GH Update Tuesday 4/26/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/26/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas says he assumes Elizabeth and Maxie aren't still planning a spa day. Liz looks horrified to see him. Maxie tries to subtly convince Liz to tell Nik the truth about Aiden by telling her that she needs to take care of herself and that what she is doing-or not doing- isn't fair to anyone. Nikolas jumps to Elizabeth's defense and informs Maxie that she doesn't need any more pressure right now. Maxie asks Liz to please tell Nik what is going on. Liz sighs and says that she will.

Lucky informs Sam that Luke has been drunk since he found out he hit Jake. He is drowning in guilt. Sam replies that Jason is so angry that just that morning he told her he was afraid he would do something he can't take back. Lucky tells her that's exactly what Luke has in mind.

Luke puts out his hand and tells Sonny to give him back his gun. Sonny replies that he wouldn't be a good friend if he let Luke wave a gun around at Jason. He tries to make Luke understand that it's not the solution. He tells Luke that it will just cause more problems. Luke informs Sonny that it's not his call to make.

Michael continues trying to take the rap for Brandon's murder, despite Jason's attempts to stop him. He tells Dante and Ronnie that, after Jason stopped him from shooting Brandon in the alley, he followed him to Vaughan's where he shot him twice in the head. Abby was nowhere near the club. Abby shouts at Michael to stop lying. Dante tells Ronnie that this is obviously a false confession, but Ronnie thinks it sounds pretty credible. He turns to Jason and informs him that a confession from him will trump Michael's.

Johnny arrives home and finds Anthony on his computer. His father is excited about planting a rose garden. He informs Johnny they'll have theirs on the terrace and Johnny questions his use of the word "ours." He informs his father that he doesn't like roses but Anthony informs him he ordered 20 bushes to start. Johnny gets angry and slams the laptop shut. He doesn't believe that's all his father was doing on there. Anthony yells that he is trying to bring a little peace and tranquility into Johnny's life and Johnny sarcastically informs him that he is doing a great job so far. Johnny wants to know why Anthony is trying to set up Abby but his father pretends not to know who she is. Johnny questions why he is drawing attention to them at a time when they can't afford it. Anthony tells him to be patient and let the plan unfold, but Johnny replies that Anthony isn't the only one with a plan.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she should have already told him what she has to say, but Nik tells her not to make herself crazy over something he probably already knows. Maxie cautions him not to make any assumptions. Nik tells Liz to go ahead and say it. They can't be good parents to Aiden if they keep secrets from each other. Liz tells him he's right but stumbles over her words. Maxie tells her Nikolas deserves to know. Liz tells Nik this also has to do with Lucky. She asks Nik if he is aware that Lucky planning to marry Siobhan and Nik replies that Siobhan told him she was leaving the country. Maxie thinks that's excellent. Liz is confused because Lucky just asked permission to marry her. Maxie points out that this is the perfect time to take decisive action since Liz and Lucky already share so much. Nikolas stops the conversation to ask Maxie how any of this is her business.

Sam lets Lucky know that Luke wasn't threatening to her; it was all about provoking Jason. She tells him it could happen because Jason is right on the edge. Lucky tells her he has been so wrapped up in his own grief that he hasn't seen how much trouble Luke is in. Sam points out that they need to keep Luke and Jason away from each other. Lucky agrees and he asks where Jason is. Sam explains that he went to the police station because Ronnie brought Abby in for Brandon's murder. Lucky thinks if Jason it tied up with Michael it will buy him some time to deal with Luke. He just feels bad he let it get this far. Sam tells Lucky she's sorry and asks if there's anything she can do. He asks her not to tell Jason that Luke came over there.

Sonny tells Luke he knows what it's like to watch someone pay for the things that you've done. He gets that the guilt is crippling. Luke points out that Sonny has never killed a kid. Sonny reminds him that he got one shot. He tells Luke that people thought he was terrible for not visiting Michael in the institution, but he didn't want to see his son tied to a bed for the rest of his life because he took a bullet meant for Sonny. If he had seen Michael like that the guilt would have killed him. Luke reminds him that Michael woke up but Jake isn't going to wake up. Sonny reiterates to Luke that he understands the guilt. He says that your head tells you that you can get through it, but you don't deserve to have that pain go away. Luke says he can handle the pain but justice is justice. He killed a four-year-old and kept on driving. He tells Sonny that the kid died because of him and it just happened to be the kid Jason dumped off on Lucky. Sonny asks if Luke wants Jason to take him out because he's Jake's father.

Ronnie pushes Jason to confess by hypothesizing that he shot Brandon to keep Michael from doing it. He tells Jason to let Michael spend the night with Abby and not on the bus to Pentonville. Dante tells Ronnie he can't keep pushing until he gets the confession he wants. Abby pulls Michael aside and tells him that she didn't kill Brandon so there's nothing to worry about, but Dante tells them they have a witness. The witness is a regular at the club and he saw Abby shoot Brandon. Michael wonders how a guy at a strip club is considered a reliable witness. Dante tells Abby that because she was abused the DA will probably want to cut a deal with her. Michael shouts that she doesn't need a deal because she didn't do anything. Jason tries to get him to leave and Michael tells him he can go if he wants to but he's not leaving Abby alone.

Nikolas wonders why Maxie is suddenly so interested in Elizabeth, since he thought they were sworn enemies. Maxie informs him that, unlike the Cassadines, she doesn't believe in holding a grudge. She also understands some of how Liz is feeling because she lost her sister. She tells Liz she wanted to thank her again for donating Jake's organs. She points out that Liz and Lucky made that decision as a couple which is just more proof that she and Lucky are still in love with each other. Maxie then says that since she had a hand in breaking them up, she thought it was the least she could do to try to get them back together. Nik thinks maybe Liz should tell Lucky how he feels before he marries Siobhan, but Liz says that he made his choice and they should respect it. Maxie points out that Siobhan doesn't even know about it and Liz shoots back that she won't turn him down. Nik thinks that she might because she knows Lucky's focus right now is his family and she doesn't want to get in the way of that. Maxie wants to know what Liz is waiting for. She tells Liz that Lucky needs her and she has a feeling Liz knows the perfect thing to say to make him feel better. Liz replies that she already told Lucky she is fine with him marrying Siobhan. She makes him happy. Maxie reminds her that she doesn't make him as happy as he could be, not even close.

Sam tells Lucky that she and Jason don't keep secrets from each other so she can't promise that she won't tell him Luke came over. Lucky then asks her to stall him so he can pull something together. Sam wants to know what he has in mind but he doesn't know. He says he needs to make some calls and will give her the details when he has them. Sam tells Lucky she can let Jason know that Luke didn't scare her and perhaps tell him it was the booze talking. Lucky cautions her not to do that, as Jason believes that Jake would still be alive if Luke hadn't been drinking and he's probably right. He asks Sam if she knows where Luke went and she tells him he's at the Haunted Star. She also informs him that she went to Sonny thinking he could reason with Luke. Lucky thought the same thing but you can't reason with a drunk on a binge. He tells her that Jason tried to reason with him when he was using but he wouldn't listen. Sam tells Lucky that she's afraid Jason won't forgive Luke for this and Lucky replies that he shouldn't have to. Luke never turned his back on Lucky when he was out of control and Lucky won't turn his back on him now. No matter what he's done, Luke is his father and he loves him.

Sonny asks Luke if he thinks it's fair to trick Jason into killing him but Luke replies that he doesn't care about Jason. He questions why Jason gave Jake up in the first place and why he didn't take him back when Lucky and Liz split up. Sonny tells Luke that Jason made a decision that he regrets, just like he would regret killing Luke. Luke scoffs. He doesn't believe Jason would regret killing him, nor would Sonny if Luke had run down one of his kids. Sonny asks Luke how Lulu, Ethan and Tracy would feel if he died. Luke maintains they would all be ok because they're survivors. He points out that Jason is so good at what he does that it won't even be messy. It will seem like he went on one of his vacations but he'll never come back. And what about Lucky? Sonny asks Luke how he thinks Lucky will feel if he has to spend the rest of his life looking for him.

Lucky is standing at the window in the penthouse when he glances over and sees Jake's toy motorcycle on the mantle. He is standing there staring at it when Sam walks back in. She tells him she's been thinking and, while she won't lie to Jason, she believes Jason owes Lucky for giving Jake a family. Lucky doesn't think Jason owes him anything because it was a privilege to be Jake's father. He believes he is partially to blame for the fact that Luke was on the road that night because he was getting married. Sam tells him that he isn't responsible for Luke's drinking and Lucky agrees, however, he is responsible for letting him know how it affects the people he loves. He asks Sam to tell Jason he's sorry Luke came over and that he's through pretending his father doesn't have a problem. He's going to do everything he can to give Luke a chance to get help.

Sonny points out that Luke settled in Port Charles because that's what Laura wanted for Lulu. He traveled with Lucky as a kid when he could easily have left him behind and he opened his arms to Ethan. Luke tells Sonny that he loves his kids and thinks all three of them are spectacular. Sonny tells Luke he isn't trying to tell him how to live his life or how to end it, he's just trying to think about Lucky. He points out that Jake was Lucky's son just like Michael is his son and, having just lost his son, losing his father would kill him. Luke says he has already hurt him more than anyone could. He believes that Lucky blames the alcohol because he can't bring himself to blame Luke. Sonny reminds Luke that he has always had trouble forgiving, but he has realized that's a young man's way to live. He tells his friend that if you can't forgive, it starts to eat away at you. Luke realizes he is proving Sonny's point right now. Sonny isn't saying Luke has to forgive himself right now, but he wants him to consider it. Luke tells Sonny it is too late. Sonny tries to influence Luke by telling him that he hates taking his medication (for bipolar disorder) every day but he does because his kids need their dad. He just looks at it as something that has to be done. Luke tells Sonny he respects him more than any man he knows but they are very different men and they are very different fathers. He tells Sonny that he and Lucky have survived a lot: finding out what he did to Laura, the revelation of Ethan's paternity, even Lucky's choice to become a cop. He picks up the program from Jake's memorial service which bears his picture, holds it up for Sonny to see and tells him they can't come back from this. He goes on to tell Sonny that he has lived a good life, for the most part, but it is over.

Anthony thinks he and Johnny will have fun together, but Johnny thinks he is delusional. Anthony thinks it was a smart idea to cultivate Michael as a friend, but he questions why he would cultivate one rose when he could cultivate an entire garden. He chastises Johnny for thinking too small. He starts to tell Johnny that he thought once he was free of his whore of a sister things would change but Johnny becomes furious. He grabs Anthony by his jacket and spits that if he says one more word about Claudia he'll throw him off the balcony. Anthony tells his son he loves his temper because it's when they're most alike. Johnny cautions Anthony to stay out of his dealings with Michael, but Anthony points out that Johnny can't compete with Michael's loyalty to Jason and Sonny. Johnny says he'll set it up like it was Michael's decision to unite the families. He points out that it worked before and Anthony says that it was great, right up until he went to prison. Johnny reminds him that he went too far like he always does. Anthony thinks that Johnny's instincts are good and he's glad that his son is trying to grow the company, however, he thinks they definitely need Michael for leverage. They need to control him completely and Anthony is ready to make that happen.

Michael wants to see Abby but Jason would like to see her first. Michael tells him that Abby didn't kill Brandon and he has to help her. He wants Jason to tell her they will get her out of there, but Dante reminds them that neither one of them is an attorney and they have no right to see her. How many rules is he supposed to break tonight? Michael says he is asking him as his brother and Dante asks if that would be the brother he just punched in the face. Michael begs him again to let them see Abby and Dante agrees but tells Michael he owes him. He asks Ronnie to come out and lets Jason in but instructs him not to make him regret it. Abby tells Jason to get Michael out of there, but Jason informs her that the best way for her to help Michael is to tell him the truth. Did she kill Brandon?

Nikolas tells Maxie that it's not up to them to make decisions for Elizabeth and Lucky. Maxie asks him why it's so bad for her to want to see them happy. Nik tells her that, while they both know the guilt they feel over the pain they caused, they can't force them back together to make themselves feel better. They have to let them work it out themselves. Maxie says she doesn't see that happening unless everyone knows the truth. Liz spits that she can't expect Lucky to help her get over losing Jake. She can't always expect him to be her hero. Maxie tells Liz she has the chance to make Lucky happy and she doesn't understand why she won't do it. Liz replies that Lucky is going to marry Siobhan. He has every right to be happy and Liz isn't going to stand in his way.

Sonny arrives at Lucky's apartment. Lucky asks about Luke and Sonny tells him his father is drunk and self-destructive. He wanted to take Luke to the island to dry out. Lucky says it wouldn't help. Sonny tells Lucky he has never seen Luke like this, not even after they thought killed Lucky. He tells Lucky that Luke is punishing himself and Lucky wants to know if Sonny thinks he should go over there. Sonny says that depends on what he's planning to do, because Luke doesn't need another fight. Lucky doesn't want to fight. He tells Sonny he is not mad at his father, he's afraid for him.

Jason tells Abby he doesn't care if she did it because Brandon got what he deserved, but he can't help her or Michael unless he knows what really happened. Abby repeats that she didn't kill Brandon, but she'll say she did to protect Michael. She thinks there is enough evidence to support a confession, especially with the eyewitness. Jason asks her if she knows what that's about and she replies that someone is clearly trying to set her up. She doesn't know why but she would rather it be her than Michael. Jason questions why she cares so much and Abby replies that Michael is worth it. He didn't just save her from being raped, he gave her life back. She'll take her chances with the battered woman defense. Jason believes that she would take the fall for Michael, but he thinks it would have to wrong effect. Michael needs her. Abby says she is so sorry for dragging Michael into this. Jason is grateful to Abby. While Michael is clearly afraid for her, he's strong and that's because of her. She helped him out a lot. He opens the door to leave and Michael is standing there. Abby runs to him and they embrace. Michael assures Abby they will get her out of there. Abby tells Michael that she never wanted to rely on anyone again, but she relies on him. She knows they will get through this.

Maxie tells Liz that if Lucky knew Jake was his son he wouldn't marry Siobhan. He would be happy and Liz would have him back. Liz points out that his relationship with his brother would be ruined. Maxie thinks they would get over it and besides, why is Lucky's relationship with Nikolas more important than his relationship with the son he doesn't even know he has? Liz replies that Lucky wants to marry Siobhan and if she tells him the truth he'll let her go. It's one more loss she doesn't want to be responsible for. Maxie knows Liz blames herself for Jake's death and that she thinks she doesn't deserve Lucky because of that. She tells Liz that the most painful way she could punish herself for losing her son is to let Lucky slip away.

Lucky tells Sonny that Luke has lived a pretty hard life, but he always thought he was above all that somehow. He never saw his father as an ordinary mortal. Sonny asks Lucky if he knows about Luke's abusive childhood and Lucky says yes. Sonny thinks Luke doesn't want to be like his dad. Lucky says he never was. Lucky had a great childhood. He, Luke and Laura were a team. That's when Luke was the happiest, when they were a family and traveling all the time. Sonny tells Lucky that Luke tried really hard to be a good father and he would never do anything to deliberately hurt Lucky, but when he ran over Jake, it was as if he had run over Lucky. As hard as he tried to be a good dad, that died when Jake died. Sonny tells Lucky that Luke thinks he's blaming the alcohol because he can't stand to blame him. Lucky says that might be true, but the booze has been an issue for years and they've just looked away. Sonny knows Lucky will forgive Luke eventually but he doesn't think Luke can forgive himself. Lucky agrees that he won't be able to forgive himself if he keeps avoiding everything by drinking. Sonny tells Lucky that he used to love seeing them together and it made him want to be a father. Lucky tells Sonny he has pictures of a camping trip they all took together. Sonny recalls that Lucky made them pierce his ear with a fishhook. They laugh together and Lucky relates that he had to have a pierced ear because Luke had one and he always wanted to be just like him. He thinks that's why they fought so hard and why it was so devastating when he found out Luke was human. Sonny tells Lucky that Luke doesn't want to be seen as the guy that hit his kid and Lucky points out that he IS responsible. He tells Sonny that Luke is a high-functioning alcoholic and has been for years. He tells him the all let it go because they never believed Luke could mess up this bad. Lucky tells Sonny that now his dad is in free fall and Sonny asks him what he's going to do. "I don't know." Lucky replies, his eyes welling up with tears "I guess I'm gonna try to catch him."

Dante enters the interrogation room with a coffee for Abby. He thanks her for getting Michael out of there. Abby replies that she only wants what's best for Michael. Dante tells her he meant it when he said she was good for Michael. Dante tells Abby he thinks it was brave of her to press charges against Brandon and it can't have been easy with Angela Dwyer threatening to provoke Michael on the stand. He tells Abby he's afraid for his brother and Abby replies that she is too. Dante thinks they would both do anything they could to keep him from going back to Pentonville. Dante tells Abby that Michael is invested in her and that's why he wants to help. Abby tells him her relationship with Michael is not one-sided. Dante realizes Abby isn't going to talk to him. He tells her he hopes she didn't say anything to Jason and he isn't putting together a cover-up because that's the worst thing she could do. Diane will put together a plea bargain for her that is better than most. He thinks the best thing for Michael is to resolve this as soon as possible. Abby gets angry. She tells Dante that she hated Brandon and she should have never dropped the charges but she didn't kill him. She goes on to let him know that no amount of lattes or family small talk or Dante acting like he actually gives a damn will make her say she does.

Michael and Jason arrive at the penthouse and Sam can tell things didn't go well. They explain the situation and Sam asks if they have a name for the witness. When they say no, she offers to have Spinelli hack into the PCPD's computers and get the name so they can check his bank accounts to see if there was any sort of payoff. She tells Michael that an eyewitness isn't always reliable. Michael thinks it is obviously a set-up and the witness is lying but Jason isn't so sure.

Jason theorizes that the witness might be telling the truth as he sees it. Michael asks if he means that he saw someone that looked like Abby commit the murder. Sam replies that the eyewitness might have been set-up and Michael questions who would do that. Jason says that's what they need to figure out. Who would benefit from framing Abby?

Dante tells Abby he used to see everything in black and white until he found out that Sonny was his father and Michael was his brother. He will always protect Michael even though he doesn't make it easy, but he's also a cop and he needs to find out what happened. Abby states again that she didn't kill Brandon and neither did Michael. Dante says if she did she has a good defense because there was a history of abuse. Abby reminds him that he told her before that she dropped the charges, had no restraining order and didn't follow up on her prior attacks. She points out that a good prosecutor could make it look like she set Brandon up and charge her with premeditated murder. She could spend the rest of her life in prison. She tells Dante that she doesn't know what's really going on but, if he cares about Michael as much as he says he does, he should stop harassing her and find out. Dante tells Abby to assume that she's right and it was a set-up. Who does she think would want to make it look like she did it?

Johnny tells his father that he has no idea the lengths Jason would go to protect Michael. Anthony accuses Johnny of having no faith, but Johnny reminds him that he has a habit of making huge messes and leaving them for Johnny to clean up. Anthony assures him they will control Michael and that will make them bullet-proof. He tells his son that after that they can start on the real project, the real reason he is there. Johnny wants to know what he's talking about but Anthony tells him not to worry. He assures his son that once they find an opening all hell will break loose.

Nikolas arrives at Lucky's and Lucky asks him to help plan an intervention for Luke. Nik doesn't think he's the one Lucky should be asking. Lucky explains that Luke is trying to provoke Jason into killing him and they need to get him into rehab. Nik isn't so sure that surrounding Luke with the people he loves and telling him what a jerk he is is the right way to go about it but Lucky assures him it won't be like that. He explains that they'll tell him how his drinking is affecting them and set some boundaries. Nik asks if he is prepared to cut all ties with Luke if he doesn't get help and Lucky points out that Luke is going to cut all ties with them if they don't do something. He tells Nik he wants to get the whole family together so he needs his help. Nik agrees to help, but he is worried Lucky will end up hurt and disappointed. Lucky tells him it can't get much worse than it is. He'll take his chances, but they have to move fast before Luke disappears for good.

Luke is packing his bag in the office of the Haunted Star. He throws in some cash and a couple of bottles of booze. He is getting ready to zip the bag up when he sees the program from Jake's memorial on the desk. He picks it up and looks at it briefly before adding it to the bag. He zips the bag and takes a last shot of whiskey. He takes a final look behind him as he walks out the door.

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