GH Update Tuesday 4/12/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/12/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Suzanne

Carly explains to Michael that this isn't like the last time. She isn't judging Abby as a person. Michael tells her that's good because she has no reason to and he wouldn't stand there and listen to it. Carly replies that she did have reason. Abby is older than Michael and she's a stripper. Any mother would be freaked out. However, after she was attacked Carly saw that she was good for Michael. Michael wants to leave it at that, but Carly tells him this time is different. Abby's ex-boyfriend, whom Michael attacked, has been murdered and Michael is a suspect. Michael tells her he didn't kill Brandon. Carly knows he didn't. She thinks Michael should stand aside until the investigation is over so he doesn't get wrapped up in the situation. Michael asks if it were Sonny or Jason in trouble, would Carly stand aside.

Dante goes to see Jason but Spinelli tells him he's not there. Dante says he was just there talking to him. Spinelli replies that Jason is mourning his son and requires a lot of time alone. He can take a message. Dante informs Spinelli that the autopsy report on Brandon's body came back and Jason is still the prime suspect. Spinelli says he's not surprised that the PCPD is once again reaching in the wrong direction.

Lisa runs into Johnny on the street. She thought he had business but he tells her it's already done. He tells Lisa he can't imagine that she's there to see him, so this must be about Patrick. As they are talking, Robin and Patrick walk up on their way home from the music store. Robin tries to stop Patrick from approaching Lisa, but he storms up furiously. Is she going to tell him running into him twice in one night is just an accident?

Kristina is sitting at the counter at Kelly's talking to her boyfriend on the phone. He tells her he got into Brown and Krissy lets him know that she hasn't heard anything more from Yale. Taylor tells her his dad wants to take him to tour the campus and Kristina pretends to be happy, but is visibly upset when she hangs up the phone. Brenda is also at Kelly's with Lucien and Max. She approaches Krissy and gives her a hug. Brenda tells Kristina that she is glad to see her and that there is someone she wants her to meet. She then introduces Krissy to Lucien. She tells her step-daughter that Lucien is her son. Krissy's eyes widen. Brenda tells her she was in shock, too. She tells Krissy that Lucien is going to be living with her and Sonny. They're going to be a family.

Kristina comments that she must have missed a huge development. Brenda explains that she thought she lost him but Suzanne took him away to protect him from Theo. She quietly tells Kristina that Theo is dead now. Kristina asks how Sonny took it. Brenda replies that he was really surprised, of course, they both were. They are still getting used to it. She tells Krissy that they are going to put a huge playground in the backyard and then tells her that Sonny let Lucien help him make grilled cheese. Krissy smiles but looks kind of sad. She's glad that it's working out for them. She suggests planning a family brunch so that Lucien can meet Michael, Morgan, Molly and Dante. Brenda thinks that would be great, but not right away. She's feeling a bit protective of Lucien right now and doesn't want him to be overwhelmed. She would like to have time to bond with him and Sonny as a family before they all hang out.

Michael reminds Carly that every time Sonny or Jason is in trouble she is right there, no matter how heavy it came back on her. Carly tells him that's different and Michael wants to know how. Carly tells him that for starters she's no lead to follow! Then she reminds him again that he's on probation. Michael insists he's not going to turn his back on Abby because a cop might get in his face. Michael believes that he is the reason Abby is in this mess. Carly insists that he's not. Brandon would have raped her if it hadn't been for Michael. Michael points out that Brandon was released and he scared Abby into dropping the charges to protect him. He's not going to bail on her. Jax walks up and assumes Josslyn is on everyone's mind. Michael says he was just leaving and quickly walks away. Jax says apparently that's not it and asks Carly what's going on. Carly explains that Brandon has been killed and Abby is a suspect. She is worried about what affect that might have on Michael. Jax guesses that Carly told Michael to stay away from Abby. Carly replies that she only suggested he stay away from her for a little while, just until the investigation is over. Jax correctly assumes that Michael didn't like that very much. He didn't, but Carly's not giving up. Jax informs her that Michael isn't her little boy anymore. He's all grown up and he's going to do whatever he wants. Carly says not if she can change his mind.

Spinelli tells Dante he is offended at his insensitivity in accusing Jason while he is mourning Jake's death. Dante realizes that Jason is going through a tough time right now and he's actually trying to help. Spinelli replies that his methods of helping are a bit obscure. Dante becomes frustrated. He lets Spinelli know that he doesn't think Jason killed Brandon, so he can relax. However, the evidence says otherwise. The autopsy results say the murder weapon was a berretta and Jason has been known to carry a berretta. He goes on to say that if a search warrant finds one, the cops will know Michael had access to it and he looks just as good as Jason for the murder. He wants to keep that from happening. Just then, Diane arrives at the penthouse. Spinelli remarks she is just in time as he believes Jason's civil rights might be violated since he doesn't trust Dante as far as he can throw him. Dante jokes that he thought they were buddies now. Diane asks Dante if he has seen the autopsy report. Dante says yes and asks Diane if she's seen it. She has. Dante wants to know how. Diane asks him if he would reveal his sources. Since she has seen the report, she knows that the murder weapon is more circumstantial evidence pointed at Jason. Diane states that Jason didn't kill Brandon. Dante says he knows that and Diane wants to know why he's here then. Dante replies that he is trying to take the heat off Michael and Jason. Since Diane has such good sources, maybe she can answer a question for him. He informs Diane that Brandon was able to hire a high-powered lawyer named Angela Dwyer. Diane rolls her eyes and says she's familiar. Dante wants to know who Dwyer represents that might have motivation to hire her for Brandon.

Johnny tells Patrick that the last time he checked they were on a public street and anyone could walk on it at any time. He asks if Patrick's god-complex extends outside the walls of the hospital. He tells Patrick he doesn't have the right to interrogate him and Lisa about where they go or what they do. Patrick informs Johnny that he has no idea what he is talking about since he wasn't around when Lisa was boiling Emma's toys. Johnny screams at him to prove it. He also challenges Dr. Drake to prove that bumping into Lisa on their way home has damaged Robin in any way. Robin tells Johnny that Patrick is right. Johnny wasn't around when Lisa started her reign of terror, so he has no idea what they've been through. Johnny assures them he's heard plenty about it. Robin replies that he didn't live it. Lisa is not who Johnny thinks she is or who he's convinced himself she is to satisfy some dark need of his. Johnny asks what that is supposed to mean. Lisa cuts them off. She bumped into Johnny on her way to Kelly's and Johnny was probably going to his club. They weren't stalking Robin and Patrick and there's no conspiracy. They need to move on with their lives and stop picking on her. Patrick can't believe she's serious. Johnny asks if they are going to make a citizen's arrest or not. Patrick says he has warned Johnny before and he'll do it again. Lisa doesn't care about him. She is using him to hide behind while she plots her next move. He and Robin walk off. Lisa lays her hand on Johnny's shoulder. He turns on her suddenly. He is warning her: Don't make Patrick right. He will guarantee her she doesn't want to play him like that.

Jax asks Carly if there is anymore news from Franco and Carly says no. Jax thinks maybe that is good news. Maybe he just wanted to let Jason know that he's still out there. Carly says that would be nice but they can't count on it. Jax assumes this means that Shawn will still be around. Carly says yes. Jax isn't happy about having Jason's mercenary protect Carly and Joss. Carly reminds Jax that Jason talked Lucky and Liz into donating Jake's kidney. He saved her life and he would never take chances with her. Jax could try being grateful. Jax replies that he is grateful but that doesn't mean he has to like his hired gun hanging around. Carly says she doesn't want to fight about it. She then questions Jax about why he is there. She thought he would be with Brenda. Why would he be with Brenda? Carly is shocked he hasn't heard. She tells him about Lucien.

Brenda tells Kristina she is so glad she got to meet Lucien. Krissy says she is too. Brenda has to go, but she hopes Krissy understands that if she and Sonny are out of the loop for awhile, it is because they are trying to figure things out and bond with Lucien. She leaves with Lucien and Max just as Lisa walks in. She asks Kristina if she is alright. Krissy says she's just great, but her eyes are tearing up and her voice cracks. She tells Lisa she hates crying in public, it's pathetic. Lisa says she knows the feeling. If Krissy wants to talk about it there's nowhere she needs to be. Kristina says it's going to sound selfish and petty. Lisa assures her she's been there, too. Kristina tells her about Lucien and says that Sonny and Brenda are shutting out the whole world to focus on this stranger boy. It's as if Sonny got a new kid, which means he'll have even less time for her than he does now. She goes on to tell her that Taylor got into Brown and his dad is taking him to visit the campus. It's as if the entire world she knows is moving on without her. Lisa comments that she seems to be carrying a lot of stress and that can be bad for her health. Kristina wonders what she is supposed to do. Lisa suggests an herbal supplement that she thinks will help take the edge off. She offers to pick some up and then Krissy can decide if they will work for her. Ethan walks in as Lisa is leaving. He tells Kristina she is just the person he wanted to see. He thinks she might be able to help him.

Diane tells Dante that Angela Dwyer is an excellent lawyer. Some would call her brilliant but not Diane. She is a formidable opponent, but she suffers from a lack of morality. Just look at her client list. As they are talking, Spinelli sits down at the desk. From a drawer he removes a thick folder labeled "Top Secret." The folder is sealed with duct tape. Dante says that with a client list like Diane's he's surprised she'd be so judgmental. Diane retorts that she has never participated in her clients' alleged criminal activities, whereas Angela Dwyer will bury the bodies and then represent the killer, if the price is right. Dante wonders who she might have represented that would have a grudge against Sonny and Jason. Diane informs him that Dwyer has represented most of the rival families. She recently accepted a retainer from the Zaccharas. Dante thanks Diane for saving him some time. She tells him not to get used to it. Dante leaves and Spinelli starts to tell Diane he has hacked into Angela Dwyer's financials to see who has written her a check, but Diane cuts him off and tells him they need to talk about their book. She tells him that they should start thinking about a sequel. Diane notices the file on the desk and goes to pick it up but Spinelli snatches it away. Diane wants to know if they are case files that might be used for a second book. Spinelli tells her everything fit to be published has been published. Diane wants to know why he won't let her see the file. He replies that some cases are not meant to be in books.

Alexis stops by the hospital to see Jax. She asks about Josslyn and Jax says she'll be home in a few days. That's great news so why isn't he happier? Jax replies that he is happy, he's just distracted. He proceeds to tell her the story about Lucien. Alexis thinks something about this seems really wrong.

Max is sitting on the floor eating cookies and playing with Lucien's cars when Diane comes in. She asks him to go out with her between the next gigantic cookie and the car race. He says he'd love to but he can't. Sonny has him and Milo there 24/7 right now. Diane questions why Sonny would want them underfoot all the time and Max tells her he can't talk about it. Diane replies that Sonny has no secrets from her. Max says it's just that he can't tell her.  Diane tells him he better tell her about it because she is sensing looming disaster. Just then, Brenda walks in looking for Lucien's favorite book. She exchanges pleasantries with Diane and leaves. Max looks at Diane, who asks him who Lucien is. Max responds by asking her if she wants a cookie.

Robin tells Patrick she really likes the CD they bought. She thinks it was nice of their nanny to come over and watch Emma while they went to get it. Patrick doesn't respond to what she is saying because he is visibly distracted. She knows he's thinking about Lisa. Patrick says she's so convincing at being normal unless you know the truth and Robin confirms that no one really knows but them. Patrick says this thing with Johnny is bad. Robin says Johnny isn't crazy like Lisa. Patrick points out that his father and sister were both crazy and Johnny enables it. Who knows what Lisa is capable of with Johnny backing her?

Michael meets up with Johnny and Johnny asks him how it's going. Michael says it would be going a lot better if Ronnie didn't drag Abby down to the station for questioning. Johnny wonders if he really thinks Abby is capable of killing someone. Johnny tells Michael he has a defense attorney if Michael needs her but Michael tells him Diane is handling it. Johnny is still pissed off that Abby was attacked so close to his club. Michael tells him not to worry. Brandon is dead now and no one is shedding tear. Johnny says he doesn't know Abby very well but she seems like a good person. He tells Michael to let Abby know if she needs anything she should consider it done. Michael says he'll tell her. 

Carly goes to Abby's apartment and tells her she needs to talk to her about Michael.

Abby tells Carly that Michael says Josslyn is doing great. Carly says they will be taking her home in a few days. Carly is just going to say what she came to say. She knows they didn't get off to a great start and she takes the blame for that. She misjudged Abby. Abby says it's ok. Carly tells Abby that she is worried that Michael's anger issues will cause him to go off on a cop that is questioning Abby and that he will be slapped with a parole violation. Abby says it sounds like Carly has a solution. Carly wants them to take a break. Abby asks if she has talked to Michael and Carly explains that Michael got furious and stormed off which is why she is there talking to Abby. Abby assumes Carly wants her to push Michael away but that's not true. She just wants Abby to talk to him. She likes them together and she sees that Abby is a good influence on Michael, but that won't matter if he goes back to prison. Abby starts to say that she is worried about the same thing but Michael walks in. He is furious with Carly for going to Abby behind his back and trying to bully her into doing what Carly thinks is best. Both women assert that's not what happened but Michael doesn't want to hear it. He wants Carly to leave. He angrily opens the door and Carly tells him this is the behavior she's worried about. She isn't going to ignore the situation. She thanks Abby for listening and leaves. Michael says Carly shouldn't have come there but Abby thinks Carly brought up some points they should consider.

Alexis says that although she has no room to judge, she questions Brenda moving her son into Sonny's house. She wonders if Brenda knows the odds are that her child will be kidnapped, shot at or blown up. Jax thinks it would be hard to miss. Alexis imagines it would be but Brenda is still in the "I'm so in love I can't see straight" phase. Alexis is grateful she got out of that pretty fast. She did her best to keep Kristina out of Sonny's lifestyle but she still did not escape unscathed. Lucien isn't even Sonny's, so Brenda has choices. Jax asks Alexis to stay with Josslyn while he goes to see Brenda and offers to help her. Alexis cautions Jax that if he walks out that door and goes to see Brenda he is headed down a slippery slope.

Ethan tells Kristina the he was out of town when Jake was hit and now he wants to help someone, namely his father. He's worried about Luke and he doesn't know what to do. Kristina tells him maybe all he can do is be there for him. Luke can open up to Ethan in a way he can't with Lucky and Lulu because they don't have a messy family history holding them back. Ethan figures that he just has to hope Luke will figure out what he needs and when he does he'll let him know. He switches subjects and asks Krissy what's new in her life. She tells him about Lucien. Ethan surmises she's not too happy about her new brother. She tells him she's not, although she thinks it makes her sound like a hypocrite. She fights with Sonny all the time and she acted like having dinner with him once a week was a big deal. She tells Ethan she's used to being shut out. Ethan says she sounds angry. Kristina admits that she is. She is angry that after all the work she has done to get closer to Sonny, Lucien came along and sailed right into his life. Ethan cautions Kristina against shutting Sonny out of her life or convincing herself he doesn't love her. She has a place in his life and no one can take that away from her.

Patrick tells Robin it doesn't take an expert to figure out that Johnny is projecting Claudia onto Lisa. He's protecting Lisa because to him she's a victim. Robin points out that Lisa is delusional. What she and Patrick had was a one night stand that wouldn't have mattered to anyone else. Patrick replies that Johnny doesn't see it that way. She's not delusional in his eyes. She's misunderstood like his sister.  Patrick thinks that if Johnny puts his money and power behind Lisa there's no end to what she can do. Robin thinks Patrick is wrong. She believes that while Johnny isn't perfect, he's also not psychotic. If he saw what Lisa was doing with his own eyes, he wouldn't condone it. Patrick thinks she is giving him too much credit. Robin hypothesizes that maybe Lisa has found the one person that understands her and Johnny is just what she needs to step back from the edge.

Lisa is at the hospital. She has two bottles of pills. She dumps out what appears to be the herbal supplement she told Kristina about and empties a bottle of hydrocodone into it. She throws the empty hydrocodone bottle out and walks away with the other bottle.

Diane tells Max she feels a massive migraine coming on and Max says he can help her with that. Diane isn't happy about Sonny having another child, but Max tells her Lucien is a sweet kid. She ponders double-billing Sonny for the paperwork he is going to generate with this. She asks how Sonny is handling it. Max replies that he's great; he's a natural dad. Diane laughs and corrects him. No, he's naturally good a creating children, there's a difference. Considering the job he's doing parenting the children he already has, she's surprised he would want another one. Max tells her Brenda didn't know she had a kid until after they were married. What were they supposed to do, turn him away? Jax knocks on the door asking to see Brenda. Max goes to get her while Jax talks to Diane about Michael. How concerned should he be at Michael's current troubles? Diane tells him to be moderately concerned. She is doing her best to keep Michael and Abby away from the police while Jason is out looking for the real killer. Brenda enters the room. She is surprised to see Jax. He tells her he heard she has a son and he just wanted to come over and say congratulations. Brenda tells him how happy she is to have her own family.

Lisa is walking down the street and Johnny whistles at her. He asks her if she's going to Kelly's again and she tells him she forgot something at the hospital. Johnny says she's fascinating to watch and he wonders what she's up to. Lisa hopes Patrick and Robin aren't turning him against her, because she actually believed him when he defended her. Johnny tells her he's not stupid. Lisa replies that she's not up to anything but she is hungry. Can she go? Johnny smirks and tells her to proceed. As she walks off, Dante approaches Johnny. He's glad to see him because it saves him a trip to Vaughan's. Johnny asks if this is an official interrogation. Dante says it is and asks Johnny if he would like to call his lawyer. What's her name again? Johnny answers that it's Angela Dwyer. Dante asks Johnny if her knows who else was repped by Angela Dwyer and when he doesn't answer, Dante tells him it was Brandon. Dante comments on how interesting it is that the guy who was killed in the parking lot of Johnny's club had the same lawyer. Dante says it's amazing how little Johnny knows and how small this world can be. 

Abby tells Michael she believes Carly when she says she isn't trying to break them up. She just wants them to take a break. Michael doesn't want to take a break. He cautions Abby against letting Carly manipulate her. Abby thinks Carly has valid points. Michael feels bad because Abby wouldn't be in this mess He tells Abby that they want to haul her in so he'll flip out and Jason will have to step in to protect him. He tells her they only want Jason and that the same exact thing happened to him in prison. Abby looks confused.

Ethan tells Kristina he has no frame of reference for her question about college because he never even finished school. Krissy says that's ok, she values his opinion. Ethan advises her to take an objective look at Yale and figure out why she wants to go there other than that her mother went there. She thinks that sounds like sensible advice and she is going to take it, in fact, she take all his advice. Ethan asks her why on earth she would want to do that and Krissy responds that she admires that he is so carefree and sure of himself. Ethan thinks that is a terrible idea because wherever he goes disaster is close by. Lisa walks in and comments on the fact that Kristina looks much happier. Krissy replies that Ethan was helpful and told her things weren't as bad as they seemed.

Carly returns to the hospital and finds Alexis with Josslyn. Alexis hopes Carly doesn't mind that she is there, but Joss has been sleeping the whole time. Carly says it's fine. Alexis explains that she just brought some books over for Joss and Carly thanks her. Carly then asks Alexis if Jax went to Brenda and Alexis confirms it. She comments that Carly doesn't seem too upset and Carly replies that she's resigned. Jax is always going to run to Brenda. It's what he does. Alexis says she's sorry and she hopes it doesn't cause a fight between Carly and Jax. Carly replies that they're going to fight because Jax wants Josslyn with him and Carly wants Joss with her, but no matter what, she knows Jax is a great father and puts his kids first. How he resolves his feelings for Brenda is up to him.

Brenda tells Jax she keeps staring at Lucien because he's so incredible. She feels like it's the last missing piece of her life. Jax says it's a miracle and tells her the kid is going to turn her world upside down. Brenda states that he already has. She's running around trying to figure out how to be a mom and how to keep him safe. Her voice quavers. She is trying to keep him safe from the crazy world she married into.

Michael tells Abby that Franco is obsessed with Jason. He explains that he sent Carter after him in prison. Michael tells her his rape was a way for Franco to mess with Jason. Maybe he's being selfish, but he can't stand the thought of going back to who he was after Carter, before Abby changed him. He doesn't want to go back to being that isolated guy. Abby tells him there's no going back for either of them. 

Dante comments that Angela Dwyer is expensive and unscrupulous. Johnny asks "Don't you just love that in a woman?" Dante understands that Dwyer would represent anyone that could afford her, however, Brandon was broke. How is it that they happened to cross paths? Johnny tells Dante to ask her. Dante replies that he will, but all roads seem to lead back to Johnny: They were repped by the same lawyer, he turned up dead in the parking lot of Johnny's club and now Johnny is going out of his way to give Michael a heads up. Johnny says he was just helping out one of his ex-dancers and her boyfriend. Dante comments that Johnny is a real helpful guy, especially when he has something to gain. . . like now.

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