GH Update Tuesday 5/17/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/17/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Siobhan and Lucky meet outside Kelly's. Siobhan asks Lucky if she has told him lately that she's crazy about him. Lucky tells her not lately but she can feel free to any time. Siobhan tells him that's the wrong answer. He's supposed to say he's crazy about her, too. Lucky wonders if there's a handbook he's missing but Siobhan tells him she just heard from the immigration office. She is allowed to stay in the country provided they can prove their marriage is legal, which includes an interview. She reminds Lucky that Alexis told them about it. Lucky admits it slipped his mind. Siobhan tells him to polish his scamming skills so they can convince the government they are madly in love.

Elizabeth is trying to convince Cameron to go to bed but he is intent on looking for his lost toy. Liz takes a basket of laundry upstairs and yells down to Cam to brush his teeth. Cam flops on the couch and sighs. He jumps up and runs to look out the window. He gets a mischievous look in his eyes and suddenly unlocks the door and runs outside. Liz comes downstairs and sees the door ajar. She runs outside screaming Cam's name.

Brenda asks Sonny to explain why he would leave her there and take Carly. Sonny explains that she was so upset about Lucien; he did what he thought he had to in order to bring her son home. Brenda points out that no one made him take Carly so why did he? Did he just want her with him? Sonny replies that he thought Carly would be more objective. Brenda still doesn't understand. She wonders if Sonny turned to Carly because he was mad at her for going to Jax.

Carly goes to see Josslyn in Jax's room at the Metro Court. She tells her little girl she's sorry she wasn't there when she got out of the hospital but she was helping another mommy find her little boy. She tells Josslyn that they can go home now, but Jax informs her once again that Joss is staying with him.

Lisa knocks on the door of Robin and Patrick's house where Kristina is babysitting. She explains that she was driving by and saw Krissy's car in the driveway. Krissy starts to tell her where Robin and Patrick went then suddenly decides it might not be the best thing to do given their history with Lisa. Lisa tells Kristina she's over that and she hopes they are too. Krissy tells Lisa she needs to check on Emma. Lisa walks right into the house and tells Kristina she'll only stay for a minute. She asks Kristina about her college plans and Krissy tells her she doesn't expect to hear anything from Yale. She goes on to say that her back-up plan is to attend PCU. She says that she takes it for granted because it's so close but it's a really good school and she can always transfer later. Lisa points out that she might love it and decide to stay. Kristina smirks and says it wouldn't suck to be close to family and friends. Lisa wonders if she is talking about any friend in particular. Kristina tells her nothing is actually happening between them and Lisa insists she doesn't want to pry. Lisa says she needs to leave but asks if she can use the bathroom before she goes.

Patrick and Robin are eating at Kelly's. Patrick tells Robin if he had known this revelation was going to come out he would have pushed for couple's counseling long before. Robin asks him if he is ever going to let it go. Patrick tells her that, in the interest of being the new, mature Patrick, he will just say that it's good to hear her admit she could be wrong. Robin laughs and finally admits that when she first met Patrick she thought he was out of her league and so she assumed he was an egocentric jerk. Patrick says he takes exception to the jerk part. Robin asks if he remembers that he was having sex with a nurse when they first met. Patrick says he remembers that Robin just happened to walk in and he took one look at her and that she was the most annoying woman he had ever met. . .and he was in love.

Sonny explains that Carly was there to comfort Brenda's son. Brenda wants to know why she couldn't comfort him. Sonny tells her he was afraid Lucien was a decoy but he wasn't sure. Brenda asks why he didn't discuss that with her and Sonny says she didn't want to listen. Brenda wonders if Sonny would have left Carly behind if one of her kids were missing. She accuses Sonny again of not taking her because he was mad that she offered the reward without him. Sonny says he understands the impulse to do something even if it's wrong. Brenda says she knows she made a mistake and is sorry, but that doesn't explain why he took Carly. Sonny finally tells her that he was afraid Brenda would engage with Suzanne, but he wasn't worried about Carly because she isn't personally involved. Brenda still believes he could have gotten someone else to go besides Carly. She is upset because now her son knows Carly better than her. Sonny points out that the important part is that her son is there with them. Brenda wants him to know that is the most important thing in the world to her. She then asks Sonny to tell her what happened after they found her son. Did Sonny sleep with Carly?

Carly tells Jax that the nursery he built for Josslyn is gorgeous. She assumes that since the furniture took weeks to order he must have been planning to take full custody of her the entire time she was in the hospital. Jax admits he was. Carly questions why Jax is now running around telling everyone that Sonny and Jason are dangerous and shouldn't be part of her life when he knew all along that they were. Jax tells Carly he doesn't want to talk about this again and Carly points out that he doesn't want to talk about anything, he just wants sole custody. Jax tells her Josslyn is staying at the hotel and she can sleep over whenever she wants. Carly finds it insulting that he would assume that's enough for her. Jax replies that she can't provide a safe environment for Josslyn so he wants primary custody, as well as a signed agreement saying Sonny and Jason aren't allowed anywhere near her when she's with Carly. Carly wonders if he really thinks it will that easy to take her daughter away from her.

Sonny assures Brenda he didn't sleep with Carly. When Brenda tells him Jax had suggested it, Sonny replies that Jax is still holding a grudge because he slept with Carly while she was married to Jax. Brenda tells him she doesn't need the history. She asks him to swear he wouldn't lie to her about this and Sonny tells her their marriage vows mean they should trust each other. Brenda feels that Sonny didn't trust her when he left her behind. Sonny won't admit that he was wrong because he doesn't believe he was. He thinks Alec is proof of that. Brenda continues to tell Sonny she felt disrespected. Sonny sighs and walks over to pour a drink and Brenda decides to change the subject. She asks Sonny to tell her how they found Suzanne. Sonny explains that they tracked her to where she was returning Lucien to his family in Phoenix. Brenda tells Sonny he was right about Suzanne and she is sorry she didn't believe him. Brenda can't believe she was able to do such horrible things after all the work she did with ASEC. Sonny points out she did whatever she had to in order to keep her grandson. He tells Brenda that they found Alec in Texas where he was living with a caretaker, since Suzanne is the only family he's ever known. Brenda doesn't see how Suzanne could have spent any time with him since she was constantly with Brenda, manipulating her so she didn't find out about her son. Sonny continues the story, telling Brenda that once they found Alec, Carly took him to the car. Brenda freaks out on Sonny and tells him she gets that Carly was very helpful. Sonny tries to move past that point, but he doesn't want to give Brenda all the details of Suzanne's capture which causes her to get annoyed again. Brenda asks where Suzanne is now and Sonny tells her she's in jail in Port Charles. Brenda is surprised to hear that and she jumps up, telling Sonny she needs to see Suzanne. Sonny wants to go with her but Brenda asks him to stay in case Alec wakes up. She kisses Sonny and leaves.

Robin wants Patrick to admit that when he first started pursuing her it was all about the chase. He points out that she did despise him which made it interesting. Robin admits that she did, but then she found out that he was interesting, funny and sweet. Patrick tells her he found out the same thing and he wasn't prepared for what came next: He fell for her. He admits it wasn't part of the plan and that old habits die hard.

Lucky tells Siobhan she can't put it all on him because the government is going to ask her questions, too. She doesn't think it will be a problem because she knows more about him then he does about her. She tells Lucky she is a very observant woman and encourages him to question her. Lucky asks her if he is a morning person or a night person. Siobhan answers night and Lucky tells her it's morning, but she wouldn't know because she is always snoring when he's walking around. Siobhan insists she doesn't snore and if he says that in front of the interviewer it will be their first marital fight. Lucky then asks what his favorite sandwich is and Siobhan guesses ham and cheese. Lucky tells her it's bologna on wheat. He explains that Luke taught him to make it and told him it's essential when you're on the road. He tells Siobhan how many good times they had and how hard it is that he can't even speak to his father now. Siobhan points out that it's only until he goes to rehab and Lucky reminds her that it's IF he goes to rehab and that's a very big "if." Lucky's phone rings and he thinks it is Elizabeth, but it's actually Cameron who asks him to come over because Liz is sick.

Lisa pulls on a pair of rubber gloves as she sneaks down into Robin and Patrick's basement and opens the fuse box. At Kelly's, Robin questions what Patrick meant when he said old habits die hard. He explains that falling in love was out of his comfort zone and it made him want to put his walls back up. Robin jokes that she is normally the one that puts walls up and Patrick laughs that their self-awareness is growing by leaps and bounds. They continue to talk about their success in therapy while Lisa takes photos of their furnace. They tease each other about their various shortcomings but ultimately agree that they are teaching Emma the most important lesson by showing her what a real family looks like. Robin says they will take anything that comes after that as it comes. Lisa smirks as she turns off the light and exits the basement.

Lucky arrives at Elizabeth's. He knocks on the door and calls her name multiple times before she finally opens the door. She seems shocked to see him.

Carly tells Jax she will see him in court since it's obvious he's made up his mind. Jax tells Carly she won't win. Carly reminds Jax that Josslyn is alive because of Jason's son. She goes on to point out that Sonny is the father of her sons and she won't turn her back on him, which Jax knew when they got married. Jax tells her he was never happy about it and Carly reminds him that she was never happy about Jerry. She asks him if he remembers that Jerry held the whole town hostage and helped Claudia get Michael shot in the head. Jax tells her Josslyn isn't in any danger from Jerry, but Carly reminds him of the time Jerry threatened to kill her when Josslyn was right upstairs. Jax thinks the situations are totally different because Jerry doesn't live in Port Charles but Carly shouts that he doesn't know WHERE Jerry lives. Carly tells Jax that it doesn't matter what she says because he will always believe that he's good and she's bad. She shouts that she is willing to meet him half way but he won't budge. Jax insists it is because he isn't willing to compromise on his daughter's safety. Carly tells him if he wants the fight of his life he'll get it and she storms out.

Brenda arrives at the PCPD and asks Dante if she can see Suzanne. Lulu is sitting at Dante's desk and comments on the fact that Brenda didn't say thank you to Dante. Brenda thanks Dante but tells him he should have taken her and not Carly. Dante goes to get Suzanne and Lulu tells Brenda that instead of complaining she should be grateful. She reminds Brenda that Dante put his badge on the line to rescue her son and asks her if she would rather be in Elizabeth's position right now. Dante returns and takes Brenda to the interrogation room to see Suzanne. Brenda confronts Suzanne about lying to her and Suzanne maintains she did it for Alec. She says if Brenda is any kind of a mother she'll follow in her example.

Carly is at Sonny's house, sitting on the couch with Alec. She tells him she thinks he's going to like living there. She goes on to tell him about the climbing tree in the yard and that she will bring Michael and Morgan over to meet him. Finally, she tells him that the neighbors have four horses and one of them looks exactly like his toy horse. She suggests taking some apples and carrots and asking the neighbors if they can feel the horses. They wave to Sonny as they walk into the kitchen.

Brenda tells Suzanne she has heard enough of her stories. She asks Suzanne if she knows how devastated she was when she thought Lucien had been kidnapped. Suzanne maintains that she was determined to make sure Alec led a safe, normal life, but Brenda believes she was determined to get revenge for Alexander's death. She thinks Suzanne intended for her to pay for the rest of her life for Lucien's disappearance. Brenda realizes she will have to come to terms with the fact that Suzanne hates her. Suzanne replies that she hates the life Alec is going to live. Brenda points out that he will be with his mother. Suzanne replies that he will also be with Sonny, whose kids have been kidnapped, shot and nearly killed more times than she can count. Thanks to Brenda, Alec will now live that same life, unless she can save him. Brenda tells her no one she loves needs to be saved from her own husband. Suzanne warms Brenda that if she doesn't want Alec to have a future full of danger, violence and death she needs to pack him up and get him as far away from Sonny as she can.

Dante asks Lulu what she and Brenda were talking about. Lulu tells him she was pointing out to Brenda that she could have been a little more grateful to Dante instead of complaining. Dante says he likes it when Lulu gets all fired up. Lulu knows he's teasing her but she insists she's being serious. Dante says he is, too. He wonders what more a guy could ask for. Lulu says absolutely nothing.

Elizabeth tells Lucky the story of how Cam went outside and confides that it reminded her of Jake. Lucky asks if he was out front but Liz tells him he was in the side yard. She goes on to say that she yelled at him and dragged him to his room then locked herself in her room and cried. She didn't know Cam could hear her and she had no idea he called Lucky. She asks Lucky to make sure Cam is ok and help him to realize his mother isn't crazy. Lucky says he will, but he needs her to realize she isn't failing anyone. Liz believes she shouldn't fall apart like that ever but Lucky says it's bound to happen. It even happens to him and it probably will for a long time to come. He tells her all they can do is keep going. Liz agrees and they go upstairs to talk to Cam.

Kristina walks into the living room calling for Lisa. Lisa comes out of the kitchen and asks Krissy if she was checking on Emma. Krissy asks Lisa where she was and Lisa tells her she was in the kitchen getting a drink of water. She asks if Emma is ok and Krissy says she's asleep before telling Lisa she feels weird about her being in the house. Headlights shine through the windows and they realize Robin and Patrick are home. Lisa scurries out the side door, telling Kristina not to say she was there or they'll both get in trouble. Robin and Patrick come in just as she leaves and notice that Kristina looks worried. They ask her if she's ok.

Kristina tells Robin and Patrick they startled her. Robin notices the open door and asks if it was warm. Krissy says it was and apologizes for leaving the door open. She asks the couple how their night went and they tell her it was great. Krissy tells them that Emma is so easy to take care of she almost feels bad taking their money. Robin deduces that she is still stressing out over college and Krissy admits she doesn't think she will get into Yale. Robin tells her she went to Yale for a year, took a leave of absence and never went back. Kristina asks if she regrets it and Robin says no. She doesn't think it matters where you go, as long as you work hard it all works out in the end. Krissy says she will remember that. After she leaves, Patrick asks Robin if she thinks Krissy is ok. Robin thinks it's just teenage hormones and cautions him to be prepared for Emma's teen years, but Patrick says he isn't afraid because he has Robin there.

Carly tells Sonny that Alec is sound asleep. She says that he asked if she could come over again and she told him all he had to do was ask Sonny and he would call. Sonny points out that Brenda will be thrilled with that and Carly reminds him that until Brenda gets to know her kid she's the familiar face whether Brenda likes it or not. Sonny thanks her for helping with Alec and she says it's her pleasure. She just wishes she could have put Josslyn to bed. Sonny asks if Joss is still in the hospital and Carly explains the situation with Jax. Sonny tells her Jax is an idiot and he's not going to get full custody so it's no big deal. Carly tells him it is a big deal because Jax thinks he's going to win.

Jax leaves a message for Alexis telling her they need to talk about the custody battle. Brenda arrives at his door and Jax congratulates her on finding her son. Brenda says she thinks it's her son but she doesn't know because she's been lied to, manipulated and left behind and now she's just supposed to smile and say thank you. Jax doesn't understand because Carly said everything went well. Brenda asks if Carly told him Lucien wasn't her son and Jax is shocked. Brenda explains how Suzanne switched Lucien and Alec. Jax can't believe it. Brenda goes on to tell him that Suzanne is pure evil, yet she has the nerve to say Brenda will never be a good mother unless she leaves Sonny. Jax says that must have been hard for her to hear. Brenda asks him if he thinks that's true.

Elizabeth thanks Lucky for being so great with Cam. Lucky thinks Cameron was pretty great, too. Liz tells Lucky that Cam misses Jake so much but that was the best conversation they've had yet about his feelings. Lucky says he tried to take note of everything Cam misses and he'll do his best to fill in the gaps and be more present in his life. Liz says she'll do her best not to fall apart so easily because it doesn't do Cam any good to see that his mother can't cope. Lucky reminds her that she's not alone. She has Audrey and Steven. . .and Nikolas will be there for Aiden. He goes on to tell her that he's there for her and she can call him any time. Liz reminds him that he just got married but Lucky replies that Jake was THEIR son. She doesn't have to worry because Siobhan understands. Liz doesn't think it's fair but Lucky says it's not fair that Jake is gone and they have to live the rest of their lives without him. Liz admits she still doesn't know how to do that. Lucky doesn't either. They'll just have to take it one day at a time. He pulls Liz into a hug.

Robin tells Patrick that couples therapy has taught her a lot. She has learned to communicate calmly and to be honest even when it hurts. Patrick wonders what she is getting at and Robin admits that her first attraction to him was purely superficial. Patrick asks if her attraction was furthered by the realization that he was a smart, soulful, kind human being and Robin jokes that it was ultimately his humility that attracted her to him. They start to kiss and unbutton each other's shirts. While they are talking, Lisa is researching their furnace online. She pays special attention to the section on leak testing, which indicates that faulty fuel lines may cause fatalities.

Jax tells Brenda he can't be objective when it comes to Sonny so he wants to focus on her. How is she dealing with the fact that Lucien isn't her son? Brenda admits that she's not. She tells Jax that she fell in love with Lucien instantly but she isn't really sure how to deal with this boy. Jax asks if she told him the boy's name is Alec and Brenda confirms that Suzanne named him after his father. She tells Jax that every time she looks at this boy she is forced to remember that she had a baby with a man she hated and she doesn't know what to do about it. Jax suggests changing his name but Brenda says she can't do that with everything he's already been through. Jax says she sounds like a mother but Brenda admits to Jax that she doesn't feel like his mother. She tells him she doesn't feel anything for Alec. Jax tells her it will take time. He tells her when he first started dating Carly he was scared to death of Morgan and had no idea how to bond with him. He assures her that it will get easier as she goes along and tells her that the hardest part of the divorce is losing Morgan because he has no legal rights to him. He tells her to give herself time with Alec and they will get to know each other. Brenda wonders what will happen if they never love each other but Jax assures her she will be a wonderful mother. He gives her a hug.

Sonny takes issue with Jax's decision to take custody of Josslyn while Carly was doing a favor for Brenda. Carly tells him that Jax thinks it's dangerous for Joss to be around Sonny and Jason. Sonny says that a girl needs her mother and Jax can't keep them apart. Carly tells him she can see Joss whenever she wants but on Jax's terms. Sonny smirks and says that if Jax is trying to control Carly he wishes him luck. Carly tells Sonny she doesn't want a lengthy court battle. Sonny points out that Jax is trying to intimidate her and she can't let him do that. Carly tells him if Jax wants a fight he'll get a fight. Sonny assures her she won't be fighting alone because he'll do whatever he's got to do to help her save her daughter.

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