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General Hospital Update Thursday 4/7/11


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Brenda is sitting at the coffee table with Lucien, playing with toy trucks. Sonny enters the room and Brenda comments that it's nice that he has a toy box full of toys that Morgan has outgrown, but she thinks Lucien should have his own toys. She suggests they go shopping for him. Sonny says he is going to take Lucien into the kitchen and make him pancakes or waffles. Brenda replies that she is going to take him to Kelly's. Sonny tells her that's not going to happen.

Lucky is on the phone with Mac. He informs Mac that he will finish up the paperwork on the drug bust and then he'll be free to go on the stakeout. He insists that he is ok to work, in fact, he wants to work. He appreciates Mac's concern, but he doesn't want him monitoring his schedule. As he hangs up the phone, Nikolas walks into the room. He tells Lucky that it won't work. Cramming every moment of his schedule won't ease the pain of losing Jake, in fact, it might get him killed.

Carly arrives at the penthouse. She is glad Jason called. She tried to stop herself from coming over but she was worried about him. He asks her how Josslyn is doing. Carly replies that she's doing great. You would never know she had a kidney transplant. She wants to know how Jason is doing. Jason tells her he just needs to focus on what matters and that's why he called her over. She asks him what happened. Jason replies that he doesn't want her to get all crazy over it. She wants him to tell her what happened and let her handle it. She tells him he needs to be mourning his son.

Luke is asleep on the bar when he hears a child laughing and playing behind him. He spins around on the stool to find Jake playing with his toys. With a huge grin on his face, Luke shouts out his name. He is jolted awake and screams Jake's name again, this time in terror as he slowly realizes it was all a dream.

Sonny informs Brenda that Lucien is upstairs in Morgan's room playing with Max. Brenda says that's great, but doesn't seem pleased. Sonny wants to know what Brenda is upset about. She replies that she's not upset; she's just confused because she can't figure out why Sonny doesn't want her to take Lucien to Kelly's. She promised him that she would take him and she doesn't think it's a good idea to break promises to her son on the first day. Sonny doesn't think the little kid knows she's breaking a promise. Brenda replies that he doesn't know how the little kid thinks. She thinks that, after the death of his adoptive parents and the upheaval in his life, he needs simplicity. Sonny explains to her that his life is complicated. He just doesn't want her to go running around town until he gets security set up for them. He tells her that in a couple of hours, the kid will fall in love with Max. He reminds her that Max is great with kids because he has been protecting his all their lives. He tells her he needs to shuffle some personnel around to find the appropriate people to look out for the kid. Brenda gets annoyed. She shouts that she doesn't need him to shuffle personnel around because she's not going to have bodyguards raise her child. She doesn't want him to grow up like. . .she stops herself suddenly. Sonny asks her if she was going to say she doesn't want him to grow up like his kids.

Jason tells Carly that Michael didn't kill Brandon and neither did he, but Michael looks guilty. He explains that Brandon was threatening Michael with a court case that could send him back to prison and he was slapping Abby around, so Michael's answer was to arm himself and go after Brandon. Carly is grateful that Jason was in that alley to stop him. Jason tells her he needs to prove Michael is innocent by finding the real killer. Carly is flabbergasted. She tells Jason he just lost his son and he needs time to grieve. He should let Dante handle it. Jason isn't comfortable leaving Michael's fate in Dante's hands again. Additionally, a judge could decide that Dante has a conflict of interest and pull him off the case, at the same time deciding that Michael is better off in the system. He needs to do this.

Luke is shaving. As he looks in the mirror, he is obviously shaken and frustrated. He dries his face and walks out to the casino. Ethan is standing at the top of the stairs. Luke asks him where the hell he's been. Ethan explains that he took Maya back to Las Vegas for a week. Luke tells his son to live life to the fullest because some people never get the chance. Ethan informs Luke that he heard about what happened. And? It was a terrible accident and he should have been there. He's sorry. Luke asks him if that's it and Ethan says yes. Luke comments on how refreshing that is. Some people have been incredibly judgmental although he supposes some people have a right to be. Ethan asks if he is talking about Jason. Luke confirms that yes, he is talking about Jason, but mostly he is talking about Lucky.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he's not a prince, he can't just sit around and wait for the money to roll in. Nik replies that he is trying to hold off his pain by constantly working. Lucky insists that he's not doing that, it's not even possible. He can't think about the past and his memories of Jake without hurting and he can't think of the future that Jake won't be a part of without hurting. He tells his brother that Cam and Jake and Spencer will grow up and go to college, get married, have children and there will always be a hole where Jake is supposed to be. He says that he has to keep moving, it's the only thing that keeps him from diving into the bottle beside Luke.

Nik tells Lucky he was wondering how Jake's death was affecting his sobriety. Lucky responds that sweet release is calling him. Nikolas asks him if he's answered and Lucky tells him he hasn't, even though it's hard to shut out the voices in his head. The worst voice is the one that tells him he's a failure. Nikolas tells him that's not true and Lucky says if he gave him a bottle of scotch he might agree with him. He tells Nik that he was supposed to protect Jake and he didn't. He can't just get past that. Nikolas makes him promise that if he has the urge to reach for a bottle, he will at least call him first and give him the chance to help. Lucky agrees. He then tells Nik that Jake's death brought one thing home to him: Life is short and if you waste a moment, you might not get another one. Lucky proceeds to tell Nik that while he might get mad at him for a week or even a year, first and foremost Nik is his brother and he loves him. That's non-negotiable and he needs Nik to know that. Nik thanks him. Both of their eyes are filled with tears as they hug.

Luke downs a drink. Ethan asks if he is going to pour him one and Luke says sure, if he'll drink with him. Ethan asks why he wouldn't. Luke wants to know how much Ethan knows about what happened. Ethan knows that Jake was killed by a car that Luke was driving. Luke explains the circumstances of the accident. He tells Ethan that he honestly didn't think he hit Jake. He tells him he thought it was Carly because she's a terrible driver and he actually felt sorry for her for the first time ever.  Then he saw Lucky with the police file in his hand and he knew that it was him.

Jason explains to Carly that finding Brandon's killer protects Michael and that matters. He needs to focus on Michael because the pain is too much. His son is dead, a son he barely knew because he turned his back on him. Carly reminds him he did it to keep Jake safe. Jason screams that he didn't keep Jake safe, he got hit by a car. Carly reminds him that he wanted Jake to have a normal life and he did. She insists that Jason did right by his son.

Brenda tells Sonny that she didn't mean to imply that there's anything wrong with how Michael and Morgan were raised. She tells him that they need to think about who Lucien's father is and how he was raised. He was raised by bodyguards who taught him how to shoot guns. Sonny says he understands that she doesn't want that for her child. If he could have had something different for his kids he would have, but this is the life they're in. As such, his main priority has to be to protect his family. He understands that Brenda was blindsided by Suzanne dropping Lucien off and insists they just need to let things settle. Brenda says she doesn't think Sonny understands how much time she missed with him and her fear that she'll never make it up to him. Sonny tells her to take her time and get to know the little boy. Brenda replies that she doesn't want anything to hurt him, like people gossiping and asking a bunch of questions when it's not their business. Sonny gives her a kiss. He leans in to kiss her again but she turns away and says she is going to check on Lucien.

Sonny informs Jason that they need to shift some personnel around. He needs Max and Milo for a special detail. Jason asks him what it is and Sonny replies that he hates to bother him with it but Jason insists. Sonny tells him that Suzanne dropped a little boy off at the house claiming it is Brenda's son. He tells him that she was making plans to have him adopted and his adoptive parents died, so she returned him to Brenda. Jason asks if he believes Suzanne. Sonny doesn't trust Suzanne as far as he can throw her. He needs proof. However, Brenda is already in love. She's an instant mother.

Carly goes to Lucky's apartment. She tells him he has a nice place, it's very him. Lucky realizes there isn't much reason for people to come over there, although they all seem to be finding a reason. Carly tells him she's certain he wants to be alone so she'll just say what she came to say and get out of his hair. Lucky replies that he didn't mean to be rude but Carly assures him that he wasn't. She came to tell him that Josslyn is doing great. Lucky is really glad to hear that. Carly tells him they would be in a much different place if it wasn't for his generosity, which brings her to the second thing she wants to say. Jason informed her that Lucky convinced Liz to give Jake's kidney to Josslyn. She tells him there are no words for how humble and grateful she is. She reminds Lucky that they're related yet she's never done anything for him, but at the worst moment of his life, he gave her daughter a precious gift. She tells him that's he's Josslyn's miracle and Jake is her angel. If there is every anything that Lucky needs, he should come to her. Lucky responds that what he needs to do right now is apologize to her.

Luke tells Ethan that even when he saw the forensics report he thought the cops had the wrong car, but they didn't. He ran down his son's child. Ethan reminds him that it would have been next to impossible to see a kid Jake's size in the dark. It was tragic, but it was an accident. Luke says that Lucky thinks he hit Jake because he was drunk. Ethan asks if he was. Luke replies that he had a couple of shots but he wasn't impaired in any way. He thinks maybe it's good that this is what Lucky believes. Maybe this is what he should believe. He tells Ethan that it's easier for Lucky to hate the booze so he doesn't have to hate Luke. Ethan replies that Lucky knows he can't hate Luke any more than Luke hates himself right now.

Jason agrees that Max and Milo are the best choice to protect Lucien. He asks Sonny if he is planning to accept Suzanne's story. Sonny isn't sure what to do. He doesn't know how Brenda is going to feel about raising a kid in this life. She's already starting to question it. Jason yells that Brenda doesn't get to question anything. This is what she signed on for. What other options does she have? Is she going to give the kid away? Jason apologizes for yelling at Sonny but Sonny understands. Jason explains that Jake was unexpected and he and Liz didn't plan on him. He gave him up to protect him and now he is questioning that choice.

Carly wants to know why Lucky owes her an apology. He explains that he jumped to conclusions about her when the suspect list came out. He decided that she was guilty and went on a judgmental rant about how selfish she is. He tells her he's really sorry. She agrees that she is pretty selfish sometimes. She tells Lucky that for the few hours she thought she was guilty she felt sick and guilty, so she can understand how Luke feels. Lucky replies that Luke's feeling what he can and the rest he denies. Carly knows that Luke and Lucky have a lot to work on and they don't need her advice, but they love each other. She knows Luke could use him and she thinks that maybe just reaching out will help ease their pain.

Luke asks Ethan if he knows why he started calling his brother Lucky. He jokes that the first reason is because he got his mother's hair. He goes on to tell him that he wanted to spread the wealth around. Luke has had such incredible luck. He thinks of all the times he has cheated death, including three heart attacks that "would have felled a horse." He explains that the night of Jake's accident, he was going about living his charmed life and believing that he was invincible. He tells Ethan that death came after him that night and took a life more precious than his. Ethan tells him it could have happened to anyone, but Luke responds that he isn't anyone. He's Luke Spencer "cheater of death and beater of odds." He tells him it wasn't an accident. It was luck telling him it isn't with him anymore and a four-year-old boy died because of it.

Brenda is telling Lucien a story about the way she used to name all her cars when she was little. She would then say good-night to each of them by name. She offers to do that with him. Carly walks in and asks her who her friend is. Brenda tells her Sonny's not home. Carly says that she really needs to talk to him. Brenda replies that he's not there and Carly could have called and saved herself a trip. Carly starts talking to Lucien about his toy trucks. She asks him what his name is. Brenda replies that his name is Lucien and he's her son.

Jason is on the phone with Bernie telling him about the personnel changes. Sam comes in and tells him she spoke to some of the girls that were on duty at Vaughan's the night Brandon was killed and she has a rough description of some of the customers that were there but she has to follow up later. Jason asks if he can do it because he needs to keep busy and Sam agrees. Jason tells her he will get on it as soon as he finishes arranging security. Sam thinks that doesn't sound good but Jason explains that it's ok this time. He tells her about Brenda's son. He explains that he needs to shift guards around because he needs to make sure this child is protected.

Sonny goes to see Lucky at his request. He tells him that whatever he needs is his. He goes on to tell Lucky that he is so sorry for his loss and he knows that nothing anyone says can help. Lucky comments that people keep talking though. Lucky tells Sonny he knows Luke is having a hard time but he can't help him. He can't sit and watch him drink when drinking is what killed Jake.

Luke is standing at the roulette table. He keeps spinning the wheel and stopping it with his hand. He pours himself another shot of whiskey. This time when he spins the wheel, the ball lands on the number 13. Luke says it's about time it showed up and then laughs maniacally and smashes his glass.

Brenda has taken Lucien upstairs to stay with Max and she cautions him not to give the boy anymore gum or candy. Carly finds this warning ridiculous and reminds Brenda that Max and Milo are great with kids. Michael and Morgan love them. Brenda replies that they are bodyguards, not nannies and she is going to raise her son herself. Carly tells Brenda that when she first saw Lucien, she thought he looked just like Sonny and she wondered who the mother was. She considered Kate, because he almost married her and Claudia because he did marry her. Brenda tells Carly she is astounded by her ability to be rude to her. Carly replies that Brenda should be thanking her. If Carly hadn't revealed Brenda's secret, Sonny would have been blindsided by Lucien. Brenda attempts to usher Carly out by saying she'll tell Sonny she was there. Carly states that it's a good thing Sonny is good with kids because she is predicting that Brenda will be a disaster.

Jason tells Sam that while he was talking with Sonny about security for Brenda's son he kept wondering why he didn't do that for Jake. He could have tired but he let him go. Sam reminds him again that he had good reason. Jason is upset because it's not like him to keep going over and over things he can't change, but he can't stop thinking about Jake. Sam reminds him that he has suffered a terrible loss and it's only natural to question things, but he made the right decisions for Jake. Jake didn't die because of anything Jason did or didn't do.

Sonny tells Lucky he kind of knows what he is going through. When Michael got shot, he was so angry, he wanted the guy who shot him to pay with his life. Lucky reminds Sonny that he did. Sonny says that was an option for him because the man was a stranger, but it isn't for Lucky because this is his dad. He tells him that Luke would never hurt a child and what happened was just an accident. Jake could have just as easily fallen in a pool. Lucky shoots back that he didn't fall in a pool. He was hit by his father who was drinking and he can't pretend like it wasn't a factor. He can't comfort Luke right now and tell him what he wants to hear, but he's still afraid for him. He wants to know if Sonny will help Luke.

Luke is standing behind the bar and has a brief memory of himself behind the wheel on the night of the accident. He throws an empty whiskey bottle and then swipes everything off the bar, breaking several glasses. He then takes all the bottles of liquor off the shelves and lines them up on the bar. When he's finished, he starts to throw them across the room one by one. Nikolas walks in and barely avoids a shattering bottle. Luke ignores him and continues to destroy the booze.

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