GH Update Monday 5/16/11

General Hospital Update Monday 5/16/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In San Antonio, Carly and Alec are sitting in the limo when they hear a loud noise. Carly tells Alec it was a firecracker. Suzanne is holding a knife to Sonny’s throat. Sonny argues with Dante and asks him not to shoot. Dante is irritated that Sonny would think he isn’t as good a shot as Jason. During this diversion, Sonny manages to grab Suzanne’s arm. Dante tells Suzanne that she’s under arrest. Suzanne pleads with Dante to keep Alec away from Brenda. Sonny accuses Suzanne of stealing Brenda’s son. Sonny reminds Suzanne that she’ll be going to prison. After Sonny walks away, Suzanne begs Dante to help her. Dante ignores Suzanne’s pleas.

On the plane back, Carly gives Alec some snack foods. Alec agrees to draw a picture for Carly. Sonny is smiling at Carly and Alec. Sonny thanks Carly for her help. Carly says she’ll always help Sonny.

At Sonny’s house, Brenda is frantic with worry. Spinelli tries to reassure Brenda that Lucian will be found, but she’s mad that Carly is involved in the search. Brenda asks Spinelli why Sonny would ask for Carly’s help. Spinelli knows that Carly is resilient and good in a crisis. Spinelli points out that it doesn’t matter if Carly’s there as long as Lucian’s safe. Brenda isn’t convinced. Brenda rambles on about her frustrations concerning Carly. Brenda thinks Lucian will be scared because he doesn’t know Carly. Brenda is adamant that Sonny should have brought her along. Spinelli defends Sonny’s actions. Spinelli figures Sonny asked Carly because Brenda is too emotionally involved in the search. Brenda wonders if Sonny came to Carly for help because she reached out to Jax. Brenda asks for Spinelli’s opinion. Spinelli stays mum about Jax. Brenda wants to know if Lucian is in danger because of Sonny. Spinelli points out Sonny is a good father.

At the hospital, Jason and Jax argue over the custody dispute. Jax is certain that Josslyn is in danger. Jax reminds Jason that he gave up Jake because of his dangerous lifestyle. Jason says the situation is different because Carly isn’t a threat to Josslyn. Jax disagrees with Jason. Jax brings up Michael’s shooting. Jax believes Michael wants to be just like Sonny. Jax accuses Jason of being a hypocrite. Jason says that Jax’s plan to keep Carly out of Josslyn’s life is a mistake. Jason and Jax continue to bicker in the hospital lobby. Jax can’t understand why Carly still has Jason in her life. Jason points out Jax was aware of this when he married Carly. Jax feels hurt because Carly keeps picking Jason and Sonny over him. Jason insists he isn’t a threat to Jax’s marriage to Carly.

Lulu arrives at Dante’s loft. Michael is looking over his math book. Lulu is surprised to see Michael because he spends so much time with Abby now. Michael talks about the situation with Abby. Lulu insists Dante will work on the murder case once Lucian is found. Michael isn’t sure Dante can help. Michael thinks it will be difficult to prove Abby’s innocence. Lulu admits she is trying to play peacemaker. Michael says he is the same way. Lulu wonders if Michael talked to Dante. Lulu comments that Michael sounds just like Dante. Lulu brings up the hit-and-run that killed Jake. Lulu vents to Michael about the ordeal with Luke. Michael is surprised to hear about Luke’s intervention. Lulu is concerned about Luke. Michael asks Lulu if she’s willing to cut Luke out of her life for good.

Alexis shows up at the penthouse. Alexis has a gift bag full of girly things for Sam. Sam mentions she might buy an e-book so she can read during stakeouts. Alexis inquires about Sam’s health. Sam says she’s tired. Alexis wonders if the procedure was a success. Sam explains that Kelly is optimistic about the outcome. Sam comes clean about her doubts regarding motherhood. Alexis apologizes for missing out on Sam’s childhood. Sam has tears in her eyes. Sam admits she wants a baby, but fears she’d be a terrible mother. Sam talks about keeping an eye on Danny, her brother. Sam says she used to move around a lot, but wants to settle down now. Sam tells Alexis it feels right to start a family. Alexis points out a baby will never replace Jake. Alexis asks what Sam really wants. Alexis recalls how scared she was when she gave up Sam. Nevertheless, Alexis is thankful for her three daughters. Alexis tells Sam that she has no regrets.

From the jet, Sonny calls Brenda. Sonny relays that Suzanne was found, as well as Brenda’s son. Brenda is visibly relieved. Sonny blurts out Lucian isn’t Brenda’s son after all. Brenda can’t believe it. Sonny says Alec is Brenda’s kid. Once off the phone, Carly asks how Brenda is dealing with the news. Sonny wonders how Brenda is really handling the situation. Carly points out how jealous Brenda will be once Sonny arrives home. Sonny assumes Carly is jealous. Carly insists she isn’t. Sonny knows Brenda will be mad. Carly teases Sonny about the situation. However, Carly knows Brenda will love Alec. Sonny inquires about Jax. Carly seems sad by the mention of Jax’s name. Sonny promises he owes Carly a favor.

Spinelli returns home. Spinelli is thrilled Sam is reading his book. Sam says the novel is good. Spinelli presents Sam with a gift – romantic candles. Sam is flattered, but feels awkward. Sam says Alexis stopped by and they had a nice chat. Sam admits she didn’t get along with Alexis in the beginning. In fact, Sam acknowledges that their personalities clashed. Sam talks about one similarity she shared with Alexis – independence. Sam gets teary-eyed when she remembers the death of her newborn baby. Spinelli encourages Sam to have a baby, but agrees to support whatever decision she makes. Spinelli asks Sam if she’s reconsidering having a baby. Sam is unsure. Sam knows it’s a big decision to have children. Sam thanks Spinelli for being a good friend. The phone rings. It’s Jason. Jason tells Spinelli to look into Jax’s past.

At the hospital, Jason and Jax continue to argue about the custody dispute. Jason brings up Jerry, Jax’s lunatic brother. Jason threatens to dig up dirt on Jax. Jax refuses to compromise with Carly, then says the court will have to decide Josslyn’s fate. Jax tells Jason that Josslyn is coming home with him. Alexis shows up and intervenes on Jax’s behalf. Jason can’t believe Alexis is supporting Jax’s decision to take Josslyn. Jason stresses how important it is that Carly bring Josslyn home. Jax blurts out how Carly is helping Sonny find Lucian. Jax hurries back to Josslyn’s room and carries her out to the lobby. Alexis joins Jax and Josslyn on the elevator. Jason watches in horror as they leave.

At the police station, Lulu finds Dante working. Dante and Lulu share a kiss. Dante is relieved to have found Brenda’s son. Dante says he arrested Suzanne. Dante implies he bonded with Sonny in San Antonio. Lulu is surprised to hear about Dante’s latest revelation. Lulu and Dante talk about when they first started dating. Dante says he admires Sonny, but acknowledges that his father is still a criminal.

Sonny and Alec enter the Corinthos foyer. Sonny tells Alec that he’ll be meeting someone. When they go into the living room, Brenda is sitting on the couch. Brenda is introduced to her son. Brenda shakes Alec’s hand. Brenda asks Alec if he enjoyed flying on the jet. Brenda looks overwhelmed. Once Alec is in bed, Brenda and Sonny have a moment alone. Sonny goes over the details regarding Suzanne. Sonny insists Alec didn’t see any violence. Brenda tells Sonny that she wanted to be there. Brenda confronts Sonny about taking Carly along to San Antonio. Brenda says she might not be able to forgive Sonny.

Carly arrives at the hospital. When she sees Josslyn isn’t in her room, Carly calls out for a nurse. Carly runs into Jason. Jason says Diane might be able to file for shared custody. Carly insists Josslyn needs her mother – now. Carly won’t listen to Jason. Carly rushes onto the elevator.

Jason returns home. Spinelli says he hasn’t learning anything on Jax. Jason asks Spinelli to focus on Jerry. Spinelli grabs his laptop and hurries out the door. Jason says hi to Sam and updates her on Jax and Carly’s custody dispute. Sam is sure Carly is mad about the whole thing.

In the hotel room, Jax tells Alexis that he put Josslyn down for a nap. They sit down on the couch. Jax talks about Josslyn’s cancer scare. Alexis defends Carly’s mothering skills which infuriates Jax. Jax has no idea why Alexis would stand by Carly. Alexis advises Jax to take a step back and reassess the situation with Carly. Alexis leaves the hotel room. Jax and Josslyn are playing on the couch when Carly shows up. Carly opens the door and stares at them. Carly asks Jax when she can spend time with her daughter.

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