GH Update Tuesday 5/24/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/24/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas arrives at the hospital and Elizabeth is surprised to see him. She tells him she didn't realize he had an appointment with Steve and offers to check his schedule. Nik tells her he doesn't have an appointment with her brother and reminds her that it's Tuesday. Liz realizes he is there to pick up Aiden, but she slips and says "Jake" instead.

Lulu stops by Lucky's apartment with coffee. She has something to talk to Lucky about and she doesn't want him to interrupt. She tells him it's become obvious to her as well as others that the intervention was a disaster. All they managed to do was push Luke further out of control. Lucky tells Lulu that it takes time but Lulu replies that Luke doesn't have time. She reminds Lucky that their father has been on a bender since they untied him from the chair. She thinks they need to change their tactics and reach out to him instead.

Luke is at the Haunted Star. He is throwing shot glasses into the air and smashing them with a baseball bat, yelling all the while. Dante arrives and tells Luke he is there about a disturbing the peace call. Luke announces that would be him. He tells Dante to take him in while sticking his arms out to be cuffed.

Sonny tells Brenda he has to take care of his business tonight. Brenda asks what it is and then quickly realizes he won't tell her. Sonny explains that he needs to keep peace so things are safe for everyone, including Brenda and Alec. Brenda tells Sonny if he finishes quickly, she may decide to wake up when he comes home. Sonny is pleased with that idea and tells Brenda he bought a case of her favorite champagne. Brenda jokes that it seems like he's trying to get her drunk for some reason. Sonny laughs and says he may be. Brenda leaves and Sonny makes a call to Bernie. He explains that all his men need to be at the meeting and they need to understand that it's a priority. He says that although Anthony wants everyone to think he's retired, they need to be one step ahead of him.

Ethan tells Kristina that Lisa went off the deep end and tried to kill Robin and frame Patrick for it. He tells her its good news because she doesn't have to worry about Lisa anymore, but Kristina feels guilty for being the reason Lisa was able to get into the house and attack Robin. She tells Ethan she can't believe she trusted Lisa. Ethan tells her to stop beating herself up over it. He explains that Lisa has manipulated a lot of people and he's still waiting for Johnny to get his wake-up call. Krissy asks him if he's certain that Robin, Patrick and Emma are alright and Ethan assures her that they are. He takes her hand and tells her that everything is going to be ok.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she calls the boys by the wrong name all the time but what used to be funny is now painful. Nik says he's sorry but Liz tells him not to be. She says that she is getting a little bit better and that being at the hospital helps. Nik wonders why she doesn't take a break. He points out that she has been going non-stop and Liz tells him it's because she need to keep busy. Nik suggests she take the boys to California to visit her sister. He then offers to send her to the Bahamas to relax. Liz thanks him and tells him that, while it's a very generous offer, she needs the chaos of everyday life because it's what is keeping her sane right now.

Lucky tells Lulu that he understands the urge to reach out to Luke because he's felt it too. He reminds her that if they do that they will be enabling him and Lulu tells him she is sick of hearing that word. She points out that 12 steps work for Lucky but they aren't working for Luke. Lucky replies that they work for millions of people and Lulu reminds him that more than half of those people relapse in the first year, too. Lucky tells Lulu that Luke isn't going to be magically cured, but they have to stick together and push him to start attending meetings. Lulu tells him they both know Luke won't do that. Lulu thinks Lucky is the one that expects Luke to be magically cured. Lucky states that he never said that, he just believes that rehab is the best answer. Lulu maintains that it's not working and they need to find another way to save their father. Lucky tells Lulu that he's sorry if it sounds like clichéd lingo but the reality is that they can't save Luke, he has to save himself.

Luke tries to antagonize Dante into arresting him. Dante asks Luke what he's up to. Did he break into the bar and smash a few glasses hoping that Dante would haul him in? Luke states that it's a bar and things get broken. Dante theorizes that perhaps Luke is either trying to cry out for help or alienate the last few people that really care about him. Luke smashes another glass. He tells Dante to choose whatever answer suits him and then to either arrest him or get out of his club because he has batting practice to finish.

Lucky tells Lulu he understands the situation is difficult and begs her to give it more time. Lulu says she can't and neither can Ethan. She asks Lucky to try her way and Lucky wonders what that way is. He asks if they are supposed to watch Luke destroy himself. He understands that Lulu is worried about Luke, but he believes their father needs to break before he can fix his problems. He tells Lulu they need to stay out of his way and let him feel the consequences of what he's doing. Lulu maintains that the consequences aren't helping. She thinks they need to surround Luke with love and Lucky maintains that this is love. He tells Lulu that her way won't work. Luke will just drink when they're not around. Lulu asks why it is impossible for Lucky to be optimistic and Lucky replies that he will be optimistic if Luke goes to rehab. Lucky tells Lulu she can reach out to Luke if she wants to but he can't do it. Lulu thinks Lucky is punishing Luke. Lucky tells her he has his own reasons for avoiding Luke. He reminds her that he is an addict as well and tells her that being around Luke makes him want to drink so he can avoid everything, too. Lulu starts to cry and tells Lucky that she gets that he is going to abandon Luke but she can't do it.

Ethan attempts to help Kristina calm down. He correctly assumes that she is going through withdrawal. Ethan tells her to give it a few days and she will feel much better. Krissy admits that she just finished going through every purse she has hoping she had left one behind. She is so glad that Ethan recognized the pills or she would still be taking them. Ethan jokes that he knew his expertise would come in handy someday but Krissy is serious. If it weren't for Ethan, she might have turned into an addict. Ethan assures her she isn't an addict. He knows what an addict looks like. Kristina asks him if he is talking about Luke.

Dante points out that Luke has been bottoming out for awhile and suggests he progress to the recovery part. Luke says he likes it down there. Dante says that's obvious but takes issue with the fact that Luke is dragging the rest of his family down with him, namely Lulu. Luke cautions Dante not to go there and Dante wonders if it's too much truth for Luke to handle. He tells Luke he will continue to stick up for Lulu because he happens to love her. Luke shoots back that she's easy to love but she is currently not allowed to speak to him. Dante tells Luke that Lulu loves him. He says that she is running around town trying to fix something she can't and this is how Luke repays her. He tells Luke to think about who will have to clean up his mess. Luke replies that they are going to leave it just how it is. Dante says that Lulu is so caught up in trying to help Luke that she doesn't realize the toll it is taking on her own life. If Luke won't pull it together for himself, maybe he can pull it together for his daughter. Luke gets in Dante's face and tells him that while he's glad Dante supports Lulu, he wants him to stay out of business, out of his face and out of his club. Dante tells Luke that Lulu has a problem with relationships. She believes they never last because someone always leaves. He now sees it's pretty obvious where she gets that from. As Dante walks out, Luke goes back to smashing glasses.

Lulu arrives at the Haunted Star. She tells Luke it isn't fair to Tracy and Ethan for him to keep wrecking the place. Luke replies that he's just trying to have fun because everyone in town is so serious. Lulu asks where the dust pan and broom are but Luke tells her to leave it. Lulu grabs a tray and starts picking up the glass by hand. She tells Luke that it's fine. She's cleaned up glass before and she can clean it up again. Luke jumps out of his chair and knocks it back. He smashes his full glass of booze into the wall and shouts at Lulu, telling her that when he said to leave it he meant it. What the hell is the matter with her? Lulu gets up without another word. She looks frightened and upset and runs out of the casino. Luke kicks the fallen chair and takes another drink. Suddenly, his eyes get wide and he starts looking around at the damage he has caused as if seeing it for the first time. Tears begin to roll down his face.

Dante arrives at Sonny's office and finds his father having a conversation in Spanish. Dante asks Sonny who it is and then decides he doesn't want to know. Sonny asks if he is there about Michael but Dante tells him Michael is fine. He assures Sonny he isn't there in an official capacity either. Sonny reminds him that he doesn't need an excuse to stop by because he's his son. Dante finally admits that he is there to ask Sonny for a favor, son to father. He goes on to say that he's worried about Lulu because the situation with Luke is getting really bad. He explains that Lulu is trying to fix her family but he doesn't think it will work. Sonny tells him it won't unless Luke wants it to but Dante doesn't see Luke getting to that point any time soon. He asks Sonny if he will talk to Luke again for Lulu's sake.

Tracy arrives at Dante's apartment in response to a call from Lulu. Lulu tells her that Luke is at the Haunted Star and urges Tracy not to go over there tonight. Tracy asks if gasoline is involved and Lulu explains that it is just glass and she can clean it up tomorrow. She tells Tracy that she doesn't want her to go over there and start a fight because she thinks Luke needs some space. Tracy replies that Luke needs a lot of things and a liver transplant is at the top of the list. She immediately realizes she's not helping and apologizes. She asks Lulu what happened. Lulu tells her nothing happened and reiterates that Luke just needs some space. She flops down on the couch and picks at a piece of glass in her finger. Tracy tells her it's obvious that something happened. She also informs Lulu that the mess is not hers to clean up. Lulu replies that Luke said the same thing.

Nikolas is at Kelly's with Aiden when Lucky walks in. He invites his brother to sit down and they start talking about children. Lucky says that Aiden is at the age where his personality will really start to show. He remembers that Jake used to mimic all his facial expressions. Nik tells him about a business associate who is obsessed with early learning and says that he thinks that's way too much pressure. He tells Lucky he's been playing a lot of music for him and would love if Aiden learned how to play the piano. Lucky tells him not to be afraid to throw in some rock 'n' roll because he might wind up playing guitar like his uncle. Nikolas suggests Lucky give Aiden lessons when he's older. Lucky says he would love that. He tells Nik that Cameron isn't into music and he's not sure Jake would have had the patience so he'll be excited to see if Aiden takes to it. He goes on to tell his brother that it's hard for him to believe they can sit there and talk about their kids like this. Nikolas replies that he's grateful they could get past everything that happened and get back to the way things should be. He tells Lucky that he misses talking to him and Lucky nods in agreement.

Dante arrives home and finds Lulu lying on the bed and picking at her finger with tweezers. She tells him she has a piece of glass in her finger and it's getting on her nerves. Dante offers to look at it and then asks how she knows it's glass. Lulu explains that she went to the Haunted Star. Dante tells her he knows about Luke's batting practice because he responded to a disturbing the peace call. He tells her Luke didn't seem interested in hanging out with him. Lulu asks if Luke was mean to him and Dante says no. Lulu then says that she picked up the glass without gloves so it was her own fault. She should have listened. Dante wonders who she should have listened to and she replies that she should have listened to Luke. Dante asks what he said and Lulu tells him that he didn't say anything, he just screamed at her. She starts to cry as she tells Dante that Luke has never screamed at her like that before. Dante pulls her close to him and begins stroking her hair.

Luke is pouring a drink when Sonny arrives at the casino. He says he would offer Sonny a drink but intervention protocol prevents it. Sonny tells Luke he is there to talk about Lulu and Luke correctly assumes Sonny has been talking to Dante. He figures this is just more emotional damage to pin on the town drunk. Sonny tells Luke that Lulu is so worried about him that she's not taking care of herself. Luke informs Sonny that Lulu was just there. He says if he hurries he can probably catch her and, when he does, he can tell her and everyone else that Luke is fine. Sonny asks Luke how he's doing. Luke tells Sonny that Lulu was trying to clean up the glass and she reminded him so much of his mother. He explains that his mother was small, blonde and beautiful. What really disturbed him was the image of this tiny woman trying to pick up the glass and put the pieces of her life back together by cleaning up after a selfish son of a bitch. Luke tells Sonny this wasn't supposed to happen. He wasn't supposed to turn into his father.

Kristina arrives at Sonny's house to see Brenda. She tells Brenda she is sorry if she is interrupting her time with Alec. Brenda tells Krissy that she wants to clear the air so Carly can't misquote her again. She explains that Kristina, Molly, Michael and Morgan are welcome there any time. It was their home before it was her home and, besides, Brenda adores her. Brenda notices that Kristina looks anxious. She asks her step-daughter if there is anything she wants to talk about. Krissy says there is and it's apparently making her more nervous than she thought. Brenda assures Krissy she can ask her anything. Krissy says she needs some advice and Brenda replies that she's not sure she's the best person to give advice but she'll try. Kristina tells Brenda she has always admired her style. She asks if Brenda will help her with her style and Brenda points out that Krissy has great style. Kristina tells Brenda that she has difficulty making choices and she always winds up looking so young. She thinks she is ready to start dressing older.

Luke tells Sonny his father was a dock worker who never set foot out of town. He goes on to say that his father was a nasty, violent drunk and took it out on his mother. Luke learned to lie by listening to his mother explain away her black eyes and broken bones. She would tell people that she was clumsy and accident prone. Luke says that his mother died on the floor of their tenement because she was afraid to go to the doctor for a burst appendix. Luke states that he was addicted to saving damsels in distress all his life because he couldn't save her from his father. Luke tells Sonny that his entire life he has been afraid of turning into his father. He admits that he crossed the line once with Laura to his eternal shame. He goes on to say that he almost went there again with his daughter just now. His worst fear came true. He is a coward and a drunk. Sonny asks him if he knows what he has to do. "I guess I do." Luke whispers.

Lulu apologizes and tells Dante she is being ridiculous. Dante says Luke had no right to yell at her. He takes her hand and tries again to remove the glass. Lulu tells him she will take his advice if he has any. Dante thinks that Luke is just in a bad place right now and he will lash out at anyone that gets near him. He tells her that Luke almost lost it on him but it didn't bother him because he understands Luke is in a bad place. He tells Lulu she can't take it personally because she was just the next available target. Lulu says it shocked her because Luke has never yelled at her like that before and Dante reminds her that Luke isn't himself. Lulu tells Dante about her argument with Lucky and says she will have to call him and apologize. She suddenly yelps and pulls her hand away from Dante. He holds up the tweezers and shows her that he finally removed the piece of glass. He jokingly asks if he can keep it as a souvenir. Lulu thanks him and they begin to kiss.

Ethan arrives at Lucky's apartment. Lucky promptly informs him that if he's there to try to change his mind about Luke he's wasting his time because Lulu already tried. Ethan replies that he's actually there to reconsider what Lucky said. He wants to apologize for not being there to support Lucky through everything and he promises he is going to change that. He goes on to tell his brother that he realizes that trying to reach out to Luke was wrong. He was the first one to give in because he assumed his relationship with Luke was different and he could use it to get to the root of the problem. He tried to be Luke's buddy but now he thinks it backfired. Ethan tells Lucky about his conversation with Luke at Kelly's. He informs him that Luke declared it was time to take action but admits he has no idea what that means. He thinks Lucky was right all along. Lucky thinks he should have Ethan talk to Lulu and Ethan says he can try. Lucky's phone rings and it's Luke. He tells Lucky he is summoning all the Spencers to the Haunted Star because he has something to tell them. Lucky tells him they will be right over. He hangs up the phone and explains the situation to Ethan. Ethan wonders what Luke has to tell them. Lucky believes Luke is probably planning his big, dramatic good-bye. He thinks Luke is getting ready to leave again and this time he might not come back.

Brenda and Kristina are looking through magazines. Brenda points out an outfit and tells Kristina they should try it, but Krissy is worried it still looks too young. She wants to look less like a teenager and more like a woman. Brenda reminds her that she is still a teenager. Krissy says she wants to look different from the other girls at school. She doesn't want to look like she just came back from the mall. "So who's the guy?" Brenda asks. Kristina admits it's Ethan. She tells Brenda they're just friends but she wants to take it to the next level. Sonny comes in and overhears their conversation. Krissy goes on to tell Brenda that she wants to dress in a more adult way so Ethan will think she is old enough to be with him. Sonny enters the room smiling at his wife and daughter.

Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, Tracy and Nikolas are gathered at the Haunted Star. Luke comes in and thanks them for coming to hear what he has to say. He apologizes to Lulu and assures her she did nothing wrong. He hopes she can find it in her heart to forgive him. He tells everyone that he owes them an apology for treating them so badly. He wants them to know it's over and he's made a decision. He's going to check himself into rehab first thing in the morning. Lucky stands up. He asks Luke why he is putting it off. Why not go tonight?

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