will meet him there. He reminds her that the trip was supposed to cheer her up to and Carly says she'll be happy knowing Josslyn is playing in the sunshine. Shawn apologizes for being short with her earlier and tells her he's a little sensitive about what happened in Afghanistan. Carly says she has no room to judge. Shawn doesn't want her to think he would ever be that way with Josslyn but Carly isn't worried. She knows he's great with kids. Shawn admits it's hard for him to talk about the war. Carly promises she won't ask but Shawn tells her she has every right to know about him. Carly doesn't believe that extends to his medical issues. She just hopes he is okay. Shawn assures her he's fine. He goes upstairs to get Josslyn.

Sonny arrives home and Brenda is slumped in a chair. He asks her if she's ok and then asks if Alec was scared. Brenda tells him she scared Alec when she screamed but she doesn't know if he realized the woman was dead. Sonny thinks it's good that he didn't realize what happened but Brenda says that he'll figure it out someday. He'll never get the picture out of his head. Sonny says he spoke with the staff and they opened the restaurant. Brenda asks Sonny if this is business as usual for them. Sonny tells her it's never happened before and it will never happen again. Brenda asks him how he knows.

Lulu asks Tracy what makes her plan unworkable. Tracy asks if she really thinks fixing up the Star will bring Luke home. Lulu tells her it's a symbol to Luke. Tracy says it's a symbol of high stakes poker games and drunken binges. Lulu points out that in Luke's most destructive moment he expressed himself by destroying the casino and almost setting it on fire. Tracy reminds her that she stopped him and maybe she shouldn't have. Lulu asks if she wants the place to burn down and Tracy jokes that it's insured for more than it's worth. Lulu can't believe she's joking about the situation. Tracy tells her if there's any hope at all for Luke he has to hit bottom and he has to do it alone. Lulu says that's Tracy's opinion and she doesn't happen to share it. Tracy believes that redoing the Haunted Star is just another form of enabling and she's not going to do it. Lulu scoffs. Tracy tells her she is putting it up for sale.

Maxie arrives at Sonny's restaurant looking for Dante. She tries to duck under the crime scene tape in front of Sonny's office but Dante stops her. She reminds him that her dad is his boss and tells him she needs to talk to him about something more important than the latest mob hit. Dante tells her he's working and suggests that next time she call. . .or text. . .or maybe send an email. Maxie tells him it's about Lulu. She tells him she's worried about her and they discuss Lulu's plans for the Haunted Star. Dante says he understands that she wants to be close to her father and believes this will be a new beginning for them. Maxie tells him that the reality is that her dad deserted her. She tells Dante he needs to talk to Lulu before she winds up in trouble.

Sonny tells Brenda that he has no idea who that woman is. Brenda wonders who he thinks he's talking to. She knows that woman was in his office because one of his enemies was sending him a message and that person could possibly come after her and Alec. Sonny swears he won't let that happen but Brenda says it doesn't comfort her anymore. Sonny starts to explain that he works very hard to keep the peace but Brenda says she doesn't want to talk about it. She understands that this is a normal part of Sonny's world but it's not a normal part of her son's world. Sonny tells her the police are involved and he's even working with the police. Brenda asks him if he's going to go to the station with his lawyer and refuse to say anything. Sonny tells her he's doing what he's doing and she shouldn't worry about it. Brenda tells him she would feel better if he told her who is responsible for this but he refuses. Brenda wants to know why and Sonny tells her it's because he doesn't want to involve her. Brenda feigns shock. She tells Sonny that something has to change for her.

Jax arrives at Carly's house and asks if Shawn is there. He has a file in his hands and Carly is angry when she realizes that's why he wasn't on their conference call. Jax explains that the file she showed him earlier was just the tip of the iceberg and Carly tells him she doesn't want to hear it. She has complete faith in Shawn. Jax tells her she doesn't really know him. Carly tells Jax if he has something to use against her he should take it to his lawyer. Jax tells her he intends to but he thought she would want to see it first. Carly tells him if he wants her to know what's in it so bad he should just tell her. Jax informs Carly that Shawn isn't a war hero. He killed one of his own men.

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