GH Update Thursday 5/12/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/12/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Jason brings Sam home from the hospital. He reminds her that Dr. Lee said she needs to rest and asks if she prefers to be upstairs or down. Sam wants to be downstairs so Jason can take care of her. She sits gingerly on the couch and feels a twinge of pain. Jason asks if she is ok and Sam says yes, but the pain reminds her of when she lost her baby.

Carly and Jax are in the hall outside Josslyn's hospital room. Carly comments on how incredible Joss looks and remarks that you would never know she had a kidney transplant. They discuss the fact that her release papers are signed. Carly says this is the day they've been dreaming of . . . or dreading. She tells Jax she doesn't want to fight with him. Jax replies that they won't have to fight as long as Carly agrees that Josslyn should go home with him.

Suzanne is in an unknown location. She hugs an African-American woman whom she later calls Betty. Betty tells Suzanne that she is happy to see her because she was beginning to get worried. Suzanne wonders if Betty was afraid she had been arrested and charged with kidnapping her own grandson. Betty replies that the thought crossed her mind. It would be a shame if something went horribly wrong after all this time and everything they've been through. Suzanne assures her they are home-free. She and her grandson are safe.

Spinelli explains to Sonny and Dante that he has been using the net to look for Suzanne. Sonny asks him if he can explain it to them in a way they can understand. Brenda enters the room and says she hopes the fact that the three of them are together means they have found out something about her son.

Jason asks Sam how she is feeling and she tells him she has mild discomfort but she is not complaining because it is for a good cause. Of course, that's only if they decide to go that way. Sam wonders if she should be running away. She reflects on the fact that she didn't have a good home life and has no reason to think she could be someone's mother. She didn't even have pets. Sam realizing she is babbling. She tells Jason he can take a pillow and stuff it in her mouth to keep her from rambling on about a baby that doesn't exist. Jason insists it's ok but Sam believes it's too much pressure, especially so soon after Jake's death. Jason tells her the reason he doesn't like to go to sleep is that they moment he wakes up he realizes that Jake is gone all over again. He realizes, however, that Sam just had the procedure and she will want to talk about it so he's just letting her know it's ok.

Suzanne apologizes to Betty for being out of touch for so long. She didn't want to take a chance that anyone would trace her back to Betty. Suzanne had planned on returning to Port Charles to play the stricken grandmother and tie up loose ends, but she realized she would have been walking into a trap. Sonny figured the whole thing out. Betty wonders how that is possible when Suzanne was so careful. Suzanne replies that Sonny never liked or trusted her. She tells Betty that Brenda went public and offered a reward for her arrest and Lucien's return. Betty is surprised that Sonny didn't stop her and Suzanne says it's a good thing he didn't. Thanks to Brenda's big mouth, Suzanne Stanwyck is off the radar, Lucien is somewhere safe where Brenda will never find him and she can live her life with her grandson. She tells Betty that the time has come for them to part. She says that Betty has been more than a friend, she's family. Betty replies that it has been an honor to take care of Suzanne's grandson and to know her. She loves them both dearly. They toast to a job well done.

Brenda can tell by the looks on their faces that they know something and she wants to know what it is. Spinelli starts to tell her he might have found something but Sonny cuts him off and tells him when they have it all figured out they'll let her know. Brenda hopes they aren't hiding anything from her because this is her son. She asks if she can help but Spinelli informs her that the Jackal toils alone. Sonny tells her they have it totally under control. Brenda assumes that everyone is mad at her because she went public and screwed everything up. Sonny understands that she thought she was doing the best thing. Dante explains that her press conference had consequences. Since the police know he is with his grandmother, he is not considered a high priority. Brenda starts shouting at Dante and Sonny asks them to let him talk. He tells Brenda she needs to let them do the legwork because he doesn't want her to get her hopes up and be disappointed. Brenda interprets this to mean they are shutting her out and it's not ok. She tells them to do whatever they want and she will do whatever she wants. Sonny questions if that means she is going to Jax. Brenda confirms that she is and Sonny points out that Jax got her in trouble in the first place by calling the press conference and tipping off Suzanne. Brenda replies that Jax tries to help. She starts stomping her foot and shouting at Sonny that it isn't her fault her son is missing and it isn't Jax's either. Sonny tells her the way to find her son isn't to just go about doing whatever she feels. Brenda tells Sonny if Suzanne has her son it is the last time she will ever betray her because she is going to go there and get him back. Sonny points out that Brenda let Suzanne manipulate her before and she almost lost her life. He doesn't want that to happen again. Brenda shoves Sonny and tells him she doesn't care what he wants anymore. She wants her son and if he doesn't like what she has to do to get him back then she doesn't care. Brenda stomps up the stairs. Sonny asks Dante and Spinelli if they understand now why they can't have Brenda on the search. This is the only shot they have of finding her son and she's too emotional. Sonny tells Spinelli that they need to do this quickly. He better have something on his computer that they can use because Sonny is not going to lose his wife.

Carly insists that Josslyn should be at home in her room with her mother. Jax says if their situation were different he would agree, but Carly insists on surrounding her with criminals. He glances back at Shawn as he says this and Carly reminds him that Shawn is there to protect Joss from Franco. Jax isn't comforted by that. He reminds her that none of her kids are safe from the violence in Sonny and Jason's life. They don't even have to be the intended target. He reminds her that Michael wasn't. He doesn't want his daughter to be a casualty. Carly assumes Jax must be really angry to try to hurt her like this. Jax says he isn't trying to hurt her. He tells Carly she can see Josslyn whenever she wants, in fact, she can move into the hotel if she wants. Carly tells Jax he is making a lot of assumptions. He is assuming that he will win in court and be able to take her daughter from her. She informs him that she is going to fight him with everything she has.

Jason tells Sam she gets to say whatever she wants, but Sam questions why she should just be allowed to ramble on. She thinks it needs to stop now for her sanity AND Jason's. She believes that each time she starts to think about a baby she should just shut it down. Jason reminds her that making the decision is a process and they need to talk about it. Sam tells Jason that she is so lucky to have had him fall in love with her but Jason believes he's the lucky one. They kiss.

Lulu is rushing around to get ready for work when Tracy arrives at Dante's apartment. She wonders if Lulu has heard anything about Luke's lawsuit against her and Lulu tells her that Alexis dropped by the Haunted Star and asked her and Ethan if it had merit. She informs Tracy that she told Alexis that Luke is just using it to distract from his drinking but she doesn't think Ethan agrees. Tracy wonders if Ethan is supporting the lawsuit but Lulu tells her he is supporting Luke's drinking. She tells Tracy that when she returned to the Star they were drinking together. Tracy finds that disappointing. Lulu isn't surprised because Ethan didn't want to go along with the intervention in the first place. He's too much like Luke and doesn't want to admit he has a drinking problem. Tracy points out that Lulu wasn't for it at first either. Has she changed her mind? Lulu knows that Luke has a problem and he hasn't been himself since Jake died, but the intervention didn't work. She suddenly tells Tracy that she can't do this right now because she's running late and has so much to do. Tracy suggests that it's also too painful to talk about.

Spinelli tells Dante and Sonny that once they discovered Theo was the Balkan he was able to trace an electronic footprint. Dante explains to Sonny that he means bank records, medical bills and the like. Spinelli goes on to say that once they found out that Suzanne took Lucien to Phoenix, he was able to narrow it down to a specific area. He discovered that one of Theo's bank accounts was used to procure an automobile. Dante tells Sonny that's a car and Sonny informs him that he knows that. Spinelli tells them that he was able to hack into the car's computer system and trace it to San Antonio, Texas. Sonny realizes that once Brenda went public it was too risky for Suzanne to fly so she drove. Dante points out that San Antonio is really close to the Mexican border and Sonny says they can't let her get that far. Dante's ready if he is. Sonny instructs Spinelli to call his pilot and tell him to have the plane ready 10 minutes ago. Spinelli asks if he should inform Brenda and Sonny wonders if he saw what happened before. Spinelli understands that Sonny was reluctant to bring Brenda in to the conversation but that was before they had his information. He assumes that since they now have information that might lead to her son she might want to go along. Sonny tells Spinelli he will repeat it one more time because he knows Spinelli has a problem communicating. He whispers that if Spinelli says one word to Brenda about San Antonio he will break his leg. Spinelli replies that seems fair. Sonny asks Dante if he is ready to go. Dante replies that he is calling a retired social worker he knows to go with them. He tells Sonny if it was an official rescue they would bring one along in case they child was traumatized. Sonny thinks that's a good idea but he doesn't want the social worker. He thinks he knows someone he can bring.

Shawn approaches Carly and Jax and asks Carly if she is ok or if he can call anyone for her. Her lawyer perhaps? Jax wonders how many times he has to tell Shawn to stay out of it. His sole duty is to guard Josslyn. Carly tells him she's fine but thanks him for his support. He tells her if she needs anything to let him know. Carly tells Jax he might not win in court because not everyone thinks it's a great idea to take a child away from her mother. Jax tells her he's not doing that, in fact, he's giving her full access. Carly doesn't think that's good enough. She believes Josslyn should be with her half the time. Jax says that won't happen until she does some housekeeping on the company she keeps. Carly asks if Jax is trying to say she provides a dangerous environment for children and Jax confirms that. Carly points out that he married her knowing Sonny was the father of her boys and would be a constant presence. She points out that he conceived Josslyn with her knowing that Michael had been shot and was in a coma. He didn't think she was a danger to children until she decided to leave him. She wonders how it will play to the judge when Jax is presented as the rich guy who wants to punish his ex-wife by taking away her child. Jax says he would never use Josslyn like that but Carly says she'll make it look like he is. If Jax wants to play dirty she will and they both know she's a better liar. Jax agrees that she is. Jax's phone rings and it's Brenda. She tells him she's waiting at his office and he tells her he'll be right over. Jax warns Carly not to take Josslyn out of the hospital until he comes back. Carly wonders if she is supposed to let her hang out at the hospital all day while he plays with his girlfriend. Jax wonders why Carly can't put herself in Brenda's shoes. How would she feel if someone stole Josslyn?

Lulu meets Dante at Kelly's. He apologizes for making her come there since he knows Luke is staying upstairs and he has been encouraging her to stay away. Lulu tells him Luke isn't there and even if he was she wouldn't leave. She's not seeking him out but she's not going out of her way to avoid him. Dante tells her he knows things are difficult and he wants to be there to support her. Lulu senses a "but." Dante tells her that Spinelli found information about Suzanne and they are going to fly down to San Antonio to helpfully bring back Lucien. Lulu is surprised by this because she thought he was off the case. He tells her that officially he is but unofficially he just wants to help his family.

Jason tells Sam he thinks it's a good thing they have time to think it through. Sam agrees. It is so much more than just bringing a cuddly little person into the mix. You have to put them first and make sure you are making the right choices. Jason points out that you can't be sure you are making the right choices and one day you may come face to face with everything you did wrong. Sam remembers that the pain hits from out of nowhere. She tells Jason it will be like that for awhile. She wants him to know that when it does she will be there to help him. Jason lets her know that she does help him and he's glad she's there. He wraps his arms around her.

Jax arrives at his office and Brenda starts freaking out about how mad she is and how worried she is about Lucien. Jax tells her to calm down. He tells her that if might not seem like it right now but they are going to find Lucien. He reminds her that at least she knows Suzanne won't hurt him. Lucien is her grandson and, in whatever way she loves, she loves him. He hands Brenda a glass of water and she chugs it down. Once she calms down, Jax asks if there is any new information. Brenda tells him she's not allowed to know anything. Jax asks if Sonny is keeping things from her. Brenda informs him that Sonny is furious with her for going public so he's shutting her out. She tells Jax if he wasn't there she would be losing her mind.

Carly tells Shawn she is tempted to take Josslyn and go home. She points out that she and Jax aren't divorced and they have no custody agreement in place. Carly has as much right to walk out with Joss as he does. Shawn says if that's what she wants they'll make it happen. Just say the word. Carly is tempted but she thinks she should call her lawyer. She's afraid Jax will show up and twist everything around to make her look like a bad mother. Sonny arrives and asks to talk to Carly. He pulls her aside and tells her about their lead on Lucien's whereabouts. He tells her that he's flying down there with Dante but he can't take Brenda because she's volatile right now. He tells her he needs a woman to go with them. Carly tells him it's not a good time. Sonny doesn't have anyone else to ask. He tells her Suzanne won't go down without a fight so he needs someone he can trust to take care of Lucien. Will she help him?

Jason tells Sam he can't stop his mind from thinking about every moment he spent with Jake. He tries to pinpoint which moment he could have done differently to prevent what happened even though he knows it doesn't work like that. He's trying to accept that the randomness of death comes down on people but he can't wrap his mind around it. Sam tells him it's ok because he's going through a process. He doesn't want to hold Sam back in the process if she is ready to get pregnant and he isn't. Sam tells him that when they decide to get pregnant it will be at a time that is right for both of them and this clearly isn't it. She tells him they will just take things one day at a time. Sam asks Jason to do her a favor and get out of the house. She encourages him to take a ride on his bike. When he tells her he isn't going to leave her alone she insists that she is exhausted and needs a nap. Jason gives Sam a kiss and walks out of the penthouse.

Dante tells Lulu that the irony of the situation isn't lost on him. Brenda's son is missing and she's taking it out on Sonny who is trying his hardest to find him. Dante says it feels like when he was undercover and he found himself thinking Sonny is a good guy. Lulu points out that he's charming but Dante thinks it's more than that. Sonny let down his guard so he got to see who he really was, but all that went out the window when Sonny shot him and Dante found out Sonny was his father. Dante says that working with Sonny now for a common cause is nice because he doesn't have to stand in judgment of him. Lulu says that despite how she feels about Sonny she is happy for Dante. She knows how important it is to him to get to know his father. She urges him to savor it because he doesn't know when he will get the chance to do it again.

Jax tells Brenda that it doesn't matter what Sonny does because the authorities are looking for Lucien. Brenda replies that Dante told her going public means Lucien isn't a priority anymore but Jax doesn't believe that. He tells her it doesn't matter anyway because he has friends in high places and he called in some favors. He assures her they will find her son. Brenda says she almost believes him and Jax swears he won't let her down.

Sonny tells Carly that he doesn't know what Suzanne's resources are but since she was married to Theo for all those years he assumes it's a lot. He wants Carly to take Brenda's son and bring him back to Port Charles. Carly tells Sonny she would love to help him but Josslyn is being released and she wants to be the one to take her home. Sonny tells her he wouldn't ask her to do this if he didn't know Josslyn was 100% healthy. He tells her they may never see this little boy again. Carly tells him she can't risk it and he will have to find someone else.

Lulu tells Dante she isn't encouraging him to join up with Sonny forever and Dante assures her he isn't about to give up his badge to join the family business. He just appreciates being able to see the good in Sonny for once. He feels sort of bad for Sonny because Brenda is losing it and taking it out on him when all he is trying to do is find her son. Dante's phone rings and it is Spinelli telling him he has found Suzanne's car in the parking lot of a house purchased by someone named Sherrie Scott 3 years ago. He tells Dante he can't tie it to Theo and Dante says that's because Suzanne wouldn't have wanted him to know about it. He tells Spinelli to send him everything he can find on Sherrie Scott. He and Lulu kiss good-bye and Dante heads off to meet Sonny at the airport.

Sonny knows that Carly will always put Josslyn first but Josslyn is doing great. He tells her Jax could never say she is a bad mother so he doesn't know what she's talking about. Carly reminds him that HE tried it once and Sonny tells her to look where it got him. He hopes for her sake and Josslyn's they don't have to go through a trial because he wouldn't wish that on anyone, except maybe Jax. He tells Carly he can picture her on the stand, her courage, her motherly love. It would be beautiful. Carly tells him to stop because she knows he is just flattering her to get what he wants. Maybe, Sonny says, but he's still telling her the truth. He describes the danger that Lucien is in again and asks Carly again if she will help him. Carly says she won't. . .but she will help Lucien. She tells him they have to be fast so she can get back there and Sonny assures her that's what he wants. She goes to tell Shawn what is happening while Sonny calls Spinelli and asks him to have Dante meet them at the airport. When Spinelli informs him that Dante is already on his way, Sonny instructs him to hold down the fort. Spinelli smiles and tells Sonny he can count on him but Sonny has already hung up. He tells Carly they need to bring Brenda's kid home and Carly stresses that they need to do it fast.

Suzanne is sitting on the couch with her grandson. She tells him that she missed him very much but all of her business trips are over and she can stay with him forever. She tells him there were times she didn't think she could pull it off but all she had to do was think of him and she knew that she had to. She pushes his hair out of his eyes and tells him he looks so much like his daddy. We find out the little boy's name is Alec. Suzanne laments that she couldn't protect her son, but she is going to make sure Alec has the life he couldn't.

Brenda walks in and finds Spinelli on the computer. She apologizes to him for how she acted earlier. She tells him she wasn't mad at him. Spinelli tells her that an apology is not needed or desired. Brenda says she isn't really mad at Sonny either. Spinelli understands that she is frustrated and scared. Brenda thanks him for understanding and asks him if he can tell her what is going on. Spinelli tells her he is sworn to secrecy but she may soon have cause to rejoice. He tries to duck out but Brenda starts lobbing questions at him. Spinelli assures her that Sonny and Dante are doing all they can to bring Lucien home, but he slips and mentions that Carly is with them now. Brenda starts shouting at Spinelli, asking him what Carly has to do with it. Spinelli realizes he has said too much and he looks upset. He has his hand over his mouth, but Brenda keeps begging him for information. She tells him if he has ever really been her friend he will tell her what is happening with her son. Spinelli confirms that Carly is going with them to look for Lucien. He tries to leave and bumps into the door twice on his way out. Brenda looks shocked.

Dante arrives on the plane and tells Sonny he didn't realize he was bringing Carly. Carly points out that Dante isn't her favorite person either. Dante says he admires Carly as a mother because she fights for her kids, but he thinks Brenda is going to be pissed when she finds out Sonny brought her. Sonny reminds him why they couldn't bring Brenda and assures him Carly knows what to do. Dante is surprised Sonny brought Carly because he thought they were still in a fight over what Carly pulled at the wedding. Carly points out she just told the truth and Sonny sarcastically complements her on her honesty. He tells Dante the one thing he needs to know about him and Carly is that no matter how often they fight they always have each other's backs.

Jason arrives at the hospital and asks Shawn what's going on with Carly. Shawn relates the day's events to him. Jason asks if Carly and Sonny said where they were going but Shawn answers that he's not in Sonny's loop. Jason doesn't think it makes sense for Carly to leave if Josslyn is being released. Shawn tells Jason that he's seen enough to know the fight for Josslyn is going to be fierce.

Jax arrives at Sonny's and Brenda tells him that Sonny isn't answering her calls. She also just learned that his plane took off from the airport. She tells Jax she thinks they are going to find Lucien. Jax thinks that's great but Brenda informs him that they went to find her son and instead of taking her they took Carly. Jax tells her Carly wouldn't leave town today but Brenda tells him Spinelli has no reason to lie.

Suzanne tells Alec they are going to take a ride in her new car and then they are going to fly on an airplane. She tells him she is sorry it took them so long to be together.

Dante says he has a good feeling about San Antonio. Sonny says they will have to improvise depending on what Spinelli digs up but what they have in their favor is the element of surprise. Suzanne doesn't know she is going to be found. Dante says Suzanne doesn't want the child traumatized anymore than they do. "Let's hope." Carly replies.

Suzanne tells Alec that ever since she found out about him everything she has done has been about making sure he grew up safe, away from the bad guys.

Sonny tells Carly that as soon as they get Lucien she needs to grab him and get him to safety. Carly assures him she knows what to do.

Suzanne tells Alec his smile is what keeps her going. She tells him he is going to have the best life and she is going to make sure of it. Alec tells Suzanne he loves her and she says she loves him, too. Suzanne goes to put her car keys in her purse and there is a knife inside.

Dante says they need to hope Suzanne goes quietly and doesn't put up a fight. Sonny says that Suzanne has worked long and hard to pull off this scam. They need to be prepared for a fight.

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