GH Update Thursday 4/28/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/28/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita


The camera is zoomed in tight on Luke's closed eyelids, and we hear the voices of his loved ones discussing the situation. Lulu says that they didn't have to drug him. Nikolas says that they had no choice. Carly points out that he wouldn't have come willingly. Tracey says he will be fit to be tied. Sonny is the first to notice Luke is coming to as his eyes begin to flutter. There is a man standing in front of him and Luke asks him who the hell he is. As the camera pulls back, we see Lucky, Nikolas, Sonny, Carly and Lulu standing around Luke, who is duct taped to a chair in the center of the room. Sonny cautions Luke not to attempt to move because his sons have duct taped him. Luke asks what the hell is going on and the man tells him that it's an intervention. Luke replies that they've got to be kidding him as the man places folding chairs in a circle around him.

Tracy is the first one to take a seat. Luke can't believe she let this happen. The man tells Luke that everyone is there because they love him and are concerned about him. Luke suggests they love him less. Luke then asks where he is and Sonny replies that they are in one of his warehouses. Luke wants to know if Sonny's men brought him there and Ethan asks if he remembers what happened. Luke recalls that he was at Jake's talking to Siobhan and Ethan. He is dismayed to learn that Ethan was the decoy. He tells Ethan he is disappointed in him. The man wants to know if Luke acknowledges that he has a problem with alcohol, but Luke will only acknowledge that he was brought there against his will, that he is pretty pissed off about it and that he has a jackhammer coming through his skull so he is in no mood to play his game. He wants to be cut loose so he can get out of there. Lucky circles around in front of Luke and asks him if he will stay and hear them out if he is untied. Luke wonders why he would do that. He asks why they couldn't confront him one on one. Tracy points out that some of them have tried and all of them are concerned.

Luke wonders if that includes a perfect stranger. He asks the man again who he is and the man responds that his name is Calvin Blaine and he is an interventionist whom the family asked for help. Luke tells Calvin he is wasting his time, so he can take his tough love and enlightenment and stuff it and they can all go home. Calvin tells Luke all he has to do is listen and Lucky points out that he doesn't have much of a choice right now. Luke asks him if he is proud of himself. Calvin explains that everyone wants to express to Luke how they are feeling, so he asked them to write letters telling him how alcohol is affecting their relationships. Luke thinks they have all lost their spines as well as their minds because they are hiding behind letters instead of just talking to him. He suggests they put their thoughts on a postcard and send them to him in Morocco. Calvin says that in order for the intervention to work, each family member and friend has to read his/her letter to him. Luke tells Calvin that he is trying to tell him it's not going to work. He claims that they are not there because of his drinking; they are there because it's easier to blame the booze than to accept the fact that he killed a child. He challenges them to come after him about that, but not to hide behind the excuse of his drinking because he is not an alcoholic and no amount of collective concern will make him one.

Calvin announces that Lulu will read her letter first. Luke's demeanor softens slightly and he apologizes to Lulu. He knows Tracy and her brothers manipulated her into it and she doesn't want to be there. He realizes she is under a lot of pressure. He tells her that Lucky has suffered a terrible loss and he knows Lulu wants to help him but this is not the way to do it. Calvin repeats that Lulu has written a letter and she needs to read it. Luke tells her she doesn't have to do it, but Lulu unfolds her letter and begins to read. She begins by telling Luke that she loves him and that, while he wasn't around for a lot of her childhood, the moments that stand out most in her life involve him. Luke suddenly realizes that his hands are free. He glances around and the room is empty except for him and Lulu. His daughter tells him that when she told him she hated ice fishing, she meant that she hated sitting around and freezing, but she loved going with him because that was their connection. She recalls when he would take her to his club, sit her between two speakers and play blues music, telling her to listen and learn. While Luke was stuck with her, she was happy just to be near him. It took Lulu a long time to realize that the memories she cherishes most involve a father that was rarely around. She tells Luke that as much as she resented him, there's something about him that she can't hate. He's her father and therefore he's her world. Lulu says that it's always been important to her that Luke respects her and thinks highly of her and, as their relationship has gone stronger, she knows that he does. Lulu reminds him that he's supported her unconditionally. Voices come from the right and they turn to watch a replay of the night Luke took Lulu to have her abortion. Luke asks Lulu if she is sure she wants to go through with it. Lulu replies that she wouldn't dream of interrupting his extended adolescence by making him a grandfather.

Luke cautions her not to turn the decision on him, even as a joke. He warns her if she has any doubts at all she should stop, but Lulu insists that she doesn't. Luke tries to exit the car but Lulu pulls him back. She tells him that he's been better than she could have imagined but she'll take a cab home when she's done. Luke replies that he can't leave her alone so he'll wait in the car. Lulu tells him that this isn't the sort of thing a girl wants to go through with her dad. They hug and say "I love you." Back in the present, Lulu tells her father that he is the only one that helped her through one of the most difficult times in her life. She goes on to say that when she went to write down what he means to her in a letter, she realized he isn't the man she accepted back into her life. Luke looks shocked. Lulu begins to cry and tells him that when she came to the Haunted Star and found that Luke had covered it in gasoline, she realized he was more than self-destructive, he was suicidal and that scares her. She tells him that he's not her dad. He's been replaced by a man that doesn't care about her or anybody else. As Lulu tells Luke that preparing for the intervention made her realize that what she saw that day was his illness, he suddenly snaps to in the warehouse. Lulu begs Luke to get himself some help because they've only just begun and she needs a dad in her life. Luke tells Lulu that he is sorry but she is wrong.

Ethan goes next. He begins his letter to Luke by reliving the night they first met. Ethan had elected to rob the Haunted Star and Luke caught him, holding a shotgun on him. Ethan tells Luke that that night he met a running mate, a partner in crime and mentor and, eventually, a father. They are alone in the room now and Ethan is setting up chairs for them to sit on. He tells Luke that he has been the best and he loves him. His total acceptance and encouragement have meant the world to him in the few short years they have known each other. Ethan tells Luke that he watched him because he wanted to learn, to grow and to soak up some of the pearls of wisdom he left lying around. What he has seen since the accident, however, is his anguish, grief and despair. Ethan is terrified that Luke is losing control. A clip plays from Luke and Tracy's wedding in Vegas in which Ethan and Maya were married by mistake. Ethan gets choked up as he tells Luke that he knows this is the hardest battle he has ever had to fight. He is asking Luke to rise up and let him fight it with him. He knows how easy it would be to let go. Back in the circle, Ethan begs Luke to come back to them, to get the spark back in his eyes and get some help. Luke tells Ethan that he is so disappointed in him. He traded in all his spark and potential for 12-step psychobabble that he doesn't even believe. He accuses Ethan of conning everyone and tells him that when he decides to go back to being himself he should come to the Haunted Star and they'll hoist a few. Sonny interrupts him. He knows he's supposed to wait his turn but he can't. He knows Luke would do anything to save the life of someone he loves, so why can't he save his own?

Sonny tells Luke that he doesn't want to be there, but he is because Luke is his friend and he cares about him. The scene transitions again and suddenly the room is empty except for Sonny and Luke. They are seated at one of the booths from Sonny's restaurant and Sonny is handing Luke a cup of coffee. Sonny tells Luke that one of the things he has always admired about Luke is how great a father he is. Sonny knows Luke will disagree but he is sure he can get his kids to back it up. Sonny believes that Luke nailed the balance between father and friend and that's not easy to do. A scene plays of Sonny, Luke and a young Lucky on a camping trip. Luke is going to pierce Lucky's ear and he instructs him to hold ice on it until it becomes numb while Luke sterilizes a fish hook with liquor. Sonny is freaked out and covers his eyes. In the present, both men are laughing. Sonny confesses to Luke that watching him with Lucky made him want to be a dad. Sonny starts to walk away but turns back. He tells Luke that he knows him to be a man of principle and integrity. He tells Luke not to let this disease get the best of him, but to get whatever help he needs and take it down with him.

Nikolas asks Luke if he remembers when he got shot in the neck. He tells Luke that while he was lying there, unable to breathe, Luke told him everything was going to be all right and he believed him. The scene begins to play in the background. Nikolas tells Luke that when he rode with him in the ambulance and held his hand, he got his first glimpse of the real man that Luke is. Nik goes on to say that he appreciates Luke's wisdom, his great sense of humor and his ability to accept people for just who they are. He tells Luke that the alcohol is robbing him of that. He can't recall how many times Luke has shown up drunk and gone off on him just to do it.

Carly tells Luke she isn't going to get all sentimental and mushy because he hates that and, besides, it's not her style. She decides to give it to him straight. She tells Luke that he's an alcoholic and he's in denial and it's keeping him distant from the people that love him. It keeps him from showing up when it matters and numbs him to the point where he doesn't care. Because of this, the man that they all love is lost to them and, yes, Carly points out, she DOES love him. She's asks him to fight back, fix himself and get treatment. Luke wants to ask Carly something. If a bunch of well meaning but misguided people asked her to prove that she loves them by giving up everything that she is what would she do? Carly stays firm and retorts that they aren't asking him to give up who he is; they are asking him to give up the booze.

Calvin calls on Tracy and Luke spins to face her. He tells her that this is really low but she has proven once again that she can outmaneuver him. Tracy replies that they aren't playing games; they are trying to save his life. Tracy tells Luke that he is sick and needs help but he responds that he's healthy as an ox. Calvin reminds Tracy not to engage and encourages her to read her letter. Luke shouts at him to butt out. He is talking to his wife. He implores her not to do it. He doesn't want her to hide behind a letter of well-chosen words. He wants her to say what she has to say to him like they always do. Tracy opens her letter and begins to read. They are now sitting across from each other in the empty room. Tracy begins by telling Luke that he is her unexpected miracle. She tells him that she has loved loving him and learning how to love from him. Tracy crosses the room to sit by Luke. She goes on to tell him that love is a meeting of the minds, a recognition of spirit. She tells him that love is a communication between two hearts and requires appreciation and acceptance, but she does not accept his disease. Tracy says that she knows she has enabled him and Luke becomes disgusted by the use of the word enabled. He says he is so tired of hearing buzzwords. Tracy reminds him that their relationship began on a drunken rampage so, in her mind, she thought he could only love her if he was drunk. She tells him that all changed when Helena kidnapped them. She was at her worst and he still loved her.

A scene plays in which Luke tells Tracy how much she has transformed his life, not with money and material possessions, although all that's nice. None of that, he points out, could keep him there with her if he didn't want to be. "It's you, darlin'" he tells her "It's you." In the present, they gaze sweetly into each other's eyes, while in the past, Luke is telling Tracy that it is because of her that he gives a damn: "I love you, with all my heart, my spanky. My sweetheart. My wife." Back in the present, Tracy tells Luke that this is why it was so important that he be sober for their wedding. While he may have said the vows, she is married to the booze. She tells him that if he were diagnosed with cancer, she would expect him to seek treatment. She expects him to seek treatment for alcoholism. As she walks away, she tells him to get help because she can't handle this marriage by herself. Luke tells Tracy that he did marry her sober but, more than that, he married her with no agenda. He tells her that she can't say that because she wants to change him. He tells her it won't happen. He will never change, not even for her.

Luke suddenly whirls around to face Lucky. "Your turn, cowboy." he growls. Luke glares at Lucky and tells him to just get it over with because he's thirsty. Lucky begins reading his letter. He tells Luke that he is going to start by using a word that Luke has hated for as long as he can remember, but that he can't avoid: Hero. He tells his dad that the day he was born, that's what he became, whether he wanted to or not. They are alone in that empty room now. Lucky tells Luke that in some ways he will always be his hero. He has learned so much from his father about loyalty and survival and how to think on his feet. He tells Luke that he has no idea what it's like to have him as a father. He was the best dad any kid could ever ask for. That's why it's so hard for Lucky to risk everything they have, to make Luke feel angry or judged. He insists that's not what this is. Lucky looks Luke in the eyes and tells him that he hasn't lost faith in him. He can't. He tells Luke that one of his strongest memories of him is when they came back together after the first rift between them. He knows Luke remembers that. A scene plays on the wall of Luke and a teenage Lucky at Kelly's. Lucky tells Luke he is sorry if he ticked him off. Luke chuckles and insists that he never considered himself father material. He believed that fatherhood was a job held by too many people with no qualifications for it. He didn't want to be one of those guys but one thing led to another and there Lucky was and he found that it wasn't a job. He tells Lucky that he was always good company. He did his thing and let Luke do his. He lets Lucky know that if he is saying that Luke had anything to do with the development of a man he holds in the highest regard then he considers that a blessing. He tells his son that while he may be taller, Lucky is HIS hero. He is the role model in this family. Lucky jokingly asks Luke how much longer he thinks he can keep that taller thing going and they both laugh, in the past and the present.

Back at the warehouse, Lucky tells Luke that he is in a unique position to know exactly how he feels right now. He understands what it's like to hear the things he's hearing and the rage that it brings because you know that you're right and everyone else in your life is wrong. He tells Luke that he knows because he's an addict. He went through it with pills and booze. He says that it doesn't matter because it's the same disease and Luke has it. He tells Luke that it's the hardest thing to admit you have and, once you do, it doesn't get any easier. Lucky admits that he fights with it every single day and he's asking Luke to do the same thing. He's asking him to fight. He tells Luke that you know the disease has you when you would rather drink alone in an empty casino than spend Christmas with your family. Lucky fights back tears. He begs Luke to wake up. Finally, he tells Luke that he is going to be selfish and tell him what he needs. He reminds Luke that his son just died and he needs his father. He needs Luke to be present. He needs his wisdom, his clarity and his strength, just like when he was a kid. Tears start to roll down Luke's face. Lucky tells him that he doesn't want a diminished version of him, he wants his dad. He doesn't want to walk through this nightmare without that man. He doesn't want to walk through it without his father. Luke covers his mouth with his hand to suppress a sob. He tells Lucky that he would do anything for him. He would lie down across the path of an oncoming train for him. However, he won't lie to him and he won't say something just because Lucky needs to hear it. He tells Lucky that he ran down his son and he has to live with that fact, but Lucky has to live with the fact that he was not drunk. He continues to insist that he is not an alcoholic and he doesn't have a disease. His voice cracks as he tells Lucky that he doesn't want to stay there another minute. He spins his chair around to look at everyone in turn and then asks if they are done there.

Calvin sums up what has just taken place and reiterates that everyone there wants Luke to seek help. He goes on to say that arrangements have been made for him to enter a rehab facility immediately. He informs Luke that Lucky, Ethan and Lulu are prepared to drive him to Shadybrook for inpatient rehab. Luke is flabbergasted that they want to put him in an institution. He growls that he will not go to Shadybrook and he will not seek treatment because he is not an alcoholic. Calvin states that no one can force him into rehab. Luke thinks that's the first thing he's said all day that makes sense and again refuses to go. Calvin then tells him that refusal to go to rehab has consequences. He calls on Nikolas who says that if Luke doesn't get help his doors are closed to him. Luke sarcastically tells him that he's hurt. Calvin next calls on Sonny who tells Luke that if he doesn't get help he can't be there for him at all. Carly then tells him that if he doesn't get help, he's not welcome at the Metro Court: No comps, no free food and definitely no booze. Ethan tells him to get help or there will be no more cons together. Luke is on his own.

When he calls on Tracy she sternly tells Luke that if he doesn't get help he will be denied access to the Haunted Star and its funds. Additionally, he will not be welcome in her family home and he will not be welcome in her bed. Lulu tells him if he doesn't get treatment there will be no further contact between them. She doesn't want to see him and she doesn't want to talk to him. Finally, he calls on Lucky, who tells Luke that if he doesn't get help he is no longer welcome in his home or in his life. He instructs him not to call because he won't answer and not to knock because he won't come to the door. He tells Luke to get help or he's on his own. Calvin repeats that Luke's children are prepared to take him to rehab, but Luke only asks to be let out of the chair.

Ethan cuts him free and Luke stands to address the room. He tells them he hopes they all enjoyed the creative writing although he can't say he did. He tells them that they can all pat themselves on the back, say that they tried and write him off as the unrepentant bastard that ran down a four-year-old. Lucky jumps up and says that if that's all he got from this he totally missed the point. Luke replies that's because life is pointless and random and nobody gets out alive. He says if they'll excuse him, there's a bottle with his name on it. He saunters out but stops just outside the door, sighs and wraps his arms around himself.

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