GH Update Tuesday 5/10/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/10/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Lisa closes the blinds on her office window and sits down at the computer to listen to Robin and Patrick via the bug she installed in their home. The Scorpio-Drakes are discussing their latest therapy appointment. Patrick thinks that, although it's not his favorite night of the week, it went well. Robin agrees. She's glad there weren't any moments of Patrick bashing. Patrick reminds her that the therapist told them it is about rebuilding trust, it's not bashing. Robin wonders if Patrick is really ok with therapy or if he might wind up resenting her later. Patrick is just grateful they are moving on from the disaster that was Lisa. Kristina knocks on Lisa door. She tells Dr. Niles that she wants to talk to her about the herbal supplements she has been given her. Krissy looked them up online and they're nothing like the ones Lisa has been giving her.

Carly shouts at Anthony that, while she doesn't know how he got out of prison, if he doesn't stay away from Michael she will make sure he winds up right back there. "Magnificent!" Anthony replies. Carly asks if he thinks she's kidding and Michael tells her he thinks Anthony is talking about her. Anthony goes on to extol the virtues of the mother lion that is ready to pounce to protect her cub. Carly tells him he's damn right she is. Anthony tells her he's got goosebumps. He says that Carly is scaring which is unusual because it's normally the other way around. Carly asks him if he is listening to her. She tells him again to stay away from Michael. Michael tells her everything is fine and they were just talking. Carly wants to know what Anthony is trying to force Michael to do. Anthony insists they were talking as equals. He figures since Michael is so obviously close to his mother he won't mind if Anthony tells her he was looking for a hitman.

Lucky thanks Jason for letting him ramble on about Jake. Jason lets Lucky know he has been thinking about Jake a lot lately. Lucky remarks that it's difficult for people to know what to say and that most say nothing at all because they are afraid it will remind him of him of his pain. Jason replies "As if you need reminding" and Lucky concurs. Lucky thinks about Jake all the time and he like to talk about him. It makes him feel as though Jake won't be forgotten. Jason tells Lucky that when he tells him about Jake he feels like he gets to know him a little better. Lucky starts to apologize for the lack of time Jason had with Jake but Jason reminds him it was his choice. Lucky was a good father to Jake. Lucky tells Jason he did his best, which is all any father can do. He then tells Jason he needs to ask him a favor and it's about Luke. He asks Jason not to go after Luke even if Luke tries to make him.

Siobhan hurriedly shoves the test results back into the envelope just as Elizabeth comes back. Liz starts to explain that she used to make cookies every week and she is trying to get back into the routine but Siobhan jumps up and asks her why she didn't tell Lucky.

Kristina tells Lisa that the supplements worked so well that she decided to order her own online but the capsules looked different. She looks groggy and is speaking slowly. Lisa tells her that the capsules she gave her came from a wholesale dealer that only works with doctors and she put them in that bottle so it didn't look like a drug deal. Kristina says she doesn't want to take advantage of Lisa. Lisa tells Krissy she gets them really cheap and doesn't mind giving her refills. Krissy asks her what is in the pills and Lisa tells her it a blend of 12 different herbs. She offers to write it down so Krissy can go to the store and purchase her own, but Krissy thinks it would be easier to keep getting them from Lisa as long as she doesn't mind. Lisa tells Krissy she's been in her shoes so she is happy to do her the favor.

Robin and Patrick are putting together a toy for Emma. Robin wonders if they are overcompensating for their marriage problems by showering their daughter with toys and presents but Patrick thinks she deserves them. Patrick finds the directions confusing but Robin just starts screwing pieces together. Robin tells Patrick she is having fun but only because she is doing it with him. Robin admits that she bought Emma a gigantic toy cottage she wanted while she and Patrick were separated. Patrick asks where it is and Robin tells him it's in the garage still in pieces. She says it was just another indication of how much they needed him around.

Elizabeth apologizes to Siobhan for putting her in an awkward position. Siobhan assumes she is talking about the DNA results and tells Liz there is no need to apologize. She's not judging her. Liz tells her that makes it all the more embarrassing and Siobhan is confused. Liz tells Siobhan that she is being so kind by coming over to apologize for interrupting when she was with Lucky when it's Liz that should be apologizing for interrupting her wedding night. Siobhan agrees it was bad timing all around. Liz tells Siobhan she has every right to be mad at her after Liz accused her of taking advantage of Lucky. She just couldn't accept that he really cared about her until she heard his vows. She tells Siobhan she supports their marriage, it just took her a minute to get used to it. Siobhan understands. Lucky and Liz share so much. Suddenly, she tells Liz she has to get going and hurries out the door.

Lucky tells Jason that Luke is an alcoholic and explains about the intervention. Jason is surprised he even sat down and agreed to listen. Lucky explains that Ethan drugged him and they tied him to a chair and read him letters about how his addiction is affecting them. Jason correctly assumes that nothing has changed and Luke is still drinking. He tells Lucky that none of this is his problem. Lucky tells Jason that Luke won't admit he was driving drunk the night Jake died but he's drowning in guilt. He wants to die and Jason is the answer to that. Lucky explains to Jason that Luke already tried goading him once and he's going to try it again. He's asking Jason not to engage. He asks him to walk away. Jason leans in and quietly tells Lucky that he can only be pushed so far.

Carly theorizes that either Anthony misunderstood Michael or he is making things up to see what kind of a reaction he gets. Anthony asks if Carly ever tried to take over for Sonny. He tells her his first wife was forceful and dynamic but power-hungry. He wonders if that is what happened between her and Sonny because he can't think of any other reason Sonny would let her get away. Carly is gorgeous and clearly very passionate. Carly tells Anthony he is a sick, twisted murderer. Anthony asks Carly if she gardens. He tells her she has a nurturing yet warlike quality about her and he would highly recommend it becoming one with the soil. Carly cuts him off. She tells him he is going to become one with the soil because if he keeps messing with Michael she will make sure he is buried so deep no one will ever find him. Anthony gets excited. He tells Carly there is nothing like having your life threatened by a beautiful woman. He goes on to make more suggestive comments and Michael attempts to stop him by telling him that's enough. Anthony replies that they are just getting started.

Lucky tells Jason that the whole reason Luke went over to the penthouse and ranted to Sam about Jason was to get Jason to show up at the Haunted Star, see him with a gun and shoot without ever realizing the gun wasn't loaded. Jason knows this must be tearing Lucky apart. Lucky tells him the gun will never be loaded. Luke isn't a threat to Jason, he's just sick. Jason says if Luke had been sober he might have seen Jake. He doesn't even hold himself accountable for it. Lucky wonders why, if he believes that, he hasn't killed Luke already. Jason tells him that it's because Michael wants to follow in his footsteps right now and he doesn't want to teach him that revenge is ok at any cost. Lucky tells Jason that Luke is not beyond redemption. Jason is sorry he's caught in the middle. Lucky explains that they're trying to help Luke but they need more time. Jason replies that he's focused on Michael right now and he has his hands full.

Anthony compares Carly to a rose in bloom: radiant beauty and wicked sharp thorns. Carly holds up her cell phone and informs Anthony that she only has to push one button to have ten of Sonny's men show up. Does he want to find out what will happen if they do? Anthony can see his compliment fell flat. Carly shouts at him to leave. Anthony replies that she's been a delight and tells her they must do it again. He takes off and Carly slaps Michael on the arm and asks him what he was doing. He knows how Anthony Zacchara is and he shouldn't be speaking to him let alone asking him about a hitman. Michael insists he knows what he's doing. Carly tells him Anthony Zacchara will kill him as easy as he can snap his fingers. What in God's name is going on with Michael? Michael assures her it has nothing to do with hiring a hitman. Carly tells Michael he is forbidden to talk to Anthony or Johnny. Michael tells her that he understands that she's worried but he's an adult and she doesn't get to forbid anything. As he walks off, Carly shouts after him that it's not a game.

Johnny asks Abby to tell him about her legal situation. Abby explains that Diane is representing her and she is looking into several options for her defense. Johnny suggests that if she didn't kill Brandon her first defense should be to plead innocent. Abby says she probably will but Diane just wanted to cover all her options. Johnny says he's sorry. He points out that Abby has been in a lot of tough situations lately and all roads lead back to Michael. Abby cautions Johnny that if he is trying to turn her against Michael he shouldn't. Johnny says he would have no reason to do that but Abby thinks his father would disagree. Johnny reminds that he isn't working with his father. He just sees his situation and Michael's as being similar. Abby points out that Michael loves his father and Johnny hates his. Johnny tells her that they were both raised by powerful and controlling men. If Michael gets a hang nail Sonny and Jason are right there along with Carly and Dante. Abby wonders what his point is. Johnny points out that if those people that if those people think Michael is in jeopardy, Abby is expendable. He correctly predicts that Sonny and Carly have already asked Abby to stay away from Michael for his own good. Abby impatiently asks him what he's getting at. Johnny offers to make Abby disappear. He will use his connections to get her a new identity and a new life. Abby wonders what's in it for him.

Robin teases Patrick by telling him she is amazed his skills with a scalpel don't translate to anything in the home. Patrick thinks that's funny coming from someone that has Dr. Jackson come over to fix the garage door opener. Robin says he was being helpful and Patrick insists he was flirting with her. Robin says she wouldn't have noticed anyway because Patrick is the guy for her. Robin informs Patrick she has a long to-do list for him. She tells him they need batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and they need the furnace replaced. Lisa is listening in and she seems intrigued by this. She uses a search engine to look for "home gas leaks."

Shawn meets Carly at the docks per her request. Carly tells him she is going to ask him something because she knows he is discreet and dependable. She is grateful that Shawn is there to look after her and Josslyn, but she wants to offer him a job on the side and she'll pay him well for it. She asks him to kill Anthony Zacchara.

Abby reminds Johnny that she paid him the money she owes him. Johnny imagines the money came from someone close to Michael and he can't understand why she did that when he told her he would carry the debt. Abby questions why he is now offering to help her disappear. She can't imagine it's out of the goodness of his heart so there must be something in it for him. Johnny says he feels bad that she is caught up in the middle of mob politics. It doesn't cost him anything to help her out. Abby points out that she didn't kill Brandon but Johnny doesn't seem to think that the truth will set her free. He tells her that people act in their own interests and Abby wonders what people he's talking about. Johnny tells her there are people that might want to use her to manipulate Michael. Abby questions why he's suddenly worried about Michael. Johnny is certain that Michael will go to the wall to protect Abby and he knows that worries her. He also knows she doesn't want to be the reason Michael goes back to Pentonville. Abby asks if the answer is really to skip bail and become a fugitive. Johnny tells her that leaving town and starting a new life might be in Michael's best interest. Abby insists she is not going to run away from a murder charge and she's not going to disappear on Michael.

Matt arrives at Maxie's apartment with a bottle of wine. She asks him how his day was but she is distracted and constantly looking at her phone. He starts telling her that his surgeries went well but, when he realizes she isn't paying attention, he makes up a story about a fainting anesthesiologist who turned out to have bubonic plague. Maxie tells him that's nice. Matt puts his hand over her phone and asks her what's going on. He was under the impression Kate was out of town so why is Maxie so frazzled? He asks her what's going on and she replies that he is the most understanding person she knows which is making it worse. Matt wonders exactly what it is making worse. She tells him it is about the huge secret Elizabeth has that he is being nice enough not to force her to tell him. She goes on to explain that if Liz doesn't cough up the secret soon she is going to have to take some action.

Lucky arrives at Elizabeth's to see how she is doing. He realizes it must have been a shock for her to show up at his apartment and find him married to Siobhan. He explains that it was a last minute decision and he didn't even realize the date until they came back from the justice of the peace. Liz tells him he did nothing wrong. Lucky wishes he had told her that Jake's present was coming in the mail. Liz tells him Jake would have loved it. Lucky keeps thinking about how excited he would have been and how much he loved parties. He tells Liz that he had promised Jake a piñata and they had been practicing his swings with a baseball bat. Liz tells Lucky he is a good dad. Lucky reminds her of how much he loves Cameron and lets her know that his commitment to their son won't change because he married Siobhan. Liz starts to cry. Lucky asks her what's wrong and Liz says there's something she has to tell him.

Lucky asks Liz what she wants to tell him. Liz glances at the envelope on the table as if contemplating whether or not to tell him about Aiden, but she winds up telling him that she knew he was married when she showed up at his apartment. She admits that she called the station and Ronnie told her, so she went to the justice of the peace and listened to his vows. She tells him he sounded so happy, like he had something to look forward to. Lucky realizes that it was bad timing, but Liz tells him it's right for him t o move on with his life and she doesn't want to interfere. She just wants Lucky to be happy.

Matt is pouring wine for himself and Maxie while Maxie analyzes the situation with Liz. She tells Matt that, on one hand, the secret is between Liz and someone else and she should just stay out of it but, on the other hand, the someone else is a friend she cares very much about. Matt tries to distract her by complimenting her on how nice the table looks and wondering if there is any food to go on it. Maxie off-handedly informs him that his favorite meal is coming from the Metro Court and goes back to obsessing over Liz. While she thinks it's unfair not to tell her friend, she also hates it when people meddle in her business so she doesn't feel right meddling in Elizabeth's. Matt tips the wine glass up to her lips and forces her to drink. Maxie swallows and asks where they were. Matt tells her she was talking about how she is going to focus on her life and let Elizabeth go on living hers. Maxie replies that she doesn't remember saying that and Matt attempts to convince her by forcing her to drink more wine.

Shawn tells Carly he will try really hard not to be offended, but she can't just pay him to kill off people she doesn't like. Carly points out that this isn't some guy that cut her off in the intersection. Anthony Zacchara is evil and insane. Shawn says he believes her and Carly asks if he's met him. Shawn admits they had a recent run-in and he wouldn't be surprised it the guy lives up to his reputation. Carly tells Shawn that Anthony is supposed to be serving life in prison but has somehow been released and is going after Michael. She tells Shawn that Anthony hates Sonny and will use Michael to get back at him. Shawn feels as though he is misses a part of their history. Carly explains about Sonny's marriage to Claudia and the fact that he now controls a huge part of the Zaccharas territory. She tells him that Anthony wants his power back. She believes Michael wants to be in the business so bad he'll fall under Anthony's spell. Shawn wonders if Carly is giving Michael enough credit but she tells him she can't take any chances. She has to get rid of Anthony. Shawn advises Carly to stay out of it and leave Anthony to Sonny and Jason.

Michael goes to see Jason at the hospital and tells him that Anthony approached him. Jason warns him to stay away from Anthony because he's crazy. Michael thinks he understands Anthony, but Jason warns him that every time you think you know where he's coming from, he'll come at you from another direction. He cautions Michael not to underestimate Anthony but Michael believes Anthony is underestimating him. Michael replays the incident on the docks for Jason. He ends by telling Jason that Carly ordered him to stay away from the Zaccharas but he can't because he needs them to prove that Abby is innocent.

Maxie suggests that someone should take the dishes into the kitchen and Matt agrees that someone should. He tells Maxie he can wait her out. Maxie tells Matt it turns her on when a guy cleans up after her. Matt knows he shouldn't be telling her this, but he likes taking care of her. It makes him happy. Maxie thinks that must make them the perfect couple. Matt can follow her around all day taking care of her and being happy and she'll be turned on. She teases him that he would look cute in a butler suit. She then thanks him for helping her out. She admits to being stressed out when he arrived but tells him she has barely thought about Liz since he arrived. Matt knows what she means. He thinks it's great that she can be herself with him because that's how he feels about her. He loves that he can come home and be himself around her. Matt asks Maxie if it really turns her on when a guy does the dishes and Maxie tells him there's only one way to find out. Matt jumps out of his chair, grabs all the dishes and runs into the kitchen. In the process, he knocks his jacket on the floor. Maxie picks it up and finds a small jewelry box in the pocket. She opens it to find a diamond ring.

Elizabeth tells Lucky she likes think she is dealing with the everyday grief ok, but then she finds one of Jake's toys and misses him so profoundly she can't breathe. Lucky understands. The other day he opened a drawer and found a Christmas card Jake gave him. He sat there for hours, staring at the card and remembering the look on Jake's face when he gave it to him. Liz tells Lucky that Siobhan came by to apologize and explain about the wedding. Lucky is glad they were able to talk. Liz tells Lucky that Siobhan genuinely cares about him and that makes her happy. Lucky tells her he has to get going but he will see her soon. As he leaves, Liz opens her mouth as if to call him back but doesn't.

Anthony approaches Abby on the docks and asks her if she needs help. Abby assures him she's fine. Anthony tells her she looks familiar and asks if they've ever met. Abby tells him they haven't but she knows who he is and Anthony replies that he's flattered. He asks how she knows his name and Abby tells him she used to dance at Johnny's club. Anthony asks if she is the girl whose ex-boyfriend got whacked in the parking lot and Abby tells him that's one way to put it. Anthony has heard that she is being charged with murder. He's sorry they didn't meet sooner because he could have solved all her problems. Abby wonders why all the Zaccharas are in such a hurry to do her favors.

Jason tells Michael he can't blame Carly for being worried. Michael wishes Carly had more faith in him. He knows that Anthony is probably the reason Abby is being framed and he needs to know more. He will pretend like he's buying into Anthony's act to get the information. He needs to prove Abby is innocent before the case goes to court. Jason tells him Anthony is counting on that. He wants to know how Michael responded when Anthony offered to do him a favor and Michael tells him he inquired about a hitman. Jason tells Michael he can't trick Anthony Zacchara but Michael assures him he'll be careful. Carly arrives and begs Jason to talk some sense into Michael. She wants him to stay away from Anthony and Johnny and to stay away from Abby until the trial is over. Jason tells her they've already discussed it and Michael lets her know that Jason respects his decisions, unlike her. He walks away and Carly confronts Jason. Did he tell Michael it was ok to hang out with the Zaccharas? Jason assures her that's not how he put it. Carly shouts that Michael can't afford to go back to Pentonville. Does she have to do this on her own?

Lucky arrives back at his apartment and Siobhan is waiting for him. He apologizes for taking so long to get back to their wedding night but Siobhan assures him it's fine because it gave her time to think. Lucky asks what she was thinking about and Siobhan tells him there is something he needs to know about Elizabeth.

Robin and Patrick finish putting together Emma's chalkboard. There is one screw left on the floor and Patrick wonders where it goes, but Robin simply throws it away and claims not to have seen it, which leads Patrick to tell her she is sexy. They begin to kiss. Lisa is still listening in on them but she is absorbed in reading an article about a woman who died in a gas leak. An evil smile spreads across her face.

Jason reminds Carly of what happens when she gives Michael ultimatums. Carly wonders how much worse it has to get before they do something. Jason says he has spoken with Michael but Carly maintains he isn't getting through to him. Jason points out that they won't get anywhere if they don't treat him like an adult. Carly replies that they have tried to reason with him and it's not working. Jason tells Carly that she can't keep treating Michael like a child. Carly insists that she is trying to save him. Jason points out that she is ordering him to obey her. Carly finally admits that she is. She won't let Anthony Zacchara pull her kid into the business and she won't let him frame Michael. Jason reminds her that the harder she pushes Michael, the harder he will push back. Carly asks if Jason is suggesting they let Michael call the shots. Does Jason really think Michael can handle Anthony? Jason asks Carly to trust him. He assures her he will deal with Anthony and make sure Michael's safe.

Anthony questions why he wouldn't want to help a beautiful woman. He would be delighted to get to know her better. Abby tells him she is waiting for someone and Anthony insists on keeping her company. He tells her the docks are no place for a young woman. Abby assures him she's fine. Anthony suggests they talk about the charges she's facing. He tells her that he is retired but perhaps his son can help. Abby tells him he already has and Anthony appears pleased to hear it. Abby assumes that if Johnny told his father she is a murder suspect, he also mentioned helping her out. Anthony wants to offer her some advice. He tells her he's been to Pentonville and it's a horror show. He can't imagine the women's prison is any better. He tells Abby he is a great admirer of beauty and he'd hate to think of her wilting behind stone walls. Just then, Michael arrives. He puts himself between Abby and Anthony and tells Mr. Zacchara to get away from her now.

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