GH Update Tuesday 5/31/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/31/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is at the nurses' station when Robin walks and observes that he looks pleased with himself. Patrick replies that it's nice to give a parent good news for a change. Robin tells him the little boy was lucky that the car swerved and he didn't sustain serious injuries. She can't imagine what it was like for Elizabeth to sit with that woman while she waited for news about her little boy. Patrick says that when he saw Liz with her he wished he could be giving good news to her instead. He comments on his lack of professional detachment and Robin tells him she believes it's called compassion. Patrick jokingly asks her not to tell anyone because he has a reputation to maintain and Robin assures him his secret is safe with her. Patrick gets a message from Shadybrook asking him to come in and see Lisa who is still being evaluated. Robin tells him if he needs to go so he can tell the doctors that Lisa was in her right mind when she locked Robin in the basement then he should. Patrick didn't think he would have to see Lisa until the trial. Robin cautions him that he needs to go to assure there will BE a trial. She tells him that if he doesn't go Lisa might twist the truth around and use the evaluation as another free pass.

Michael credits Johnny with Abby's freedom because he defied his father to catch the hit woman and clear her name. He reminds Johnny that he told him once if he could find a way to help Abby he would have his loyalty. Johnny replies the he told HIM that he would never offer him a job, but if Michael came knocking on his door he wouldn't turn him away. He wonders if that's what he's hearing. Is Michael asking to come to work for him?

Jason corners Anthony at the PCPD. Anthony tells him they must both be there for the same reason, to find out who hired the hit woman. Jason remains silent as Anthony goes on about how devastated he was when he heard that Michael and Abby were being threatened. Finally, Anthony stops talking and Jason asks him one question: Was he there to pay the hit woman for a job well done or was he threatening to kill her?

Patrick enters Lisa's room at Shadybrook. She immediately asks him if he remembers a particular trip from their past. She starts telling the story of a night they spent in Louisville. She relates that they had to sleep in the car because they were the only people in Kentucky that didn't realize the derby was that night. Still, that didn't stop them from placing bets. They turned $10 into $2000. Patrick looks around nervously but Lisa assures him the guards removed all sharp objects and anything that could be used as a weapon, including her shoelaces. Patrick asks her why she wanted to see him. Lisa admits she didn't think he would come. If she had known all she had to do to get his attention was to get committed she would have done it months ago. Patrick again asks her what she wants. Lisa replies that she wants to look him in the eyes and see that he knows she's right. "About what?" Patrick asks. Lisa says that he'll never be happy with Robin. Every time he realizes that, after every fight and every affair, he'll hear her voice. In her mind, this means that she won.

Sonny and Brenda are walking on the docks. Brenda says that she loves being alone with Sonny. She thinks it's strange that they've both done so many exciting things but, at the end of the day, it's the simple things they missed out on. Sonny wonders if Brenda regrets marrying him but Brenda assures him she doesn't. She felt dead without him. Sonny tells her it's fine for her to come out with him but otherwise she can't leave the house without guards. Brenda starts laughing at Sonny's poor timing at bringing up the subject. She assures Sonny that she won't leave the house without guards as long as Alec is with her, however, when he's not with her she will continue to be independent. She knows that Sonny understands what she's saying because he's the same way. They start to kiss and Kristina walks up. She is dressed in a short, blue satin dress with heels. She says hi to Sonny. Brenda smiles at her outfit but Sonny asks her what the hell she is wearing.

Michael tells Johnny he is about to graduate but he hasn't applied to any colleges because he doesn't intend to go. Johnny doesn't think that will go over well with his family but Michael doesn't care. He knows that he belongs in the business. He tells Johnny that he already knows most of the basics but he needs more hands on experience. Michael tells Johnny he will be dedicated and loyal and assures him that he won't regret hiring him. Johnny tells him that the time will come when he looks back and realizes this day changed his life forever. He wants to be sure that Michael understands what he's getting into. He points out that Johnny grew up in this business just like him. Was there ever a time Johnny thought he'd be anything else? Johnny reminds him that he tried to get out, but Michael points out that it didn't take, just like it didn't take with him. He wonders how anyone could think he would be happy with a 9 to 5 job. Michael tells Johnny he wants to work for him but there's one condition: He won't go against Sonny and Jason. He tells Johnny he has to keep the truce. Johnny tells him the truce isn't worth the handshake it's based on and it's going to end eventually. . .unless Michael comes to work for him. He hands Michael a drink and Michael asks him what he means. Johnny says that if they're on the same team their fathers can't go head to head because they'll be caught in the crossfire. Johnny knows Michael would be an asset to his team but he reiterates that Michael needs to be sure. He suggests that Michael might need more time to think.

Anthony says that, for a professional, the hit woman is very chatty. He thinks someone needs to sit the younger folks down and teach them the rules of the trade. Assassin Rule Number One: Don't bite the hand that feeds you. He says that Jason won't believe who hired her but Jason urges Anthony to try him. Anthony claims that the leader of one of the rival families hired her. He feigns amusement that the man is older than he is and just keeps on ticking. He stares at Jason and asks him what he was saying. Jason reminds him and Anthony continues with his story. He tells Jason he thinks the "old man Trujillo" is trying to pit their families against each other by using Michael and Abby. If Sonny wrongly blames the Zaccharas, there will be a war. Jason agrees that could be true. Anthony claims that he thinks it's cowardly to use a man's son as a pawn. He says it's unconscionable for them to use Michael and Jason snaps at him not to talk about Michael. Anthony comments on his reflex to protect Michael. He tells Jason it is inspirational and it makes him want to support that effort. To that end, Anthony tells Jason he has an offer to make.

Lisa pulls up a chair and motions for Patrick to sit down. She tells him she wants to talk about his sham of a marriage. Patrick replies that he's not there to talk about his marriage, but Lisa tells him he is there because the doctor thinks it will be good for her to confront him. She tells him this means she gets to say whatever she wants and he has to listen. Patrick sits down and tells her to make it fast. Lisa tells Patrick that no matter how much he lies to himself about his perfect life, he isn't wired for monogamy. She tells him that he will cheat on Robin again and then he'll beg her to forgive him, but how long will she keep doing that? Patrick glares at Lisa and tells her she is the saddest person on the planet. Lisa smiles at Patrick and tells him to remember he heard if from her first.

Anthony tells Jason that the rift between their families is well known and they need to bridge the gap. He says that Johnny and Michael are already leading the way and they need to follow their example. Jason asks how they are supposed to do that. Anthony tells Jason he wants him to come to work for the Zaccharas. Jason looks at him like he's crazy but Anthony is serious. He tells Jason that he has envied Sonny for years because he has such a loyal (and lethal) enforcer. He tells Jason that since Johnny and Michael have formed an alliance, working for him would allow Jason to continue to protect Michael. Jason informs Anthony that he likes the job he has. Anthony replies that Jason can't blame him for trying and takes off. Jason peeks around the corner as an officer takes the hit woman away in handcuffs.

Sonny tells Kristina that her dress is too short, she has something hanging out at the top that he doesn't like AND she is wearing too much make-up. Krissy tells him that he can't tell her how to dress and Sonny replies that someone has to. He wonders if Alexis knows she is dressed like that. Kristina asks if Sonny is saying she is dressed like a tramp. Sonny replies that he thinks it's inappropriate and appeals to Brenda for back-up. Kristina tells her father she's dressed like a lot of other girls her age. She reminds him that she's almost 19 and will be starting college soon. Sonny says the dress has nothing to do with college. She is only dressing like that so Ethan can see her body. He reminds her that he already told her he doesn't want her dating Ethan. He's too old for her and he's married. Krissy shouts that Sonny can't tell her who to date anymore than he can tell her what to wear. Sonny starts to shout back but Brenda stops him and asks him to calm down. She asks Sonny to go for a walk while she talks to Kristina alone for a minute.

Lulu is at the Haunted Star trying to figure out Luke's bookkeeping system. Dante arrives and wants to take her away, but she insists that she wants to have all the bookkeeping done by the time Luke gets out of rehab. Dante reminds her that won't happen for a few weeks and it's not as if the Star needs her. Lulu thanks him for pointing out the lack of customers and tells him she's going to work on that, too. Dante tells her she can't do that today because he wants her to pack some wine and spend the day on a speedboat with him. Lulu wonders where he got a speedboat and Dante tells her he has his sources. Lulu tells him he's cute and Dante agrees. Lulu tells Dante she loves it that he's taking care of her. She loves it that he sent Carly over to talk to her and she loves it that he borrowed Sonny's speedboat but she isn't going to let him do that because she thinks it will look bad for him. Dante tells her if it makes her happy he'll take the heat. Lulu explains that she IS happy because she thinks rehab is going to be the best thing that ever happened to her relationship with Luke. Dante looks concerned.

Patrick says that, despite all the time he has told her there will never be anything between them, Lisa still seems to think she and Robin are in some sort of competition. He reminds her that they spent one night together. Lisa tells him they spent one night plus many others. Patrick says that was in college, but he never intended to go back to her. He never intended to leave Robin. He was drunk and angry and they had one lousy night together. He tells her to stop believing she's significant because she's not. Lisa accuses Patrick of being in denial but he insists Robin is the only woman for him. He tells Lisa he's moved on from college and doesn't need to sleep around to prove he's a man. Lisa says she has heard his spiel so many times she can say it in her sleep. Lisa tells him she believes that Robin is an angel and she is a psycho stalker. She knows that's true because otherwise she wouldn't have willingly suffered all the pain and humiliation he put her through. Patrick is glad they agree on something. Lisa believes she will be proven right in time. She tells Patrick that Robin will do something to make him mad and he will cheat on her again and again and again until even Robin can't forgive him anymore.

Michael arrives at Abby's apartment and she asks him where he's been. When he tells her he was at Johnny's she cautions him to be careful because the Zacchara family scares her. Michael says that Anthony's crazy but Johnny's nothing like him. Abby replies that she hopes not and Michael wonders if he missed something. Abby tells him that while he was at the docks with Johnny, she was at his apartment with Anthony. Michael asks if Anthony threatened her and Abby tells him Anthony was in no position to threaten anyone. She tells Michael that she found Anthony duct taped to a chair by Johnny. Michael chuckles but Abby warns him that it's not funny. She tells him that Anthony wanted to pay her to influence Michael towards the Zaccharas. Michael knows that she would never do that and he assures her he would never trust Anthony. Abby informs Michael that Anthony isn't some decrepit, helpless old man. He knows how to hit you exactly where you are most vulnerable.

Kristina tells Brenda there's nothing wrong with what she's wearing. Brenda says she's a bit over accessorized but suggests they forget about her wardrobe and discuss Ethan instead. She thinks Sonny may be right about him. Krissy says she thought Brenda understood. Brenda tells Krissy that she had no idea Ethan was married but Kristina insists it's not what she thinks. Brenda tells her that no woman with self-respect goes after a man with any kind of commitment to another woman. Kristina tells her that Maya has been gone for over a month. She insists that their marriage was an accident and they are only staying together because Edward is paying them a million dollars. Brenda suggests they come up with a plan together. She tells Krissy they should put things on hold and revisit them when Ethan and Maya are actually divorced. Kristina insists she's waited long enough. Brenda thinks Kristina sounds like her when she was a kid. She tells Krissy that she was 18 when she met Sonny but he married Lily instead. Krissy asks if anything could have stopped Brenda from going after Sonny. Brenda says no and points out that Krissy should learn from her mistake. Kristina points out that Sonny and Brenda are together and blissfully in love. Brenda replies that it's not about her, it's about Kristina and her father. Krissy counters that it's really about her and Ethan. She insists that she's in love with him. She starts to storm off and Brenda stops her. She understands that first love can be powerful, but it can also be fleeting. Krissy insists that isn't the case with her and Ethan. They are connected in a way she can't begin to explain. Kristina tells Brenda about the hydrocodone without telling her Lisa gave them to her. She explains that Ethan discovered what she was taking and saved her from becoming a drug addict. She goes on to say it's not the first time he's saved her. How could she not love him? Brenda doesn't know what to say. Krissy replies that she doesn't have to say anything because she's already made up her mind.

Jason is waiting for Sonny when he gets home. Sonny asks for a minute to calm down. He tells Jason that Brenda has no sense of boundaries. He loves her and is committed to her but she keeps going against him when it comes to his kids and he thinks it will wind up hurting Kristina. He explains the situation with Kristina and Ethan. Jason asks if he should play devil's advocate but Sonny just wants him to be a friend so he can vent. He tells Jason that he is trying to be a responsible parent and lead Krissy down the right path but Brenda keeps getting in the way. Jason says she must believe she's doing the right thing but Sonny says she's not helping. He says that Brenda can't be Kristina's friend because she needs to have a firm hand with her. Kristina has been through a lot and they don't know what kind of chaos Ethan is going to bring. Sonny points out that he is Luke's son and, while he likes Luke, he wouldn't want him dating his daughter. Jason wonders if he's talked to Brenda about the situation. Sonny insists that he has but Brenda doesn't listen. She pretends to listen but then Kristina walks in and she turns into her fairy godmother. Sonny tells Jason it has to stop because he can't take it anymore.

Lisa tells Patrick that she gave him a great excuse because she's psycho, but there aren't too many of them around. She says the next woman he cheats with will be normal and he can't pass himself off as innocent forever because Robin won't fall for it. According to Lisa, Robin's not much but she at least has pride. Patrick says that's where Lisa and Robin differ. Lisa tells Patrick that insulting her won't change who he is. She believes that he loves Robin but he's still going to lose her. He won't be able not to. Lisa turns her back on Patrick and smirks because she knows she got to him. Patrick walks out looking shaken.

Dante points out that there's a lot of red in the Star's books. Lulu says Luke didn't even try to hide the fact that he's been siphoning money since it reopened. Dante can't believe Tracy let him get away with that but Lulu thinks it shows how much she loves him. Dante thinks the casino could be a real money maker if it was open regularly. Lulu gets excited and tells him she is going to get Ethan to build a regular clientele with money to burn. She figures this will be great because when Luke comes home he'll have something to focus on. Dante thinks she might want to reconsider that last part. He thinks Luke might not want to be there since the place is full of alcohol. Lulu doesn't think that will stop him. Luke will be there and she'll be right by his side. Dante realizes she is determined to do this. Lulu tells him she has always wanted to do something meaningful with her dad. She wants to build memories that the two of them can share. Lucky and Ethan got that and now it's her turn.

Michael tells Abby not to listen to Anthony because he's dead wrong. Abby isn't so sure. Michael insists that whether they stay together or not isn't up to his parents. He tells Abby there will never be anyone for him but her. She knows he feels that way now but insists he can't see the future. He doesn't know how he will feel tomorrow let alone years from now. She doesn't want him to make promises to her because he might regret them. He insists he won't but Abby says the only way to be sure of that is to not make them. Michael tells Abby that he understands why she puts on so much armor. He knows she's been hurt and feels the need to protect herself by suggesting they take things as they go and not get too invested. Abby thinks it sounds like a good philosophy. Michael points out that sometimes things do work out. The charges against Abby have been dropped and his parole is about to be over. He tells her that things went right for him the day he met her. They begin to kiss passionately.

Sonny tells Jason he doesn't want to cause trouble for Luke because he's already going through so much so he asked Ethan over and told him to stay away from Kristina but Ethan refused. He says he told Kristina the same thing and got the same response. Jason asks if they're a couple. Sonny replies that Ethan claims they are just friends. He understands where Kristina is coming from because she's a young girl with a crush but Ethan is a grown man. He doesn't understand why Ethan won't bow out gracefully. Jason cautions Sonny against pushing too hard. He knows from his own experiences that sometimes ultimatums push people in the opposite direction. Sonny says that Kristina is a lot like him. She doesn't know any boundaries and will keep going until someone shuts her down. As her father, Sonny believes it has to be him.

Patrick arrives back at the hospital and places a bouquet of flowers in front of Robin who jokes that he better be careful because her very jealous husband will be back any minute. She isn't sure she wants to know what Lisa said that caused Patrick to bring her flowers. Patrick tells her they're a pitiful attempt at apologizing. Although it got lost in Lisa's insanity, the reality is that he cheated on Robin and he is so sorry. Robin tells him it's over but Patrick maintains that's only because she was generous enough to forgive him. He promises he will spend the rest of his life proving that he's worthy of that forgiveness. Robin tells him she loves him and they kiss.

Lulu tells Dante she is going to take the books over to Luke at Shadybrook so he has something to focus on. Dante tells her he's no expert but he thinks you're supposed to focus on the problem before you focus on what you're going to do when you get out. Lulu says she knows what Luke responds to and she believes this will help him. She asks Dante if he thinks Luke would rather see the Haunted Star abandoned like a symbol of everything that went wrong. Dante tells her he doesn't know Luke well enough to have an opinion but he knows her and he understands how important it is for her to do something for her dad. Lulu tells Dante that she's really excited and that Luke has a knack for this stuff. She tells him how successful the blues club was. . .before Luke burned it down. She believes this is going to be the start of a great relationship for her and Luke. Lulu asks Dante if he will be around later and he confirms that he'll be at home. He tells Lulu to give Luke his best. She says she will and hurries off to see her father.

Brenda arrives home and Sonny is sitting by the fireplace having a drink. She starts stroking his hair and thanks him for giving her time with Kristina. She thought Krissy needed someone to listen to her so she did and she found out that she is going through more than she could have imagined. Sonny asks her if she's done and Brenda wonders what that is supposed to mean. She's just trying to talk to him about his daughter. She wishes he were more grateful that she has taken such an interest. Sonny reminds her that they have discussed this already but since she didn't seem to hear him he will tell her again. He tells her that she wasn't there when Kiefer beat Kristina and Krissy thought he hung the moon. She wasn't there to see him break her spirit and watch her fight to get her self-respect back. Sonny tells Brenda that, while she is his wife and he adores her, she barely knows his kids and she doesn't understand what makes them who they are today. Sonny asks Brenda if she's listening to him and she assures him that she is. He leans in close and tells her when it comes to his children she shouldn't get involved and she shouldn't tell him how to be a parent.

Jason arrives at Abby's apartment and finds her and Michael half-dressed. He looks slightly embarrassed and tells them he understands they want to put the last few months behind them but he just came from the PCPD where Anthony was talking to the hit woman. Michael thinks he was probably just tying up loose ends but Jason has another theory. Everything she's done has been on Anthony's orders, including the fact that she got caught. He thinks Johnny could be in on that. Michael thinks Jason is saying he let himself get played.

Lulu arrives at Luke's room at Shadybrook. She knocks on the door and, when she doesn't get an answer, she walks in. The room is empty and looks as if no one is staying there. A man asks if he can help her. Lulu assumes it's his room but he informs her he's a counselor there. Lulu tells him she thinks she has the wrong information. She is looking for her father. The counselor tells Lulu he isn't there. Lulu says she can see that and asks what Luke's room number is. The counselor informs her that Luke left the facility shortly after he checked in.

Brenda quietly tells Sonny that he is shutting her out of the most important part of his life. He reminds her he had that life before they got back together. He has business he can't tell her about and kids she clearly doesn't understand. Brenda asks if he wants her to stay away from his kids. Sonny tells her she can build a relationship with his kids but he doesn't want her to be a parent because that's his job and their mothers' job. Brenda tells Sonny that if he is going to shut her out of the most important part of his life than they're not partners and she doesn't want a marriage like that.

Abby tells Jason that Anthony is ruthless and manipulative but she doesn't think Johnny has an agenda. Michael says that while Johnny may be using him to get back at Sonny he doesn't believe he orchestrated the way they caught the hit woman. Jason wonders if Anthony is playing both of them. They know he's pulling the strings and Michael is the prize. Abby says she doesn't like the sound of any of that. Jason points out that Abby is free and Michael doesn't need Johnny's help. He warns him to stay away from the Zaccharas. Michael asks Jason what will happen if he doesn't.

Anthony opens the door to Johnny's apartment to the hit woman. He comments on how fast she got out and she reminds him that arranging her escape was only part of their arrangement. She wants her one million dollars and she wants to get out of the country. Anthony tells her that he has learned that timing is everything. He starts rambling on about his plants and the girl tells him to shut up and give her the money. Anthony says ok then turns around and pulls out a gun with a silencer. He shoots her twice. Johnny walks in and asks him what he's done. Anthony tells him not to worry because it's all going according to plan.

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