GH Update Monday 4/25/11

General Hospital Update Monday 4/25/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason discuss her appointment with Kelly. Sam is thrilled that she’s an excellent candidate for the fertility procedure. Unfortunately, Jason is glum when hearing the news. Jason fears that he would make a terrible father. Jason admits he would love to start a family with Sam but wonders if his children would be safe. Sam says she loves Jason and points out that kids aren’t protected all the time. Sam praises Jason with helping Michael over the years. Jason worries that his baby would suffer from a life in the mob. Sam wishes Jason wouldn’t be so hard on himself. Sam talks about how Jason taught Michael about loyalty and integrity. Sam knows Michael will be okay. Sam acknowledges Jason might have doubts about fatherhood. Jason is thinking about Jake. Jason regrets not killing Brandon himself. Jason wants to grieve Jake’s death but wonders if it’s a good idea.

At Sonny’s home, Dante argues with his father. Dante wants to protect Michael but won’t tamper with police evidence. Dante reminds Sonny that covering up Claudia’s death was a mistake. Sonny won’t listen to Dante. Sonny is adamant that Dante do whatever it takes to keep Michael from going back to Pentonville. Dante feels terrible that his actions sent Michael to prison. However, Dante points out Sonny is to blame too. Dante hopes Sonny can come up with a plan b to help Michael. Sonny brings up Carter. Dante insists he won’t ignore his moral code. Sonny rambles on about Brandon’s death being justified. Sonny implies that he would have killed Brandon himself. Dante comments that Sonny is a terrible role model to his children. Nevertheless, Dante promises to prove Michael’s innocence. Sonny figures it will be too late because the DA wants to charge Michael because of the cell phone video. Sonny asks Dante to destroy the video. Dante is offended by the suggestion. Dante agrees Michael shouldn’t have to pay but refuses to destroy evidence. Sonny says Dante is acting hypocritical because he helped Brenda cover up Aleksander’s death. Sonny figures Dante is picking his badge over Michael. Dante refuses to argue with Sonny. Dante hopes he can find a lead to Brandon’s murderer. Dante begs Sonny to stay away from any cover-ups.

Ronnie shows up at Abby’s apartment, arrest warrant in hand. Michael is outraged but Ronnie ignores him. Michael begs Ronnie to leave Abby alone. Michael warns Ronnie to back off. Ronnie threatens to have Michael arrested. Abby tries to reassure Michael that everything will be okay. Ronnie reads Abby her rights and then cuffs her. Ronnie walks Abby out of the apartment. Alone, Michael grabs the warrant and crumples it into a ball. Michael storms out of Abby’s home.

Lucky runs into Maxie at Kelly’s. Maxie suggests having a little chat. Lucky and Maxie sit down at a table. A waitress pours some coffee. Maxie brings up fate and how the universe must be working in Lucky’s favor. Maxie asks Lucky how he’s doing. Lucky admits he has good and bad days since Jake’s death. Maxie brings up Georgie and her passing. Maxie mentions Lucky needs a distraction. Lucky jokes that he should hang out with Spinelli. Maxie talks about Lucky spending more time with family. Elizabeth walks in the diner. Elizabeth is horrified when she hears Maxie and Lucky talking about the boys. Maxie looks up and asks Liz to join them. Elizabeth says she is just getting takeout. Maxie hurries out of Kelly’s, leaving Lucky and Liz alone together. Lucky admits Maxie is something else. Lucky asks Elizabeth how she’s coping. Elizabeth admits everyone has been really supportive. Lucky and Elizabeth agree that it’s time that they had a chat. Lucky brings up Siobhan. Lucky explains how Siobhan’s Visa has been revoked and she needs to wait a year to apply again. Lucky suggests that he and Siobhan get married. Elizabeth seems sad. Elizabeth apologizes for not allowing Lucky to take the boys the night of Jake’s death. Lucky wants to know if Liz opposes his marriage to Siobhan. Liz praises Lucky on being a great man. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he’ll always care about her. Elizabeth brings up when she first met Lucky at Kelly’s. The two recall their love of dancing, Eli’s, and the Four Musketeers. Elizabeth and Lucky admit that was a long time ago. Lucky apologizes for lying to Liz over the years. Elizabeth doesn’t want to dwell on the negative. Elizabeth gives Lucky her blessings regarding marrying Siobhan. Elizabeth wants Lucky to be happy.

Siobhan enters Luke’s office at the Haunted Star. Luke is moping around, drinking liquor. Siobhan wishes Luke would stop drinking. Luke ignores Siobhan. Siobhan figures that Luke is trying to forget about Jake. Siobhan points out that getting drunk isn’t going to change the facts. Luke laughs and then pours himself another drink. Siobhan talks about going back to Ireland. Luke wonders why Siobhan doesn’t take Lucky with her. Siobhan hopes Luke can get sober and work things out with his son. Siobhan and Luke argue about Lucky. Luke comments that Lucky “hangs onto everyone and everything”. Luke suggests Siobhan and Lucky start a life in Ireland. Luke tells Siobhan that Lucky needs to break ties with the past. Luke storms out of the office. Alone, Siobhan cleans up Luke’s messy desk. Nikolas walks in and tells Siobhan that she shouldn’t bother cleaning up. Nikolas inquires about Luke. Siobhan jokes that Luke is probably getting plastered somewhere. Siobhan implies she needs to leave for Ireland. Siobhan asks Nik for a favor. Siobhan hopes Nikolas can get through to Luke.

There is a knock at Jason’s front door. Sam answers and see Luke. Luke barges in and yells for Jason. Sam says Jason is gone. Luke wants Sam to give a message to Jason. Luke rambles on about Jason not being Jake’s dad, that he shouldn’t judge him. Luke calls Jason a “coward”. Luke sits down on the living room couch. Sam bites her tongue while Luke goes on about Jason. Luke apologizes to Sam for having to listen to him rant. Luke is convinced Jason shouldn’t have the right to grieve Jake’s death. Luke says he’ll be at the casino if Jason wants to see him. Luke walks out and slams the door behind him.

At the police station, Abby is waiting to be processed. Ronnie tells Michael that he needs to sit down or he’ll be arrested. Jason shows up before Michael flips out. Ronnie wonders why Jason hasn’t called Diane. Ronnie continues to badmouth Abby in front of Michael. Michael almost loses it but Jason tells him to calm down. Michael refuses to leave Abby’s side. Jason steps away to call Diane. Michael wants Jason to make bail for Abby. Michael suggests calling Alexis. Dante shows up a few minutes later. Dante and Ronnie enter the interrogation room. Dante wonders why Abby is being detained. Ronnie announces Abby was booked for Brandon’s murder. Dante is speechless. Ronnie says Michael is out of control and threatens to arrest Dante’s brother. Dante agrees to talk to Michael. Ronnie implies he has proof to tie Abby to the murder. Nevertheless, Ronnie wishes he could have arrested Jason for Brandon’s death.

Kristina shows up at Sonny’s house. Kristina talks about Brenda’s wish for Sonny’s children to stay away for the time being. Sonny thinks Kristina misunderstood what Brenda was trying to say. Sonny defends his wife. Kristina says she enjoyed celebrating Sonny’s birthday. Sonny asserts Kristina is welcome at his home anytime. Kristina has doubts and says Sonny will become fixated on Brenda and Lucian. Sonny promises Kristina that his children are the center of his life. Sonny and Kristina share a hug.

Elizabeth is looking at the paternity results in her living room. There is a knock on the front door. Maxie rushes inside. Maxie asks Liz if she told Lucky about the test results. Elizabeth says she can’t tell Lucky because he’s marrying Siobhan. Elizabeth doesn’t want to meddle in Lucky’s love life. Maxie senses Liz wants Lucky back. Elizabeth regrets her affair with Nikolas. Elizabeth refuses to get in the way of Lucky and Siobhan’s happiness. Maxie is convinced Lucky needs to know the truth about Aiden. Maxie believes Lucky doesn’t love Siobhan. Maxie knows Lucky’s family is his main priority. Nikolas walks in through the front door. Nikolas senses he is interrupting something important.

Luke returns to his office. Nikolas is inside. Luke figures Siobhan cleaned up while he was gone. Luke pours another drink. Nikolas says he wants to help Luke. Luke thinks this is funny. Nikolas hopes Luke will stop drinking for Lucky’s sake. Luke refuses to get help. Frustrated, Nik walks out. Luke sits at his desk and pulls out a gun. Luke drops the bullets on the desk. Luke continues to stare at the gun.

Sonny is at home on a business call when Sam shows up. Sam talks about Luke’s drunken rampage. Sam says Luke criticized Jason and his choices. Sam and Sonny agree Luke is looking for trouble. Sonny knows Jason won’t back down if Luke gets in his face. Both are convinced that Luke needs help. Sam returns to the penthouse to wait for Lucky. Lucky shows up at Jason’s home, confused about Sam’s message. Sam blurts out about Luke’s rant. Lucky isn’t surprised that Luke is still drinking. Lucky realizes Luke wants Jason to kill him.

Sonny shows up at Luke’s office. Sonny stares at the gun on Luke’s desk. Luke is surprised that Sam called Sonny. Sonny comments that Luke needs a friend. Luke offers Sonny a drink but he declines the offer. Sonny picks up Luke’s gun and holds it in his palm. Sonny asks Luke what his plan is. Luke admits he’s waiting for Jason.

At the police station, Abby asks Michael to go home. Michael won’t listen to Abby. Michael tells Abby that she won’t be able to deal with the detaining process. Abby says this is nothing compared to the strip club raid. Michael says Abby isn’t Ronnie’s main target. Jason explains Ronnie’s agenda to Abby. Abby feels it is her problem to deal with since she dated Brandon. Dante returns to the conversation. Dante brings up the fact that a witness saw Abby in the strip club parking lot the night of Brandon’s murder. Dante implies that Abby killed Brandon. Michael punches Dante in the face. Jason grabs Michael and pulls him aside. Michael yells out that Dante is a crooked cop like Ronnie. Abby wants Michael to shut up. Michael makes some threats in front of everyone. Ronnie prepares to cuff Michael but Dante intervenes on his brother’s behalf. Dante asks Jason to get Michael out of there. Before Michael can leave, he confesses to killing Brandon.

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