GH Update Wednesday 5/25/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/25/11


Written by Sean
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny enters his penthouse while overhearing Brenda and his daughter Kristina chatting about fashion, and boys, namely Ethan Lovett. Kristina wants Ethan to think she’s “hot.”

Maxie knocks on Lucky’s door, disappointed when Siobhan answers. Siobhan lays it out that she knows Maxie is aware Aiden is Lucky’s son.

At the Haunted Star, Nikolas, Ethan, Tracy, Lucky, and Lulu assemble per Luke’s request. Lulu embraces her father for his choice to enter rehab. Lucky is not as forthcoming, and wants his father to check in tonight, instead of tomorrow morning.

Back at Sonny’s penthouse, Sonny advises Kristina not to talk about trying to impress a man. Brenda attempts to diffuse a possible Father/Daughter bout, but not before Kristina says “I care about Ethan, and always have.” Sonny responds that Ethan is “too old” and “married.” Kristina spouts “You can’t stop me.” With Sonny responding “As your dad, I forbid you.”

Maxie & Siobhan compare notes on how each other found out about Aiden’s true parentage, but neither fully being truthful. Maxie lets her know that she will tell Lucky the truth if Liz does not come forward, but not his “green card wife.”  She threatens Siobhan to stay out of it.

At the casino, Luke agrees to check into rehab at Shadybrook early, but didn’t realize he is losing all his independence. When Tracy offers to drop him off he likens that to being treated as a child. Lucky asks to speak with Luke alone.

In Sonny’s living room, Sonny asks Brenda not to get involved while talking with his daughter. Brenda explains that Ethan is merely a crush that Kristina could get over. Brenda turns to Kristina and tells her she doesn’t like the tone she’s using on her dad. “You don’t have to agree but have to respect him. Always.” Sonny tries to comment, but Kristina exits the penthouse in a huff. Sonny walks upstairs, rejecting her offer to talk with her saying he needs to see someone.

Tracy and Lulu leave the Haunted Star, followed by Nikolas. Ethan hugs Luke telling him if he doesn’t see him for a couple months to “Kick some ass.” Lucky asks his father if he thinks he is stupid, he knows this plan to go to rehab is all a cover just so he can take off again and that he is pathetic and a coward.

Maxie is back at her apartment, in her living room, on her cell phone, leaving Lucky a message that she’s checking up on him. Kristina knocks on her door asking for a fashion makeover, admitting she’s even borrowed her sister’s clothes before (I’m assuming Molly’s not Sam’s?) She praises Maxie as the best dresser she knows. Maxie takes her under her wing, “Come on, young blood, I will turn you into a swan,” as they head to Maxie’s bedroom.

Ethan shows up at Sonny’s, per his request. Sonny lectures him to not go any further with Kristina. He’s not to answer her calls, and must avoid her. He’s too old for her, and he’s married. “Do the right thing”, orders Sonny. Ethan responds : “I have no intention of shutting her out, I don’t care if you ordered it.” Sonny scowls.

At Kelly’s, Tracy packs a bag with enough of Luke’s stuff to last 30 days at Shadybrook although she cautions Lulu she doesn’t think Luke is going there.

Now alone at the casino, tension mounts between father and son. Lucky tells Luke that he’s become his father, Tim Spencer which is the worst thing Luke could ever hear. That remark is a punch to the gut, and Luke in turns punches his son in the face. “The hell with you,” screams Luke. Lucky stands up and asks Luke if he sees it now.

Maxie and Kristina raid Maxie’s closet, while a music montage of them trying on dresses, scarves, shoes, jewelry, and purses highlights their fun. At the end, Kristina is simply stunning in a red dress that is “perfect”, or “almost perfect” depending on who you ask. Kristina squeals when Maxie tells her she can keep the ensemble, since they were from Crimson’s April samples. “Practically vintage.” Maxie then advises Kristina on older guys and asks her to proceed with caution.

In Sonny’s living room, Sonny reminds Ethan of his issues with Kristina this time last year. Ethan tries to assure Sonny they simply talk. Sonny warns Ethan about doing anything more. Brenda is listening to their conversation from the landing upstairs.

At the Haunted Star, Luke acknowledges the fear of becoming his “old man.” Luke regrets hitting Jake. “I know I failed you, but I’ve always loved you.” As the tension lifts, Luke reaches for the phone to call Tracy. “Take me to rehab. Now.” Tears trickle down each of the Spencer men’s face.

Brenda wants to talk about Sonny’s chat with Ethan, and that of course she was eavesdropping. When Sonny asks her not to interfere, Brenda tells him that he can deal with his kid, and “I’ll deal with my kids.” (although, at this point it’s one kid).

Behind the bar at the Haunted Star Ethan pours himself a drink, but before taking a sip Kristina walks in, slinky red dress, make up done to perfection. Ethan worries about the genetic factor. His grandfather was a drunk, his brother a drug addict, and his dad now in rehab for drinking. As he holds the drink he debates quitting while ahead, then takes that drink.

Lucky returns home, Siobhan greets him. He confides in her he may regret his tough love with his father, and shares with her his own downward spiral, which ended when he lashed out at a pregnant Liz. She was his turning point.

Tracy walks with Luke into the Shadybrook foyer before Luke’s room. Luke jokes about hoping a flask was packed, but knows he needs to do right for each of his kids, and Tracy. “I love you Tracy, I value your love.” She responds; “I regret nothing, Love you gladly and gratefully, and will be waiting for you on the other side.” They kiss passionately. Tracy leaves.

Kristina and Ethan continue to bond at the casino. She admits she’s scared of seeing her father in her at times, while Ethan sees it the opposite between he and Luke. “Hero Worship” Kristina calls it. Ethan shares a past story about him, which further bonds the two.

Lulu and Nikolas are at Kelly’s worried about Luke, Lulu knowing that Luke will make rehab work for him.

Lucky and Siobhan continue their discussion in their living room about Luke, rehab, and the 12 step program. Lucky worries if this doesn’t work he might lose his dad forever.

While in his room at Shadybrook, Luke turns to see a professionally dressed man enter the room. “Welcome, Mr. Spencer.” Luke whips out a wad of cash, “Buy you a drink?” he smiles….

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