GH Update Thursday 5/19/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/19/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Robin are at the hospital. Patrick is freaking out because his credit card account has been frozen and his purchases cancelled. He doesn't understand because he pays his bill on time every month. Robin reminds him that the economy is bad and banks are very unforgiving, but Patrick maintains they shouldn't have frozen his account with no warning. Robin encourages him to stop stressing and call the bank. Patrick tells her that he is stressing because he doesn't like sudden, unexpected things. He is starting to think Lisa is behind this problem.

Kristina continues to confront Lisa about the hydrocodone. She tells Lisa that she gave her the benefit of the doubt when no one else did. How could Lisa have done this to her? Lisa claims to be confused but Kristina replies that she's even more confused. She though Lisa was a nice person but realizes it was all an act. Lisa maintains that it wasn't. Kristina wonders how Lisa benefits by having her strung out on drugs. Lisa asks where all Kristina's anger is coming from. She tells Krissy to be honest and admit that when Lisa gave her the drugs it was what she wanted.

Johnny tells Ethan he is jumping to a lot of conclusions but Ethan says he is just relaying facts. Johnny reminds him he heard those facts from Kristina and asks if he let Lisa weigh in. Ethan says Lisa will just tell Johnny what he wants to hear. Ethan is adamant that Lisa saw a use for Kristina and took it. Johnny wants to know why she would do that. Ethan replies that Lisa knew Kristina was babysitting for Robin and Patrick so drugging her meant easy access. Ethan asks Johnny whether that sounds like Lisa to him or not.

Luke tells Jason that he is so quick to sit in judgment of others. Luke argues that at least he knows what he is while Jason hides behind masks: the soulful gangster, the cold executioner, the grieving papa. He tells Jason that he was never really a papa though. He left that job to Lucky because he couldn't be bothered and lost nothing when Jake died. Jason lunges for Luke and Carly tells him that he has to go. He tells them he has appointed himself to call Jason out on his hypocrisy. He asks Jason a series of questions about Jake's favorite things. He tells Jason he doubts he knows the answers to any of them because he was just a glorified sperm donor. Carly shouts at Luke to knock it off while Jason continues to glare. Luke goads him further by asking him if the cat has his tongue and wondering if he needs to loosen it for him. He then punches Jason in the jaw.

Robin tells Patrick she learned a long time ago not to underestimate Lisa but, in this instance, she thinks Patrick just missed a payment. Patrick realizes he lost the prior month's statement but he knows he was paid in full up to that point. Robin theorizes that someone might have stolen his credit card information. She tells him it happens all the time and you never know when someone like Spinelli gains access to your information. Patrick questions why these things happen to him. He's a brain surgeon and doesn't have time to deal with things like this. Robin mocks him by saying she realizes he should be researching someone's brain instead of holding on the phone like a normal person. Patrick realizes she is making fun of him and Robin offers to take it up a notch. Patrick asks Robin what the rest of her day looks like. Robin informs him that she's working and her time is as valuable as his. Patrick tries to wrangle her into calling the credit card company but she reminds him that, even if she wanted to, the company needs to talk to him. She suggests he get his phone out and make the call.

Lisa tells Kristina that she could tell right away when she met her how stressed out and anxious she was. She knew that the hydrocodone would help her but she thought Kristina would be more responsible and not abuse it. Kristina tells her that's not the point. She didn't know what she was taking. Lisa tells Kristina that she had her say and she should let Lisa say her piece. Lisa goes on to say that she couldn't write her a prescription without her mother's consent and it seemed like Krissy didn't want her to know, so she pretended they were an herbal supplement and Kristina pretended to believe her. Kristina says she didn't pretend anything. Lisa is a doctor and she trusted her. Lisa maintains that Kristina knew they were pills. Krissy asks what part of this Lisa isn't getting. She didn't know what she was taking. She realizes she should have known something was wrong when she tried to order the pills online and they looked different but Lisa had an answer for that. Lisa maintains that Kristina is smart and not easily fooled. She accuses Krissy of going along with the ruse because it was easier that way. Kristina reminds Lisa that she TOLD her she didn't want drugs. Lisa tells Kristina that it's not a big deal. She informs her that from now on Krissy can deal with her stress on her own. Lisa picks up her purse and walks out.

Johnny tells Ethan he knows he has a soft spot for Kristina and admits that he does, too. He still feels guilty for letting Kristina talk him into pretending to date to annoy Sonny. Ethan figures Kristina didn't realize it would escalate to the point of a car bomb. Johnny admits he owes Krissy for what he put her through and Ethan replies that he should have no trouble shutting Lisa down then. Johnny says he isn't surprised that Lisa isn't getting any slack from anyone. Ethan replies that Lisa is trying to turn a teenage girl into a drug addict and, besides, he figures Lisa gets enough slack from Johnny to make up for everyone else. Johnny says that Kristina is a good kid but she's also screwed up because Sonny is her father. He knows everyone calls him crazy for pointing out parallels to Claudia, but he says he only points them out where they exist. Ethan can't believe he is comparing Kristina to Claudia. Johnny says that Anthony was obsessed with him to the point that it drove Claudia crazy. He says that Sonny thinks Michael walks on water and Kristina let someone beat her up and then lied about it. Ethan asks him what his point is. Johnny points out that Ethan should realize Kristina is not above lies and manipulation. Her lies almost got Ethan killed. Ethan wonders if Johnny's brilliant solution is to tell him that Kristina is lying to his face.

Carly puts herself between Luke and Jason and informs Luke if he wants to take another swing at Jason he'll have to go through her. Luke wonders if Jason is going to hide behind Carly. He wonders if Jason is refusing to defend himself because there's no defense for what he did. Jason says if Luke is trying to say he failed his son, he did, but not as bad as Luke fails Lucky every day. Luke claims Lucky's big mistake was cleaning up after Jason and being forced to grieve a kid that should have been HIS responsibility. Carly says it's obvious Luke is on a suicide mission. She tells him he is spiraling out of control and asks him what's wrong with him. She shouts that if Luke wants to spit in the face of everyone he loves by destroying himself then he can feel free to go down in flames, but he can't use Jason to do it.

Lisa arrives at Johnny's apartment and tells him she was intrigued by his call. They discuss the fact that Anthony was quite taken with Lisa and suggested that Johnny buy her lots of lingerie. Lisa tells him to feel free. Lisa thinks it must be hard to have Anthony under foot all the time. Johnny agrees that sometimes he'd rather stick forks in his eyes. Lisa replies that she wouldn't like that and suggests he ask his father to leave, but Johnny thinks there's something to be said for keeping him where he can see him. He tells her it's always nice to keep an eye on the truly insane. There's no telling what they can do when left to their own devices. Lisa wonders if he is talking about his father or her. Johnny asks Lisa to tell him. What happened to moving on with her life?

Robin reminds Patrick that he is supposed to be calling someone and Patrick says he will get around to it. Robin tells him they can't get a brand new hot tub if his account is frozen and Patrick says he will get right on it. Robin suggests re-landscaping the whole yard and Patrick jumps right on board. Robin is surprised that he is so excited. Patrick doesn't seem the type to deny himself anything so why didn't he suggest a hot tub before? Patrick is glad that he didn't because the fact that Robin is taking the initiative means that she wants to spend quality time with him and that makes him happy. She admits that she does. She intends to call the installation place right away but realizes she left her phone at home on the charger.

Alexis arrives at Jax's office to tell him about her meeting with the family court judge. She tells him they just went over the preliminaries and she thinks it was good that he and Carly weren't there. She tells Jax that she painted him as a concerned father that wants a fair custody hearing. Jax replies that he is but he draws the line when it comes to his daughter's safety. Alexis informs him this wasn't the time for drawing lines. She tells him everyone agrees that it's reasonable for him and Carly to share custody 50/50 right now. Jax says he thought Alexis understood that she needed to make it clear to the judge that Josslyn couldn't live with Carly because it's dangerous. Alexis thought HE understood that without evidence to support that claim it will appear groundless and inflammatory and make him look bad to the court. Is that what he wants? Jax insists that Carly's house is not safe for Josslyn.

Carly asks Luke how he can say such horrible things to Jason. She thinks he should be begging for Jason's forgiveness and Luke tells her to wait for it. Carly says she understands that compassion is hard for Luke so maybe he could start with respecting Jason's grief. Luke thinks Jason's grief came too late to be respected. He says that Jason got Elizabeth pregnant and went on his way, leaving Lucky with the task of raising a child that wasn't his. Now that Jake is dead he suddenly has a catastrophic loss. Carly shouts at Luke that he has no right to judge anyone because he never raised his own kids. Luke yells at Jason that if he wants to feel something, he should try feeling gratitude that the kid he never cared about was able to give Carly's imperfect daughter a spare part. Carly calls Luke a pathetic son of a bitch and suggests he go back to Kelly's and drown in a bottle. Jason tells Carly it's time to go. He tells Luke he's not going to give him what he wants. Luke asks him what that would be. Jason says Luke wants him to end this for him. He tells Luke that everyone else can blame it on his alcoholism while they run around trying to save him, but he and Luke know the truth and Luke will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Jason says he hopes Luke lives forever because he wants him to suffer. He's not going to be the one to put Luke out of his misery. He motions for Carly to join him and they leave Luke standing alone on the docks.

Ethan is glad Kristina waited for him at Kelly's. Krissy says she was glad to because it gave her another chance to thank him for telling her about the pills. She says it showed her how dangerous it is to trust the wrong person. She wonders if the way to avoid it is to not trust anyone. Ethan tells her that's one answer but Kristina thinks that's a sad way to live. She wonders if there's a middle ground. Ethan cuts her off by saying he needs to ask her a question. He tells her he won't be mad no matter what the answer is. He goes on to ask her if she got the pills herself. He wonders if when he caught her she panicked and blamed Lisa the way she panicked and blamed him the night Keefer beat her up. Krissy swears she isn't lying about Lisa and begs Ethan to believe her.

Johnny suggests Lisa isn't as over Patrick as she claims. Lisa asks him why he keeps bringing up Patrick and Johnny says he's in the air as soon as she walks in the room. Lisa swears it's not from anything she's doing and asks Johnny why he is so threatened by Patrick. Hasn't Lisa proven she doesn't want to be his doormat anymore? Johnny asks her to prove it again and they begin to kiss. Lisa asks him how it was and Johnny says she's a good kisser but he's always a skeptic. He knows how hard it is to get over someone. Lisa tells him nothing helps shatter a romantic illusion more than having that person accuse you of killing a child. She couldn't believe that Patrick not only thought she killed Jake but seemed happy about it, as if it proved she was a monster. Johnny remembers that night clearly. He recalls Patrick accusing him of putting the whole thing into motion. He also knows that Patrick didn't act without provocation. Lisa starts freaking out. She goes on a rant about the way Patrick treated her just to keep Robin happy. She tells Johnny that when she thinks about how she groveled for Patrick to be nice to her or even just to pay attention to her it makes her sick. She tells Johnny that he doesn't have to worry about Patrick because she hates the sight of him.

Carly apologizes to Jason for what Luke said but Jason tells her not to. He says that Luke is responsible for what he says and does and no one else. Carly knows that on some level what Luke said bothered Jason and she wants him to know it's not true. She knows how hard it was for Jason to give up Jake and thinks that Luke is a fool. Jason tells her he has a recurring dream about Jake. In the dream, Jason is showing Jake his bike and Jake is asking tons of questions. Jason starts to tell Carly about lifting Jake up to put him on the bike but his voice catches and he begins to cry. Carly pulls him into a hug.

Jax asks Alexis how they can stop Carly from taking Josslyn home with her. Alexis asks if Carly has committed any crimes she doesn't know about. When Jax claims she aids criminals every day, Alexis tells him if he can't prove it, it doesn't count. Jax wonders if past offenses count and Alexis tells him he is beginning to make her uncomfortable. She tells him that she'll help him come up with a fair custody agreement but she won't help him bar Carly from seeing her daughter. Jax insists that's not what he's doing. He maintains that Carly can see Josslyn as often as she wants at the hotel, he just doesn't want her exposed to criminals all day. He thinks Alexis should understand that because she didn't even tell Sonny that Kristina was his daughter until she had to. Alexis tells him to look how that turned out. In the end, it didn't matter. As his attorney, Alexis has to tell him that the best he's going to get is 50/50 right now and he has to listen to her. Jax wonders what happens in the meantime. What if someone bombs Carly's house because Jason is in it or shoots at Sonny while he's walking down the street with Carly and Josslyn? He says he doesn't have time to let the justice system do its job. Alexis says she can file a motion for emergency custody if that's what he wants, but Carly's lawyers will turn around and charge him with parental alienation. Jax could wind up being the one without his daughter. Alexis warms him that if he continues down this path it will blow up in his face.

Carly gets a text from Diane telling her to go pick up Josslyn. Jason offers to take her but she tells him Shawn is on his way. When Shawn arrives, she tells him they have to go pick up Joss and Jason asks Shawn to let him know how that goes. Carly points out that Shawn is in place to protect her and Josslyn, not to report to Jason about her every move. Jason says he told Shawn that was part of his job. Shawn tells Jason he needs to trust him to distinguish what he needs to know from what is none of his business. Carly smiles triumphantly as she heads out with Shawn.

Kristina tells Ethan she understands that he has every reason not to trust her, but she maintains that she didn't ask Lisa for drugs and she didn't get them herself. She tells him that, no matter what Lisa says, she didn't know she was taking anything other than herbal supplements. Ethan asks if Krissy spoke to Lisa and Krissy tells him about their conversation. Ethan finally tells Kristina he believes her and is sorry he questioned her. He tells Kristina that Lisa is lethal and will kill her as easily as drug her. He warns Krissy to stay away from her and tells her if Lisa tries to contact her at all she is to call him right away. Kristina takes Ethan's hands as she thanks him for believing her. Luke walks in and sees them together.

Patrick is about to get on the elevator when Johnny comes up and asks him if he has a minute. Patrick says not for him, but Johnny gets his attention by telling him it is about Lisa. Patrick wonders where all Johnny's obnoxious behavior is. Johnny says he's never like Patrick because of the way he treated Lisa. Patrick tells him that not only doesn't he care what Johnny thinks, it also didn't happen the way he thinks it did. Johnny finally gets to the point and tells Patrick he was right. He says that Lisa is unbalanced and her interest in Johnny was totally fake. She's still as obsessed with Patrick as ever. Patrick appreciates the warning and asks if there's a reason for it. Johnny says he just thought he'd give Patrick a heads up. Patrick tells Johnny that's funny since he remembers saying the same thing to him.

Lisa knocks on the door at Robin and Patrick's house. When no one answers she lets herself in, calling their names as she enters. When she gets no response, she closes the door behind her.

Luke asks Ethan if he's looking for trouble. He says hi to Kristina who greets him back and begins to pack up her things. Ethan tells her not to let Luke run her off. Kristina tells him she knows he's having trouble with his father but Ethan replies that her leaving won't make him go away. He asks Kristina if she is having any side effects from stopping the pills and she assures him she isn't. Ethan tells her there's no way to get around the fact that she's been taking an addictive drug and it affects everyone differently. He tells her not to be upset if she feels the need to take a pill and urges her to call him if she needs anything. Krissy promises that she will and thanks him again for saving her. When she leaves, Luke approaches Ethan who promptly informs him he looks like hell. Luke thanks him for that and offers him an observation in return. He tells Ethan that Kristina is a seriously smitten piece of jailbait. Ethan points out that Kristina is actually 18. Luke tells his son that he's afraid he gets his serious death wish from his side and cautions him to weigh his options with that in mind.

Alexis stops by the penthouse to drop off a care package for Sam but Jason tells her she's sleeping. Alexis instructs him not to wake her up. She tells Jason that it was hectic when she saw him outside Josslyn's room the other day and she didn't get to tell him how sorry she is about what happened to Jake. She goes on to tell Jason that she has great respect for him because of the decision he made. Jason thinks she means the decision to donate Jake's kidney and tells her that was Lucky and Elizabeth's choice. Alexis tells him she is referring to his decision to give up Jake in order to keep him safe.

Carly arrives at the hotel to pick up Josslyn. She tells Jax that Alexis and Diane think they should split the week, he gets the first four days and she gets the next four. Jax just stares at her so Carly informs him that it's her day. Jax tells her his position hasn't changed. He still believes Josslyn isn't safe with her. Carly points out that the judge doesn't agree so she's taking her daughter. Jax tells her if she tries he will get an emergency order for full custody citing Josslyn's safety.

Johnny is standing on the docks staring into the water when Olivia walks up. She asks him if they are going to exchange pleasantries and go on their way or if she is going to tell him why he has that look on his face. Johnny wonders what look she's talking about and she tells him it's the look he always gets when he thinks about his sister. Johnny admits he was thinking about Claudia and also Lisa who is none too stable. He asks her if it's ever okay to give up on someone. Olivia thinks it depends on the person. She knows she could never give up on Dante. She tells him it's a completely different ballgame when you love someone and you know they're doing wrong. Johnny tells her he doesn't love Lisa but Olivia tells him she wasn't talking about Lisa. She tells him that, while she never liked Claudia, his sister loved him fiercely. She tells Johnny she watched his heart break when he realized he couldn't save Claudia and thinks it makes sense that he would try to save Lisa instead. Johnny admits that some people don't want to be saved.

Lisa sneaks down into the basement. She is loosening the connection on the furnace when Robin arrives looking for her cell phone. Lisa accidentally bangs the wrench against the furnace which startles Robin. She closes the front door which alerts Lisa to her presence.

Ethan tells Luke he's aware of the dangers and will keep them in mind, but Kristina has been a good friend to him. Luke points out that she almost got him killed by saying he beat her. He knows that when Luke looks at Kristina he sees the emotional daughter of a dangerous man but Ethan sees someone he can talk to. He says if Kristina needs someone to have her back he is glad to be that guy. Luke points out that it is his choice, his mistake and his consequences. Ethan tells his father that if he wants to talk about choices, mistakes and consequences he should realize that what he's doing right now isn't working. Luke says he'll be the judge of that. Ethan tells him he's walking around like a stranger in his own life, he's ostracized by everyone that loves him and he seems to be waiting for something although Ethan can't figure out what. Luke replies that it might be restitution, resolution or absolution but it doesn't matter because none of that is in the cards. He continues by saying the deck is stacked with jokers and it's time to take action. Ethan looks frustrated and asks Luke what that means. Luke instructs him not to worry about it. He knows what he has to do.

Alexis tells Jason that she tries every day to protect Kristina from Sonny's world but Jason is realistic about those dangers. Jason tells her that he gave up Jake to protect him and he died because he got hit by a car. All he managed to do was to miss out on Jake's life. Alexis realizes it might seem that way to him now, but she thinks it was realistic. Jason tells her if she's leading to something she should just get to it. Alexis tells him that it just occurred to her that if Sam's surgery was successful they will have to weigh those risks. Doesn't it stand to reason that if his life was too dangerous for Jake it would be too dangerous for any child?

Carly tells Jax that the judge said she is entitled to have Josslyn 50% of the time and she's going to take her. She tells Jax to do his worst. She questions if he is planning to tell the judge she is a danger to Josslyn simply because she is on good terms with the father of her sons who, by the way, has never been convicted of a crime. Jax asks if she is really going to say that Sonny isn't a real criminal because he's never been convicted. Carly points out that her situation is exactly the same as the day he married her, with the exception of the Franco situation. She reminds Jax that Franco got close to Joss on his watch, so she is in just as much danger with him as she is with Carly. Carly then points out that she has taken steps to protect Josslyn and she gestures to Shawn. Jax says Shawn will be exhibit one in his petition. He claims that Shawn is as dangerous to Josslyn as Franco and blames Carly for not screening him properly. He hands her a manila folder and instructs her to read it.

Lisa continues to fiddle with the gas line as Robin heads to investigate the noise she heard. She detaches it and shoves the wrench and flashlight into her purse. Robin opens the basement door and tries to turn on the light but it won't go on. She heads down the steps in the dark. Lisa is hiding under the stairs.

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