GH Update Thursday 5/26/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/26/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Carly arrives at Jax's office for a meeting. She apologizes for being late and tells him she wanted to spend every minute she could with Josslyn. She tells Jax that Joss was thrilled to be in her own bed and thanks him for letting her take their daughter home. Jax tells her the court says she has every right. Carly hopes they can work out a custody agreement and skip all the fighting. She tells Jax how happy Josslyn was to be at home. Jax replies that he is happy for them, but Josslyn doesn't realize how much danger she's in. He thinks that Carly does.

Lulu is at the Haunted Star alone when someone enters through the front door. "Dad?" Lulu calls. Tracy enters and asks Lulu if she thinks Luke skipped out on rehab already.

Anthony asks Johnny how he has managed to live in his apartment for so long. He shows him a dead plant and informs him that it's too dark to grow anything. He asks Johnny who the people wandering around in the hall are and Johnny informs him that they're called residents and they live there. Anthony tells him they're witnesses and witnesses are never good. Johnny tells him he can feel free to leave at any time. Anthony says he understands that Johnny's touchy because Lisa got arrested. He comments on what a great combo she is: lovely AND lethal. He says he would hate to think of her being locked away for the rest of her life. Anthony's phone starts ringing. He lets it ring while he pretends to marvel over how advance cell phones have become since he went to prison. Johnny tells him to answer the damn phone. Anthony does and continues to pretend that he doesn't know how to work it. He finally asks Johnny to give him some privacy but Johnny refuses to leave. Anthony steps out onto the balcony. He tells the person on the phone that he told her never to contact him again.

Michael goes to the penthouse and tells Jason that he doesn't mean to push but Abby is running out of time. Jason tells him Spinelli is doing all he can. Michael tells Jason that Diane called Abby and told her the preliminary hearing is set for the following Friday and Diane is still pushing Abby to plead guilty. Jason reminds him that a lot can happen in a week. Michael tells his uncle if he doesn't find the real killer by then he wants Jason to help him and Abby leave the country.

Lulu asks Tracy how Luke was when she dropped him off at rehab. Tracy says he was anxious and worried about his children but he seemed at peace with his decision. Lulu wonders if he will stay and Tracy tells her he was pretty determined. She tells Lulu that Luke had the look in his eyes that says no one is going to stop him. Lulu knows that look, it usually means Luke is going to run a scam or go an adventure. Tracy says perhaps rehab will be the biggest adventure of all. Lulu asks Tracy if she thinks it will work. Tracy says Luke was taking it seriously and he was extremely worried about the pain he caused his children. Lulu thinks she should have just left him alone but Tracy cautions her not to take that on herself. Luke was in a very dark place after he hit Jake and he was dragging his kids down with him. Lulu points out that he was hurting Tracy, too. Tracy tells her she was able to fight back. She and Luke are on a level playing field whereas Lulu and her brothers never will be. Lulu tries to think of a time when Luke wasn't drinking and she can't, yet she also can't remember a time when he was violent or angry because of it. Tracy tells her that alcohol turned on him. Lulu says that she wants Luke to stop drinking but she's afraid if he does he won't be her dad anymore.

Jax tells Carly that Alexis talked him out of filing for emergency sole custody but it's still an option. Carly tells Jax not to give her a lecture. She knows that he's afraid not only that Sonny and Jason will come to the house but apparently every other mobster in town as well. She tells him it's possible that she's afraid Jerry will hold the Metro Court hostage again or that someone will kidnap Josslyn from the hotel or maybe that she'll get some type of infection. Jax reminds her that the doctor said that last fear is unlikely and Carly tells him he's missing the point. They can find a million reasons to be afraid or they can find a hundred ways to make this work. Josslyn should be able to enjoy her time with both parents. Jax wants Joss to spend time with both of them, but he still believes Carly can't keep her safe. Carly supposes it's a good thing she has to prove it to the court and not Jax.

Sam arrives at Kelly's and meets up with Abby. Sam tells Abby she practically had to sneak out of the house to avoid bothering Jason by telling him she was going to the doctor. Abby asks her how the appointment went but Sam doesn't want to talk about it. She asks Abby how she is doing and Abby tells her about the preliminary hearing. She tells Sam that Diane still wants her to go with the battered woman defense but Abby isn't sure. She points out that Diane has made her career defending people that are guilty and Abby's not sure she knows what to do with someone who is innocent. Sam reminds her that there's no murder weapon and no forensic evidence. Abby replies that there's just a credible witness that believes he saw her kill Brandon. Sam doesn't think Abby should rely on the justice system after what happened to Michael. Abby says she could handle going to prison but Michael would be devastated. She wonders if Diane can get her a plea bargain. Abby knows she has to be smart about the situation and she is pretty sure that means putting her faith in Diane, but she honestly doesn't know what to do.

Anthony tells the person on the phone he won't give her another penny. He says if she asks again they'll have a problem. The caller says she will tell Sonny everything and Anthony wonders why they have to bring him into this. He paid her well and thought they were fine. We see that he is talking to the girl he hired to pose as Abby. She says that Anthony never told her who they were dealing with. Anthony says she didn't ask. The woman tells him she will need double the amount to start and instructs Anthony to meet her at the docks. Anthony asks her if she's certain she'll be safe there and she tells him to be there. When Anthony goes inside, Johnny asks him who he was talking to. Anthony tries to convince him he's become quite the ladies man since leaving Pentonville, but Johnny knows he was talking to the women he hired to kill Brandon and that she wants more money from him. He reminds Anthony that he told him this would blow up in his face.

Jason tells Michael he understands the urge to run off because he's wanted to do it with Sam plenty of times. Michael knows Jason and Sonny can help them disappear because he's seen them do it for other people. He tells Jason that he and Abby will see the world and Jason shouts at him that it's not a vacation. He tells him that he and Abby will be totally isolated. Michael replies that at least he will be keeping Abby safe. He knows that Jason would do the same for Sam. Jason tells him that if Abby runs she looks guilty and if Michael runs he violates parole. He asks Michael if he understands what will happen if they're caught but Michael insists they won't get caught. Jason explains that they can't travel until the heat dies down and then come back. They will have to stay gone for a long time. Michael says he would rather be a fugitive than let Abby confess to a murder she didn't commit.

Maxie is picking up coffee at Kelly's when she runs into Dante. She asks if Lulu is ok and Dante tells her he assumed Lulu was at work. Maxie informs him that Lulu hasn't been to work in days. Dante says that he was trying to give her some space because of everything that's been happening and he hopes that Luke's decision to enter rehab will help. Maxie tells him she hopes so because she can't cover for Lulu forever and there are a million girls that would love to have her job. Dante says he will talk to Lulu. Maxie is concerned that Kate is going to get fed up and fire Lulu. She says that at one point in time that would have meant she would be fired too but she has managed to make herself indispensable. She tells Dante that Lulu needs a place to go every day and Dante agrees. Maxie says that, while she would never admit it to Lulu, she is good at her job. Dante admits he didn't realize she had been missing so much work. Maxie points out that Lulu can't hold her family together by on her own. Someone needs to tell her she has to start looking out for herself. Dante agrees that Lulu needs to focus on her own life.

Lulu tells Tracy she never had a problem with Luke drinking until Jake died and Tracy tells her she's not alone. Lulu wonders if Luke went to rehab for himself or to make his family feel better. She tells Tracy she is afraid she will lose Luke to his recovery although she realizes that sounds weird. Tracy agrees that a sober Luke will take some getting used to. Lulu says Lucky changed so much after rehab. He used to be fun and spontaneous and now he is serious all the time. Tracy asks if that is a bad thing and Lulu says no, but she misses the way he used to be. He used to teach her things like poker and skateboarding and how to walk through a forest without leaving footprints. Tracy tells her that Lucky grew up and she can't blame that on rehab. Lulu says that Lucky's dreams got smaller after rehab. His whole world is about keeping a job, raising his kids and staying sober and not much else. She supposes that's a good thing. Tracy admits it sound grim. Lulu can't stand the idea of Luke as a 12 Step guy, making amends to everyone. Tracy thinks if anyone can make being sober look cool it's Luke. Lulu asks if Tracy thinks it will change Luke's personality. Tracy replies that she doesn't know, but if he doesn't change they will lose him. Lulu says that when Luke hugs her he always smells like cigars, soap and whiskey. She's going to miss that. Tracy tells her she doesn't know who will walk out of rehab in 30 days but she hopes he is focused on trying to fix his life instead of destroying it. Lulu asks if Tracy thinks it will work. Tracy shakes her head and says she hopes so because no matter how they dress it up, Jake is dead and that's a burden Luke will have to carry for the rest of his life.

Anthony asks Johnny why he isn't trying to get Lisa out of jail instead of questioning him. Johnny puts forth his theory on what is happening. He says that Anthony had his lawyer get Brandon out of jail but Brandon didn't realize he was being set up because he wasn't that bright. Meanwhile, Anthony hired a hit woman that looked like Abby to gun Brandon down in the parking lot of Vaughan's in front of a very convenient witness. Johnny goes on to say that Anthony's mistake was that he didn't tell the hit woman how connected Michael was and now she's hitting him up for more money. Anthony laughs and tells him that's quite a theory. He informs Johnny he'll be back later and Johnny tells him it's bad business to pay off a blackmailer. Anthony ignores him and Johnny tells him not to act as though he's not talking to him.

Michael knows that Jason and Spinelli are trying to prove that Abby's innocent but the frame up was too good. Jason says Diane may still be able to get the hearing postponed. Michael points out that if Abby lies on the stand she's done. Even if they find the real killer she will be charged with perjury. Jason instructs him to let things play out. He tells Michael that people get nervous as the hearing gets closer and Anthony might make a mistake. What if that doesn't happen? Jason shouts that they don't know what is going to happen which is why Jason doesn't want him to do anything drastic right now. He isn't going to let Michael throw his future away for Abby. Michael asks if this means that Jason won't help them. Jason urges Michael to think about what he would be giving up. Michael would never be able to see his family again. Jason goes on to tell him that no one wants Abby to confess to something that she didn't do but there are a lot of ways to deal with this. Michael begs Jason again to help them. Jason finally relents. He tells Michael that if there are no other options he will help him and Abby disappear.

Dante finds Lulu at the Haunted Star. She wonders how he knew she was there and he tells her he ran into Maxie at Kelly's. He tells Lulu he doesn't want her to think he is checking up on her but Lulu knows that he is. Dante asks Lulu why she's there and Lulu says she intended to clean up and restock but the place was fine when she got there so she assumes Ethan couldn't sleep either. Dante suggests that maybe Tracy sent a cleaning crew but Lulu tells him that Tracy was there. Lulu suspects she was trying to make sure that Luke didn't sneak out of Shadybrook. Dante suggests that Lulu should go to work but Lulu isn't sure where she wants to be. She doesn't know what to do with herself now that Luke isn't around because she has been organizing her life around him for weeks. She tells Dante that she misses Luke. She knows it sounds strange because he takes off all the time, he goes a lot farther than Shadybrook and he stays gone for more than 30 days. Dante reminds her that he always comes back. Lulu wonders who will come back this time. Will it be the same father she's known all her life? What if she never sees that again?

Sam arrives back at the penthouse. Jason asks her why she snuck out and she tells him she didn't want to wake him since he was finally getting some sleep. She also felt like she had to handle this herself. Jason wonders if he's been hovering too much but Sam assures him he can't be worse than Spinelli who has been cooking her meals, counting her vegetables and making her tea which is supposed to help her anxiety although she doesn't know how it can when he won't stop hovering! She tells Jason it was nice to go to Kelly's and have coffee with Abby. Jason wonders if that is why Sam is so wound up and Sam replies that she doesn't know how Abby can stay so calm. Jason wonders if she's planning to tell him what's really going on. Sam finally admits that she had her last post-op exam with Dr. Lee. She tells Jason that while she thought she was ready to hear what Dr. Lee had to say she thinks she might have been wrong.

Michael meets Abby at Kelly's. He offers to get her another cup of coffee but she says if she has any more she may jump out of her skin. Michael says this is the first time he's heard her admit she's nervous. Abby tells him she can't help but be nervous now that the court date is set. She keeps thinking about the fact that she did everything wrong when it came to Brandon. She stayed when she should have left. She didn't press charges when she should have and when she finally did she wound up dropping them. She knows that will look horrible whether she uses the battered woman defense or not. Michael tells her there might be a way she can be free for the rest of her life and Abby asks him how that would work. Michael tells her he wants her to leave the country with him.

Sam has tears in her eyes as she tells Jason that the procedure was a success. As soon as she's done healing she should be able to carry a baby to full term. Jason and Sam start to talk at the same time and he encourages her to go first. Sam tells him she doesn't know how she thought she would feel but she has a million emotions running through her at once. Jason says he is happy for her. Sam is happy, too. She is also scared. Jason strokes her hair and kisses her. Sam tells him that, whatever they decide, she doesn't want to lose what they have right now. Jason agrees. Sam tells him they don't have to rush into making a choice. She goes on to say that they just have to be honest with each other, even if that means they don't have a child. Jason replies that he's not sure what he wants but he is certain of one thing: He loves her so much. Sam grabs his face and they kiss then hold each other tight.

Dante suggests going to Kelly's for a late breakfast. When Lulu looks at him funny, he apologizes and tells her the Falconeris solve everything with food. Lulu tells him she's not ready to leave. She wonders why the night of the accident was different. She asks Dante if he thinks alcohol was involved. Dante reminds her they couldn't do a blood alcohol test. Lulu replies that she isn't asking him officially, she merely wants his opinion as someone who has investigated these cases. Does Dante think Luke hit Jake because he was drinking? Dante beats around the bush for a while. He tells Lulu that Jake was small and Lexington is a mess. He points out that Luke can swoop through the casino, set his eyes on his prey and then manipulate a deck of cards so he definitely has good hand/eye coordination. Lulu asks Dante why he won't say what he's really thinking. Dante replies that he doesn't want to hurt her but Lulu thinks she might as well learn to handle the truth. Maybe it will be easier to swallow coming from Dante. Dante says that it Luke hadn't been drinking he might have been able to swerve and avoid Jake. He also thinks that if Luke HAD hit Jake, he would have realized it and been able to call someone. Lulu pushes him to say what he is thinking. Dante finally admits that he believes Luke's drinking contributed to the accident. Lulu nods her head in silence.

Jax compliments Carly on her business prowess after she closes a particularly complicated deal. He suggests they celebrate but Carly tells him she's confused. She doesn't understand why they can close a deal like that but they can't figure out what to do with Josslyn. Jax doesn't know either. He wishes it wasn't like that. Alexis arrives to meet with Jax. As Carly is leaving, Jax tells her he has meetings in the city all day tomorrow and would like to spend time with Josslyn today. He tells Carly he will drop her off in the morning. Carly says it's no problem for them to switch days. When she leaves, Alexis says that the exchange sounded positive. Jax tells her it wasn't. He wants to file for emergency sole custody so when he picks Josslyn up he doesn't have to give her back.

Michael tells Abby that Jason and Sonny can help them disappear. Abby reminds him that doing so would mean he would never see them again. Michael tells her they would have plenty of money and they could travel the world and be whoever they wanted to be. Abby tells Michael she doesn't want to live like that and she doesn't want that for him. She understands that Michael cares about her but she wants him to think about his own life. She encourages his to finish his parole, finish high school and go to college. Michael suggests they buy a sailboat and see the world. Abby replies that she doesn't want to see the world while she's looking over her shoulder worrying about getting caught. She won't let Michael destroy his own life to save hers. Michael thinks he could say the same about her. Michael's phone rings and it's Johnny. He tells Michael to keep Abby from confessing because he has a lead on the hit woman that killed Brandon. In Johnny's apartment, Anthony is duct taped to a chair. He shouts at Johnny to stay away from the jetty docks and Michael hears him. He hangs up the phone and tells Abby he has something to take care of. He instructs her not to tell anyone anything and rushes out of Kelly's.

Lulu tells Dante that Luke disappointed her all the time when she was little but she made excuses for him because he was her father and she loved him. Dante thinks that makes sense and Lulu agrees, but she realizes she needs to stop making excuses for him now. The man she is missing so much is the same man that drove drunk and killed a child. Dante asks Lulu why Luke decided to go to rehab. Lulu tells him Tracy thinks he went because he was hurting his children. Dante asks if she believes Luke would want her to sit around the Star moping. Lulu says he's talking about Luke as if he's dead. Dante is just trying to say that the best thing she can do for Luke is to live her life. Lulu asks what he means by that. Dante suggest she go dancing or climb a mountain. . .or write a poem about how handsome and sexy and charming her boyfriend is. Lulu jokes that he is reading her mind because she actually worked on a poem for months. Dante suggests they go back to his place and get in bed where Lulu can read him her poem.

Jax asks Alexis if she can file the paperwork today and she tells him that, while she can, she strongly advises against it. She points out that Carly is being reasonable and sometimes you have to compromise. Jax reminds her that he has told her he won't compromise on Josslyn's safety and Alexis replies that she has told HIM that he has to be able to prove Joss is in immediate danger, which she isn't. Alexis goes on to say that Jax may make the judge think he made a mistake by awarding him temporary custody. Jax says the judge did make a mistake but it was in splitting custody with Carly. Alexis cautions Jax against letting the judge hear him say that. She tells him that there hasn't been an incident that placed Josslyn in danger. She also points out that he and Carly just worked out a business deal together and the judge will question why they are able to agree on business but not their child. Jax tells her to get another judge and Alexis tells him that's not an option because he will look like a spoiled rich man that doesn't get his way in court. Jax says he's willing to take that risk. Alexis points out that Carly can prove she was in the hospital every night that Josslyn was there and Jax can't. Jax says he stayed away to avoid conflict with Carly but Alexis tells him the court doesn't care why he wasn't there. Jax maintains that Carly's children aren't safe and says Michael is the perfect example. Alexis reminds him that Michael was shot when he was with Sonny, not Carly. She tells Jax that he tried to trick Carly just now and it wasn't cool. She tells him if he tries to get emergency custody with no grounds it will backfire on him and he will lose Josslyn. Jax replies that he will do what is best for his daughter and no one is going to stop him.

Jason goes to see Carly at home. He tells her that Diane just heard that Jax is going to file for emergency sole custody. Carly is confused because she thought they had worked everything out. She realizes that Jax was playing her and can't believe she fell for it. Jason tells her he thinks Jax intends to keep Josslyn when he picks her up from Carly's. Carly asks Jason what she should do. She doesn't want to keep Joss from Jax but if he won't compromise why should she?

Jason arrives at the jetty docks and Johnny asks him what he's doing there. Michael admits her heard Anthony yelling about the jetty docks and asks Johnny if he's meeting the shooter there. Johnny informs him that he doesn't know what's going to happen. For all he knows this could be a set-up designed to take Johnny out so Anthony can take over the business. Michael tells Johnny he needs back-up but Johnny tells him to get lost. Anything that might happen there will violate Michael's parole. Michael says no. If Johnny found the woman that shot Brandon they need to catch her because she might be Abby's only chance.

Dante asks Lulu to come home with him and spend the day in bed. Lulu asks if he has to work and Dante says he can get someone to cover. He wants to hear her poem. Lulu asks if he wants to hear it now. She tells him the poem in entitled "Ode to a Guy with Tats." She makes up the poem as she goes along. "There once was a cop from the hood." she says "Whose tats were incredibly good." She pretends to be stumped and tells Dante she needs inspiration so he kisses her. . ."And he kissed me like he should." She finishes. Dante jokes that he's going to tell the Pulitzer committee he just kissed a genius. They are about to head to Dante's when Maxie arrives. She tells Lulu that Kate will fire her if she isn't at work in 15 minutes. Lulu asks if Maxie will be fired as well. Maxie says no but they really need her because everything is crazy. Lulu knows she should be grateful for how understanding Kate has been. Maxie says she should tell Kate that. She is going to text her and tell her they are on their way. Lulu instructs Maxie to tell Kate she said thanks and that she doesn't have to fire her because she quits.

Abby knocks on Johnny's door and hears Anthony mumbling from inside. She enters the apartment and rips the tape off his mouth. Anthony asks her to let him go and Abby's wonders why she would do anything for the man who framed her for murder. Anthony tries to convince her that Johnny is blaming it on him in order to get him sent back to Pentonville. Abby doesn't think that's the worst idea. Anthony maintains that Johnny is a liar and he can't be trusted, but Abby says that Johnny has always been good to her. He thinks she already knows that because she's smart as well as gorgeous. He's sure that they can help each other.

Johnny and Michael are hiding behind a wall when the hit woman arrives. Johnny hands Michael his phone and instructs him to do exactly what they discussed. If anyone pulls a gun, Michael is to call the cops and leave. Johnny walks up to the woman and she insists he hand over her money. Johnny says if Anthony promised her money he has probably forgotten by now because he's losing his mind. She tells him if he doesn't have her money they have nothing to talk about. Johnny asks her to tell her why he should pay her. What exactly did she do to deserve it? Michael stays quiet as he holds Johnny's phone out and attempts to record the conversation.

Jax and Alexis arrive at Carly's. Carly says she is surprised to see Alexis and Alexis says she is there to drop off some paperwork. They enter the living room and Jason is sitting on the couch with Josslyn. Jax tells Carly he is sorry to see this. Carly figured she was doing Jax a favor. He is so determined to paint her as a danger to Josslyn but here she is sitting next to the main he thinks is a threat and she's happy, healthy and reading a book. She tells Alexis to go ahead and hand over the paperwork that says her child is in mortal danger.

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