GH Update Monday 4/4/11

General Hospital Update Monday 4/4/11


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Lulu and Dante walk into Kelly’s and sit down at a table. Lulu tells Dante that she isn’t hungry. Lulu admits that coming to the diner makes her feel normal considering what her family is going through. Lulu knows that Luke is suffering. Dante is worried about Lulu. Dante says Lulu can’t control what happens between Luke and Lucky. Dante produces a card with a telephone number. Lulu is irritated to learn that the number is for a support meeting for alcoholics. Lulu insists that going to a meeting would be pointless since Luke isn’t an alcoholic. Lulu rambles on about Luke. Dante points out Lulu is enabling her father’s drinking. Dante talks about his alcoholic cousin and the meeting he went to. Dante urges Lulu to give the meeting a try but she starts arguing with him. Lulu stands up and walks out of the diner.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky sees Luke drinking and assumes it’s alcohol. Lucky asks Luke why he didn’t show up for the memorial service. Lucky leaves the service program on the bar for Luke to see. Luke says he stayed away because he felt guilty about the accident. Lucky shakes his head in disbelief. Lucky believes Luke is trying to rationalize his actions. Lucky calls Luke the “master of spin”. Lucky figures Luke didn’t come to the service because he was easing his guilty conscience. Lucky yells at Luke for his selfishness. Lucky confides that he needed Luke’s support today at the service. Luke apologizes for letting Lucky down. Lucky wishes his dad would stop acting like a coward. Luke claims he isn’t hiding from anyone. Luke says to Lucky that he can’t remember hitting Jake that night. Lucky laughs nervously and tells Luke that he had a blackout while driving. Lucky is tired of Luke’s wallowing. Lucky doesn’t want to judge Luke but he isn’t surprised by his behavior. Lucky hopes Luke can take responsibility for hitting Jake. Luke continues to claim he wasn’t drunk that night. Lucky thinks Luke is delusional. Lucky points out that drinking affects Luke in some way. Luke disagrees, claiming that he has grown a tolerance for alcohol. After some arguing, Luke asks Lucky to go grieve in private. Lucky starts crying when he explains how difficult it was to bury Jake. Lulu walks in and hears Lucky ask Luke to admit he’s an alcoholic. Lulu pipes in that the two need to stop fighting. Lulu points out that Jake’s death was an accident. Lucky believes Lulu and Luke are both in denial. Lulu urges Lucky to get past the hurt and forgive their father. Lulu is crying. Luke feels terrible for hitting Jake and says he’d give his life in exchange for Jake to be alive. Lulu wishes Lucky would forgive Luke. Lucky will agree to if Luke admits he is an alcoholic. Lulu continues to defend Luke. Luke refuses to lie and insists he can hold his liquor. Frustrated, Lucky walks out. Lulu tells Luke that she loves him. After Lulu leaves, Luke looks at Jake’s service program. Luke pours himself a drink. Lucky returns and stares at his dad.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Sam if he made a mistake not attending the memorial service for Jake. Sam refuses to judge Jason’s decision. Jason says Michael went to the service. Jason is relieved that Jake’s loved ones were there to show support. Jason is concerned about Michael. Jason hopes that he got through to Michael. There is a knock on the door. It’s Abby. The left side of her face is bruised, her lip bleeding. Abby tells Jason and Sam that Michael went after Brandon. Abby explains how Brandon got released from custody. Jason is surprised to learn Abby dropped the attempted rape charges. Abby insists she did it to protect Michael. Jason grabs his gun from the closet. Sam asks Abby to calm down. Jason hurries out the door. Sam tries to reassure Abby that Jason will intervene in time. Abby says she made a mistake getting involved with Brandon in the first place. Abby fears Michael won’t hesitate to kill Brandon. Abby confides to Sam about making love to Michael. Sam reminds Abby that Jason won’t let Michael down.

In an alley, Michael confronts Brandon about assaulting Abby. Michael points a gun at Brandon but he isn’t scared. Brandon is convinced Abby wants him back. Brandon tells Michael that he’s naïve when it comes to Abby. Brandon is adamant that Abby likes being hit. Michael is tempted to pull the trigger. Brandon wonders if Michael has the guts to shoot him. Brandon warns Michael that he could go back to prison. Brandon calls Michael a coward. Before Michael can shoot, Jason shows up and pulls him aside. Jason urges Brandon to leave the alley. Brandon tells Jason that Michael needs to stay away from him. After Brandon flees the scene, Jason and Michael begin to argue. Jason grabs Michael’s arm and tells him they are leaving.

At the hospital, Patrick and Lisa converse about patient charts. Patrick says he is covering for Steven because of the memorial service. Lisa agrees to pitch in at work. Patrick hands a file to Lisa and then notices Robin walk by. Robin suggests to Patrick that they go to Kelly’s. Patrick quickly agrees to the suggestion. Lisa is irritated. Patrick and Robin talk about their dinner date. Patrick and Robin bring up Jake’s memorial service. Patrick knows Elizabeth is grieving right now. Patrick and Robin discuss making improvements to their marriage. Patrick admits he loves being home with Robin and Emma.

Lisa is summoned to Johnny’s apartment. Johnny is suspicious of Lisa’s odd behavior. Johnny pours some red wine for Lisa. Lisa makes it clear she won’t be seduced by Johnny. Johnny laughs and promises that the mind games are over. Lisa implies that she got rid of the syringe. Johnny hopes Lisa is finally over Patrick. Johnny says he won’t reject Lisa. Lisa thanks Johnny for being a friend. Johnny puts his arm around Lisa. Lisa says Johnny wants to protect her because she reminds him of Claudia. They share a kiss. Johnny asks Lisa if she attended Jake’s service. Lisa says she didn’t because Elizabeth hates her. Johnny can’t believe that the police thought Lisa might have hit Jake. Lisa brings the subject back to Patrick. Johnny wonders why Lisa can’t get over Patrick. Lisa asks Johnny not to pout. Lisa gets a page so she hurries out the door.

Jason and Michael return to the penthouse. Sam tells them that Abby went back to her apartment. Jason brings up the gun Michael was carrying. Michael justifies going after Brandon because of what he did to Abby. Jason wishes Michael had come to him instead. Michael insists that Brandon is his problem. Jason and Michael argue about the situation with Brandon. Jason wants to get rid of Michael’s gun. Sam interrupts and tells Michael they understand his need to protect Abby. Jason asks Michael to consider Carly and his siblings before making hasty decisions. Michael says he and Abby both share feelings of vulnerability. Michael is clear that he’ll protect Abby at all costs. Michael storms out of the penthouse. Jason refuses to follow Michael. Jason is convinced Michael won’t listen to him. Jason tells Sam that he’ll take care of the problem with Brandon. Before Sam can answer, Jason is out the door.

Robin is acting fidgety when she and Patrick get to Kelly’s. Robin apologizes for acting nervous around Patrick. Robin brings up the idea of marriage counseling. Robin assumes Patrick will hate the idea but he feels the opposite. Patrick believes counseling will help. Nevertheless, Patrick admits the thought of therapy scares him. Robin says she is scared too. Patrick blames himself for cheating on Robin with Lisa. Robin points out that no one knew how psychotic Lisa really was. Robin confesses her insecurity issues to Patrick. Robin admits she is a perfectionist. Patrick agrees that counseling might help but insists it will be hard work. Robin smiles at Patrick and then kisses him. Lisa watches the couple’s embrace from outside Kelly’s. Johnny walks up behind Lisa and scares her. Johnny says he caught Lisa in a lie.

Michael shows up at Abby’s doorstep. Abby hugs Michael. Michael says Brandon won’t hurt Abby again. Abby realizes dropping the charges was a stupid move. Abby doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with Michael. Abby asks that Michael leave Brandon alone. Abby fears that Michael hates her. Michael professes his love for Abby. They share a hug. There is a knock on the door. It’s Dante. Dante announces that Brandon’s dead body was found. Abby and Michael are speechless.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Jason tells Sam that he couldn’t find Michael. Sam wonders if Michael is capable of killing someone. Jason fears that Michael would have shot Brandon if he hadn’t shown up in time. Sam points out that Michael’s violence issues are escalating. Jason thinks his talk with Michael helped but Sam isn’t convinced. Sam believes nothing will change with Michael. Jason plans on protecting Michael and “removing” any obstacles in his way.

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