GH Update Thursday 3/31/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/31/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is in Abby's apartment. He is sleeping on the floor by the front door. Abby gently wakes him up and gives him a kiss. She says she thought he might give up and come to bed. He says he thought about it. He thought about her all night. She says she doesn't think Brandon is going to come crashing through the door. Michael says he is going to make sure of it.

Carly goes to the Haunted Star and asks Luke if he is going to Jake's memorial service. Luke says he thinks that would be in bad taste since he killed the kid. Carly says that was an accident. Luke says so they tell me. Carly says she isn't going to judge Luke because he stood by her when he thought she was the killer.

Elizabeth is sitting in a rocking chair in the dark. She is not dressed for Jake's memorial service.  The phone rings and she lets the machine pick it up. It is Nikolas. He wants to let her know that he has just come off the launch and he is on his way to pick her up.

Jason is attempting to knot his tie. He gets frustrated and starts breathing hard. Sam walks over to him and places her hand over his. She takes the tie out of his hands and starts doing it up. He looks at her and tells her he just doesn't know how to do this.

Brenda is staring out into the yard. Sonny walks up and asks her if she is ok. She's fine. She asks Sonny if he was serious about starting a garden like the one they had in Italy. He tells her that they will walk around the yard and discuss the garden as soon as they get back from the memorial service. Brenda tells Sonny she is not going to the service. She doesn't think it's a good idea for her to go after what happened when she attempted to talk to Carly at the hospital. Sonny tells her the timing was bad for that because Carly was at the hospital with Josslyn and, besides, Brenda knows how Carly is. Brenda agrees that Sonny is 100% correct, which is just proof that she shouldn't go to the memorial. Sonny suggests that they stay home together, since he is no good at funerals anyway. He figures this way he can give Jason something, he can keep Brenda away from Carly.

Abby brings Michael a cup of coffee. He tells her she doesn't have to wait on him. She replies that it's her apartment and she can do whatever she wants. She tells him she imagines she slept better than he did, probably because she knew he was out there. He questions whether she wants him to stay there. She tells him she does, but not in a chair in front of the door. Abby has decided she is going to drop the charges against Brandon. She believes that if she gives him his freedom he will leave. Michael tries to convince her to change her mind, but she doesn't want Michael being dragged into the trial. He is a paroled felon and this could send him back to Pentonville. Michael informs Abby that he won't let the guy who abused her walk free.

Jason is devastated that he missed all of Jake's birthdays, Christmas morning and his first day of school. He tells Sam he missed all the important days of his son's life except the day he was born and the night he died.

Nikolas arrives at Elizabeth's. She offers him a peanut butter cookie, telling him she baked them because they were Jake's favorite. She was going to surprise the boys with them when they got home. Jake never got to have them. Nik realizes Liz isn't ready and tells her he can cancel the memorial. She tells him not to. She says she can find a black dress. She says that she couldn't keep her four-year old in the house and she cheated on Lucky with his brother, but she can find a black dress. She tells Nik that she wasn't there when Jake needed her, but she is going to be there for him today.

Luke says Carly is close to Jason so she must know how Jason feels about him. He tells her that both Jason and Lucky believe Jake's death happened because he was drunk. Carly tells Luke Jason won't hurt him because he won't do that to Michael. Luke thinks that's funny because Jason told him the same thing. Carly thinks Luke should leave town and stay gone for a long while. Luke says people keep telling him that. Carly understands why Luke wouldn't want to go to the memorial service but if he does want to go, she will go with him. Luke replies that's either very kind of her or very reckless. He appreciates the offer.  Carly tells Luke she has to go because Jake saved Josslyn's life. Luke asks how Joss is doing and Carly says she's great. She's still in ICU, but she would be dying right now if it weren't for Jake. She is grateful and heartbroken at the same time. Luke says it could be worse; she could have been the driver. Carly tells him she's spent her life taking action without thinking it through first, so she understands a thing or two about regrets. Luke believes regrets are wasted emotions because they don't change anything. No amount of regret will bring Jake back.

Patrick tells Steve that he got Epiphany to approve the new schedule and rescheduled the staff meeting to 4:00. Steve really appreciates the way everyone has been stepping up, including Nikolas Cassadine. Nik sent a nanny, driver and butler to pick up Cam and Aiden and take them to Windermere for a pancake breakfast. Steve hopes they will stay there for a few days. He knows that Elizabeth wants to spend time with the boys but he thinks she needs some time to herself. Lisa walks over to the nurses' station and asks Patrick if he has time for a consult. He informs her she will have to page another doctor because he is off. Robin arrives with Emma. Patrick thought the nanny was taking her to the park. Robin explains that she was but she is late again. They ask Steve if he wants to ride to the memorial with them. He tells them he will drop some paperwork off at the lab and meet them downstairs. Kristina approaches Robin and Patrick. Robin asks her if everything is ok and Kris replies that she is just there for her shrink appointment. Robin tells her she is waiting for the nanny to show up. Kristina tells Robin she can leave Emma and in daycare and she will take her to the park after her appointment. Robin says that would be great. Kris offers her services any time Patrick and Robin need a sitter. Finally, the nanny arrives and takes Emma. Kristina asks Robin to tell Liz she is in her thoughts and prayers. Robin says she will and she and Patrick leave for the memorial. Throughout this exchange, Lisa is watching Kristina.

Michael tells Abby if she gives in Brandon will know she is vulnerable. Abby is afraid a trial will hurt Michael. Michael tells Abby it's not her job to protect him. He angrily states that he won't let Brandon hurt her again. Abby tells Michael it frightens her when he talks like that. She wants to drop the charges today instead of going to the memorial. She won't risk letting Michael go back to prison. Michael reminds her that Brandon is a bully and a rapist. He will take this as permission to attack her again.

Shawn is standing in the doorway to Josslyn's room while Jax is with his daughter. He asks Shawn to give them some privacy and Shawn replies that it is his job to watch her at all times. Jax understands that but he doesn't think Franco is going to drop through the ceiling. Carly arrives. She and Jax say good-bye to Joss and they step out into the hall. Carly says she is glad that Shawn is there. She feels better about going to Jake's memorial. Jax asks if Carly has heard anything more about Franco. She hasn't. Jax has alerted his contacts at Interpol. He doesn't like the idea of trusting the safety of his daughter to a mercenary. Carly stops him. She just wants to go to Jake's memorial service. Jason, Lucky and Elizabeth are going through hell and they can honor Jake by getting along. Jax agrees.

If Jason is worried that he will have to talk to people, Sam will run interference. Jason says he wants to honor Jake but the memorial is for his parents and that's Lucky and Elizabeth. He doesn't belong there. Sam tells him he doesn't have to do this. Jason says he wishes he could have walked Jake around. He tells her that when Michael was little, he used to grab two of Jason's fingers and they would walk everywhere together. He wishes he could have heard Jake's first words. Sam reminds him that he gave all that up because he loved Jake. Whether he goes to the memorial or not, he will always be Jake's father. They hug as a tear rolls down Jason's cheek.

Brenda asks Sonny to help her go through presents. He yells from the kitchen that he'll be right out. Brenda thinks she will probably give most of the presents to charity, but they have to write down who sent what for the thank you cards. She suggests asking Kristina to help her with the thank you cards. Sonny says she would love that. Brenda asks Sonny what he is doing. He comes out of the kitchen with a small, white cake. "Happy Birthday, Mrs. Corinthos." Brenda can't believe he remembered. Sonny tells her he always remembered her birthday, even when they weren't together. This is the first year that Brenda is his wife. He wants her to spend all of her birthdays with him.

Kristina is crying and fixing her make-up after her therapy session. Lisa walks up and asks her if everything is ok. Kristina replies that everyone assures her crying her eyes out in front of a paid professional will do wonders. Lisa assures her that it will it just takes time. Kristina says she might as well get used to it because her parents are adamant she continue therapy. Lisa asks Krissy if she is going to college in the fall. Kristina tells her she is waitlisted at Yale. Lisa says she knows just how she feels. The same thing happened to her at Johns Hopkins.

Luke goes to see Josslyn at the hospital. As he is about to enter the room, Shawn tells him all visitors must be cleared by her parents. Luke introduces himself and tells Shawn he is Carly's uncle. Shawn says he can clear it with Carly when she returns. Luke tells him that Carly has gone to the memorial, and he's sure she wouldn't mind him looking in on her daughter. Jason walks up on them and announces that he would mind.

Lisa tells Kristina she couldn't imagine going anywhere other than Johns Hopkins. She didn't even consider anywhere else. Kristina says Alexis has been obsessed with the idea of her going to Yale since she was a baby because Alexis is an alumna. Lisa tells her that the school may still accept her, she never knows. Kristina says that's the point. She doesn't know, so she can't make any plans. Lisa tells Kristina if she ever wants to talk, she's available. She realizes there are some rumors going around about her, but she assures Kristina they aren't true. Kristina says she understands. There were plenty of rumors going around about her last summer. Lisa then tells Kristina not to worry. By the time she heard back from Johns Hopkins, she had already committed to another school, she met a great guy and she had the time of her life. She cautions Krissy to stay focused and never give up.

Lulu and Dante arrive at the Crimson offices. Lulu is crying. She apologizes and tells Dante she doesn't know what is wrong with her. Dante reminds her it's perfectly normal as she just lost her nephew. Lulu thought Luke would be at the memorial service. Dante says that probably wouldn't have been a good idea. Lulu replies that Lucky needed him. If Luke had been there, they could have begun healing their relationship. Dante tells her they will be fine, they'll work through it on their own time. He suggests they get away for awhile by going to the city and visiting the park or a museum. Lulu agrees. Just then, Dante's phone rings. It's Mac. He wants Dante to take Luke's statement about the night he hit Jake.

Luke explains that he just wants to visit Josslyn. Jason asks why. Luke says maybe it's a consolation. Jason tells Luke that Joss doesn't know him and he might scare her. Luke agrees he might be right. Jason tells Luke there's nothing he can do except live with what he's done and never tell Jason or himself that it's not his fault that Jake died.

Michael returns to Abby's after the memorial service. He tells her that it was sad. Jason didn't show, so he wound up sitting with his mom and Jax. Lucky was a wreck.  Steve Webber gave the eulogy. He tells Abby that Jason gave Jake up to keep him safe, so he wouldn't turn out like Michael. Abby tries to convince him that's not true. Michael says that his parents and Jason thought if they loved him enough they could keep him safe, but it didn't work. So Jason gave up Jake to protect him and he died in a traffic accident. Abby wants to know what that tells him. It tells him he's glad he's alive. Abby instructs him to make his life count for something. Michael lets Abby know she has convinced him he can have a somewhat normal life. He's able to love. However, he can't change who he is. Abby replies she would never try to change him. Michael asks Abby how it went with the DA. Abby reports that Brandon's lawyer won't even consider a plea deal. She wants to go to trial. She is going to call Michael as a hostile witness and enter his manslaughter conviction into evidence. Michael informs Abby that the lawyer is just trying to scare her into dropping the charges. Abby tells him it worked.

Nikolas brings Elizabeth home after the memorial service. She comments that Steve's eulogy was nice and so was Lucky's prayer. She wonders where her ex-husband gets his faith. Lucky has always believed in God. She wishes she could believe like that. She wonders what part of Jake's death says that God loves her. If, as the prayer said, he really does have his eye on the sparrow, why wasn't he watching over Jake? There's a knock at the door and Nik opens it to find Carly and Jax. He tells them it's not the best time, but Liz instructs them to come in. They want to let her know how grateful they are for the gift she gave their daughter. They know they can't repay her, but if she ever needs anything, she shouldn't hesitate to ask. Liz asks how Josslyn is doing. She's getting stronger every day. Carly is so sorry for her loss. Liz reminds them that Joss really is a little miracle. She tells them to go and hug her and kiss her and cherish every moment because it could be gone in a heartbeat. As they are leaving, Jax tells Nikolas to call if Liz needs anything. After they leave, Liz thanks Nik for being there with her, but says she would like to be left alone. Nik asks if she's sure. She is. Does she want him to call Steve or her grandmother? Liz says no. She just needs to think. Nik isn't sure he wants her to spend the night alone, but she lets him know that Steve will be back soon. She asks him to give her boys a kiss for her. He hugs her and leaves. As soon as he is out the door, Liz takes the envelope containing Aiden's paternity test from the mantel. She reads the contents, sighs and puts them back in the envelope. She crosses the table and examines an arrangement of flowers. Suddenly, she seizes the vase and hurls it across the room. The glass shatters as Liz dissolves into tears.

Dante is at the Haunted Star waiting for Luke. When Luke enters his office, he asks the detective what he's doing there.  As Luke pours a drink, Dante informs Luke he is there to take his statement about the night Jake died. Luke wonders if Mac instructed him to run him in. Dante tells him the opposite is true. Mac has instructed Dante to take it easy on Luke. He questions whether Luke would like to do this another time. Perhaps when he's not drinking? Luke replies that now is fine. He's as sober now as he was that night.

Brenda asks Sonny when he had time to bake a cake from scratch. Sonny laughs and tells her he had it sent in from Manhattan. Brenda loves it. Sonny lights the candles and informs her she has to make a wish and blow out the candles. She doesn't need to make a wish, she replies, she has everything she wants. Sonny is persistent so Brenda finally concedes. After she blows out the candles, Sonny ask her what she wished for. She tells him it's impossible. Sonny smiles at her. "Nothing is impossible." They begin to kiss.

Michael wonders how this incident with Brandon is different than the nights the neighbors used to call the cops because Brandon was beating Abby. Abby repeats that Brandon is dangerous. He could get Michael sent back to Pentonville. She is asking Michael to respect her. She doesn't want a trial or the ugliness it brings. She just wants to be with him. Her eyes tear up and she puts her arms around Michael's waist. Suddenly, she jumps backs looking startled. Is Michael carrying a gun? He takes the gun out and shows it to her. He reminds her that he told her he would do whatever it takes to protect her and he means it.

Carly returns to the hospital. She encounters Shawn outside Josslyn's room. He tells her that Joss is doing well. Jason is with her. He asks how she's holding up. She's doing ok. She and Jax are good. The memorial service was sad but it made her think about how happy she is that her kid is ok. She asks Shawn if he ever takes a break. She tells him there's a coffee station and some great junk food. She prefers salty snack herself but she's sure there are healthy options too. Shawn says he's sure he'll find something and heads off. Carly cracks open the door to Josslyn's room and finds Jason sitting in the rocking chair with Joss on his lap. As Jason reads Josslyn's a book, Carly watches them with tenderness in her eyes.

Dante asks Luke to confirm that he left the Haunted Star at 7:45 on the night of Jake's death. Luke replies it was something there about. He was rushing to the justice of the peace for Lucky's wedding. Dante asks if he was driving on Lexington. Luke tells him he knows that, he has the traffic camera footage. Luke proceeds to tell Dante he remembers everything about that night except hitting a four-year-old. Was he driving fast? Probably. Did he feel any impact? No more than usual. Did he hear anything? Just his music blasting out of the speakers. When he's finished, Dante adds a few more questions. Was Luke an alert driver that night? Yes. Was he distracted? No. Dante pauses for a moment before asking his last question. How much did Luke have to drink?

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