GH Update Thursday 5/5/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/5/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Jason is arranging a rose in a vase on a tray when Sam comes down the stairs and asks him what he's doing. He tells her he read her surgery prep and it said she can't eat but tea is allowed. She thanks him and Jason says it's the least he can do. Sam asks if Jason is feeling ok and he says yes. Sam points out that he didn't get much sleep the night before and Jason tells her he doesn't need much. Jason shows Sam a hospital care package that Maxie has dropped off for her and then offers her some tea. As he hands her the cup he notices that her hand is shaking and questions why. Sam admits she is more nervous than she thought and Jason tells her she's allowed to be as the procedure is a very big deal. Sam agrees and suggests they clarify their intentions. Sam is electing to have the procedure so that the possibility of having a child exists but that doesn't mean they actually want one. Does it?

Elizabeth continues staring at nothing until Lulu calls her back to the present. Liz tells Lulu she knows he's not real and when Lulu asks what she means Liz explains that she's been seeing visions of Jake. She tells Lulu she misses him so much.

Siobhan tells Lucky they should put the idea of a green card marriage behind them because it's jinxed now. Lucky cautions her that this isn't the time for Irish superstitions. He tells her that it was alcoholism that caused Jake's death, not the fact that they were trying to get married. If Lucky can get past whatever memories might arise Siobhan can too. Siobhan tells Lucky that, while he puts up a good front, he's still grieving Jake's death. She doesn't think he should be making any major life decisions right now. Lucky appeals to Nikolas for help but Nik agrees with Siobhan.

Tracy chuckles over Luke's announcement that he is going to sue her. He tells her he intends to get the Haunted Star back from her along with money for the suffering he's gone through since she locked him out. He tells Alexia to add "loss of conjugal whatever" to the lawsuit as well. Tracy laughs harder. She tells Luke he doesn't have a leg to stand on and looks to Alexis to confirm it.

Tracy assumes Luke has not brought Alexis up to speed and Alexis tells her he was just filling her in when Tracy arrived. Tracy tells Alexis that she owns the Haunted Star, having been given it in exchange for the money Luke stole from her during their first marriage. Alexis says she could argue that Luke gave Tracy the Star under duress and Luke believes that's exactly what happened. He thinks Tracy's decision to deny him access to a business he created is criminal. Tracy points out that he wasn't feeling any pride when he decided to douse it with gasoline and light it on fire, but Luke argues that it's his business and he can do whatever he wants with it. Tracy says that based on that and a few other alarming incidents they decided to hold an intervention. Luke calls it a kidnapping and tells Alexis to add it to the lawsuit. Tracy tells Alexis that they want Luke to admit he has a problem and get help. She cautions the attorney that if she considers herself a friend of Luke's at all she will stay out of it and let Luke suffer the consequences of his addiction.

Lulu takes Liz to sit down. She asks her if she has been seeing Jake all along and Liz admits it's not the first time. She knows that he's not there but how can she not believe her own eyes? She tells Lulu that Jake pops up and then disappears and the whole thing comes crashing down around her again. Lulu can't imagine how Liz is dealing with the pain she must be going through. Liz admits that sometimes she doesn't. She tells Lulu that it hits her really hard in the morning and she can't move, but then she hears Cameron and Aiden calling her and she knows she has to get up. She goes on to say that she will be doing something random like going through the mail and suddenly Jake will appear. Does Lulu think she is losing her mind? Lulu just thinks she's a mother going through a terrible grieving process. Seeing Jake is a part of that process and her heart's not ready to let him go. Liz tells her she doesn't know how to do that. She stands up suddenly and tells Lulu she has to get back to work because Steven is already afraid that she came back too soon. Lulu wonders if he isn't right but Liz insists it's best for her. She thanks Lulu for listening. Lulu lets her know that despite their issues she has always considered Liz family. Liz feels the same way. Lulu tells her to call if she needs anything.

Lucky tells Nikolas that when he asked for help he didn't mean agree with the person he is arguing with. Nik apologizes but he thought Lucky would want the truth. He doesn't think Lucky should be marrying anyone for any reason. Lucky replies that he's on the record but he and Siobhan are getting married. Siobhan tells him he can't order her to marry him. Nik wants to know why he's being so insistent. Siobhan believes that Lucky wants to help her because he feels helpless over Jake's death and Luke's drinking, but Lucky tells her it's not a selfless act. He doesn't want her to go. She doesn't want to leave and she is very tempted by Lucky's offer. Lucky tells her she will have to trust that he is clear on why he is doing this. Nikolas chimes in and tells them he has a solution where they both get what they want.

Sam tells Jason that if the procedure works it will be a miracle. The thing she always wanted but could never have would be a reality. She tells Jason that Maxie was right and Jason thinks that is a little scary. Sam tells him Maxie told her to examine the reasons why she wanted a baby. Jason tells her if it's too overwhelming for her she can give time for the answer to form, but Sam already knows the reason. She just wants to give herself the possibility of being able to have a baby. Even if the procedure takes, they don't have to get pregnant right away. They agree that they are both ok with that. They start to kiss and there is an insistent knock at the door. Jason opens it and Molly runs in and throws her arms around Sam. She tells them how exciting it is that they are finally having a baby.

Sam tells Jason she thought she should tell Alexis she was having surgery and obviously she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Molly wants to know why she would when Sam should be shouting it from the rooftops. Sam points out that there's nothing to shout because she's just having surgery. Molly tells her she researched her procedure online and found that it has a very high success rate and recovery is very quick for women in Sam's age group. She predicts they will be pregnant in no time. Jason lets her know they appreciate her enthusiasm but they are trying to take things slow. Molly understands that it's best to ere on the side of caution. She tells Sam she brought her something for luck. She gives her sister her favorite teddy bear and tells her it's a gift for her baby from Auntie Molly. She excitedly tells Sam and Jason that she can't wait to meet the baby and thinks they will be awesome parents.

Nikolas tells Lucky and Siobhan that his solution to their problem is for them to travel. He points out that while Siobhan may have to leave the country, Lucky doesn't have to stay. He encourages them to go on vacation and see the world. He also offers to pay for the entire trip. Lucky tells Siobhan that's the Cassadine way of saying he can easily afford a trip around the world and Lucky gets to reap the benefits because he's related. Nik goes on to say he'll make sure Cameron is taken care of while Lucky is away. He questions why Lucky would want to stay and watch Luke slip further and further away. He presses him to take Siobhan and go be the world traveler he's always wanted to be. Lucky admits that he's tempted, but he wonders if that guy is only who he thought he wanted to be. He thinks running away from everything only brings him one step closer to being Luke.

Luke informs Tracy he is also suing for slander. He believes that's what all the talk about him being a hopeless drunk is. Tracy tells him he's not hopeless yet. She tells Alexis if she wants further confirmation of Luke's actions she needs to talk to the other people that were at the intervention and gives her a list. Luke tells them Lulu was there under duress. He says that Nikolas will go anywhere to torture him and Carly just had nowhere better to go. He goes on to say that Lucky is looking for a scapegoat and he assumes Ethan was just there scamming people since he matches him drink for drink. Tracy asks Luke if he believes everyone is wrong but him. Luke replies that they were all looking to convict a villain and since they couldn't bring themselves to convict Luke Spencer they decided to convict booze. Tracy tells Alexis that Luke is in trouble and if he doesn't get help he might die. Alexis tells Tracy that she will take her advice and give the situation serious thought. She then offers Tracy some advice. She tells her it might be futile to try to get Luke to live the way she wants. She tells Luke she will be in touch and leaves. Luke tells Tracy that Alexis is a wise woman. He cautions her against trying to turn him into a dry, buttoned-up square. Tracy replies that she loves Luke and she is trying to help him. He shouldn't expect her to stop doing either anytime soon.

Lulu shows up at the Haunted Star and finds Ethan preparing to open the casino at Tracy's request. He says it feels weird without Luke but Lulu reminds him their father was hardly ever in town anyway. Ethan tells her this is different. Luke is in town but he's banished. He asks Lulu if it bothers her and she says the whole situation is bothersome. Ethan asks her if she thinks they did the right thing with the intervention. Ethan admits that Luke was right. He only went along with it because it meant so much to Lucky and Tracy and look how poorly it went. Lulu tells him it went that way because Luke has a problem and refuses to admit it. Ethan poses the theory that maybe Luke doesn't have a problem. He suggests that if they keep accusing him he might run off or drink even more to prove a point. Lulu replies that she won't be surprised if it goes either way. Ethan wonders if they're wrong to keep slamming all the doors in Luke's face. Maybe if he and Lulu reached out to Luke they could help. Lulu's eyes tear up. She tells Ethan if he had asked her that morning she would have gone along with it but now she is certain they need to cut him off for good.

Lulu explains that she went to Kelly's hoping to run into Luke. She was thinking of doing just what Ethan is suggesting, reaching out to him. She was against the intervention from the beginning, she explains, and wondered if it would do any good for Luke to go to rehab since he always breaks the rules. She goes on to tell Ethan that Luke came in and he was drunk. She tells him it was embarrassing but it was mostly sad. She believes that Luke needs help and she tells Ethan that the people who know about this stuff say this is what works. Alcoholics need to hit rock bottom. Ethan shakes his head and goes back to uncovering the gaming tables. Lulu says she can tell by the fact that he isn't listening to her that he doesn't agree. He doesn't. He tells Lulu that she has to do what she has to do but he questions how he can judge Luke's drinking when he has been matching him drink for drink since he got here. So Ethan doesn't believe that Luke needs help? Ethan replies that he doesn't WANT to believe that Luke needs help because he is too set on living his life the exact same way.

Tracy turns to leave Kelly's and Luke wonders when she started to run away from a fight. Tracy tells him she realized it was a mistake to engage, but she has one more thing to tell him. She cautions him that if Alexis actually goes through with his stupid lawsuit, there will be a parade of family members coming through the court to testify to his drinking. She realizes he probably doesn't give a damn but she pushes him to think about how hard it will be on everyone else. Luke tells her to nip it in the bud then. He wants her to give him back his business and his wife, get Lucky off his back and stop trying to turn him into a recovering addict. Most of all, he wants her to stop acting like she is surprised. She knew exactly who he was when she married him. Tracy replies that maybe she didn't want to let herself see how sick he was. She urges him again to get help but Luke tells her he'll do that when hell freezes over. Tracy tells him how hard it is to watch him try to maintain when every time she looks at him all she can see is how badly he wants a drink. Luke thinks that's bull but Tracy maintains she sees the truth. Luke says if that's the case maybe she needs to learn exactly what constitutes a lost cause.

Lucky tells Nikolas it would be nice to walk away but that's Luke's way of doing things. Nik agrees that Lucky isn't like his father. Lucky says with enough money and a beautiful accomplice who knows what he would be like, they might never see him again. Nik replies that he'd come back and Lucky sighs and admits that he's right. Cameron misses his brother and needs him and he can't bail on Luke after shoving his addiction down his throat. He thanks Nik for his offer but says it won't work. He turns to Siobhan and tells her they are back to square one. He asks if she really wants to go back to Ireland and she says no. He asks her again to stay there and marry him. He promises her it won't be so bad. Siobhan tears up and replies that she's worried it will be really, really good.

Kelly Lee approaches Elizabeth at the nurses' station and Liz thanks her for being at Jake's service and for offering to take her out to lunch. Dr. Lee let's her know the offer still stands. Liz tells her that everyone has been so nice and she doesn't know what she would have done without her brother. Kelly reminds her she lucked out in the brother department. Liz says she knows she can't lean on Steven forever. She glances towards the elevator where she thought she saw Jake earlier. Shaking herself out of the memory she asks Dr. Lee if she needs something and the doctor asks for her schedule. She is trying to see if she can fit in a consult. Liz pulls up the schedule and tells her that she has time at the end of her day right after her fertility procedure with Sam. She looks stunned and asks Dr. Lee if Sam and Jason are trying to have a baby.

Molly tells Sam she didn't have time to research everything so she doesn't know what happens after the surgery. Sam jokes that she is shocked there is something Molly doesn't know. Molly starts going on and on about getting Baby Einstein videos for their child and explaining to them what they are. Jason cuts her off and gently explains that they are just trying to focus on getting through the surgery first. Molly realizes she is making them uncomfortable. Sam replies that while her support is always welcome, they still have a lot to consider and she is putting just a tiny bit of pressure on them. Molly says she is sorry and thanks Sam for telling her. Sam wonders if her feelings are hurt but Molly says she knows she can be tiny bit obnoxious. Sam tells her that's not true. She is the smartest, sweetest, most loving sister ever. Molly and Sam hug and Molly leaves. Sam thanks Jason for the save and he tells her that's what he's there for. He lets Sam know if she is having doubts now is the time to mention them. Sam tells Jason she is ready to go.

Sam and Jason arrive at GH. Sam says so far, so good and Jason reminds her that all they did was drive over. Sam tells him this scenario is beginning to look too familiar. She feels like she has been spending way too much time in hospital rooms. Jason replies that this time it's for a good cause. Sam tells Jason if he wants to say anything now is the time. Jason questions what she means. Sam replies that if the whole baby thing is making him want to run for the hills he can do that right now. Jason asks if it looks like he's running and Sam admits he looks pretty solid. They kiss and Jason asks Sam if she needs anything. She tells him that she is only allowed to have ice chips if he wants to get those and Jason says he will try to find some. He leaves and Sam takes Molly's teddy bear out of the bag and sits on the bed with it. She sighs deeply.

Siobhan points out that it's not like she and Lucky are strangers being forced into an arranged marriage. They are a couple and she has feelings for him. Lucky tells her that goes both ways. Siobhan goes on to say that they wouldn't be getting married for the reasons normal people get married. Lucky reminds her that they agreed people get married for all sorts of reasons and he thinks keeping her in the country is a pretty good one. Siobhan feels like she is turning Lucky's life upside down but Lucky questions what there is to turn upside down. Siobhan creates a scenario in which they get married and two days later Lucky meets a hot girl on Baker Street and falls madly in love. Lucky is certain that Miss Wonderful is not lurking around Baker Street waiting for him. He tells Siobhan to stop trying to protect him from himself. He knows what he's doing. If they get married, Siobhan can stay in the country and the rest they'll figure out as they go. Lucky's phone rings. He tells Siobhan it's the PCPD. He can either pick up an extra shift or he can tell them he's busy getting married. What's it going to be? Siobhan finally agrees to marry Lucky.

Jason bumps into Elizabeth on his way back to the elevator. He is surprised to see her back at work and wonders if it is too soon. Liz tells him she thought it was what she needed but it's been harder than she expected.

Tracy asks Luke what exactly he is threatening her with. Is he saying he is going to take a bigger blowtorch to his life than he already has? While Tracy has no doubt that he can, she questions why he would want to. Luke replies that he wants to alienate the do-gooders. He's sick of all of them. They've taken away everything he has in an attempt to get him to say what they want to hear so they can feel better. He tells Tracy he is going to sue her and win and, in the process, make her sorry she ever met him. He tells her she will give him back the Haunted Star and a great big check to go away. Tracy tells him he's not strong enough to launch a full-scale self-destruct. She hates that they are having this conversation and that Luke thinks it's a reasonable option to force her to stop loving him. She believes this is proof of how sick he is. He's a shell. She tells him that the monster's in charge and he better get help before it swallows him whole.

Liz assumes Jason went back to work right away. He tells her that his job is different because he doesn't have people depending on him to make them feel better. Aside from that, she has two little boys running around and she's probably trying to take care of everyone else as well. Liz tells him she hopes Sam is taking care of him and he assures her that she is. He tells her Sam is there in the hospital and Liz tells him she knows about the fertility procedure. Liz says she knows she shouldn't blame herself for what happened to Jake and that it's impossible to watch your children every moment. She keeps thinking about what happened just before the accident. Was Jake in trouble? Did she give him a hug? Did she tell him she loved him? Jason assures her that Jake knew she loved him. Liz apologizes for getting sidetracked. What she wanted to say is that she is glad Jason and Sam have decided to have a baby. She thinks he will be an amazing father and she will always be sorry she took away his chance to be a father to Jake. Jason points out that they all agreed it would be better for Jake to be raised by Lucky. Liz points out that it wasn't. He didn't die because of the mob. Jason tells her she gave Jake a good life and she shouldn't look for reasons to doubt herself. Elizabeth wants to ask Jason a question. Knowing how it all turned out, would it have been better if he never knew Jake was his son or would he preferred to have known from the beginning? Jason doesn't hesitate before saying he would have preferred the beginning. Liz sighs. She thinks things might have turned out differently. Jason points out that there's no sense in second guessing because things happened the way they happened. He tells Liz he should probably get back to Sam. Liz tells him to wish Sam good luck for her and Jason says he will. She sadly watches Jason walk away.

Lucky yells for Siobhan to get a move on before they are late for their own wedding. Siobhan comes out wearing a short, white dress with a black ribbon tied around her waist. She tells Lucky that it's wrinkled but she hopes it will do and he agrees that it will. Siobhan asks where Nikolas went and Lucky says he had something to take care of. Siobhan jokes that he is probably off bribing every justice of the peace from there to D.C. not to marry them. Lucky says he wouldn't put it past him. Siobhan is disappointed because she thought Nikolas would be there to stand up for Lucky. Lucky asks if she is missing her sister and she agrees that's part of it. Lucky apologizes for not having a traditional wedding but Siobhan says this suits them. She is actually starting to get excited. Lucky says they should get going. As they are heading out the door Lucky stops her and says he forgot something. He wishes her a happy wedding day and they kiss.

Jason returns to Sam's room with the ice chips and Sam tells him he hasn't missed anything as she is still waiting for Dr. Lee. Jason tells her he ran into Elizabeth and she is in pretty bad shape but she said to wish Sam good luck. Sam thinks if there is any way Jason and Liz can help each other they should do it. Jason says he doesn't know how Liz does it. She has to live in the same house where Jake lived, walk past his room and look out the window to where the accident happened. He couldn't do it. He'll never forget that Jake is gone. Sam tells him if he wants to leave he can but Jason insists he doesn't. Sam reminds him that he hates hospitals and that one must be the worst because it is where Jake died. Jason strokes Sam's hair and puts his arm around her. He tells her that she has taken care of him and this is his chance to take care of her.

Lulu asks Ethan why he would want to be like Luke with everything that is going on. Ethan explains that he admires his father. His occasional but all out hedonism attracts him. Lulu suggests he keep an eye on that. Ethan determines that there's no way to talk Lulu out of it. She's going to cut Luke off totally. Lulu believes Ethan should too but she understands if he can't and she won't judge him for it. Ethan sarcastically tells her he appreciates that. Lulu tells Ethan that doesn't mean she won't try to convince him to come to their side and Ethan can't believe they're choosing sides. All he wants to do is help Luke and he doesn't think cutting him off completely is the way to do that. Alexis arrives and tells them she wants to talk to them about their father. Lulu wonders what he did now. She explains that he is suing Tracy for the casino and she needs to assess the situation to see if she should even get involved. Ethan says you have to hand it to Luke because he never stops. Lulu thinks he is trying to take the focus off himself so he can keep drinking. Alexis asks if Lulu thinks Luke is an alcoholic. Lulu says she knows he is so if Alexis wants approval she'll have to talk to Ethan and not her. She storms out.

Jason and Sam are getting anxious waiting for Dr. Lee. Sam says she hates waiting but Jason replies that he likes the extra time. He kisses her and tells her no matter what happens the way he feels about her won't change. He loves her. Sam loves him, too, no matter what.

Liz has the envelope with the results of Aiden's DNA test in her hand. She calls the station looking for Lucky and Ronnie tells her he isn't in because he is getting married. She tells him she doesn't want to leave a message and hangs up the phone. She looks panicked and rushes to the elevator.

Lucky and Siobhan arrive at the courthouse. They are discussing the fact that they stole Siobhan's flowers from outside the building when Nikolas arrives and announces that, while he still doesn't think it's a good idea, if this is what Lucky wants he's there. Lucky and Siobhan both let him know his presence means a lot to them. He tells them he even thought to pick up something he assumes they forgot and he gives them two wedding bands. Lucky thanks his brother and they hug.

Luke arrives at the Haunted Star and asks Ethan when they open. Ethan is surprised to see him. Luke doesn't know why since the Star is his. Ethan tells him it's good to see him and Luke points out that he's in a lonely club with that sentiment. Ethan replies that company is overrated. Luke lets Ethan know he doesn't hold him responsible for the intervention. He knows his son was in a tight spot with the family and he did it for Lucky's sake. Luke believes Lucky needed the intervention, not him. He thinks everyone got what they needed because they were able to rail against him without calling him a kid killer. He flips over two glasses and grabs a bottle from the counter. He locks eyes with Ethan. "Drink?" he asks.

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