GH Update Thursday 4/21/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/21/11


Written by Melissa
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Carly storms into Sonny's house and informs Brenda that she has no right to dictate who is welcome there and who isn't, since she hasn't lived there all that long herself. Brenda reminds Carly that she and Sonny are married so it is her house too. Carly tells Brenda that Sonny's kids were around long before Brenda was Mrs. Corinthos and they will be around long after. She cautions Brenda not to keep Sonny from his kids. Brenda asks Carly what she's talking about. Carly responds that Brenda told Sonny's kids not to bother stopping by. Brenda tries to correct her by telling her that's not exactly what happened, but Carly won't be swayed. She warns Brenda that if she tries to keep Sonny's kids away, she'll be the one that's gone.

Sam is frantically searching the penthouse for something. She is digging around in the sofa cushions when Jason walks in and asks her if she lost something. Sam is flustered and informs him that she can't find her keys and she needs to bring Spinelli an extra battery for his camera because he is on a stakeout. As she is flying around the room trying to locate her keys, Jason calmly walks over to the coffee table and finds them. He can tell Sam is distracted and it has nothing to do with her keys. He tells her if she doesn't want to go see Dr. Lee about the procedure she can just cancel the appointment.

Lulu surprises Dante at work. She feels as though the combination of work and the issues with Luke has left very little time for them as a couple. She asks Dante if he wants to take a break but he tells her he just took one. Lulu is a little upset that he didn't call her, but Dante explains that he attended a surprise birthday party for Sonny. Lulu wonders how that went. Dante tells her there was cake and balloons and it was about as normal as his family gets. He didn't have a good time, however, because he kept looking and Michael and thinking about the fact that he is realizing his dream to follow Sonny into the mob.

Abby is studying at Kelly's when Johnny walks in. He tells her he heard the police were bothering her again and Abby explains that they took her to the station to ask her about Brandon. Johnny asks if she had an attorney with her and she confirms that Diane was there. Johnny replies that Diane is good, but protecting Sonny is her number one goal. He tells Abby if she ever needs an attorney again, she should call him, free of charge. Abby thinks that's very generous of him, but she can't help but wonder why he's taken such an interest. Johnny replies that Abby was an excellent employee and he wants to take care of her. Michael walks in and questions what is going on.

Jason lets Sam know that if she is not ready or she has changed her mind, that's ok. Sam assures him it's not that. She just doesn't want to get her hopes up because it's possible that once she has the tests run she will find out she can't get pregnant. She doesn't want to be disappointed or to disappoint Jason. Jason lets her know that, no matter what happens, he loves her. She loves him, too. Jason cautions Sam not to let fear get in her way. He doesn't want her to make the same mistake he did. Sam is really afraid the procedure won't work. Jason asks if she wants him to go with her to the appointment. Sam is shocked. Would he really do that?

Carly shouts at Brenda that family means everything to Sonny. That's why the party was so important. Everyone Sonny loves was there, even Dante. While Carly wasn't surprised that Brenda wasn't there because she assumed she was acclimating to motherhood, she was shocked to find out the party was at the restaurant because Brenda didn't want the kids at the house. Brenda jumps out and blasts Carly back. She tells her she would never try to keep Sonny's kids away. She thinks that Kristina misunderstood and passed on the wrong information to the other kids. She tries to explain to Carly that she didn't want to have a big brunch with all the kids until Lucien was better adjusted. She then informs Carly that since she is the one always trying to keep Sonny away from Morgan, she really has no place to talk. Carly accuses Brenda of being a coward because she is blaming it all on Kristina. Brenda replies that if it makes her a coward to protect her child than she's not going to apologize. Carly thinks the way Brenda brushed off Kristina implies that she doesn't want Sonny to have anything to do with his children. She wants Sonny to focus on her. Brenda replies that it doesn't have anything to do with her. It's about their child. She believes that since Lucien is part of their family now, it's their decision how they introduce him to his siblings and has nothing to do with Carly. Carly warns Brenda that if she tries to keep her sons from their father again, she will be sorry.

Lulu doesn't think Carly will let Michael go into the mob because she wants a better life for him. Dante reminds her that Michael has been learning his entire life that picking up a gun makes you powerful and it's a little late for a change of heart on that. Besides, Michael is old enough to make his own decisions and Johnny is in the perfect position to hire Michael for his organization. Lulu wonders what happened to Dante's theory that Johnny killed Brandon to save Michael. Dante replies that they have no evidence to tie Johnny to the murder save for the fact that Brandon was found in the parking lot of his club. Why would Johnny want to frame Michael? It's not like he's holding a grudge over Claudia's death. Dante doesn't think Michael is going out of his way to win Michael over out of the goodness of his heart. Lulu theorizes it's possible Johnny wants something. Dante tells her that what he wants is leverage over Sonny. If Michael works for Johnny, Sonny can't go after him anymore. Lulu wonders why Sonny can't give Michael a job at a warehouse where he is out of danger and away from Johnny. Dante tells her they can't just give him a safe job. Someone needs to change the way Michael thinks before he ruins his life.

Johnny explains to Michael that he was just checking up on Abby, making sure the cops aren't coming down on her too hard over Brandon. Michael tells him she's taking the brunt of it. Abby figures this makes sense because Brandon is her ex. Johnny offers his attorney's services again, but Michael thinks it might be a conflict of interest since she represented Brandon. Johnny is aware that Sonny and Jason think he has a hidden agenda, but he assures Michael that nothing could be further from the truth. He just wants to help and he is sorry if he made things worse. Abby knows that he was good to her before she had a connection with Michael so at least part of it comes from a good place. However, she also knows that Johnny and Sonny don't get along. Johnny replies that Sonny should burn in hell for what he did to Claudia, but he's not going to use Michael to get back at him. If he's overstepped his bounds, they should let him know and he'll back off. Michael knows that Johnny could have asked the judge to put him away for life for killing Claudia but he didn't and he thinks that says a lot. Johnny repeats that if there is anything he can do they should let him know. He leaves and Michael and Abby exchange a questioning look.

Jax and Shawn are in the hallway outside Josslyn's room and Jax tells Shawn he thought he asked him to leave. Shawn replies that he can't do that and Jax assumes he wants to negotiate a higher fee. He hands Shawn a check and tells him he thinks it will more than compensate him for his time. Shawn replies that he is here because Josslyn come first and he didn't want to interrupt her checkup to make his position clear. Jax asks what that position is. Shawn holds up the check and tears it in two. Is that clear enough? He informs Jax that it's not about the money but Jax believes that's what every good conman says. He wants to know what it will cost him to get rid of Shawn. Shawn tells Jax he's not very good at listening. Jax doesn't buy that Shawn is above taking a payoff. Shawn reminds him that he sold out to Theo for a very high price and it wound up costing him more in self-respect. He won't make that mistake again, so he has to decline Jax's offer. He holds the pieces of the check up for Jax to see and then lets them fall to the floor just as Carly walks up. She asks Jax to please tell her he was not paying Shawn to leave.

Ethan arrives at Johnny's apartment looking for work. He tells Johnny it seems to be everyone's solution. Lucky and Lulu have gone back to their jobs full-time, but he can't return to tending bar because Luke is holed up at the Haunted Star. He doesn't think they are going to open any time soon and, besides, he has a very low tolerance for watching a man self-destruct. Johnny wonders if it's really that bad. Ethan explains that while most people see what happened to Jake as an accident, Luke believes he somehow should have seen a 4-year-old in a dark road. He tells Johnny that Lucky and Tracy think that it's because of his drinking. Johnny wonders what Ethan thinks. He believes Luke can hold his liquor unless he chooses not to. He realizes that Luke has been changed profoundly by the accident, but he doesn't know how to help him. He's not used to having a family. What does someone do in this situation? Johnny laughs. He tells Ethan he has a sister who is dead because she tried to kidnap a newborn and a father serving a life sentence in Pentonville. He's asking the wrong guy. Johnny asks Ethan about his wife and Ethan informs him that Maya's gone and he has no idea when she's coming back.

Lulu thinks that Johnny might honestly think he is helping Michael by giving him an alternative to Sonny. Dante says that Johnny's motives don't matter as much as what this whole thing means for Michael. If he is caught breaking the law, or hanging out with people that do, his parole will be revoked. The same is true if they find anything linking him to Brandon's death. Lulu asks Dante if he believes Michael when he says he didn't do it. Dante just remembers how angry Michael was when he found out Brandon made bail. Lulu wonders if Dante thinks Michael could shoot someone in the head and Dante replies that he wants to be like Jason. Dante sighs and tells Lulu that, while he wants to believe Michael, every time he starts thinking like a cop he realizes how guilty he looks.

Sam tells Jason she didn't think he would want to go to the appointment but having him there would be great. This way, Dr. Lee can answer all their questions together. She's read the brochure a dozen times and still doesn't understand it all. She goes on to say that the room is cold and scary and that Jason can hold her hand while the doctor performs the exam. Jason looks terrified but says he will do whatever she wants. Sam starts to laugh and tells Jason that it's ok. She can go through the exam on her own. Just the fact that he cared enough to ask is enough. They kiss and Sam hurries off to her appointment.

Carly asks Jax if he has forgotten how many times Franco got close to Josslyn. She is not willing to risk her daughter's safety and Shawn has been hired to protect her. He will do whatever it takes to keep Josslyn safe. Jax isn't so sure that he will. He doesn't know anything about Shawn except that he was hired to kidnap Brenda on her wedding night. Carly says that Jason wouldn't have hired Shawn if he didn't trust him and Jax replies that might mean something if he had faith in Jason. Carly tells Jax again that she doesn't want to fight with him, she just wants to talk about taking Josslyn home. Jax reminds her they have a lot to discuss before they take her home and he doesn't think they should hash it out in front of Shawn. Carly agrees and sees that as a sign that they're not as far apart as Jax thinks, but Jax reminds her they are when it comes to Sonny and Jason. He asks Carly how the party was and she replies that it was fine until Molly told them that the Brenda didn't want the kids at the house. Jax replies that he will have to thank Brenda because the less time Michael and Morgan spend at Sonny's house the better. Carly thinks Jax is determined to fight. Jax tells her he'll be back in the morning. After he walks away, Shawn joins Carly and she apologizes for what happened. Shawn must be tired of all the drama. Shawn tells Carly that, in his opinion, Jax is a manipulative, entitled, son-of-a-bitch.

Sam arrives for her appointment with Dr. Lee who is glad to hear she is considering the procedure. The doctor starts to give her a run-down of the possible outcomes of the procedure, but Sam interrupts her and asks her to tell her if she is a lousy candidate for it, because she doesn't want to get wrapped up in the process of trying for a baby that she'll never have. She asks Dr. Lee to be honest with her so she and Jason can deal with it and get on with their lives.

Dante calls Angela Dwyer and is told she's in court so he leaves a message asking her to get back to him. Ronnie asks Dante if he thinks it's a good idea to get involved with her. Dante points out that there's no way Brandon could have afforded her services and he needs to find out who hired her to represent him. Ronnie thinks that will be privileged information. Dante points out that Brandon is dead so they can't use anything he said against him. Ronnie isn't talking about Brandon. He tells Dante if he's trying to pin this on Johnny he's on the wrong track. Dante reminds him that the Zaccharas are one of Dwyer's biggest clients and it makes sense that Johnny would have paid her to bail him out. He has to follow all the angles. Ronnie tells him if he is doing it to try to help his brother he's too late because new evidence has surfaced.

Diane arrives at Jason's and tells him that while she hates to bring bad news, it seems that's all there is surrounding Brandon's murder. Jason thought she took care of Ronnie. Diane explains that she got Abby out of the police station before he could do any real damage, but there's nothing she can do about the fact that Abby doesn't have an alibi for the night Brandon was killed. Neither do Michael or Jason for that matter. Jason points out that the police won't find any evidence linking them to the murder. Diane doesn't doubt that, but the police are still going to treat them as suspects and, unlike Jason, Abby and Michael aren't experienced in the art of keeping their mouths shut. Diane begs him to tell her who killed Brandon. Jason replies that it wasn't him. Diane says that while that should make her job easier, it doesn't. She asks him to tell her that someone saw him that night. He explains that he didn't feel like being around anyone, so he got on his bike and rode up to Loganville. Diane is truly sorry. She doesn't mean to be insensitive. She changes the subject to Michael. Is there any chance he killed Brandon? Jason tells her Michael didn't do it. He has no reason to lie to Jason. Diane points out that he might lie if he was protecting someone, for instance, the woman he loves.

Abby wonders if Sonny and Jason might be right. Could Johnny be working them? Michael says he thought she trusted Johnny. Abby replies that he's always been good to her but hearing the way he talked about Sonny made her wonder if he might actually have an agenda. Michael reminds her that when Brandon turned up dead, Johnny gave them a heads up so they wouldn't be caught off guard and offered to have his employees back up their story. Abby thinks it's strange that Johnny didn't seem concerned about whether they were involved in Brandon's death or not, but Michael pushes it aside by saying that Johnny is probably concerned because Abby was attacked right down the street from his club. He probably feels the same way Michael does: That Brandon got what he deserved. Abby begs him to not let what Brandon did to her cloud his judgment. How does he know Johnny isn't up to something? Michael replies that Johnny has always been decent to him, probably because he understands what it's like to have a father in the business. They have more in common than Michael thought. Abby says that's what worries her. Johnny's anger is consuming him and she doesn't want that to happen to Michael. Brandon is dead and he can't hurt her. Michael says he wants to make sure no one else can either. Abby believes Michael looks at joining the mob as a way to protect her, but she also thinks he sees it as a way to prove himself to Sonny. Michael believes that Sonny thinks he is too weak to run the business. Abby asks Michael if he knows what she sees when she looks at him. She sees a strong decent man with the biggest heart of anyone she knows. She knows it sound selfish, but she doesn't want him to change.

Carly explains to Shawn that the situation with Jax is complicated. He knows how much damage Sonny's lifestyle has caused and it makes sense that he wants something different for Josslyn and Morgan. Shawn doesn't know what happened before he arrived, but he does know that Josslyn's life is in danger. Everything he knows about Franco tells him that if he said he is going to see Josslyn again he will and the guards Jax wants to hire won't be able to protect her. Carly says she is sorry but Shawn tells her she's not to blame. He understands that everything Franco does is designed to get to Jason. He has hired Shawn to protect Josslyn and he's intending to do it. No bribe from Carly's pissed off husband is going to change that.

Jax goes to Sonny's to see Brenda. He thanks her for the gift she sent Joss and invites her and Lucien over to the hotel to visit when she gets home. Brenda says that's really sweet, but they are trying not to overwhelm Lucien right now. She suddenly gets giddy at the idea of their children having play dates. Jax agrees it's great, but tells her it can't happen at the house because Josslyn isn't allowed anywhere near Sonny. Brenda replies that a lot has changed since Lucien arrived and Sonny is doing all he can to keep him safe. Jax points out that he will never be safe as long as Sonny is in the business. Brenda knows that Jax hates Sonny but he happens to be an incredible father. Jax swears that he's not questioning his parenting skills, but as long as he's in the business, the people he loves are in danger. He reminds her there is a long list of casualties and he doesn't want his daughter to be one of them. He hopes her son isn't either.

Diane and Jason discuss Abby. Diane questions the fact that Jason barely knows anything about her, but Jason maintains she's a good person. Diane points out that she suffered for years with an abusive boyfriend and she wouldn't be the first woman to find the courage to stand up to her attacker. She theorizes that Michael and Abby might be involved in the murder together and therefore covering up for each other.

Abby tells Michael she doesn't want the business to turn him into someone that keeps himself closed off from everyone but he insists it won't. Abby points out that Sonny, Johnny and Jason all have those walls up and, while she's sure it's a defense mechanism, it's no way to live. She stops suddenly and apologizes for lecturing him, but Michael doesn't feel like she is. Abby thinks she sounds like a broken record telling him how to live his life. Michael appreciates that she cares but he has to do what he thinks is right. Even if it gets him killed? He realizes the business is dangerous, but so is life. Look at what happened to Jake. He tells Abby you can't go through life trying to stop bad things from happening, all you can do is make the most of the time you're given. If Johnny can help him do that, why shouldn't he let him?

Ethan explains to Johnny that Maya got a call from her family in Philadelphia. She told him she had to go back and she couldn't say why. Since she left, all he's gotten are emails and text messages. Johnny wonders if he's worried about her, but Ethan says he's worried about himself. He's actually come to care about Maya. Johnny offers him a drink but he declines. He says the last drink he had was with Luke and when he went to get into the car he froze. He kept thinking about how he drinks casually and can hold his liquor and then he saw himself getting in the car and driving down that road. Johnny tells him you can't take the sins of your father on yourself. Just because Luke drove drunk doesn't mean Ethan is an alcoholic. Logically, Ethan knows he's right and he's sure he'll return to his old self before long, but right now all he can see is Luke's face. He brushes it aside and asks Johnny to tell him about this new job. Johnny tells him he may have something new coming up and will call him if he does. He has just one question first: Would Ethan be opposed to training someone new? Ethan asks if the new person will get him shot and killed. Johnny replies that he won't, but his family might. Then he breaks the news that Michael might soon be coming to work for him.

Brenda believes Sonny regrets everything that has happened to his kids but Jax points out if he had that much regret he would have gotten out after Michael was shot and he certainly would have thought twice about bringing another kid into that mess, especially after his mother nearly died. Brenda points out that Theo came after her because she killed his son and it had nothing to do with Sonny. Jax tries to make Brenda understand that Lucien will never be safe but Brenda argues every point. Finally, she becomes exasperated and tells Jax that she needs him to support her on this. Jax says he's sorry, but he can't tell her what she wants to hear. He doesn't think Sonny's lifestyle will be any safer for Lucien than it was for his own kids.

Johnny is surprised to find Lulu at his front door. She says she should have called first but Johnny says she is welcome any time. Lulu thinks he might change his mind when he hears what she has to say and Johnny says he'll take his chances. Lulu tells him Dante thinks he is either trying to pin Brandon's murder on Michael or trying to groom him for the mob. Johnny wants to know what she thinks and Lulu says she knows he hates Sonny but she doesn't think he would deliberately hurt Michael. Johnny tells her that Claudia cost Michael a year of his life so he believes he owes him something. If Michael comes knocking on his door asking for a job who is he to say no?

Dante goes to Jason's and asks him how Brandon died. He says he's not there as a cop. He explains that there is cell phone video footage of Michael in an alley with a gun pointed at Brandon. Jason comes along and pulls his arm down and the video cuts out. He hopes what happens next is that Jason got Michael out of there. Jason asks who has seen the video as he picks up his cell phone, but Dante tells him it's too late to call Spinelli because Ronnie has seen the video. He tells Jason he needs to know what happened because if Michael is involved, they're running out of time to help him.

Michael arrives at the police station after receiving a call from Ronnie, who tells him to sit down because they might be awhile. Diane arrives and Ronnie explains that he wanted to make sure she was there before he started questioning Michael, because he doesn't want to get thrown out of court on a technicality. Diane asks what he is talking about and Ronnie informs her that they have proof that Michael killed Brandon.

Carly arrives at Kelly's and sees Sam crying at a table. She asks what happened and Sam says she had a consultation with Dr. Lee. Carly starts apologizing profusely. She tells Sam that when she suggested they have a baby she really thought it was possible. She realizes she dredged up all those feelings when Sam had finally come to terms with not being able to have a baby. She tells Sam again how sorry she is.

Lulu asks Johnny if he remembers where they were when Michael got shot. He recalls that they were at the Haunted Star and Spinelli said Michael took a bullet meant for Sonny. Lulu reminds him that he was furious. Johnny says that was because the power struggle between him and Sonny got Michael shot. Lulu wants to know how this is any different and Johnny tells her that Michael is grown and can make his own decisions. Lulu goes on to remind him that he told her that night that all the mob did was destroy people with circle of violence. He saw his life for what it was and that convinced her that he had a soul. She asks him not to prove her wrong. She tells him if he wants to be a part of a business that he hates that's fine just don't take Michael down with him.

Jason tells Dante that Michael didn't kill Brandon and Dante wants to know if that is a confession. He points out that he can't help his brother if he doesn't know what happened. Just the video of Michael with a gun in his hand is enough to revoke his parole. Jason tells Dante that he told Brandon to go and he brought Michael back to the penthouse. He yelled at him for pulling a gun on someone in the first place. Dante wonders if there's any chance that Michael went out looking for Brandon later and killed him. Jason tells him Michael is not going to be charged with Brandon's murder. He's not going back to prison. Dante tells him that he realizes he wants to take the fall for Michael, but it might already be too late.

Diane and Michael are watching the video while listening to Ronnie hypothesize about what he believes happened that night. He thinks Jason stopped Michael from killing Brandon in the alley so he tracked him down later and killed him at Vaughan's. Diane tells Ronnie the video is circumstantial at best. Ronnie walks over and closes the door. He proceeds to tell Michael that if he keeps lying it will mean trouble for him and Dante. Michael wants to know what Dante has to do with it and Diane cautions him that Ronnie is trying to bait him and he needs to keep quiet. Ronnie says that Dante had a conflict of interest and didn't take himself off the case, so now it looks like he is covering for Michael. He says that even if Dante keeps his job, the internal affairs investigation will haunt him for the rest of his career. He then tells Michael that the best thing he can do for himself and his brother is to confess.  

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