GH Update Monday 5/2/11

General Hospital Update Monday 5/2/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Drake home, Lisa stands over Kristina to make sure she’s asleep. Lisa begins searching the house, looking for something. Lisa hides a listening device by the living room couch. Lisa wakes up Kristina. Kristina is groggy and asks how long she slept. Lisa says it was only a quick nap. Lisa tells Krissy that she has to go. Kristina wonders why she fell asleep. Kristina inquires about Emma. Lisa says Emma is sleeping soundly. Kristina thanks Lisa for the herbal supplements. Lisa insists the supplements are free of charge. After saying goodbye, Lisa lingers outside of the Drake home. Lisa has a smile on her face.

At Johnny’s apartment, Jason begins making accusations about Johnny’s intent toward Michael. Johnny swears he wouldn’t hurt Michael. Jason believes Johnny wouldn’t hesitate to use Michael. Anthony walks in the room. Jason can’t understand why Anthony was released from prison. Anthony makes some jokes and lets slip that Angela Dwyer helped him get released. Anthony mocks Jason and then rambles on about roses. Jason and Johnny look horrified by Anthony’s words. Jason assumes Anthony set up Abby in Brandon’s murder. Jason storms out of the apartment. Alone, Johnny confronts his father about Brandon. Anthony swears he has never heard of Abby Haver. Anthony laughs at Johnny’s questions. Johnny goes over his thoughts regarding Anthony’s elaborate plan. Anthony is impressed but insists he isn’t setting up Abby. However, Anthony wants to use Michael to their advantage. Johnny is convinced Anthony framed Abby. Johnny thinks his father is crazy. Anthony wants to ambush Sonny any way he can. Anthony says using Michael is the perfect plan.

At Sonny’s home, Michael is double-teamed by Dante and his dad. Michael refuses to stop seeing Abby. Dante wishes Michael would stay away from Abby until she’s acquitted of Brandon’s murder. Michael won’t listen to Sonny and Dante. Michael is adamant that he won’t return to Pentonville. Sonny reminds Michael that his loved ones would suffer if he went back to prison. Michael promises to stop having outbursts. Dante and Sonny are unable to get through to Michael.

At the diner, Brenda is frantically searching for Lucian. Brenda calls out for her son but he’s nowhere to be found. Robin thinks Lucian might be playing hide and seek. Brenda ignores Robin. Brenda begins panicking and yells out that Lucian was kidnapped. Brenda calls Sonny (who is speaking to Dante and Michael). Sonny relays that Lucian is missing. Dante hurries out of Sonny’s place.

Abby shows up at Jason’s penthouse with smoothies for Sam. Abby thanks Sam for their talks in the park. Abby is stressed about being the prime suspect in Brandon’s murder. Abby inquires about Michael’s whereabouts. Sam says Michael is not at the penthouse. Abby confides she agrees with Dante that she should avoid Michael but can’t go through with it. Sam points out avoiding Michael wouldn’t be so bad because of all the stuff Abby is dealing with. Abby wonders why someone hired a lookalike to frame her for Brandon’s murder. Sam thinks the person wants to get to Michael. Abby considers breaking up with Michael.

Outside of Kelly’s, Brenda continues to panic about Lucian’s disappearance. Robin reassures Brenda that Sonny is on his way. Brenda rambles on about not keeping an eye on her young son. Patrick shows up and asks for an update. Patrick thinks it’s strange that Brenda hasn’t called the authorities. Brenda is hysterical. Brenda believes Sonny’s rivals might have kidnapped Lucian. Sonny overhears Brenda’s conversation with Robin and Patrick. Sonny asks Brenda to explain what happened. Dante arrives and urges Brenda to go over the details leading up to Lucian’s disappearance. Robin says Lucian was standing by the jukebox and was gone a minute later. Brenda is blaming herself. Sonny asks his wife to relax. Sonny wonders why Frankie, the bodyguard, was sitting in the vehicle while Brenda and Robin ate at the diner. Brenda can’t settle down. Robin and Patrick escort Brenda into Kelly’s. Dante asks Sonny if one of his enemies could have nabbed Lucian. Sonny makes it clear that this isn’t Johnny’s style. There is still no sign of Lucian. Brenda and Sonny begin bickering with each other. Sonny wants Suzanne questioned. Brenda keeps going on about being at fault for Lucian being missing. Brenda wants Sonny to make some phone calls. Sonny comments that Theo might not be dead.

Michael goes to Abby’s place. Michael knocks on the door, but when Abby doesn’t answer, he uses the spare key. Abby walks into the living room and kisses Michael. Michael relays that Brenda’s son disappeared. They sit down on the couch and talk about old childhood memories. Michael says he used to climb out of windows, whereas Abby would dance outside of a nightclub. Abby can’t wait to be acquitted of Brandon’s murder. Michael suggests taking Abby out for dinner. Abby hates the idea. Michael senses Abby wants to break up with him. Michael proclaims his love for Abby. Abby agrees that she and Michael should continue seeing each other. Abby says she is going to take a shower. Michael follows her to the bathroom. Michael and Abby take a shower together. Afterwards, Michael makes a call to Bernie. Abby asks Michael if Lucian was found. Abby compliments Michael on his charming ways. Michael brings up their first encounter. Abby admits she was attracted to Michael right away. Abby says “you saved me” to Michael and vice versa. After kissing Abby, Michael leaves the apartment. Once Abby sees Michael drive away, she grabs her purse and leaves.

Jason returns home. Jason and Sam talk about Brandon’s murder. Sam wants to check out a lead tonight. Jason reminds Sam that she has the fertility procedure tomorrow. Sam is worried that she won’t be able to have a child. Sam has doubts but Jason reassures her that she has his support. Sam fears Jason will leave her. Jason promises he isn’t going anywhere. Sam realizes a baby is what she wants, so she agrees to go to bed early. Jason leaves the apartment.

Sonny and Brenda arrive back at the house. Brenda wants to return to Kelly’s but Sonny tells his wife to relax. Brenda blurts out her theories about Sonny’s enemies having a role in Lucian’s disappearance. Brenda says she agrees with Suzanne that Sonny’s life is dangerous. Brenda urges Sonny to make a phone call. Brenda worries what Lucian is going through. Brenda closes the doors and urges Sonny to call the police. Sonny says Brenda should have some faith in Dante. Brenda wonders if she is a terrible mother. Sonny makes some calls but no one has seen Lucian. Brenda asks Sonny why he’s so calm. Brenda breaks down into tears. Sonny grabs Brenda and pulls her close. Sonny promises to find Lucian.

Dante leads the forensics search team at the diner. Dante plans on questioning Suzanne for Lucian’s disappearance. Lulu shows up and inquires about what happened. Dante recaps Lulu. Lulu breaks down talking about Luke’s intervention. Lulu says she wanted some chocolate milk from the diner. Dante is saddened to learn Luke walked out on them at the intervention. Lulu knows her father felt betrayed by the intervention. Lulu is crying. Lulu wonders how to fix the problem. Lulu admits she was in denial about Luke’s drinking. Dante says he loves Lulu. Dante pulls Lulu into a hug.

Robin and Patrick return home. They are happy to hear Emma is sleeping. Kristina talks about getting caught up with all her studying. Robin relays that Lucian is missing. Krissy feels bad and agrees to call Sonny. Robin asks Kristina to watch Emma tomorrow. After Patrick pays Kristina, the two sit down on the couch. Patrick offers to make Robin some dinner. Robin wants to check in on Emma. Later, Robin and Patrick share a plate of nachos. From her home, Lisa listens to their conversation. Robin talks about the night Emma went missing at Kelly’s. Robin speaks badly about Lisa. Patrick is thankful he is back with Robin. Lisa is visibly bothered.

Suzanne is summoned to the police station. Suzanne assumes there is bad news about Lucian. Dante asks Suzanne about her whereabouts during the kidnapping. Suzanne says she was on a business conference call. Dante isn’t buying Suzanne’s story. In fact, Dante implies Suzanne is a suspect. Suzanne is speechless.

At the apartment, Anthony rambles on about buying food for his houseplant. Johnny wants to know why Anthony had Brandon killed. Johnny tells Anthony he needs to be smarter when it comes to Sonny. Anthony wants to buy some potting soil. Johnny and Anthony leave the apartment. Jason breaks in a minute later. Jason makes a call to Spinelli, asking him to hack into Angela Dwyer’s personal bank accounts. While looking around, Jason hears a noise and pulls out his gun. Abby is standing inside the doorway of Johnny’s apartment.

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