GH Update Tuesday 4/5/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/5/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Suzanne

Robin and Patrick continue discussing their decision to attend marital counseling. Robin wonders if her decision to get back together with Patrick was a knee jerk reaction to Jake's death. She knows it was her idea and Patrick can feel free to talk her out of it. Patrick is just sorry it took a tragedy to make them realize what they were missing.

Lisa is outside Kelly's spying on Patrick and Robin. Johnny walks up and questions what she's doing there when she said she was called away by the hospital. Lisa replies that Johnny followed her, so who's stalking now? Johnny insists he is just there for takeout. Lisa enters the diner and approaches Patrick and Robin. She tells them she made up a new schedule so Steve won't have to do it when he gets back. Robin asks her if she is ever going to leave them alone.

Diane is at Sonny's house getting some papers signed. She suddenly begins acting as if she is in a hurry to leave. Sonny asks what she's doing. Diane replies she was under the impression he wanted her to leave. She tries to slip a document past him and he questions what it is. She quickly explains that it is a release giving the use of his name to a publishing company. Sonny demands to know what she is up to.

Sam is on the phone and asks the person at the other end to let her know if they hear from Jason. Spinelli enters the penthouse and asks if Jason is around. Sam says that he isn't. Spinelli becomes worried. The fact that Jason is missing and Sam is prepping for a search does not bode well. Sam asks him what is in his hand. Spinelli shows her a copy of his book and Sam recalls that it comes out today. Spinelli says that it doesn't seem to matter in light of what has happened to Jake.

Dante tells Michael and Abby that Brandon's body was found in the parking lot of Vaughan's with two bullets in his head. Because this is the strip club where Abby used to work, he has to ask: Did Michael do it?

Lisa stammers that she just wanted to update Patrick and Robin on the schedule. Patrick tells Lisa that she can email him the next time. Johnny storms up and defends her. He insists that if any other doctor were taking on the extra work, they would think it was great, but Lisa just can't catch a break from them. He tells them they need to grow up and stop blaming everything bad that happens to them on Lisa. He steers Lisa away. Lisa asks Johnny why he keeps defending her. What's in it for him?

Sonny tells Diane he is not going to sign the release. He instructs her to tell the idiot that wrote it to keep his name out of it. After several fruitless attempts to convince Sonny to sign, she finally tells him that she's the idiot. She confesses that she wrote the book with Spinelli. Sonny says he can't believe she let that idiot write a book. What was she thinking? He is adamant that he doesn't want his name in the book. Diane reminds him that both she and Spinelli are trusted employees who have dedicated many hours to Sonny. Sonny counters that they are well paid. Diane stresses that Spinelli breaks many laws and risks life in federal prison for the privilege of working for him. Sonny tells her she can't spring this on him at the last minute. She's not going to use his name and that's it. Brenda enters the room and informs Diane that it's her birthday. Diane wishes her a happy birthday. Brenda wonders why, on her birthday, Diane is being rude and loud with her husband.

Sam tells Spinelli she's afraid that Jason made a mistake. She explains that Brandon made bail and attacked Abby so Michael went after him. Spinelli asks if Michael killed him. Sam tells him that Jason got there just in time. However, Sam is concerned that Jason would go to any length to protect Michael. She tells Spinelli that she is afraid that Jason killed Brandon.

Dante asks Michael again if he killed Brandon. Abby tells Dante that Michael has been with her since last night. Dante asks if he was there the entire time. Michael replies that he went to Jake's memorial. Abby says she meant except for the memorial. Dante asks Michael if he returned to Abby's right after the memorial. Michael tells his brother that he went to Jason's to see if he was ok. Dante asks if that is when Brandon beat up Abby. Michael wants to know why Dante is questioning Abby. Dante heard that Abby dropped the charges against Brandon. He says there is little he could have done because she had no restraining order and didn't follow up on prior incidences. Dante thinks that when Michael found out about Abby, he lost it and went after Brandon on his own. He informs Michael that Vaughan's is a busy club. There were a lot of people around and someone must have seen something. He goes on to say that with two shots fired, someone must have heard them . Unless Michael has a silencer now? Dante tells Michael he isn't there as a cop, he's there as his brother. He wants to help him. He asks Michael again if he killed Brandon.

Diane tells Brenda she is merely trying to protect the interest of her client as she has always done. Brenda reminds Diane that she is the one who hired the Balkan. Diane blusters that Theo Hoffman was an excellent attorney that came highly recommended. She then informs Brenda that she is also in the book and asks her to sign a release form. Brenda tells Diane she isn't going to sign the form either.

Sam and Spinelli discuss the fact that either Michael or Jason may have murdered Brandon. Spinelli attempts to pinpoint Jason's location by accessing security cameras along his route. They discover he is headed out of town into an area where there are no security cameras. Sam is preparing to go out and look for him when there is a knock at the door. Sam opens it and Maxie bounces in, chastising Spinelli for not answering his phone. She informs him that he almost missed a major event in his life. She has arranged a book signing for him to promote "The Secret Life of Damian Spinelli." Also, since she assumed he would be worried about what to wear, she has brought him a new outfit. Spinelli tells Maxie that he can't go because he and Sam are in the middle of something. Maxie tells him he has to go because he worked so hard on the book and there will be lots of people there wanting to meet him.

Johnny tells Lisa they are wasting time at Kelly's when they could be at his place. Lisa tells him she really does need to check in with the hospital. Johnny says she could have called them. He thinks she began to feel too close to him after they had sex so she decided to run. He believes it's easier for her to go after the guy that doesn't love her than to open herself up to the guy who is actually starting to care about her. 

Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin are at an adjacent table discussing their introductory therapy session. The therapist is able to fit them in right away. They decide they should go because it will keep them from talking themselves out of it.  Lisa is watching them as they get up to leave. She wonders where they are going. Johnny tries to distract her by suggesting they go back to his place. He reminds her that Patrick doesn't love her and he's not going to, but that doesn't mean no one ever will. He tells her that while Patrick is taken, he's there and he's starting to care for her. Lisa says he's a professional criminal who's obsessed with his dead sister. Johnny replies that she's an unprofessional criminal who's obsessed with a doctor, but they get along and he's amazed by her as a doctor and as a woman. He thinks that's a good place to start. Lisa teases that it was easier when he was blackmailing her because they both knew the rules. Kristina walks in to Kelly's and Lisa stops her. Krissy tells her she has decided to concentrate on her studies instead of on being waitlisted. Johnny questions what she means by waitlisted and Krissy describes her situation to him. Lisa explains to Johnny that she understands because the same thing happened to her. She assures Krissy that she will probably get in to Yale but if she doesn't, she'll get in someplace better, just like Lisa did. Kristina tells Lisa that talking to her really helped and thanks her again. Johnny suggests to Lisa that they head to his place and she agrees. As they walk away, he asks Lisa when she and Kristina became so chummy.

Michael tells Dante that the system let Abby down. Dante knows Michael must have trouble trusting him after the Claudia situation, but he assures him this isn't like that. He wants to help. Abby asks Dante how he can claim he wants to help his brother when he is always the first one to accuse him. She tells him that Brandon had lots of enemies. He was always in debt to loan sharks and she found drugs on him numerous times. Dante asks if that is when he beat her. Michael reiterates that the system did nothing to protect Abby and, in his mind, the person who shot Brandon is a hero. Dante tells Michael to let him know if he changes his mind. On the way out, he tells Abby to get her alibis straight because she's making Michael look guilty.

Brenda informs Diane that there is no way she is going to sign anything that allows anyone to use her name in a book that she hasn't even read. Diane then tells Brenda that since she is a public figure, anyone can write anything they like about her so the release was just a formality. Sonny, on the other hand, needs to sign the release. Sonny tells Diane they'll discuss it in the morning. Diane informs him he will have to discuss it with a new attorney. Sonny reminds Diane that he's her biggest client. He's kept her in designer shoes for years. Diane counters that she has kept Sonny and Jason out of jail for years. She reminds him that, with the exception of the unfortunate Claudia situation that landed Michael in Pentonville, she has kept Sonny and his family out of the legal system.

Spinelli tells Maxie that while the prospect of entertaining countless fans is enticing, he has to decline. Maxie replies that it won't be countless as they are shooting for 50, maybe 75. Spinelli insists he has to help Sam in her search for Jason. Maxie says that with all Jason is going through, maybe Spinelli should just give him some space. Spinelli starts to tell Maxie that Sam is worried Jason may have killed Brandon, but Sam cuts him off, explaining that Maxie doesn't need the details. Besides, Maxie has a point. She tells Spinelli he should go to the book signing. Maxie chimes in that Diane is going to be there. Can't he just see her taking all the credit? Spinelli did all the work; he can't let her sign all the autographs. Sam insists that Jason would want him to go and enjoy the experience. It would be the best way for him to help Jason. Finally, Spinelli agrees to go. Maxie is excited and hopes he likes the outfit she got him. Spinelli looks forlorn as he watches Sam leave.

Johnny offers Lisa a glass of wine but she declines in favor of a real drink so he offers her a glass of vodka. She accepts but cautions "no roofies." Johnny replies that's more her forte than his. Lisa tells him she misses the blackmail, it was such a rush. He assures her that the syringe is ancient history. Lisa tells him she thought his treasure hunt was hilarious, except for the part where she almost got fired. Johnny thought it was nice how Lisa put herself out there for Kristina. Lisa says Kris is under a lot of pressure. She knows that it's hell being on the waitlist for college. Johnny mentions that she's not thinking about Patrick. Lisa reminds him that he's the one that keeps bringing him up. They decide that the next one to mention him pays for dinner. They start to kiss but there is a knock at the door. Johnny opens it to Dante, who ask him what he knows about Brandon. Johnny says nothing at all and questions why Dante is asking him about it in the first place. Dante tells him that Brandon was murdered in the parking lot of his strip club.

Michael asks Abby how she's feeling. She says she's fine. He then asks her if Brandon hurt her anywhere else. She says he just shoved her around. Abby believes she did everything wrong. Michael tells her not to make this her fault. Abby tells him the story of how she left Brandon. She woke up one morning covered in bruises, packed her bags, scrounged up whatever cash she could and left while Brandon was still passed out. She bought a ticket to Port Charles because she couldn't afford to go to Canada. She promised herself no one would ever treat her like that again. She goes on to say that when Brandon showed up in Port Charles, she went back to her old patterns. She denied how dangerous he was. On the night he tried to rape her, she believed she could talk him down. Then she believed if she dropped the charges against him he would leave her alone, but Michael was right. Dropping the charges gave Brandon permission to come after her. Michael tries to comfort Abby. He tells her when he is with his therapist, he often discusses the fact that he needs to stop blaming himself for not being strong enough to protect himself. Abby reminds him that what Carter did to him wasn't his fault. He needs to believe that. Michael tells her she needs to believe that, too. Brandon was sick and evil and he hurt her but she was strong enough to break free. Abby says she doesn't care that Brandon is dead, she only cares that Michael is the one they are going to blame for it.

Johnny tells Dante that Vaughan's is a tough place and things happen there. He tells him he should be talking to the manager. Dante asks what Johnny can tell him about Brandon. Lisa leaves them alone to talk. Johnny tells Dante he understands he's trying to protect his brother. He asks if Dante thinks Michael did it. Dante thinks two shots in the head seems more like Johnny's style. Johnny thinks Dante should focus less on the truth and more on protecting his brother.

Patrick and Robin are back at Kelly's discussing the outcome of their first therapy session. Patrick says he liked the therapist. Robin could tell. He was much less tense than she was. That's not what he expected to happen. He was babbling away and she was controlled. At least it seemed to work. Patrick agrees and he thinks they are ready to take a very important step.

Diane tells sonny she wouldn't have to quit if he would just sign the papers. However, it's obvious he is going to insist on breaking Spinelli's heart. Brenda questions why it would break Spinelli's heart. Diane informs her that she wrote the book in conjunction with Spinelli. Brenda has a sudden change of heart and asks her where she should sign. When Sonny questions why she tells him that she likes Spinelli and she feels like she owes him. She encourages Sonny to sign as well. Diane assures them they are only briefly mentioned and no secrets are revealed. Brenda knows Spinelli would never do anything to upset either one of them. She tells Diane to show Sonny where to sign. Sonny relents and signs the release form.

Abby asks Michael who else knows he has the gun. He tells her it's only Jason and Sam. She tells him he has to get rid of it. She asks him to let her do it. She doesn't want him to risk taking it out of the apartment. Just carrying a gun is a probation violation. Once Michael's name comes up as a suspect, Dante will be taken off the case and any other cop will bust him for that. Abby is upset that Michael is in this mess because of her. Michael says if Abby hadn't come to town, she wouldn't have met him. Maybe she had to go through what she went through to be the person that saved him. He tells her he was alone before he met her. He couldn't tell people what happened to him because he knew they wouldn't understand. Abby says it's easy to care for him. Michael believes that something really bad would have happened to him if he didn't know her. Whatever happens, he can deal with it because of her. He tells Abby he loves her. Abby asks him not to say things because he feels obligated. He is adamant that he loves her. Abby reminds him that he's young and things change. Michael says not the way he feels about her. Abby tells him they can discuss this another time. Abby reminds Michael that he needs an alibi. He says he can say he was with her in her apartment. Abby tells him she wasn't home, she was out looking for him.

Brenda tells Sonny it's time to write out their thank you cards. Sonny has a question for Brenda: Why does she like Spinelli? Brenda says he's a sweet guy. Sonny says he talks like he's from outer space. Brenda replies he does that when he's nervous. Sonny laughs and says he must always be nervous. Brenda asks why everyone has to be a tough guy. She sits in his lap and shoves a pen into his hand, attempting to force him to write out the thank you notes, but Sonny has another question. Would Brenda have loved him more if he were in a different line of work? Brenda says there's no point in discussing that because he's not. She's accepted that. He tell her while he chose the life he wants for himself, it's not what he wants for his kids. He wants Michael to have a better life than him. However, he doesn't want to do what Jason did with Jake. Brenda knows he would never give up his child.

Patrick asks Robin what she would say if he wanted a real dinner, with flowers and candlelight. Robin is all for it, but she told the nanny she could leave early to go to a club with friends. Just then, Kristina walks in and takes a seat at the counter. Robin tells Patrick to call the restaurant and make a reservation because she has an idea. She walks over to Kristina and asks her if she was serious when she offered to babysit. Kristina says yes and Robin asks if she can sit tonight. Krissy agrees to follow them home in her car. Robin tells her that Emma should already be asleep. Kristina jokes that , if she wakes up, she can always read to her from her physics book since that would put anyone to sleep. They all laugh as they walk off with Lisa watching them.

Abby tells Michael it was a stupid impulse for her to lie. It's the quickest way for Michael to be incriminated.  Michael tries to reassure her by telling her his dad has Diane Miller on retainer and she is the greatest lawyer ever. Abby points out that even the greatest loses sometimes. Michael asks if she's saying Diane isn't good enough to keep him out of Pentonville. He reminds her that this is different than the last time. He confessed to Claudia's murder because he didn't want his dad to go to prison for what he did. Abby says he is always worried about protecting everyone but he never seems to worry about protecting himself. There is a knock at the door and Abby opens it to find Johnny. They tell him they are in the middle of something. Johnny asks if they are talking about Brandon and they wonder how he knows. He informs that Dante told him that Brandon had been shot dead in the parking lot of Vaughan's. Michael asks why Dante would tell him. Johnny responds that it's because he owns and the club and hypothesizes that maybe he is looking for some obscure way to blame it on him Michael says Johnny shouldn't worry, Dante isn't going to try to pin it on him. Johnny says he isn't worried about himself, he's worried about Michael. This is going to get really bad, really fast and Michael is going to need some help.

Dante shows up at the penthouse looking for Jason. He asks Sam when he'll be back and Sam says she doesn't know. Dante realizes he is going through a rough time with Jake's death and he doesn't want to make things worse for him. He then tells her that Brandon was murdered last night and the police have Jason as their prime suspect.

Emma is sleeping and Kristina is talking on the phone when the doorbell rings. Krissy hangs up the phone to answer the door and to her surprise it is Lisa.

Sam questions why the police always suspect Jason first. Dante knows that Jason will do anything to protect Michael. He believes that in his grief over Jake, Jason may have gotten a little sloppy this time and the PCPD might try to pin it on him.

Johnny offers to ask some questions at the club and find out if anyone saw anything the night Brandon was killed. He says it's possible for him to pay the girls at the club enough that they won't talk to the police. Michael wonders why Johnny is being so helpful. He feels responsible. He should have been the one to shut Brandon down. He tells Michael to let him know if he needs anything. After closing the door behind Johnny, Abby points out that this is the second time he has gone out of his way to help them. Neither of them can figure out why. Michael has a more pressing question. He wonders why Abby hasn't asked him yet if he killed Brandon. Is it because she thinks she already knows the answer?

Brenda and Sonny are discussing their future plans when there is a knock at the door. Sonny opens it and finds Suzanne holding a young boy who looks to be about 3-years-old. Brenda and Sonny are both thrown for a loop when she says "Brenda, meet your son."

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