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General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/3/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Robin tells Patrick she keeps thinking she should call Brenda to see how she's doing but she worries that every time the phone rings Brenda thinks it's someone calling to say they found her son. Lisa is listening in on the conversation via the bug she planted. Robin goes on to tell Patrick that he was really great but Patrick isn't sure he did anything. Robin replies that he showed up and he did his best to comfort Brenda. Patrick questions why he wouldn't have since she is Robin's best friend and Robin tells him to stop pretending he's modest. She tells Patrick he's a great guy and he tells her that she's beautiful, sexy and amazing. Lisa looks disgusted. Johnny walks into the office and finds her sitting at the computer with headphones on. Shouldn't she be saving someone's life?

Jason shouts for the woman in the doorway to put her hands up. Abby realizes it's him and flicks on the light. She asks Jason what he's doing there and where Johnny is. Jason wonders why she wants to see him.

Dante theorizes that Suzanne may have changed her mind about turning Lucien over to Brenda and kidnapped him in order to have him all to herself. Suzanne questions whether failing to turn up a single lead and then pinning the crime on the first available suspect is what passes for police work these days. Dante tells her that if Lucien is missing much longer it will be felony kidnapping. Suzanne assumes Dante is asking if she regrets giving Lucien to Sonny and Brenda and she admits that she does. When Lucien was with her he was safe. Brenda had him for a few days and he disappeared. She demands to know why Dante isn't out looking for him instead of shifting the blame.

Sonny tells Brenda that he is going to do everything in his power to find Lucien. Brenda replies that she can't just sit around and wait and she begs Sonny to drive around with her to look for her son. She starts to freak out and Sonny tells her to just stop right now. Brenda has tears in her eyes but she says ok.

Carly jokingly asks Shawn if he is ready for another night of action and adventure. Shawn replies that when it comes to Josslyn quieter is better. Carly wonders if he gets bored standing out in the hall but he assures her he doesn't. Carly goes on to say that she is glad he's there. While she doesn't expect Franco to drop out of the sky, she knows if he did Shawn could handle it. Shawn says he appreciates the vote of confidence. Carly tells him it makes her feel better about Jason, too. He is going through so much right now and if Shawn wasn't there he would feel as though he had to be. Shawn reminds her that he is getting paid so she can stop thanking him. Carly tells him he could be making just as much money doing something more exciting than standing outside a little girl's hospital room. Shawn responds that it might be more exciting but it wouldn't be more rewarding and Carly is pleased to see that Joss has won him over. Him and everyone else, he replies. The nurses fight over who gets to monitor her. He tells Carly that sometimes when he sees her talking to Josslyn, he notices the little girl mimicking Carly's speaking tone. Carly thinks some people would see that as a bad thing. Shawn tells her those people would be fools. Carly tells Shawn that every time Josslyn goes to sleep she thinks about how close they came to losing her. She feels lucky that Shawn is there to protect her. Shawn replies that if he can set her mind at ease so she can feel relaxed and focus on her little girl than that's a job he's happy to have. Jax approaches them and lets Carly know that Josslyn is down for the night and the nurses are in with her. They discuss that Dr. Jackson has cleared her to go home on schedule. Jax tells Carly that he has everything ready for her at the hotel and Carly replies that Josslyn is going home with her. Jax reminds her they've discussed this already and Carly tells him he doesn't get to make that decision. Jax asks Carly who will protect Josslyn if he doesn't and Carly replies that he doesn't have to protect her from her mother. Jax tells her he doesn't agree. He reminds her that she has criminals parading in and out of her life. Carly tells him that she is Josslyn's mother and has as much right to her as he does. Jax tells her not for long.

Sonny tells Brenda that it doesn't help the situation if she panics. Brenda tells him he can't understand how she is feeling right now. Her son is just gone and she doesn't know how to feel. Sonny tells her that when Michael, Morgan and Kristina were kids they were kidnapped and he felt helpless. Brenda is shocked. Is Sonny trying to make her feel better by telling her how all of his children have been kidnapped before? Sonny tells her he is just trying to say it won't help to panic. Brenda replies that this is what she gets for ignoring all the warning signs and thinking they could live happily ever after in the mob. Sonny doesn't think the mob has anything to do with Lucien's disappearance. Brenda wants to know how he can think that way when he just told her all his children had been kidnapped and Sonny points out that no one even knows Lucien is there. Brenda wonders why they need all the new security guards then. She thinks this is her fault. She really believed that nothing bad could ever happen to her and that their love could conquer all and now her son is paying the price.

Dante tells Suzanne they were able to confirm her phone call to her charity and the time she returned to her hotel so her alibi checks out. Suzanne thinks that must be so disappointing for Dante because now he will have to find the real kidnapper. Dante informs her she is still a suspect and Suzanne wonders how she can be in two places at once. Dante tells her that she never quite added up. Brenda killed her only son, Suzanne worked her way into her life as her best friend and then when everything fell apart, she showed up on Brenda's doorstep with a child she never even knew she had. Suzanne insists that she wanted to return her grandson to his mother. Dante theorizes that maybe she wanted Brenda to know what it feels like to have a child and lose it like she lost Alexander. He points out that it all fits, but Suzanne insists that none of it is true. She wonders if he gets his ideas from Sonny. Dante tells her Sonny has nothing to do with it, but Suzanne points out that Sonny rules the town. She thinks it's convenient that Dante is running the investigation so he can whitewash the whole thing and blame it on her. Dante points out that Sonny didn't kidnap Lucien. Suzanne knows that but she believes it's a good bet that one of his enemies did. She rails that Sonny wreaks havoc but when something bad happens it's always someone else's sinister plot. Dante retorts that, in this case, it actually IS someone else's sinister plot. Suzanne tells Dante that since Sonny shot Dante and he let him off the hook, she supposes he can convince Dante of anything. She asks if she is under arrest. Dante tells her not yet. Suzanne shouts at Dante to stop playing the big shot for Sonny's sake and get out there and find her grandson. She storms out, leaving Dante looking perplexed.

Lisa asks Johnny if he's ever heard of knocking and he coyly taps on the door. He wonders what had Lisa so riveted and she tells him she was curious about his family so she did some research. Johnny asks if his father mad that much of an impression on her. She figures it's only fair since he has a file on her AND he got an eyeful of what was supposed to be specifically for Johnny. Johnny apologizes and says he should have warned Lisa that his father was staying with him. Lisa thinks he's kind of charming, smart, funny, and complimentary. Johnny tells her this is where she should say the apple doesn't fall far. Lisa doesn't want to say she liked Anthony. Johnny points out that Anthony can turn on you like a rabid dog. Lisa reminds him some would say the same about her. Johnny thinks it beats being boring. Lisa asks what it was like growing up with a father like that. Was Anthony always ruthless and crazy or did something, or someone, make him that way? Johnny tells Lisa not to worry because she's nothing like his father. Lisa reminds him that Anthony didn't think that. He said they were simpatico. Johnny points out that she is a successful doctor who has made a great life for herself. If she doesn't want to go back to being crazy then she doesn't have to. They start to kiss.

At the penthouse, Jason wants to know why Abby was at Johnny's. Abby ignores his question and instead begs him not to kill Johnny. She points out that it would be terrible for Michael if the only person in the world he truly trusted killed Johnny to protect him. Jason lets her know he has no plans to kill Johnny and reminds her that she still hasn't told him why she was there. Abby tells him that Johnny has always been really decent to her and she can't believe he would frame her for Brandon's murder, so she went there hoping he would tell her what he knew. Jason tells Abby that he knows she is Sam's friend and that she has been really good for Michael. He credits her with helping Michael through one of the hardest times in his life. Abby starts to tell him it goes both ways but Jason cuts her off. He tells her if she's tied to the Zaccharas and she's working Michael on their orders, she needs to tell him right now. Abby asks him if he would kill her.

Jason tells Abby he would never hurt her. Michael cares about her and he believes that she cares about him. He tells her that people make bad choices and if she's working for the Zaccharas because they have something to hold over her she needs to tell him now. Abby tells him Johnny has nothing on her except the money for her tuition. Jason tells her he is going to give her the money to pay that back because it needs to go away. Abby points out that then she'll owe him, but Jason doesn't want anything from her. He is only trying to give her the freedom from the people that might. He tells Abby she isn't obligated to do anything but be honest. Abby says she is scared for Michael. He wants to save her and he doesn't care what the risks are. She needs to clear her name and keep Michael from doing something that will send him back to prison. Abby assumes Jason was at Johnny's for the same reason.

Sonny arrives at the PCPD and Dante apologizes for pulling him away from Brenda. Sonny tells him it's for the best because he thinks he's just making it worse. He tells Dante that Brenda is convinced his enemies took Lucien. Dante informs him they haven't found anything linking him to the boy's disappearance. Surprisingly, Sonny isn't responsible for what's happening. Sonny says it's ok if Brenda needs someone to be mad at, but they have to start looking for Lucien. He wants to know what happened with Suzanne. Dante tells him that Suzanne's alibi checked out and Sonny can't believe she's not involved. Dante tells Sonny that Suzanne seemed angry that she was brought down for questioning and accused him of doing it to score points with Sonny. Sonny rolls his eyes at that idea. Dante tells his father he believes Suzanne is involved.

Shawn suggests that Carly check on Josslyn and Jax agrees that's a good idea. He tells Carly he will be back in the morning to finalize plans but Carly tells him there's nothing to finalize because Josslyn will be going home with her. Jax replies that Josslyn isn't going to the house where Carly treated a mercenary's gunshot wound. Carly points out that Josslyn wasn't home at the time and Jax wonders if that would have made a difference. Carly tells him she would never put their daughter in danger. Jax suggests she get rid of all the other mobsters in her life because the level of violence she is exposing Joss to isn't ok. Carly doesn't know what he is talking about. Other than when she was kidnapped by Claudia and gave birth, Josslyn has never been exposed to violence and never will be. Jax points out that Jason made Josslyn a target for Franco. Carly replies that Josslyn is alive because of Jason. Why can't Jax be grateful? Jax points out that it doesn't change the fact that Jason has is a criminal. The fact that Carly lets him be around Josslyn proves that she is an unfit mother and he will use it in court. Carly asks him if he's really willing to take it to court and Jax replies that he will unless she sees reason. Carly assumes that he means letting Josslyn stay with him. Jax wants primary custody but Carly insists that isn't going to happen. She tells Jax he can't keep her away from Josslyn and Jax replies he's not trying to. Carly can come stay at the Metro Court for as long as she wants but she can't take Josslyn home. Carly tells Jax that's not his call to make and Jax reminds her that it will be a judge's if she insists on taking it to court. Jax tells Carly that while she may have forgotten what it was like to see Michael in a coma for a year, he hasn't. He isn't going to let that happen to Josslyn. Carly tells him that he's being cruel. He goes on to tell Carly that she has been in and out of mental institutions and that is enough proof that she is an unfit mother. He starts to tell her he will use it in court when Shawn steps in and tells Jax he needs to leave now.

Shawn reminds Jax that he was on his way out and suggests he keep going. Jax tells him the conversation is none of his business. Shawn replies that it's his job to protect Josslyn and Carly from any danger and that includes a self-righteous son of a bitch that shows up at the hospital and threatens to take Josslyn away from her mother. Jax tells Shawn he isn't going to wait around and hope for the best while Carly exposes Joss to the violence in Sonny and Jason's life. Shawn tells Jax if he wants to go after Carly in court he can't stop him but he's done for tonight. Jax starts to tell him off but Carly interrupts and says she doesn't want to do this at the hospital. She tells him the things he is saying are awful and they make her not want to compromise. Jax promises there won't be a compromise when it comes to Josslyn's safety. He storms off. Shawn apologizes for losing his temper and making things worse but Carly tells him it can't get any worse.

Dante tells Sonny if Suzanne did take Lucien at least they know he's safe. Sonny points out that if she didn't, his marriage is over before it started. Dante assures Sonny that he and Brenda will find a way to work things out. Sonny replies that he loves Brenda but she keeps questioning whether he can protect the people he loves and he keeps lying to her because he can't. He can't promise her that bad things won't happen or that he can keep her son safe. Sonny doesn't know why he's telling a cop this. Dante replies that maybe under these circumstances he not a cop, maybe he's Sonny's son.

Anthony is stuffing money into an envelope while talking to a woman that looks just like Abby from behind. He tells her she did a great job and in front of the perfect witness. He tells her he understands why the guy would think she was Abby as he reaches up and pulls a blond wig off her head. He tells her to burn it. He gives her the envelope full of cash and tells her to use it to relocate. Johnny walks in and Anthony scurries to shove the blonde wig into the girl's purse while telling her the extra money is for creativity. He tries to convince Johnny that the girl is a prostitute.

Jason asks Abby if she's ever had any dealings with Johnny's father. Abby replies that she thought he was in prison but Jason informs her that he just got out and is staying with Johnny. He warns Abby that Anthony is crazy, ruthless and smart and that he was probably the one that framed her. When Abby questions why, Jason tells her that Anthony's release from prison was probably in the works for awhile and that he wanted to come out with some leverage against Sonny. He wants to use Michael and the best way to control Michael is to threaten Abby. Abby is upset. Michael has been great and the last thing she wanted was to make more trouble for him. Jason is glad he at least has a better idea who might have done this. Abby wants to know if he can prove it because if he can't she's screwed. The evidence is against her and if she can't prove she is innocent she will have to take a plea bargain. Jason tells her that can't happen. Michael couldn't handle it if she went to prison. Just then, they hear the key in the lock and Michael walks in.

Anthony sees the Abby look-alike out of the apartment and starts rambling to Johnny about what color roses he should send her. He says that his rose bushes should have come by now and asks Johnny if he cancelled the order. Johnny says he will go to the public garden and get Anthony a huge plot for his roses if Anthony just stays out of his family business. Anthony replies that it's his business. Johnny tells Anthony that he could handle his meddling from prison but now that he is out his input is neither wanted nor needed. Anthony says that while Johnny has smarts and a brain for business, he still needs his father's guidance. Johnny replies that he's done just fine without it. Anthony tells Johnny that he needs to be magnificent but he's too moral and worries too much about people's feelings. He tells him if he has an enemy he has to pull out a knife and slit his throat but he thinks Johnny doesn't have the stomach and that worries him. Johnny says that he's worried by the mess Anthony has made of the Brandon situation. Anthony insists it will all work out and Johnny agrees because he is going to fix it and Anthony will stay out of it. Anthony cautions Johnny not to be so quick to dismiss him. Johnny might need him sooner than he thinks.

Michael wants to know what Abby is doing with Jason and they explain that they were discussing her situation. Michael is glad she stopped by. Jason tells Michael they need to talk and Abby takes that as her cue to leave. Michael says he doesn't have any secrets from Abby but Jason would rather talk with him alone. Michael asks if Jason is afraid his parole officer will come in and bust him for talking to Abby. Abby tells Michael that Jason respects him and acts in his best interests. She knows he is doing that now. She kisses Michael on the cheek and leaves. Michael immediately informs Jason that he won't stay away from Abby. He just got a lecture from Sonny and Dante and he doesn't want to fight with Jason too. Jason says that seeing Abby is Michael's choice, however, she is in a lot of trouble. If Michael wants to get her out of it he needs to stop thinking about what he wants and start thinking about protecting her.

Shawn suggests Carly call her lawyer because Jax isn't backing down. Carly replies that her lawyer is on it. She's not sure defending her against Jax falls under the heading of guard duty but she appreciates it. Shawn says that he bit his tongue for as long as he could but Jax is a horse's ass. Carly hoped it wouldn't come to this but she should have known Jax wouldn't flip a switch and automatically think Josslyn is safe with her. Shawn believes it's not about safety; it's about Jax wanting to punish her because things didn't work out the way he wanted. Carly thinks Jax believes she is an unfit mother. Shawn tells her everyone knows she would walk through fire for her kids. She got Joss a kidney transplants through sheer force of will and that's the kind of mother a child needs. He goes on to tell Carly that he doesn't have much tolerance for bullies. Carly responds that Jax wasn't always a bully. Shawn says Jax has blinders on. Anyone can see that Josslyn lights up when Carly walks into the room. She loves her mom and her mom loves her. That's the best gift you can give a child. Carly tells him that sounds personal. Shawn admits that his mom did right by him so he believes he should pay it forward. Carly suggests writing a note to Shawn's mom but he tells her that would be tough.

Jax goes to see Brenda. He tells her he spoke with the police on the way over and they are on the case. He assures her they are going to find Lucien. Brenda asks what he thinks it means if one of Sonny's enemies took him. Jax says he is the last one to defend Sonny but he's certain he's doing all he can. Brenda tells Jax that Sonny is treating her like a hysterical mother. She relates that she asked Sonny to go to Kelly's with them but he said he couldn't because he had to be with Michael. Brenda can't stop thinking that if he had gone Lucien wouldn't be missing. Jax replies that she can't know that and it doesn't do any good to speculate. Brenda knows that but she can't stop wondering where Lucien is and worrying that he's all alone. She is afraid that he is wondering where his mother is and why she left him. Brenda feels like she would do anything to protect him and she hopes he can feel that somehow. Jax assures her he can. Brenda wants to offer a huge reward and she asks Jax who to contact. Jax tells her that he thinks that would be counter-productive and she should let the police do their job. Brenda points out that isn't what she asked him. She tells him to admit that he doesn't want to help her because he knew this was going to happen. He is the one that told her not to raise a child with Sonny and she didn't listen to him. Why doesn't Jax say what he really wants to say to her?

Robin sighs that she still hasn't heard from Brenda and she assumes that no news is bad news. She tells Patrick she feels so helpless and mad at herself. When Patrick asks why, she says that she was there and Lucien is three-years-old. They are always on the move and she should have been watching him. Lisa is in her office doing paperwork but she keeps glancing at the laptop. Patrick tells Robin she can't keep blaming herself but Robin insists she should have known better. Lisa continues to fight the urge to listen in on Robin and Patrick. Patrick tells Robin she had no control over the situation and Robin tells him that's hard for her to admit. Patrick jokes that she's lucky she has him to remind her. Robin tells Patrick she missed him while they were apart. Patrick tells her that the night was the hardest part, having to go to sleep without her in his arms. Robin replies that she should never leave him alone again. Lisa starts to leave her office. She grabs her purse and turns off the light, but stops in the doorway and stares at the computer.

Jason tells Michael that Anthony is out of prison and he believes he is the one that framed Abby. Michael questions why and Jason replies that it is control him. Michael swears he won't let that happen but Jason stresses that it's personal for Anthony. He wants to take Sonny down and send a message. Michael asks if Jason thinks Johnny is involved. Jason cautions him to stay away from both of them. Michael replies that Johnny had never been anything but nice and suggests going to his penthouse but Jason shuts him down. He tells Michael to stay out of it and he will do everything he can to exonerate Abby. Michael replies that he is the reason Abby is in this mess and Jason can't expect him to stay out of it. Jason says he CAN because Anthony is going to take every move Michael makes and use it to manipulate him. He tells Michael not to give him that opportunity. Michael starts to argue but Jason shouts at him that HE will fix this. He goes on to tell Michael that after this situation is fixed there will be another one and it will never stop unless he walks away from the business. Michael questions why it always comes back to that. Jason asks him if he wants to go through this all the time. Is this really how he wants to live?

Jax tells Brenda that offering a reward is a bad idea because people will make up leads just to collect the money. They will flood the police with bad tips and tie up the investigation. Brenda is willing to risk it on the chance that one of those leads is true. Jax is sure Lucien will be found soon. If he's not found in 24 hours they will revisit the idea. Brenda says it makes her feel a little bit better to have a plan in place. Brenda apologizes for yelling at Jax. She admits the only one she is upset with is herself. She got distracted talking to Robin and she wasn't watching Lucien. She also insisted the guard stay in the car. Jax tells her there's no way she could have known this was going to happen. Brenda shouts that of course she knew. She married Sonny and his life is dangerous. Jax tried to warn her and she got mad at him. She tells Jax she was wrong and she's sorry. Jax tells her that everyone wants to see the best in the people they love. He tells her again that it's not her fault. She thought that Lucien was safe there.

Michael reminds Jason that he said people get to make their own choices. Jason tells him that choosing the business means limiting himself and asking for trouble. Michael says that Jason taught him how to believe in himself, how to get up after he's been knocked down and how to take care of the people he loves. That's what he's trying to do right now. Jason tells Michael he may be headed down a road he can't get off of but Michael disagrees. He points out that he isn't yelling or breaking things and that's progress. Jason tells him they are going to drop it for now and Michael suggests dropping it permanently. Not until Michael hears him. Jason asks where Michael is staying and he replies that he told Dante he would stay at his place. Jason tells him that he is going to be unreachable for a couple of hours tomorrow because Sam is having a procedure and the best way Michael can help him is if he stays away from Anthony. Michael wants to know if Sam is ok and Jason tells him about the fertility procedure. Michael thinks maybe the reason Jason is so worried about him is that if he chooses a life outside the business Jason will feel it's ok for him to have kids. Jason agrees that might be true. Michael tells him one thing is different than the other. He thinks Jason will make a great dad.

Shawn tells Carly that he lost his mom a long time ago but he'll never forget all she did for him and his sisters. Carly is surprised to hear he has sisters. Shawn tells her they are both teachers like his mom. He tells Carly that his mom fought so hard for her kids, there was nothing she wouldn't do for them. From what he's seen, she is the same way with her kids. Carly admits that she has done a lot wrong, however, Diane has told her anything that happened to her kids before she and Jax were married doesn't count because he knew about it and still had a kid with her. Shawn suggests that maybe Jax doesn't have much of a case but Carly knows he looks better on paper than she does. Getting custody is going to be tough and Carly knows that Jax believes he is being a good father. Shawn argues that a good father doesn't rip into the mother of his child. Carly doesn't care what is said about her but she doesn't want Josslyn in the middle of it. Shawn suggests maybe it will be worked out before it goes to court and Carly says she hopes it will.

Brenda tells Sonny that she had the idea of putting up a reward and Sonny responds the same way Jax did. Brenda asks if he has heard anything from his business associates. Sonny says he has talked to Bernie and they have asked around but neither one believes Lucien's disappearance has anything to do with his business. Brenda starts to argue that every bad thing that has ever happened to his kids is because of his business but Jax cautions her not to jump to conclusions or they might miss a vital clue. Brenda just wants her son back. He's the most important thing in the world to her.

Suzanne is at the airport with Lucien. She tells him that she knows everything is confusing but he has been such a good boy. She tells him that because of him she will be able to be with her grandson and no one will ever take him away from her again.

Robin and Patrick are cuddling on the couch discussing how great their life is. Robin points out that their mundane life is quite a change from his bachelor days but Patrick insists it isn't mundane. He's never been happier. Robin says that makes two of them. They begin to kiss. Lisa is in her office. She has given into temptation and is listening to their exchange via her laptop.

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