GH Update Monday 4/11/11

General Hospital Update Monday 4/11/11


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Lulu wakes up from a nightmare at Dante’s loft. Dante walks in and asks Lulu if she’s okay. Lulu tells Dante that she had a bad dream about Luke. Lulu goes over the dream with Dante. Lulu is confused by her nightmare because she doesn’t blame Luke for Jake’s death. Lulu is convinced her father isn’t an alcoholic. Dante worries how this will affect Lucky. Lulu admits she’s angry at God for what’s happening to her family.

At the Haunted Star, Luke is contemplating starting the casino on fire. Lucky shows up in the nick of time. Lucky sits down and casually urges Luke to start the fire. Luke closes his lighter and stares at Lucky. Lucky brings up the fact that Luke hates smores. Lucky asks Luke what his next step is. Luke jokes that Lucky should arrest him for arson. Lucky says Ethan would lose his job and Tracy would be irate if Luke started a fire at the casino. Luke comments that he’d like to “burn something down”. Luke turns off the fire sprinkler system. Lucky and Luke reminisce about the old blues club. Lucky asserts that starting the casino on fire won’t bring Jake back. Luke implies that he might skip town. Lucky tells his dad that he can’t “outrun his past”. Lucky walks out of the casino.

At Kelly’s, Carly tells Sam that she should get pregnant. Sam doesn’t like the idea. Carly insists it would help Jason get over Jake’s death. Sam reminds Carly about the complications she could face. Carly says that there are new fertility treatments that could work. Sam mentions she talked to Kelly. Carly thinks a baby could help Jason. Sam says that she and Jason don’t want kids right now because of their dangerous lifestyles. Carly asserts that Jason loved Jake but feels sad that he wasn’t in his son’s life. Carly believes Sam and Jason should start a family because they are committed to one another. Sam points out that there’s only a 50-50 chance she could carry a baby full term. Carly offers to carry the baby herself. Sam is stunned. Carly says that Sam would provide the DNA – she would only be the surrogate. Sam is touched by the generous offer but quickly declines. Sam explains her concerns with Carly’s own pregnancy risks. Sam starts to cry. Carly hopes Sam doesn’t end up regretting not having a child. Carly knows Jason is grieving but believes a baby could help.

At the penthouse, Michael and Jason talk about Ronnie calling in Abby for questioning. Michael wants to go to the police station but Jason advises against it. Jason calls Diane and asks her to go to the station and represent Abby. After the phone call, Michael is persistent about helping Abby. Michael blames himself for the Brandon mess. Jason points out Ronnie is only doing a preliminary interview with Abby. Jason tells Michael that Ronnie is using Abby as “bait”. Jason says Ronnie wants to make Michael fly off the handle and do something stupid. Michael agrees to stay away from the station – for now.

At Wyndemere, Brook Lynn and Nikolas talk about Jake’s death. Brook Lynn offers to help. Brook Lynn figures that Nik wants to cancel their Malibu trip. Brook Lynn turns to leave the room but Nikolas wants to have a serious chat. Nikolas mentions how much he has enjoyed spending time with Brook. Nikolas says he has changed since Jake’s passing. Nikolas cares about Brook Lynn but needs to be there for his family. Brook understands but is sad nevertheless. Through tears, Brook confesses that Nik taught her self-confidence. Nikolas is teary-eyed. Brook Lynn tells Nik that she is going on tour with a Latin band. Nikolas wishes Brook the best. Brook stands up to go pack her belongings. Nikolas and Brook share an awkward embrace before she leaves.

Patrick is walking in Kelly’s when Lisa shows up. Patrick accuses Lisa of following him. Lisa defends her position but Patrick isn’t interested. Lisa claims she has plans with Johnny.

On Baker Street, Robin runs into Johnny. Johnny apologizes for their argument yesterday at the diner. Johnny believes Patrick is trying to stir up trouble. Johnny hopes Robin can forget about the disagreement. Robin inquires about Johnny’s feelings for Lisa. Johnny admits he adores Lisa. Johnny reminds Robin that she and Patrick broke into his apartment. Robin asks if Johnny is dating Lisa but he remains silent.

Kristina runs into Sam at the diner. Kristina talks about being on the Yale wait list. Kristina asks for Sam’s honest opinion. Sam isn’t sure what kind of advice to give. Sam knows that Krissy will get a good education one way or the other. Nearby, Johnny sits down across from Lisa. Lisa is visibly glum. Lisa blurts out that she saw Patrick. Lisa comments that Johnny likes the chili at Kelly’s. Johnny compliments Lisa on her appearance. Lisa wishes she could have had a longer affair with Patrick. Lisa thinks Patrick is going to badmouth her to Steve. Johnny hopes Lisa will stop thinking about Patrick. Lisa suggests going to visit Steven. Johnny wants a rain check for their movie night. After Johnny leaves, Lisa walks up to Kristina and inquires about her college choices.

Patrick returns home with Chinese food. Robin wonders why Patrick cancelled their plans to eat at Kelly’s. Robin says Emma is sleeping. Patrick mumbles that he ran into Lisa at the diner. During their dinner, Patrick says he accused Lisa of stalking him. Robin thinks Lisa might have moved on with Johnny. Patrick disagrees with Robin’s opinion of Lisa. Patrick believes Lisa has another trick up her sleeve. Patrick and Robin agree to stop talking about Lisa. Robin talks about planting a garden in the backyard. Patrick and Robin open some fortune cookies. Robin implies that she and Patrick head to the bedroom. Patrick mentions going to a concert on Saturday night. Robin suggests getting Kristina to babysit Emma.

Lulu shows up at the Haunted Star. Lulu looks at the mess of broken glass. Lulu tells Luke that the casino wreaks of gasoline. Lulu knows Tracy won’t be happy. Lulu suggests cleaning up. Lulu asks Luke to stop clicking the lighter. Lulu starts wiping off the bar. Lulu convinces her dad to put away the lighter.

Michael and Jason continue to talk about Brandon. Since there is no proof of Jason’s guilt, Michael is relieved but is still concerned about Abby. There is a knock on the door. It’s Lucky. Michael hurries out the door. Lucky brings up Jake’s death. Lucky feels guilty for his son’s death. Lucky admits he enabled Luke’s drinking for years. Jason wishes Lucky would stop blaming himself. Lucky talks about his AA meetings. Lucky wishes his dad would admit he’s an alcoholic. Jason tries to convince Lucky that he’s not to blame but Lucky ignores him.

Michael returns to the loft. Michael talks to Dante about staying at Abby’s for the night. Michael relays that Ronnie is questioning Abby about Brandon’s death. Michael appears to convince Dante that neither he nor Jason killed Brandon. Dante agrees to go to the station on Michael’s behalf. Michael heads over to the hospital to visit Josslyn. Michael runs into Carly. Michael updates his mom about Abby’s interrogation. Carly knows Ronnie is a jerk. Carly advises Michael not to screw up his parole. Carly hopes Michael will stay away from Abby for the time being.

Dante shows up at the penthouse. Dante tells Jason that Brandon’s public defender was replaced by a well-known attorney named Angela Dwyer. Dante and Jason wonder who bankrolled the lawyer and why.

Lucky pays Lulu a visit at the loft. Lulu speaks of her emotional visit with Luke. Lucky admits he saw Luke earlier in the night. Both wonder what will happen to Luke. Lucky is convinced that Luke won’t stop drinking.

Johnny shows up at the casino. Luke tells Johnny that they are closed. Johnny wonders why the casino smells like fuel. Johnny wants to speak to Luke about a business proposition. Johnny is considering buying back into the casino. Luke isn’t interested in any business deals. Luke begins refilling the liquor supply. Johnny makes a strange comment that he and Luke are beyond redemption.

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