GH Update Tuesday 3/29/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/29/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn is waiting in the hall while Carly puts Josslyn down. Carly comes out and asks Shawn if he could run his statement about being her bodyguard by her again. Shawn tells her that he met with Jason and Jason told him Carly and Josslyn were being threatened by a serial killer. Jason hired Shawn to watch over Carly and Josslyn. Carly tells Shawn that what he needs to do is go find Jason and help him locate Franco.

Lulu tells Tracy she can't wrap her mind around the fact that Luke is the one that hit Jake. She doesn't know what to do. Their dad killed Lucky's son. How do you reconcile that? Luke was the one person that understood what Lucky is going through and now he needs Lucky's forgiveness. Lulu says she just needs to make everyone see that it was a horrible accident. Tracy wonders if Lucky will see it that way.

Lucky is at the penthouse looking for Jason.  Sam insists she doesn't know where he is. Lucky tells Sam he doesn't want Jason to hurt Luke. Sam says she will try to use her influence but Jason is in a lot of pain. Lucky says that he is too. Sam wonders if it would be possible for Luke to go on one of his "little trips." Lucky replies that even if he could, it wouldn't do anything to erase Jason's need for revenge. Luke would have to come home sometime and all that waiting might serve to make Jason even more determined to have it.

Luke asks Jason if it would help if he put the barrel of the gun in his mouth and blew his brains all over the wall. Jason replies that it would be a start. Luke says it would be a relief. Jason tells Luke he won't do it. Luke asks Jason what makes him so sure.

After Michael tells Abby he loves her, she sits up suddenly and tells him she has a craving for a peppermint latte. Michael worries that he has made her uncomfortable. Abby assures him that everything is fine. Michael says that one of the things he likes about being with Abby is that they can be completely honest and say whatever they feel. He tells her again that he loves her and lists all the reasons why. Abby reminds Michael that she is his first and that everything is brand new for him. She suggests that they be happy just to be together and that they don't label their relationship for as long as it lasts.

Carly tells Shawn that Jason is good at hiding in plain sight just like him. It should be easy for Shawn to find him. Carly suggests putting Shawn in touch with Spinelli if he needs help. Shawn tells her to save her breath. He makes it clear that his job is to watch over Carly and Joss. Carly tells Shawn that Jason's son just died and he can't concentrate on hunting down Franco, so Shawn needs to help him. She tells him the best way to help her is to make sure Jason stays alive. Shawn needs to have Jason's back right now.

Tracy asks Lulu when Jake was hit. Lulu answers that it was around 8:00. Tracy realizes that is just after cocktail hour. Lulu says her dad doesn't get drunk. He didn't hit Jake because of alcohol. Tracy says she is sure Luke believes that. Lulu tells her it's true. Tracy says Lucky needs someone to blame. If he can't blame Luke, he's going to blame the alcohol. Lulu says she is going to go find Luke. Tracy asks Lulu to let her go. Maybe Luke will tell her the truth.

At the penthouse, Sam tells Lucky he should try calling Jason himself. Lucky replies that he has called Jason but Jason isn't answering his calls. He asks her again to convince Jason to let Lucky handle his father. Lucky then instructs her to tell Jason that whatever hell he is in, Lucky is in it too and so is Elizabeth. They are trying desperately to hold onto to every moment of the four years they had with Jake. Sam knows that Jason is so grateful to him for agreeing to be Jake's father. Lucky tells Sam that the irony in the situation is that Jason gave Jake up in order to protect him. He wonders if Jake wouldn't have been better off with Jason after all.

Luke is trying to convince Jason he didn't hit Jake because he was drunk. He tells Jason that he killed a four-year-old little boy. He took his life before it had even begun. He shattered everyone's life: Lucky's, Elizabeth's, Jason's. I killed your son Jason, I know that. Jason says he knows Luke was drinking. He screams that Luke is so arrogant, he can't even look him in the eyes and tell him the truth: that he was drunk and his son died because of it. He picks up Luke's gun and holds it to his throat.

Sonny and Brenda return to Port Charles. Sonny tells Brenda she is a liar. He knows how much she loved being in Italy on their honeymoon and that she is just pretending to be ok with coming home. He knows she is trying to make the best of it and he loves her for that. She married him which means that she married everyone in his family. She knows that Jason is like a brother to him. Brenda says she can't imagine what Jason is going through. She lost her son and she didn't even know him. Sonny says it is the worst feeling in the world. He is going to see Jason. He asks Brenda if she wants to go but Brenda decides to stay at the house and get settled in.

Michael asks Abby if she is trying to end things with him. Abby asks him why he would say that. Michael replies that it seemed to upset her on some level when he told her he loved her. Abby tells Michael that loving him would be the easiest thing in the world and he encourages her to go with it. Abby gently explains to Michael that love doesn't always last. People change and they grow apart. What you want at 19 isn't what you want at 30. She feels so lucky to have found him and she is going to cherish that. She is aware that he might change his mind and she promises that when he has what he needs, she'll let him go. She tells him there won't be any bad feelings. They'll be good, just like they are now. Michael tells her he'll accept that . . .for now. He knows that arguing won't do any good when Abby believes she already knows what's going to happen. However, he is adamant that he knows how he feels and no amount of not saying it is going to change that. They kiss passionately.

Carly agrees to allow Shawn to be her bodyguard under a few conditions. Shawn has to drive because Carly is really bad at it. Shawn says he prefers to drive. Carly then tells Shawn that he needs to be discreet. No matter how professional he is, he will hear overhear things. She cautions him that he can't repeat these things to Jason because he worries.  Jax arrives at the hospital. He tells Shawn that he recognizes him. The last time he saw Shawn he was bleeding all over his living room. Shawn introduces himself as Carly and Josslyn's new bodyguard. Jax replies that's he's not.

Lulu shows up at Dante's apartment. She needs help trying to process what happened. Dante apologizes. When he went to tell Elizabeth he had no idea that Lulu would be there. She asks Dante how her family is supposed to bounce back from this. He tells her they will, that families do. Lulu exclaims that her father killed her nephew. That's the worst possible thing that could happen. How do you bounce back from that?

Luke says Jason knows better than anyone that life is random and terrible things happen for no reason, sometimes to kids. Jason relaxes his grip on the gun. He tells Luke to make sure he thanks Michael the next time he sees him. Luke is confused. Why Michael? Jason says he wants to kill Luke. He says that right now that sounds like justice to him. Luke tells him to do it. Jason then tells Luke that it's not what he wants for Michael. That's not the man he wants him to become. Jason walks out and Luke takes a drink.

Jax asks Shawn why he should trust him when he's a mercenary last employed by Theo Hoffman. Carly informs Jax that Jason hired Shawn because she heard from Franco. Jax asks when that happened. Carly tells him that she got an email from Franco saying that he heard Josslyn was ill. Jax wants to know why she didn't tell him first. Sean explains that everything Franco does is designed to get a reaction out of Jason. This is why it's important that Jason know first. He promises Jax that he will protect Carly and Josslyn with his life. Jax makes it clear he doesn't want his daughter caught in the crossfire between mobsters and serial killers. Carly yells at Jax that Joss almost died and now Franco is throwing  her name around. Does Jax really want Josslyn to be in danger because of his ego?

At Lucky's apartment, Siobhan tells him she was going to cook supper but she didn't think he'd be very hungry, so she did his laundry instead. She hopes she didn't overstep.  She picks up her purse and gets ready to leave. She tells Lucky to call her if he needs anything. Lucky says he does. He needs her to let him talk without interrupting and defending. He then asks Siobhan about their visit to the Haunted Star prior to their wedding. Does she remember if Luke was drinking? Siobhan recalls that he had a tumbler of scotch. Lucky informs her that it was Luke that killed Jake. Is he sure? He tells her that he is. He saw the police report himself. Siobhan says she's sorry. Lucky tells her Luke is too. He tells her that Luke is remorseful and sorry but that all the while he keeps insisting that he wasn't drunk.

Tracy arrives at the Haunted Star and asks Luke if he shot the overturned table. Luke explains that the gun was a protective measure. Tracey replies that Lucky doesn't want to kill him but Jason might be a different story. Luke tells her Jason was there already. Luke asks her how she found out and Tracy tells him she heard it from Lulu. Luke realizes Lulu must have heard about it from Dante. He asks Tracy how his daughter is doing. Tracy lets him know that Lulu is very upset and very afraid and feeling very protective of Luke. Luke asks Tracy if Lucky will ever forgive him. Should he? Tracy asks how she can help. At first Luke tells her she can't, then he changes his mind. He tells her that Lucky came to the wrong conclusion. He thinks Luke hit Jake because he was drinking. Could Tracy talk to him about that?

Sonny is waiting for Jason at the penthouse. Jason tells him he's glad that he's there. He tells him that Carly got an email from Franco and that he has  Shawn watching Carly and Josslyn. Sonny isn't sure he trusts Shawn. Jason tells him that Shawn is qualified. Sonny says Shawn has something to prove. Jason tells Sonny now is his chance. Jason can't worry about Franco right now. Sonny gets it. He is so sorry. Jake's death was random and wrong. Jason tells Sonny he doesn't know about random. Luke was behind the wheel.

Michael and Abby are kissing. Michael shyly asks if everything is ok for her. Abby asks if he means making love. Couldn't he tell? Michael says he's not sure so if he's off a beat, she should speak up. For him the experience is amazing. He always wondered what it would be like, but he never figured on the intimacy. Abby tells him it's not always there. She tells him that you have to trust someone enough to let your guard down. In that way, Michael is her first too. Michael asks Abby if she could have anything in the world, what it would be. Abby wonders if this is Michael's way of fishing for ideas for a present. She insists she doesn't need a present. Michael persists. If he did want to buy her something to show how much he cares about her, what should he buy? He has noticed she doesn't wear much jewelry and wonders if that is a personal choice or a financial one. Abby thinks it is probably a little bit of each. Finally she relents. If Michael really wants to buy her something, he can buy her a peppermint latte. Michael laughs and says ok.

At the hospital, Carly reminds Jax that they made promises after Josslyn's operation. They promised to be better and to put Joss first. She accuses Jax of being angry not about Shawn but about Sonny and Jason and their place in her life. Jax says he isn't mad about Sonny and Jason, he's angry that Carly's answer to a dangerous situation is to surround Joss with thugs. Carly wants to know what he suggests they do about it. Jax tells her they should take Josslyn out of the country until Franco is caught. Carly is getting frustrated. She reminds Jax that Josslyn has just had and operation and they can't move her. She tells him they can't take her out of the country and that Joss needs to be home with her. Jax tells her that's not going to happen and he storms off.  Carly walks over to where Shawn is watching Josslyn through the window. She says he just got an earful. Shawn tells her he didn't see or hear a thing.

Lucky tells Siobhan there's a lot of water under the bridge between him and Luke. He tells her they barely spoke for years. Siobhan asks him why. He tells her it was a combination of things: history, disappointment, a father that turned out to be flawed and terrifyingly human. Under it all, he tells her, was the fact that Luke drank. Lucky finally realized his father was an alcoholic when he went through it himself. Siobhan asks if Lucky ever confronted Luke. Lucky tells her that Luke never showed any interest in admitting he had a problem. After all the years they spent trying to reach a place of peace, it seemed easier to let it be the elephant in the room. Lucky tells Siobhan he enabled Luke. He looked the other way even though he knew it would catch up with him one day. And then Luke got drunk and got behind the wheel.

Luke tells Tracy that Lucky can't accept that Jake's death was a terrible accident, that he ran into a dark road and was too hard to see. He needs a bigger more tangible villain. Tracy says maybe he just needs a reason why. Luke tells her life's not like that. Life is messy and sometimes there are no answers. Tracy tells Luke that doesn't mean you stop looking. He tells her that he knows Lucky's next step will be to attempt to drag him through some "12-step nonsense." He asks Tracy again if she will talk to Lucky. Tracy says she can, but she doesn't think Luke will want her to. He asks her why not. Tracy tells him it's because she thinks Lucky is right.

Sonny pats Jason on the back. Jason tells him that Liz just turned her back for a second and Jake was out the door. He tells Sonny it was pitch black and that Jake was so small, Luke probably never even saw him. Sonny asks how he discovered it was Luke. Jason explains that the police checked the video footage and found seven cars that could have been responsible for the accident. Sonny is aware of that because Michael called to tell him that Carly was one of the suspects. Jason tells him that Carly was devastated but then she got a call clearing her. Forensics moved on to Luke's car and Jake's DNA was on it. Sonny says he would hate to be Luke right now, but hypothesizes that maybe it's easier to deal with an accident. Jason tells him it wasn't an accident. If Luke hadn't been drinking, Jake might still be here.

Nobody understands the need to place blame more than Sonny. He knows that Luke drinks a lot, but he doesn't think Luke would get behind the wheel if he couldn't drive. Jason isn't saying that Luke was weaving all over the road, but if he had been sober, he might have seen Jake in the road and stopped if he wasn't drinking. Jason knows that Sonny doesn't approve of his decision to let Lucky raise Jake but he did it to keep him safe and it turned out that Jake might have been safer with him. Sonny tells him there are no guarantees they can keep the people they love safe. All they can do is love them, be there for them and make the best decisions they can. Jason did that. He shouldn't doubt himself.

Tracy tells Luke she thinks he's magnificent, but he's still human. Alcohol impairs even him. Luke says he was not drunk. He is so tired of saying that. Tracy asks Luke if he is denying that he was drinking. He shouts that he is denying he was drunk. He tells Tracy to proceed with caution. He says he can only handle one truckload of guilt at a time and right now it's Lucky's turn. Tracy stands up. She puts her hand gently on the back of Luke's head and tells him she loves him and she married him for better or for worse. She kisses his forehead and tells him that it still stands. Luke's eyes fill with tears.

Dante tells Lulu that he told Jason Luke was the driver. He called him down to the station and took him into the interrogation room. Lulu asks him why he was so careful and Dante explains that he didn't want him freaking out. Lulu asks if he wants revenge. Dante says of course he does, he would too. Lulu tells him the difference is that Jason can get away with it. Dante tells her that when Jason left the station he was calm and deliberate. Lulu asks what difference it makes if he calmly and deliberately shoots her father. Lulu says she keeps waiting for someone to tell her this is all a mistake and it was a different car that hit Jake. Dante tells her that the evidence is solid. He's says he's sorry. Lulu says that she is sorry for making him repeat it; she's just looking for a way to make it all go away. Dante holds her in his arms as she begins to sob.

Michael is trying to guess what sort of gift Abby would want. He suggests a trip to the Empire State Building and Abby says yes, if he insists. She kisses him and he tells her she tastes like peppermint. Abby tells him peppermint is her favorite flavor and this is her favorite night ever. As they are gazing into each other's eyes, Abby's ex-boyfriend Brandon approaches them. He teases Abby about still having her boy toy. Michael immediately becomes furious. His eyes are blazing as he tells Brandon that if he ever touches Abby he will kill him.

Abby questions why Brandon is out of jail. He explains that he has a new lawyer and she got him bail. He claims she is also going to prove that Michael attacked him without provocation. Abby tells him that's a lie. Brandon was insane that night. He tried to rape her and Michael protected her. She has no trouble getting on the stand and telling the truth about what happened. Brandon insists that isn't true. He claims Dante covered up what really happened and Michael's parents paid Abby to lie. He tells her she better drop the charges unless she wants Michael to go back to prison.

Brenda goes to the hospital to see Carly. Carly tells her to make it fast so she can get back to her daughter. Brenda tells Carly that she and Sonny were on their honeymoon when they got the call about Jake. She started thinking about the fact that all of their lives are combined now that she and Sonny are married. She was wondering if, for the sake of the kids, she and Carly could start with a clean slate.

Dante asks Lulu what she was doing at Liz's. Lulu says she was trying to apologize and make peace for the terrible things she said to Liz. She tells him all those things seem so easy to get over now that Luke killed her child. Dante asks if she has seen Luke and she tells him that Tracy talked her out of it. Dante says that's probably for the best. Lulu doesn't want Luke to think she blames him. She wishes they had never found out that Luke hit Jake. She thinks it would have been better if it had remained unsolved.

Lucky wonders if he's being too hard on Luke. He says Jake's death is as much his fault as it is Luke's. Siobhan is trying to do as Lucky asked and listen without judging, but she can't allow Lucky to blame himself for something he had not control over. Lucky tells her he took responsibility for Jake and his selfishness set the stage for this to happen. Jake and Cam were supposed to be with him that night, but he told Liz he couldn't take them because he and Siobhan were going to get married. He blames himself because he chose to be Jake's father and then he let this happen.

Sam arrives back at the penthouse. She tells Jason she will be upstairs if he needs her. Jason tells her he's sorry he's not good at this. Sam lets him know that he doesn't have to explain or talk or take care of her. She tells him she loves him and goes upstairs.

Sonny arrives at the Haunted Star. Before he has a chance to say anything, Luke tells him if he's there to blame, threaten enable or preach he can take a hike. If he wants a drink, he can take a seat.

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