GH Update Monday 5/9/11

General Hospital Update Monday 5/9/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason holds Sam’s hand in the hospital room. Sam wakes up and asks about the procedure. Jason says it is too soon to know if Sam can carry a baby. Sam is saddened to hear Kelly can’t give her a time frame. Jason reassures Sam that the procedure went off without a hitch. Sam is hopeful but visibly tired. Jason knows the medications are making Sam sleepy. Jason advises Sam to rest. Jason kisses Sam’s forehead, then silently leaves the room.

At Lucky’s place, Siobhan watches as Lucky and Elizabeth hug each other. Siobhan makes a noise which makes Lucky turn around. Siobhan apologizes for interrupting, then returns to the bedroom. Elizabeth says she is sorry for interrupting Lucky and Siobhan’s wedding night. Before Lucky can speak, Liz hurries out the door. Lucky cleans up the coffee table. Siobhan returns to the living room, wearing a robe. Lucky apologizes for Liz’s visit. Lucky knows Siobhan didn’t sign up for his family obligations. Siobhan isn’t mad. In fact, Siobhan is thankful that Lucky got to console Elizabeth. Siobhan wants to take things slow with Lucky. Siobhan goes to the kitchen and returns with two plates of cake, one for Lucky and another for Jake. Siobhan asks Lucky to talk about his son. Lucky rambles on about Jake being “fearless and a “thinker”. Lucky remembers when Jake tried climbing a tree in Liz’s backyard. Siobhan comments that Jake was loved deeply by everyone. Lucky has tears in his eyes.

At Sonny’s place, Dante tells his father that a reliable source saw Suzanne with a young boy at the airport. Dante and Sonny talk about Jax’s upcoming press conference. Sonny makes a phone call to Carlos Escobar, a well-known mob boss. Dante doesn’t like the idea of involving Escobar. Dante listens to Sonny speaking in Spanish during his call to Escobar. Dante shakes his head at the thought Escobar could help Sonny find Lucian. Sonny figures Suzanne has contacts with several mob bosses. Sonny is convinced Lucian will be found. Sonny and Dante agree that Suzanne stashed Lucian somewhere and will return to New York. Sonny says that they will trap Suzanne in a lie. Sonny begs Dante to help him. Dante agrees to get Sonny the surveillance footage from the airport. Sonny wants Dante to use his badge to gain authority over the case. Sonny and Dante wonder if Lucian is really Brenda’s son. Dante has no idea what Suzanne’s hidden agenda is. Sonny feels Suzanne will come back to Port Charles. Dante agrees to keep quiet about Sonny’s plan. Sonny is adamant that Lucian will be found.

At the docks, Abby and Michael run into each other. After sharing a kiss, Michael asks how Abby’s appointment went with Diane. Abby raves about Diane and announces that her attorney wants to play on the battered woman defense. Michael hates the idea because he assumes Abby will confess to Brandon’s murder. Abby thinks Diane will help her get exonerated. Abby points out how well Diane has helped Jason and Sonny in the past. Michael tells Abby that she was framed for murder so she shouldn’t confess. Abby knows all the evidence points to her. Abby doesn’t want to confess, but feels Jason won’t be able to find the hit woman in time. Abby and Michael continue to argue. Michael believes the Zaccharas framed Abby. Abby tries to convince Michael that Diane’s defense will work. Michael refuses to stand by Abby’s decision. Abby reminds Michael that he can’t control her. Michael begs Abby to think things through before confessing. Michael believes Abby won’t get a suspended sentence. Michael is worried that the jury will think it was second degree murder. Abby refuses to change her mind. Abby points out that Diane has a winning record and the fact that a witness heard Brandon assaulting her the night of the murder. Michael says there are no guarantees Abby will be found innocent. Michael wants to find the hit woman. Abby asks that Michael stay out of the way. Abby worries Michael will get killed in the process. Michael won’t listen to Abby. Abby swears she’ll confess to protect Michael.

At Jax’s office, Brenda confides that she’s still mad at Sonny. Jax offers Brenda some carrots. Brenda thanks Jax for listening. Strangely, Jax defends Sonny. They share a laugh before Brenda brings up Sonny’s thoughts on Suzanne’s guilt. Jax and Brenda are unable to continue their conversation because Carly barges in. Carly asks to speak to Jax about Josslyn. Brenda screams at Carly for not being respectful. Brenda quickly apologizes to Carly, explaining her fears concerning Lucian. Carly is quiet. Jax pipes in that Brenda will be going to the media about Lucian’s disappearance. Carly says she and Jax can talk later, then leaves the office. Brenda apologizes for being testy toward Carly. Brenda asks Jax’s theory on Suzanne. Jax goes over a possible scenario – Suzanne wanted to provide Brenda with Lucian so she didn’t look for her long-lost son. Brenda realizes that Sonny and Jax are right – Suzanne kidnapped Lucian. Brenda begins freaking out. Jax makes a call to the news station and informs Brenda that the news crew will be there shortly. Brenda is still reeling from the fact that Suzanne is involved in Lucian’s disappearance. Brenda makes it clear that Suzanne will pay. Jax asks Brenda to calm down before making her statement on television. Brenda knows Suzanne can’t hide.

Outside of Sam’s hospital room, Jason runs into Carly. Carly inquires about the procedure. Jason relays that it went well, but it’s a waiting game to see if the procedure took. Carly notices that Jason is not very excited. Jason admits this is all new to him. They make their way to the lobby and sit down on a couch. Carly wants to talk about parenthood. Jason asks Carly if they can talk about something else. Jason blurts out that it is Jake’s birthday today. Carly wonders what she can do. Jason wants to know if Carly has a problem he can fix. Carly brings up her fight with Jax concerning Josslyn. Carly informs Jason that Brenda is worried about Lucian. Carly has no idea what to do next in regards to the custody dispute.

At Johnny’s apartment, Anthony is reading the newspaper. Anthony tells his son about the murder trial. Anthony says Abby Haver is pretty. Anthony tells Johnny that Michael is in a vulnerable position. Johnny reminds Anthony that he’s the boss, then asks his dad to concentrate on his flowers. Anthony gets mad, claiming he built the organization Johnny is running now. Johnny warns Anthony not to sabotage his business. Anthony says Johnny shouldn’t stand by his truce with Sonny. Anthony wants to help Johnny get more power.

On the docks, Abby and Michael continue to argue. Michael talks about the horrors of being on trial and going to prison. Abby wants to do what’s best for her and Michael. Michael wishes Abby wouldn’t try to protect him. Abby walks away in frustration. Anthony shows up unexpectedly. Anthony laughs at Michael. Anthony brings up their last prison visit and rambles on about being free. Michael has no intentions of speaking to Anthony. Anthony believes Michael is scared of him. Anthony thanks Michael for killing Claudia, then says he owes him one. Michael is speechless. Anthony says he can call in some favors for Michael. Michael asks about independent contractors but is interrupted by Carly. Carly walks up to Anthony and tells him to stay away from her son. Anthony is amused by Carly’s threats.

Elizabeth is laying on her living room couch looking at a picture of Jake. Liz speaks softly to her son and acknowledges her lingering grief. There is a knock on the door. It’s Siobhan. Siobhan apologizes for showing up unannounced. Elizabeth says she is sorry for interrupting Lucky and Siobhan’s night. Siobhan is surprised to learn Elizabeth knew about the wedding beforehand. Liz admits she was outside in the hallway when Siobhan and Lucky wed. Siobhan wonders why Elizabeth didn’t interrupt the nuptials. Liz admits she heard Lucky’s voice and it was full of love for Siobhan. Elizabeth tells Siobhan that Lucky wanted to marry her. Elizabeth admits it was hard hearing Lucky talk so lovingly about Siobhan, but insists the two are good for each other. Elizabeth tells Siobhan she has to check some cookies in the oven. Alone, Siobhan admires the picture frame of Jake. Siobhan notices an envelope sitting on the coffee table. Siobhan pulls out Aiden’s paternity test results.

At the hospital, Lucky runs into Jason. Lucky acknowledges Jake’s birthday. Lucky apologizes to Jason for the fact he missed out on a lot of memories with Jake. Lucky has regrets about Luke. Jason doesn’t blame Lucky for Luke’s actions that night. Lucky admits he and Siobhan got married. Lucky wonders if it was disrespectful to wed on Jake’s birthday. Jason says the best way to honor Jake is to keep living and be good to others. Both wonder if they can move on from Jake’s death.

Abby shows up at Johnny's apartment. Abby asks Johnny if he framed her for Brandon’s murder. Johnny insists he didn’t. Abby wants help finding the hit woman.

Sonny and Dante are at the Corinthos house talking about Suzanne. Dante makes a call to the station. Dante tells Sonny that Brenda’s press conference is beginning. Sonny listens as Brenda offers five-million-dollars as a reward for Lucian’s return. Sonny throws the remote across the room when Brenda accuses Suzanne of being the kidnapper. Brenda tries to appeal to Suzanne, crying and saying that they can work things out. Sonny turns off the television. Dante and Sonny realize their plan won’t happen now. Dante is convinced Suzanne will vanish and never be seen again.

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