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Steve presses Elizabeth to go visit Sarah in California to regroup. Liz insists she can't just pick up and leave. He tells her she needs time to sit on the beach with the kids and relax. Liz knows he's right, but before she goes, she has to make things right with Lucky.

Maxie is sitting on Liz's couch reading the DNA test results when Lucky walks in and asks her what she's doing there.

Dante tells Michael it wasn't easy to tell Sonny that Johnny was manipulating him. Michael asks him why he did. He tells his brother the truce between Sonny and Johnny is fragile and this could start a mob war. Dante says if he wants to keep the peace, he has to cut ties with Johnny. Michael reminds him that Brandon was killed and he, Jason and Abby are suspects. He tells Dante he needs to find out who the real killer is so he can prove they're innocent. Dante replies that proving their innocence is his job. Michael should let him do that.

Sonny tells Johnny he's not surprised that he's trying to set Michael up for murder in order to get back at him. Johnny responds that he's not trying to frame Michael; he's trying to save him from Sonny.

Steve questions what Liz means when she says she needs to make things right with Lucky. Liz says she hurt and betrayed him in so many ways. Steve replies that she's barely seen him since Jake died. They both lost a child and he's been totally absent. Liz points out that people grieve in different ways and Steve cautions her to stop defending Lucky. Liz tells her brother that she's glad she doesn't have to see Lucky. She knows that he is angry with her for letting Jake slip out the door. She is glad she doesn't have to see him and face his hurt and disappointment. She believes Lucky blames her for Jake's death.

Maxie quickly hides the DNA test from Lucky. She tells him she brought Liz flowers. She ran into the nanny taking Cam and Aiden to Windermere and she told Maxie she could let herself in if she locked up afterwards. Lucky didn't realize the boys were going back to Windermere. Maxie seems anxious. She tells him that she wanted to thank Liz again for donating Jake's organs so the flowers are the least she can do. She asks Lucky if he has been spending much time around there and Lucky replies that he should probably be more present. He just can't stand the thought of seeing Elizabeth and having her blame him.

Jason finds a brochure for reproductive reconstruction on the desk. He is looking at it when Sam comes downstairs and informs him that Carly gave it to her. She explains that Carly want them to have a child, specifically, she wants him to have a child. She tells him that Carly even offered to carry their baby if Sam couldn't. Carly wanted to give him a gift. Jason says he's sorry, but Sam believes Carly means well. She thinks it's her way of trying to help. Same tells Jason she wants to help him too. How can she help?

Michael doesn't trust Dante to take care of the situation because of what happened with Brandon. He says that Brandon could have been gone if it weren't for Dante. Dante asks if he is saying that Brandon could have been dead. Michael confirms that if Dante hadn't prevented Jason from killing Brandon, none of this would have happened. Dante swore that Brandon would go to jail and he didn't. Dante argues that Brandon went free because Abby dropped the charges. What was he supposed to do? Michael says the system failed him and it failed Abby. He's going to find out who the real killer is and Johnny's going to help him. Dante thinks that, no matter what was happening, Michael would find a way to go running to Johnny because he's looking to prove himself to Sonny.

Sonny reminds Johnny that he has honored their truce. Johnny doesn't think befriending Michael violates their truce but Sonny sees it differently. Johnny proceeds to tell Sonny that everyone always wants to talk about how nutty his father is, and he is, but the way he grew up was a cake walk compared to Michael's life. Sonny is well aware of that. He doesn't want Michael in the business. He wants him to go away to college and have a better life. He warns Johnny to stay away from his son. Johnny replies that Michael is and adult and can associate with whomever he chooses. Sonny tells Johnny that if he wants to get to him, he should man up and come after him but don't get in the way of Michael's future.

Luke is sitting in his office at the Haunted Star when Tracy comes in. She comments on the smell of gasoline and Luke replies that it's his new aftershave. Lulu told Tracy he was going to set the place on fire and she thought he'd forget about the gasoline and light a cigar. She kept listening for sirens and when she didn't hear any she drove by. She tells Luke if he is well enough to try to blow the place up she figures he's well enough to work. Luke replies that he's not too keen on work on a good day. Since he's going to feel the pain no matter what he does, she suggests having Alice come over to clean up so they can open the casino. Luke tells her he doesn't feel pain like normal people, just like he doesn't get drunk like normal people. Tracy suggests they go to the Metro Court for lunch or even take a trip. She jokingly reminds her husband that he still owes her a honeymoon. Luke tells Tracy he almost went home last night, but he couldn't make himself get in the car. He says it felt too familiar, almost like the night it happened. Tracy begs him to go to lunch. She says she will drive him to the Metro Court and they can have a nice lunch. Luke comments on the fact that Tracy said she will drive. Doesn't she trust him? Tracy replies that she just wants Luke to snap out of it and stop breaking the hearts of the people that love him. Luke agrees to go to lunch on the condition that he has to drive. Tracy tosses a fuzzy die at him and he fumbles it. She says maybe that's not such a good idea.

Maxie wants to know why Liz would blame Lucky. It's not his fault. Lucky explains that he knew his father was driving drunk for years and he never did anything to stop him. Lucky says he can't remember when his dad didn't have a drink in his hand. Maxie says that despite that, she's never seen Luke drunk. It's not like Lucky was buying him alcohol like she bought Lucky pills. Lucky asks Maxie if she remembers how he was back then, how he tried to justify everything. That's what Luke does now. Maxie tells Lucky he can't blame himself. Guilt is a wasted emotion. Just then, Nikolas arrives. Maxie quickly tells him that she brought flowers but she is leaving. She scurries out. Lucky asks Nik how Elizabeth is doing. Nik replies that she's inconsolable. He thinks it would help if Lucky saw her. Lucky explains that it's not that he doesn't want to be there. He proceeds to explain his feelings about Luke's drinking to Nik. Nikolas says that everyone knew about Luke's drinking. It was legendary. He tells his brother that, in a way, they're all guilty.

Jason remarks to Sam that deciding they should have a baby is typical Carly. Sam says her heart is in the right place. Jason doesn't think they should even think about bringing a baby into this world while he is still grieving so heavily over Jake. Sam is glad he feels that way. She reminds him that when her baby died he told her she needed to grieve in her own time. What he gave her then she wants to give him now.

Michael accuses Dante of thinking he's weak. Dante replies that he never said that. Michael assumes that Dante would have fought Carter off and thinks Michael is weak for not being able to do that. Dante just thinks he learned the wrong lessons in prison. He learned to be tougher and stronger to get the best of the next guy when what he should have learned was how not to land himself in prison. He tells Michael that Sonny just told him earlier how much Michael has suffered because of his life. His father doesn't want him in the mob. Sonny can't get out of the business. He was beat up as a kid and because of that he swore that someday he would be so strong that no one could hurt him again. Michael asks if Sonny told him that but Dante responds that he didn't have to. Michael says Sonny doesn't think he can handle it and Dante urges him to handle it by getting past all this stuff. Michael starts to walk out and Dante asks him if anything he said sank in or if he's going to keep on doing what he's doing. Michael says he can't make any promises. Dante reminds him that no matter what happens, whatever he does or doesn't do, Michael is still his brother and he won't turn his back on him. He then asks him to do him a favor and not get arrested in the next 20 minutes. Michael says that he can promise.

Lucky is sitting in his apartment playing the guitar when there is a knock at the door. It's Steve. Lucky asks him if everything is ok with Liz. Steve replies everything except losing Jake and wondering where his father is. He's been absent since the memorial. Lucky explains that he stopped by earlier but Liz wasn't home and Steve warns him that's not good enough. Lucky and Liz are Jake's parents, they need to grieve together. Lucky explains that he's afraid Liz blames him because he left all three boys with her that night when it was his turn to have them. He didn't even give her any warning, he just told her at work. Steve responds that while that wasn't his best moment, he didn't cause the accident. Lucky shoots back that his dad did. He reminds Steve that when he battled his own addiction, Elizabeth did everything she could to get him clean. Maybe if he had fought for Luke like that, Jake would still be alive.

Luke tells Tracy that he loves her and the fact that she challenges him. She says she's not questioning him. He drinks a lot, but she is always standing next to him with a martini glass in her hand. She just thinks maybe he needs to start looking at alcohol in a different way. Luke starts to say maybe she's right and then suddenly lobs the die at her. She catches it with no problem. Luke wonders how she did it. Tracy responds that there could be many reasons: Maybe it's the walk she takes every day after his three heart attacks, maybe she was a softball player in a past life or, maybe, she didn't have a 5th of scotch before breakfast. She is extremely emotional as she leaves.

Michael returns to Johnny's apartment. He comments that Johnny left some things out the last time they spoke, like the fact that he paid his lawyer to defend Brandon. Johnny insists he didn't. So it was a coincidence? Johnny insists it was. Michael isn't buying it. He thinks that because Johnny owns Vaughan's, he may have seen him going to see Abby and figured he could use it to his advantage. Doesn't Michael think that if Johnny was capable of engineering a plot like that he would have used it for something bigger? He swears on his sister's grave that he never heard of Brandon before he got involved with Abby, he didn't hire his lawyer to represent him and he isn't trying to hurt Michael. He's trying to save him from himself. Michael wants to know what that means. Johnny says that he and Michael are similar. Michael idolizes his father. When somebody wrongs him, he takes it upon himself to get justice. Johnny likens the mob to a candy store. He explains that Michael grew up in the candy store and experienced all it had to offer. Michael wants to take over for him someday, but Sonny doesn't want him to. He wants him to go to college and live a normal life. However, Sonny himself is still back at the candy store. He tells Michael that Sonny wants him to have nothing to do with the business. He tells him that Sonny loves the business, but he has blood on his hands. In order to get where he is, he had to kill people and he wants Michael to stay clean. Michael understands. The worst thing that could happen to his father is if he joined the mob. Is this where Johnny offers him a job?

Sonny arrives at the penthouse. Jason asks him how security is working out and Sonny says it's fine. He apologizes to Jason for making him handle that situation now.  He wonders how Lucien is doing and Sonny says he's ok. He feels sorry for him but he's here to talk about Michael. He wants to know Jason's take on Johnny and Jason responds that he thinks Johnny is trying to recruit Michael. Sonny agrees. He told Michael to stay away from him but he doesn't want to listen, so they need to make sure Johnny stays away from him.

Lucky tells Steve that if he could help Liz he would, but she has to be disappointed in him. Steve tells Lucky that he's not a psychiatrist, but he's been supervising doctors with god complexes for a long time. The belief that things would have turned out different if you had done or not done something is just a way of trying to control the situation. Lucky tells him that letting go is one of his twelve steps. Steve asks if there is a step called getting over yourself. He tells Lucky that Liz needs him as much as she did that night in the park when she was a teenager. She needs her hero back, maybe not forever, but for a little while. Lucky tells him he can't be anyone's hero, especially Elizabeth's. Steve instructs him not to complicate things. He tells Lucky that no one is asking him to make everything all right. He just needs to start by looking Liz in the eye and telling her he doesn't blame her.

Liz comes home and is surprised to see Nikolas waiting for her. She spots the flowers on the table and thanks Nik for them, but he replies they're not from him. Liz doesn't see a card and Nik says she probably wouldn't leave one. He tells her they're from Maxie.

Michael tells Johnny that if he gives him a job, Sonny will blame himself and it will destroy him. Johnny says as much as he would love that outcome, Sonny will find a way to absolve himself. He always does. Michael wants to know how he can trust him when he despises his father. Johnny says because he's honest about it and, in case Michael didn't hear him the first 152 times, he doesn't hate him for killing Claudia. Michael knows. Johnny goes on to tell Michael that he wanted to get away from his own father, so he opened a garage and started fixing cars but he didn't have any power, so he came back. Michael tells him a smart businessman would find a way to eliminate his competition. He would find his opponent's weakness and exploit it, for example, the way Johnny is exploiting Sonny's love for Michael. Johnny goes on to tell Michael there's another down side to the business: the violence. He cautions him that it takes its toll, you either break or wind up so hardened inside you can't feel anything. He reminds him that you lose people you love and, no matter how good you are, you either wind up dead or in prison. He suggests that Michael ride this out with Abby. He hopes that Dante can find a way to clear her and they can move on with their lives. Michael asks him if this is reverse psychology. Is Johnny telling him what to do knowing he'll do the opposite? Johnny replies he's just giving him the facts and he can do what he wants. Michael thinks Johnny is saying that because he knows it's what Michael wants to hear. Johnny questions why Michael came to his house and he's the one being interrogated and opens the door for Michael to leave. Michael replies that he appreciates what Johnny has done for him and Abby. As he leaves, Johnny tells him that he will never offer him a job, but if Michael comes back looking for one, he won't turn him away.

Sonny thinks the best solution is to pin Brandon's murder on Johnny and get him off the street. Jason replies that even if he ordered the hit, he doubts he did it himself. Sonny says if it's not him, it must be someone connected to him. He believes Johnny will make a mistake because he's cocky. Jason points out to Sonny that they have made it clear to Michael that they don't want him in their organization, so if Johnny offers him an opportunity, what's to stop him from taking it? Sonny says Michael doesn't get to make that choice because he doesn't want him following in his footsteps.

Tracy goes to see Lucky and tells him his father needs him. Lucky asks if he's on fire and when Tracy says no he tells her he can wait then. Tracy tells Lucky he can't blame his father more than Luke blames himself. Lucky responds that Luke is going to do what he's going to do. Tracy understands that he's angry, but Luke is in serious trouble and she's afraid something really bad is going to happen.

Michael goes to see Jason at the penthouse at his request. Michael correctly assumes that Jason has talked to Sonny. He tells Jason he shouldn't even be thinking about this because he has enough to worry about. He goes on to say that if it makes him feel any better, Johnny is not trying to frame him for murder. Jason asks how he knows this and Michael explains that he just talked to Johnny. Jason questions his decision to trust Johnny, knowing that Sonny hates him. Michael explains that he doesn't feel the same way. He claims that he and Johnny are a lot alike because they both grew up in the business, he understands him and, in addition, he's helped Michael and Abby out a lot lately. Jason wants to know what he means by that last part. Michael explains that he wanted to go question dancers at Vaughan's and Jason starts to get frustrated with him. Michael explains that Johnny stopped him so he didn't go. Jason hopes that Michael can see through Johnny, because right now Johnny is trying to recruit him to work for the Zaccharas. Is he going to let that happen?

Sonny tells Dante he knows he worked hard to broker a truce, but Johnny is becoming a problem. He tells him he's coming after Michael and while he knows he's not framing him, he is recruiting him. Dante points out that Michael is being receptive. Sonny says that Michael knows he doesn't want him in his organization but he's going to do what he's going to do. Dante wants to know what Sonny is going to do. Sonny wants Dante to help him convince Michael not to join the Zaccharas. Dante has been trying to do that. Sonny suggests he try a little harder. Maybe he can arrest Johnny and send him to prison to be with his father. Dante points out that he can't just twist the law to fit what he needs. Sonny asks if that is true even if it would stop his brother from turning out like his dad.

Lucky informs Tracy that he doesn't get to decide anything about Luke. If he wants to burn down the Haunted Star that's his business. Tracy points out that Luke is in so much pain he doesn't know what he wants. Lucky thinks that's good because he needs to bottom out before he gets sober. Tracy asks Lucky to talk to Luke, but Lucky tells her it's enough for him to be responsible for his own sobriety right not. If he goes to see Luke and winds up picking up a drink, he'll be no good to his father or anyone else.  Tracy's not asking him to be responsible for his father. She's just asking him to be realistic. Lucky just lost his son. If he walks away from Luke he'll lose his father too.

Steve walks into Luke's office at the Haunted Star and Luke tosses the fuzzy die to him yelling "Think fast!" Steve catches it without even thinking. Luke wonders if everyone in town plays baseball on the side.  Steve explains that he's a trauma surgeon so he has quick reflexes. Luke asks how Elizabeth is and Steve says not well. He tells Luke she needs his help and Luke says he'll do anything. Steve instructs him to stop wallowing in his guilt, pull himself together and stop expecting his kids to take care of him. Luke claims he doesn't expect his kids to do anything. Steve says except stand around and watch you self-destruct as if that's fair. He tells Luke that Lucky is so worried he can barely deal with his own grief, which means there is no way he can help Liz and she is the one that needs him right now.

Elizabeth is searching the living room for something. She is tearing the cushions off the sofa when there is a knock at the door. Maxie comes in looking nervous. She tells Elizabeth that she didn't break into the house. She saw the nanny outside and she said Maxie could let herself in. She then goes on to say that since she's not Liz's favorite person, she has a pretty good idea of why she called her. Liz says if Maxie took the envelope to blackmail her then. . .she trails off. Maxie starts to say she would never do that but when Liz gives her a surprised look she says she can actually understand why Liz would think that. However, she only took the envelope so Lucky wouldn't see it. Liz can have it back. She hands the envelope containing the paternity test results back to Liz and Liz thanks her. Maxie asks who else knows about Aiden's paternity and Liz replies that it is just the two of them. Maxie says that while she is the queen of bad choices, she can't help but wonder if Liz doesn't think Lucky deserves to know about this. She wonders how Liz can let Lucky grieve so hard over losing Jake when she knows that Aiden is really his son.

Dante thinks Sonny is being a hypocrite. When they law is after him, he wants Dante to look the other way, but when it can work to his advantage, he wants him to step in. Sonny asks if Dante wants Michael to work for Johnny Zacchara and Dante says no. Sonny tells him to that he should arrest him then and shut him down. Dante says he can't promise to do that and Sonny wants to know if he can at least promise to help his brother. Dante says that he is trying, but Michael doesn't listen to him. He thinks Sonny needs to come to terms with the fact that Michael might not want to live the life Sonny wants for him. Michael made no plans to go to college and no plans for the future outside of joining the family business. Dante can't say he blames him. If Sonny had a choice between being a broke cop or a guy who is married to a supermodel and answers to no one, what would he choose. Sonny shouts at Dante to make Michael understand that he can be better than him.

Michael tells Jason he doesn't want to make things worse for him. Jason says that he should stay away from Johnny Zacchara then but Michael can't promise he'll do that. Jason asks if Johnny has asked Michael to work for him and Michael says not yet. Jason says he will and Michael must turn him down. Michael says he would much rather work for Sonny and Jason but they won't let him prove himself. Jason says it's not about proving himself. Michael replies that Johnny seems willing to give him a chance and Jason says that Johnny is using him. Michael reminds Jason that the Quartermaines said the same thing about Jason when he started working for Sonny. Sonny reminds Michael that he made the only choice he could at the time but Michael's situation is completely different. Michael doesn't think it is. After Jake's memorial, he was seriously thinking about going to college, but then he saw Abby beat up and realized the system doesn't work for him. He can't trust it. Jason tells him he doesn't want to learn this business. Michael replies that he shouldn't even be bothering him with this, he's still mourning Jake. Jason starts shouting at Michael. He tells him he gave Jake up to keep him safe, because he didn't want to make the same mistakes he made with Michael. He didn't want him to go through the same pain Michael did. So he stayed away from his son, until the night the phone rang and he had to watch him die. Jake never knew him, that's what this business cost him. He tells Michael that whatever he thinks this life is going to be it's not worth it. Nothing is.  

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