GH Update Monday 5/23/11

General Hospital Update Monday 5/23/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lisa is startled when Robin stands up in the Drake basement and announces Lisa’s plans are over. Mac and Patrick run down the steps and tell Lisa that she’s being arrested for attempted murder. Mac handcuffs Lisa. Lisa begs Patrick to help her. Lisa swears she didn’t do anything wrong. Mac advises Robin and Patrick not to touch anything. Robin says she taped her conversation with Lisa on her cell phone. Lisa is visibly alarmed, but insists she’s innocent. Mac and Lisa walk upstairs. In the living room, Lisa continues to defend herself. Robin and Patrick talk about how they realized Lisa was planning something. In flashbacks, Robin and Patrick discuss the strange transactions on his credit card account and how they managed to find evidence on Lisa’s hospital computer. Even though it is clear Lisa is guilty, she says she was framed. Lisa laughs at Robin and Patrick. Lisa is convinced Patrick still wants her. Mac escorts Lisa out of the house.

In Sonny’s office, Jason and Sonny talk about Brenda. Sonny knows mob life is dangerous for children. Sonny wonders if he should tell Brenda the truth. Jason thinks it should be a mutual decision about keeping Alec safe. Jason talks about grieving over Jake and Sam’s fertility operation. Jason confides that he and Sam haven’t decided if they are going to have a child. Jason comments that Carly offered to be a surrogate. Jason says Spinelli can’t wait for Sam to get pregnant so he can take care of her. Jason realizes there aren’t any guarantees in life, so he advises Sonny to make the most of his time here.

In Jax’s office, Brenda thanks Carly for helping with finding Alec. Carly says Alec is a great kid. Brenda knows it was difficult for Carly to leave Josslyn to help locate Alec. Carly asks Brenda to speak to Jax about the custody dispute. Brenda refuses to meddle in Jax and Carly’s business. Brenda hurries out of the office. Carly confronts Jax about the custody dispute. Carly can’t understand why Jax could help Brenda reunite with her son, but won’t allow his own wife access to Josslyn. Jax says the situations are different because Alec isn’t his child. Jax brings up Michael’s shooting. Carly reminds Jax that he doesn’t seem too concerned about Morgan’s welfare. Carly swears she is no threat to Josslyn. Carly urges Jax to be rational, but he ignores his wife. Frustrated, Carly tells Jax that the lawyers will have to fight it out in court. Carly reminds Jax that the judge ruled for shared custody. Carly wants Josslyn ready to be picked up in an hour. Jax refuses, saying Carly can stay at the hotel with Josslyn. Carly doesn’t want to bring Morgan back to the MetroCourt just to spend time with Josslyn. Carly says Jax is being unreasonable and controlling. Jax compares Carly’s situation to living at a toxic dump site. Carly says Jax can’t guilt-trip her into changing her mind. Carly asks Jax to reconsider but he won’t budge.

Michael picks the lock at Johnny’s apartment and then walks inside. Michael rifles through some papers on the desk and finds Anthony standing behind him holding a rifle. Anthony starts laughing. Michael doesn’t know what to do. Michael asks Anthony to drop the gun but he refuses. Anthony reminds Michael that he killed Claudia. Anthony rambles on about shooting Michael and how the police would say it was self-defense. Michael asks to know the name of the hit woman who framed Abby. Johnny walks in and demands that Anthony drop the gun. Anthony says Michael broke in. Finally, Anthony lowers the rifle. Michael speaks to Johnny about the hit woman. Michael asks for Johnny’s help in turn for a favor. Michael wants to prove Abby’s innocence. Michael is convinced Anthony hired the hit woman. Johnny asks Michael to leave. Alone, Johnny yells at his father. Johnny believes Anthony has lost his mind threating to shoot a Corinthos. Anthony thinks Michael trusts Johnny now more than ever. Johnny reminds his dad that he runs the business. Anthony says Johnny is vulnerable and implies he can get someone else to run the Zacchara organization. Johnny screams at Anthony and tells him that he built the existing empire. Anthony is impressed with Johnny’s defiance. For a split second, Anthony gets tears in his eyes. Johnny receives a phone call from Lisa, asking if he’ll help her. Alone, Anthony makes a business call about Sonny. Anthony wants to punish Sonny by hurting Brenda.

Jason returns to the penthouse and finds Michael inside. Michael updates Jason on his visit to Johnny’s apartment and being confronted by Anthony and a gun. Jason is irritated that Michael didn’t listen to him. Michael says he’ll do anything to protect Abby. Michael believes Johnny and Anthony have different agendas. Jason tells Michael that Abby’s situation is his problem to fix. Michael thinks Abby could go to prison and vents about having no faith in Diane’s abilities. Jason scolds Michael for breaking into Johnny’s place. Jason says Michael could have died. Jason doesn’t want to go to Michael’s funeral. After Michael leaves, Jason sits down and thinks about Jake. Jason recalls his dream about showing Jake his motorcycle. There is a knock on the door. It’s Carly. Carly notices Jake’s motorcycle toy. Jason talks about his dream of Jake. Carly apologizes for not being there for Jason after Jake’s death. Jason is glad Josslyn is doing great. Carly wonders if she should fight for shared custody. Carly thinks Jason should take Josslyn for a bike ride when she gets older. Carly is having doubts about fighting for Josslyn. Jason insists that Carly fight for her daughter.

From his office, Sonny calls Bernie about business. Brenda walks in and asks to talk to Sonny. Sonny is thankful Brenda is in a good mood. Brenda relays how she thanked Carly, then thanks Sonny for locating Alec, as well. Sonny is impressed by Brenda’s gratitude. Sonny asks where Brenda ran into Carly. Brenda lets slip that she was at Jax’s office. Sonny says he isn’t mad, that Brenda can be friends with anyone. Brenda is surprised by Sonny’s niceties. Sonny admits he still loathes Jax, though. Brenda says she thanked Jax for the nanny suggestion. Brenda confides she’s scared to be a mother to Alec. Brenda and Sonny agree to be completely frank with each other. Brenda asks Sonny – “how safe is Alec?” Sonny promises to keep Alec protected. They hug each other. Brenda wants to go home and spend some time with her son. Brenda suggests that she and Sonny make up. Sonny’s phone rings. It’s Bernie. Brenda listens from the background.

At home, Patrick and Robin talk about Lisa. Both agree that Patrick’s ex is nuts but Robin thinks Lisa’s presence in their lives might have been a blessing. Robin theorizes that she and Patrick realized how important their marriage and family truly was. They sit on the couch. Patrick tells Robin that he loves her and Emma very much. Patrick kisses Robin. Patrick suggests calling the locksmith. Robin is relieved that they can move on with their lives. Robin says to Patrick – “we’re good”, then they share a kiss again. Robin and Patrick leave to pick up Emma from daycare. When they return home, Robin and Patrick tell Emma a princess story. Emma listens while she plays with some chopsticks. Patrick and Robin share a kiss.

Lisa is cuffed to the table in the interrogation room. Lisa criticizes Mac and claims she is innocent of premeditated murder. Mac says all the evidence points to Lisa’s guilt. Lisa believes she is being railroaded by the police. Mac says Lisa will be going to prison for a long time. Mac is mad at Lisa for causing Robin so much pain. Mac leaves the room. Lisa is relieved to see Johnny. Lisa admits she made a mistake but swears she’s a changed woman. Lisa asks Johnny to help her escape, then makes a comment about Johnny failing Claudia. Johnny walks out the door.

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