GH Update Monday 4/18/11

General Hospital Update Monday 4/18/11


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny confronts Suzanne in her hotel room. Suzanne claims that raising Lucian herself will solve everyone’s problems. Sonny thinks it is a bad idea for Brenda to lose Lucian. Sonny will do anything to make Brenda happy. Suzanne believes Sonny and Brenda will break up in the future. Suzanne begs for custody of Lucian. Suzanne reminds Sonny that his way of life isn’t good for children. Sonny continues to bicker with Suzanne over Lucian. Suzanne compares Sonny to Theo. Sonny gets angry and says he’s nothing like Suzanne’s husband. Suzanne tells Sonny that Lucian will become the center of Brenda’s life. Suzanne believes Brenda will finally see the light about the dangers of Sonny’s lifestyle. Sonny looks bothered when Suzanne asks him to talk to Brenda on her behalf. Sonny insists that he won’t manipulate Brenda for Suzanne. Suzanne says she could have vanished with Lucian but instead reunited him with his mom. Sonny agrees that family matters but still doesn’t trust Suzanne. Sonny can’t understand how Suzanne can feel so close to Brenda after she killed Aleksander.

At the Corinthos home, Brenda asks Michael about his childhood. Michael admits it was weird having guards following him around. However, Michael points out that he felt safe while growing up. Michael knows that the mob lifestyle is hard on children. Brenda is worried about what impact the mob world will have on her own son. Brenda wants what’s best for Lucian. Brenda wants to be a united front with Sonny when it comes to parenting. In a subtle way, Brenda badmouths Carly’s mothering skills. Michael says that Sonny and Carly used to fight all the time when he was younger. However, Michael defends Carly and says she’s the “best woman he knows”. Brenda apologizes for criticizing Carly. Michael admits that it’s hard for people to understand Carly. Michael changes the subject and brings up Lucian. Brenda beams with joy as she rambles on about her young son. Brenda feels overwhelmed by motherhood. Michael says goodbye to Brenda and then leaves.

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason talk about Jake’s death. Jason blames himself for not keeping Jake safe. Nevertheless, Jason realizes his own sacrifices weren’t enough to protect Jake. Jason wants to make the most out of life, pointing out that our time here is short. Sam knows Jason is hurting. Sam doesn’t want Jason blaming himself for Jake’s accident. Jason points out he didn’t fight for Jake. Sam asserts Jason did everything he could to protect his son. Jason isn’t convinced. Their conversation is interrupted by Sam’s phone ringing. Sam offers to reschedule an appointment but Jason urges her to go to work. Sam quickly changes the subject when fertility treatments are mentioned. Sam rifles through a desk drawer. Jason thanks Sam for bringing him the motorcycle toy of Jake’s. Jason tells Sam that he loves her.

Elizabeth shows up at Lucky’s apartment. Liz overhears Lucky and Nik talking about Jake. Lucky thanks Nikolas for listening. Elizabeth interrupts their conversation. Lucky senses something is wrong. Nikolas and Lucky compliment Elizabeth but she ignores them. Elizabeth apologizes for not keeping an eye on Jake the night of the accident. Lucky apologizes to Liz for enabling Luke’s drinking. Nikolas intervenes and asks that Lucky and Liz stop blaming themselves. Elizabeth stuffs the DNA results in her purse. Elizabeth says she is trying to cope but it’s difficult. Nikolas offers to give Liz a ride home.

Elizabeth and Nikolas return to her house. Liz thanks Nik for the ride and then blurts out how stupid she feels about confronting Lucky. Nikolas doesn’t see the problem. In fact, Nikolas believes it’s a good thing that Liz is being so honest with her feelings. Maxie shows up and assumes Nikolas knows about the paternity test. Nikolas appears confused. Maxie covers for Elizabeth by saying there might be an opening at the spa. Elizabeth asks Nikolas if he wouldn’t mind watching Cameron and Aiden for the night. After Nikolas leaves, Elizabeth tells Maxie that she chickened out in telling Lucky the truth. Elizabeth says Lucky is having a hard time with the fact Luke hit Jake. Elizabeth says that Lucky and Nikolas are closer than ever now. Maxie feels Elizabeth should tell the truth before Nikolas becomes more attached to Aiden.

At home, Lucky is admiring a Christmas card Jake made for him. Siobhan returns. Siobhan wants to go out for the night but Lucky isn’t up to it. Siobhan convinces Lucky to join her. After they return to the apartment, Lucky and Siobhan share a laugh. Lucky thanks Siobhan for reminding him that he’s still alive. They sit on the couch and talk. Lucky admires that Siobhan is fearless and not scared of anything. Siobhan admits she has no regrets in life. They share a kiss.

Michael shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Michael tells Jason about his talk with Brenda. Michael finds the pamphlet for fertility treatments. Jason admits Carly brought the pamphlet over to the apartment. Michael can’t believe his mother is getting involved in Jason and Sam’s love life. Michael asks for Jason’s thoughts on having a child. Jason says it is difficult for Sam to carry a child. Michael is shocked that Carly ambushed Sam about having a baby. Jason recalls when Michael was a baby. Jason enjoyed the time he got to spend with Michael. Michael says he has learned a lot from Abby about love. Jason believes Michael is wise.

Sonny returns home. Brenda says Michael stopped by. Sonny goes on about his talk with Suzanne. Brenda knows Sonny dislikes Suzanne. Sonny senses Suzanne has ulterior motives. Brenda disagrees, claiming that Suzanne wouldn’t have brought Lucian back into her life. Sonny talks about Suzanne’s plan to file custody for Lucian. Brenda hopes Sonny won’t try to convince her to give up Lucian. Sonny and Brenda argue over the fact that he doesn’t call Lucian “his son”. Brenda brings up Sonny and Michael’s situation. Brenda apologizes for arguing with Sonny. They hug each other. Sonny asks that Brenda be cautious when it comes to Suzanne. Sonny believes Suzanne is cunning. Brenda thinks Suzanne has changed now that Theo is dead. Sonny is worried that Suzanne will try to manipulate Brenda.

From her hotel room, Suzanne makes a call to a mysterious person who is watching her grandson.

Sam returns to the penthouse. Jason asks Sam if she wants to have a child. Sam doesn’t know what to say.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is holding Aiden and walking around a room. Nikolas rambles on about being grateful to have Aiden in his life. Nikolas tells Aiden that “everybody fails” in life sometime. Aiden listens as Nik advises him to remain good friends with his brothers. Nikolas is thankful to have patched things up with Lucky.

Matt and Maxie return to her apartment. Maxie is panicking but Matt has no idea what the problem is. Maxie implies she is carrying a huge secret for Elizabeth. Maxie is vague about the secret. Maxie is worried Matt wants to break up with her. Matt agrees that Maxie has a hard time keeping secrets. Matt advises Maxie to stay out of Elizabeth’s business.

Nikolas shows up at Liz’s doorstep. Nikolas brings up Maxie’s visit. Nikolas urges Elizabeth to go to the spa. Liz compliments Nik on his fathering skills. Elizabeth suggests pouring some wine for the two of them. Elizabeth leaves the room. Nikolas sits down and notices an envelope sitting on the coffee table. When Elizabeth returns, Nikolas is holding the envelope carrying the paternity results.

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