GH Update Tuesday 4/19/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/19/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Lisa are discussing surgery options for the patient they are consulting on. Robin arrives and tells Patrick they have 7 minutes to get to their destination. Patrick tells Lisa he doesn't want the patient near an OR until he signs off on it. He heads to the elevators with Robin, who comments that he looks a little tense. Patrick replies that Lisa is a brilliant surgeon once you get past the crazy. Robin says that, luckily, Lisa seems to be focused on Johnny right now. Patrick thinks it's ironic that Robin is pulling him away from Lisa to go to their first official marriage counseling session. Robin replies that at least they'll have something interesting to talk about.

Lucky and Siobhan are kissing in Lucky's living room when they accidentally knock over Siobhan's purse, dumping its contents. Lucky leans down to help her pick them up and finds a plane ticket to Ireland. The flight is set to leave in a couple days.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas she didn't realize she had left the envelope containing the paternity test results out. Nik tells her he's not surprised. He's always known she wanted Lucky to be Aiden's father. Liz replies that she's made such a mess of everything. Nikolas tells her he understands that Lucky has been on her mind since Jake died and he understands why she needed to do this.  She tells Nik she never meant to hurt him. He tells her that all he needs from her now is the truth.

Sam tells Jason to forget she said anything about having a baby. Jason reminds her that she's the one that has to go through the procedure. Sam knows that, but she doesn't see the point of putting them both through that kind of pressure. Jason tells Sam he doesn't want her to regret anything. He doesn't want her to feel what he is feeling right now. Sam replies that if they decide to have a baby their lives are going to change forever. Are they ready for that?

Johnny goes to see his father in prison. Anthony asks if Johnny brought him his pictures and Johnny tells him the guard has to clear them first. Anthony tells him those pictures were for his personal consumption. He claims it gets lonely in prison and a man needs his comforts. Johnny reminds him they're pictures of roses. "Different strokes" is Anthony's reply. Johnny tells his father he doesn't even want to hear about it. Anthony instructs Johnny to kill the guard that took his pictures on the way out. Johnny tells him the photos will be in his cell by the time they're done. When Anthony tells Johnny that he asks for very little, Johnny replies that he's the most demanding person he knows. Anthony asks Johnny how business is and Johnny suggests his father tell him, since he's been running things from prison. Anthony tells him business is terrible and chastises Johnny for running around with Lisa instead when their enemies are at their most vulnerable. Anthony asks if Lisa is any good for helping them to bury Sonny.

Nikolas understands why Elizabeth would want to dig up the DNA test and look at it. Liz asks Nik if he looked at it, but he says he doesn't have to. He doesn't have the same reservations she does about who Aiden's father is. Liz laments that this is so unfair to Nik. Nikolas knows he's made some bad choices, but he's grateful for Aiden. While he realizes he can't take Jake's place, he's hoping the little boy can help them all start to heal and bring them closer together as a family. He misses the way things used to be, the way they would all trust each other without thinking twice about it. He can't imagine the pain of losing Spencer or Aiden, so he can't imagine what Liz and Lucky are going through but if they're honest with each other and they support each other, maybe they can get through this stronger and closer.

Siobhan tells Lucky that with all he has going on, he doesn't need to be worried about her. Lucky questions what made her think the way to handle that was to run off to Ireland without telling him. Siobhan replies that she was going to tell him. Lucky wonders how she was planning to do that, with a phone call from the airport? Siobhan thinks there is something to be said for a clean break. Lucky says if she really wants to leave that's her choice, but she could have given him the courtesy of telling him to his face. Siobhan replies that she can't force Lucky to go through with a green card marriage. He just lost his son. His father is a mess and everyone seems to think Lucky is the only one that can get through to him. And what about Elizabeth? She needs him every bit as much as the night Jake died. Lucky realizes that things have been awkward and he hasn't been there much, but Siobhan is important to him and it has nothing to do with a green card. He wants her to stay.

Sam tells Jason they have a good life that they worked really hard to get. Jason asks her if she wants to have the procedure because he doesn't want her not to do anything because of how they live. Sam doesn't want Jason to feel like she's pressuring him. Carly knocks at the door and Jason lets her in. She tells him she got his message. When she sees the looks on Sam and Jason's faces, she assumes that Jason wanted to talk to her about Sam. She asks them if they are going to take her advice and have a baby.

Johnny asks if Anthony has heard anything about Brandon. His father wants to know why he bothers him with such trivial things. Johnny explains that Brandon is the ex-boyfriend of one of his dancers who is now dating Michael Corinthos. Anthony is impressed that Michael is dating a stripper and thinks they can use that to their advantage. Johnny asks him again what he knows about it. He asks if Anthony knows that Brandon used to beat Abby and would have raped her if Michael hadn't come along. Anthony sarcastically states that's the saddest story he's ever heard, but what's really sad is that Johnny thinks he knows or cares about any of this. Johnny replies with certainty that he knows. He questions his father about Angela Dwyer, but Anthony maintains that she has dozens of clients. Johnny tells him he helped Michael out and gave Abby some money and his father compliments him on seeing an opportunity and taking it. Johnny asks one last time if his father had anything to do with it. Anthony replies that it's his club, his stripper and his dead customer. It's all him and Anthony couldn't be prouder.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she needs to tell him something. Nik replies that she can tell him anything. If they are going to be good parents, they have to be honest. Liz tells him that she loves Lucky and she never stopped. She tried to move on but failed and she is so sorry for the pain she caused. Nikolas replies that he loves her. She is his friend and he trusts her. They will get through it. Liz asks him to give Aiden a hug for her and Nik replies that he'll tell their son both of his parents love him very much. They hug and Nik leaves.

Lucky believes Siobhan is scared because she's getting close to him. Siobhan retorts that if he would like to explain that to immigration he should feel free but she doesn't think that will stop them from shipping her back to Ireland. Lucky maintains that they can still get married. He'll get Lulu or Nikolas to serve as a witness. Siobhan counters that it was a fine idea at first, but everything is different now. Lucky maintains that is no reason for her to run off. Siobhan agrees that it was cowardly of her not to tell him, but there's no reason for her not to return to Ireland. Lucky wants to know what part of her life in Ireland was better than what they have now and Siobhan admits that none of it was, but she can't let him set aside his family to take care of her. Lucky reminds her that one of the reasons their relationship works so well is that he doesn't have to take care of her. Lucky realizes his motives are partially selfish. He's not ready to let her go and, deep down, he doesn't think she wants to go. Siobhan starts to cry. She tells Lucky this is why she wanted to leave without saying good-bye. She knew if he started talking, she'd be lost. Lucky asks if this means she will stay. She says it means they'll deal with it in the morning. Lucky kisses her.

Carly tells Jason and Sam that she knows no child can replace Jake. Jason will always love him and always miss him, but a baby would make him so happy, and keep him so busy, he wouldn't have time to grieve. Sam tells Carly that she and Jason have a lot to discuss. Carly knows she's overstepping, but she just wants them to have the happiness she knows a baby can bring. Jason tells her they appreciate that. Sam tells them she has to leave for a doctor's appointment. When Carly gives her a questioning look, she explains it is just a check-up related to her concussion. After Sam leaves, Jason tells Carly that she can't fix this for him, but Carly maintains she can try. Jason tells her it will help if she focuses on Josslyn because he knows she's grateful. He encourages her to have fun with her daughter. Jason asks if she has been spending all her nights and the hospital and Carly confirms it. She tells Jason that Sam would do the same thing. She tells Jason that Sam wants a baby regardless of what she says. Jason asks if she really believes that or if she is trying to convince him to do what she thinks is best for him. Carly replies that no one she knows deserves a child more than Jason. Jason points out that she's not exactly objective. She wants him to let himself be happy and she wants him to give himself the one thing she knows can do that.

Maxie arrives at Robin's house. She tells Robin that as much as she loves Emma, she doesn't want to babysit. Robin assures her this is about Patrick. Maxie asks if Lisa is hitting on him again and tells Robin she wishes she had let her handle that. Robin tells Maxie that she and Patrick went to their first therapy session and she could tell by the way he talked that Patrick was willing to work for their marriage. He is clearly willing to do anything and that scares her. Maxie wonders what is wrong with fighting for what you want. Robin thinks that if Patrick has to work this hard to stay married to her; maybe she's not the one for him.

Sam arrives at the hospital for her appointment with Patrick, who has forgotten about it. Sam mentions that it's not like him to forget his appointments and questions what's going on. Patrick replies that compared to what she and Jason are going through, it's nothing. Sam asks again and Patrick tells her he shouldn't be talking to her about this. Sam tells him he can talk to her about anything. He tells her about their first appointment with the therapist. He says he feels like he's drowning while Robin was so good and got right to the point. He can't help but think that if he had honored his wedding vows, this wouldn't have happened. Sam points out that she sees a lot of cheating spouses in her line of work and some marriages can be repaired with work.

Lisa is on the phone with a patient. She asks if he is certain he left his pills in her office. She comments on the fact that hydrocodone can become very addictive before agreeing to authorize half a refill for him. All the while, she is holding the pills in her hand.

Kristina is at Kelly's talking to Taylor on the phone. She tells him she asked someone else to the prom because she thought he had to be with his dad. She hopes he isn't mad at her. Ethan comes in to see her at her request. He asks how she's doing and she says she's working to get off the waitlist at Yale. Ethan tells her she inspired him to consider pushing himself. It probably won't happen, but he's inspired all the same. She tells him she is embarrassed by what she is about to ask him. Krissy explains to Ethan that she expected Taylor to ask her to the prom but she just found out he asked someone else. She can't believe he blew her off. Ethan says he's sorry to hear that. Krissy goes on to say that she's swamped and doesn't think she can find another date. She wonders if Ethan would want to go to the prom with her.

Jason tells Carly that Johnny is giving Michael advice on how to handle a murder investigation. Carly replies that Michael shouldn't even be talking to Johnny. Jason thinks that Johnny is trying to recruit Michael. Carly asks if he is saying Johnny is trying to give her son a job. Jason tells her that Michael knows he can't work for Sonny and Jason, so he's sees the Zaccharas as his way into the business. Carly tells him that won't happen while she's breathing.

Ethan tells Krissy he is honored that she would even ask him. Kristina says that the whole thing is ridiculous, but she has to go because she is vice-president of the student council. She tells Ethan that she and Taylor were thinking of making an appearance and then going out to dinner somewhere. She explains that while the idea doesn't appeal to her at all, she has to go and she can't show up alone. She thought maybe they could go for a couple of dances and then cut out. Ethan says that it sounds like she is in a real bind but, while he would love to help out, he has to decline. Krissy counters that it would just be for a couple of hours. Ethan tells Krissy he doesn't think it would be in her best interest to go to her high school prom with a married man. Kristina reminds him that he and Maya are only married for a year so they can get Edward's money. Ethan replies that regardless of the circumstances, they are legally married and he won't put Kristina in that position. Krissy says she understands. Ethan tells her she should ask around and find someone her own age who would love to go with her. He says that whoever she asks will be a very lucky boy.

Robin tells Maxie she should have listened to her and Maxie comments that she doesn't hear that every day. Robin questions why she had to hold onto the pain for so long. Why couldn't she just let it go? Patrick slept with his ex-girlfriend that had been flirting with him for months. Maxie reminds her that Lisa was terrorizing her which can be really distracting and that it's difficult to work on your marriage when you're stuck in a well. Robin reminds Maxie that Patrick saved her and it still wasn't enough. Maxie points out that she was hurt. Robin replies that she didn't have to make it her life's work, but that's what she does. She holds onto everything and overanalyzes it and she has to be right all the time. Maxie points out that she usually is right and Robin agrees, but maintains that she wasn't this time. She tells Maxie that she's built up so many walls around her that no one can get in. Maxie reminds her that Patrick did and Robin points out that now she is punishing him for it. She goes on to say that Patrick has no idea she's this upset because no matter how much she loves him, she refuses to be vulnerable in front of him, which makes counseling kind of pointless. She goes on to say how great Patrick was in their session. He has no trouble admitting he did something wrong, so why couldn't she believe that? Why did it take Jake's death to convince her to take him back? She points out to Maxie that Patrick lives in the moment, he admits when he did wrong and moves on.  Maxie is having trouble seeing the problem with that. Robin says that this leaves him so many ways to grow in, ways that Robin can't. She wonders if they'll grow apart.

Patrick tells Sam all her scans look good and he wants to see her again in six months. He tells her if her headaches get worse she can come in sooner. She replies that her headaches are going away, but she does have one question to ask him. She tells him that she and Jason have been talking about having a baby and explains about the fertility reconstruction procedure. She wonders if that would have any effect on her concussion. Patrick tells her it won't. He tells her he hopes it works out for her and Jason, because Emma is the best thing that ever happened to him and Robin.

Jason tells Carly that she can't force Michael to do what she wants. He's old enough to make his own decisions. Carly is sick of hearing people say that. She is not going to let the Zaccharas steal her kid. Like Sonny stole Jason from the Quartermaines? Carly insists she is going to talk to Michael because he listens to her when it's important. Jason cautions her not to fight with him. Don't give Michael a reason to cut ties with her like Jason did with Alan and Monica. He needs to know he can come back to her. Carly has tears in her eyes as she storms out.

Patrick apologizes for arriving home so late. He had an appointment with Sam he forgot all about. Robin tells him he needs to learn to use the calendar thing on his phone. Patrick tells Robin she's right. She's always right. It must get annoying to be right all the time. Robin begins to cry. Patrick rushes over to her and explains that he was just kidding. He says he's sorry and begs her to stop crying. Robin tells him to stop apologizing. She is the one who has been pushing him away for so long and she should know better than anyone how much every day counts. She wasted so much time being mad at him. Patrick points out that she had good reason to be mad. Robin tells Patrick all she really wants is their family, so why can't she let herself have that? Patrick tells her they can discuss it in therapy. Robin wonders why she even suggested that. Can't they just trust how they feel? Patrick knows it might sound weird, but he thinks it's good for them to go to therapy. Robin needs a safe place to discuss how pissed she is at him. Robin responds that she's not pissed. She was, but not anymore and besides, counseling shouldn't be about her dumping on him. He didn't feel that way. He realizes he has a lot of work to do, especially after his consult with Sam. She's in a committed relationship with a mobster who kills people and she gets more comfort and love out of him than Patrick gives Robin. It was kind of embarrassing. Robin chuckles and says she can't believe he can make jokes now. She predicts Patrick will make a success out of marriage counseling just like he does everything else. He tells her it is only because of her. They kiss.

Jason is on the phone saying that he wants to make sure Brandon wasn't killed by someone from his past that the cops have overlooked when Sam comes in. He apologizes to her for Carly's behavior earlier. Sam says she must be mellowing out because she actually thought it was nice to see her so concerned. Jason reports that he has Carly focused on something else: He told her that Johnny Zacchara is reaching out to Michael. Sam questions how she reacted. Jason says she didn't take it well. Sam says that although she often says Michael is a lot like Jason, he's a lot like Carly, too. He's not going to take no for an answer any more than Carly will. Jason replies that although he loves Carly, she doesn't know when to leave a thing alone. He fingers the fertility brochure on the desk. He tells Sam that what happens to them is going to be something that they decide.

Carly goes to Johnny's apartment and pounds on the door. When he opens it she storms in without being invited. She asks Johnny to tell her he's not dragging her son into the mob because if he is she will kill him. Johnny wonders if this would be a bad time to offer her some wine. Carly snaps at him to stop joking, this is her son they're talking about. Johnny wants to know why she thinks he is trying to drag Michael into the mob. Carly replies that it's because he hates Sonny and is using Michael against him, but Michael's too young to know better. She points out that he tried it with Kristina, too and almost got her killed. Johnny thinks maybe Michael is too old to have his mommy running around town seeing to his business. Carly points out that he is only 19 and he's her kid. She isn't going to let Johnny drag him down a path that will destroy his life. Johnny says that he means no disrespect, but Michael has already been convicted of manslaughter. He's been in prison and now he is living with a stripper. This path has nothing to do with him.

Patrick and Robin are sitting on the couch drinking wine. Patrick says he will never risk being without Robin again. Robin tells Patrick she has bad news: They will be losing their nanny until June because she got an internship in the city. While Robin is thrilled for her, she didn't give them any notice. Patrick suggests they take Emma to daycare at the hospital, but Robin wonders what they will do on evenings and weekends. Patrick suggests asking Kristina to babysit and Robin agrees. Emma likes Krissy and Robin trusts her completely.

Kristina shows up at the hospital to see Lisa. She explains that the waitlist is dragging her down. Lisa replies that she wouldn't wish the high school experience on anyone. Krissy says Lisa is the only person she knows that's been wait listed and Lisa responds that she's just the only one willing to admit it. She reminds Krissy that her back-up school wound up being so much better anyway. Kristina asks Lisa if she has the herbal supplements they discussed. Lisa reaches into her pocket and hands her the bottle of hydrocodone disguised as the supplement. She tells Krissy not to worry because she can order more online. She also assures her that it's completely non-addictive.

Anthony Zacchara calls Angela Dwyer and tells her that Johnny might be giving her a call. He thinks Anthony is pulling the strings. He tells her Johnny's a little slow, and then compliments her on doing nice work. He tells her he needed leverage, not let's see what he can do with it.

Johnny tells Carly that he and Michael have something in common because they grew up in the business so, yes, he reached out to him. He feels it was the least he could do after the hell Claudia put him through. Carly replies that the least he could do is stay the hell out of Michael's life. Johnny points out that Sonny married Claudia to bring the two families together and questions whether Michael could do the same thing. Carly says he is trying to justify putting Michael in the crossfire. Johnny tells her that Michael knows the downside to the business, but people often overlook the upside: money, power, and invincibility. He points out that Michael has been in prison. The system has failed him. Doesn't it make sense that he might crave money and power? Carly wants to know if Johnny has offered Michael a job. Johnny says no, but he makes it clear that if Michael comes back and asks for a job, he'll put him on assignment and see what he can do. Carly asks Johnny what it would take to make him change his mind.

Jason tells Sam he wants her to be honest with him. He wants to hear how she feels, not what she thinks he wants to hear. Sam tells him she didn't want to have the procedure because she knew he was conflicted about having a child. Jason responds that it can't be up to him to choose for her. Jason tells Sam that the idea of being a parent scares him and Sam agrees. He goes on to say that losing Jake taught him that fear is the wrong reason to make a decision. You have to do what you can do if you have the chance. Sam's eyes are brimming with tears. She tells Jason she wants to give herself the chance. She wants to have the procedure.

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