GH Update Monday 3/28/11

General Hospital Update Monday 3/28/11


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Michael and Abby enter her bedroom, kissing and staring into each other’s eyes. Abby takes off Michael’s shirt. They sit on the bed and share a passionate kiss. Once Michael and Abby are both undressed, they lay down and slip under the sheets. After making love, Michael tells Abby she is “beautiful”. Abby agrees that their lovemaking was special. Abby is thankful that she took a chance with Michael. Michael implies they should make love again. Michael and Abby share another kiss. Michael and Abby return to the living room. Abby suggests eating something. Abby comments about Michael’s politeness. Abby brings up being intimate with Michael. Michael admits he was nervous about his first time with Abby. Abby says she knew sex would be beautiful with Michael. After sharing another kiss, Abby heads for the kitchen to prepare a meal for her and Michael. In private, Michael has a huge grin on his face. When Abby returns, the two eat cold pizza. Michael brings up memories of his childhood and Carly’s fondness for junk food. Michael admits he’s never been this happy. Abby agrees with Michael. Abby is glad she doesn’t have to play games with Michael. Michael suggests they go to a movie or an art gallery but all Abby wants to do is kiss. Michael talks about meeting Abby for the first time. They discuss prison life and Michael thanks Abby for being a friend. Abby raves about Michael’s good qualities. Michael starts playing with Abby’s hair. Michael picks up Abby; they head toward the bedroom. After making love for a third time, Abby tells Michael she is very happy. They are holding hands. Michael feels guilty because he’s enjoying his time with Abby while his loved ones are hurting. Abby is happy that she and Michael are more than friends. Abby wants to savor the moment. Michael smiles and then tells Abby that he loves her.

Sam shows up at Josslyn’s hospital room. Sam hands a coffee cup to Carly. Sam inquires about Josslyn’s recovery. Carly tells Sam that she received a message from Franco. Sam wants to contact Jason right away. Carly disagrees, claiming Jason is grieving. Sam believes Jason has a right to know about Franco’s latest antics. Carly feels terrible that Jason is suffering deeply. Carly refuses to play along with Franco’s mind games.

At the police station, Dante tells Jason that Luke was the one who hit Jake. Jason is convinced that Luke was drinking. Dante points out Luke was probably distracted at the wheel. Dante hopes Jason isn’t going to kill Luke out of vengeance. Dante says Lucky would be devastated if Jason killed Luke. Jason asks Dante if he is going to arrest him. Dante says no. Jason walks out of the interrogation room and police station.

At the Haunted Star, Luke admits to Lucky that he was speeding the night he hit Jake. Luke swears he didn’t see Jake in the road. Lucky doesn’t want to listen to Luke’s excuses. Lucky accuses Luke of drinking and driving. Luke says he had one drink but Lucky reminds him that he and Siobhan witnessed him drinking a few shots that night. Luke is adamant that he can hold his liquor. Luke tells Lucky that he wouldn’t drive if he was drunk. Luke says “he didn’t see Jake”. Lucky shakes his head and comments that Luke was plastered when he hit Jake. To the dismay of Lucky, Luke pours himself a drink. Lucky is about to lose it. Luke starts walking in a straight line to show Lucky he’s sober. Lucky isn’t impressed. In fact, Lucky asks his father to stop. Luke ignores Lucky. Lucky grabs the front of Luke’s jacket and throws his glass across the room. Luke starts bawling. With disgust in his face, Lucky continues to stare at Luke. Luke keeps saying “I killed Jake”. Luke knows he will carry the burden for the rest of his life. Lucky is tired of Luke’s justifications. Lucky believes Luke is in denial, that he’s missing the point. Lucky screams out that the Spencers are cursed, that Luke passed down a genetic flaw to him. Lucky yells that his father’s drinking killed his son. Luke says he’d understand if Lucky has to believe this to live with the fact that Jake’s gone. Luke wonders how he can fix what he did. Lucky says the damage is already done. Lucky tells Luke that he doesn’t hate him. Lucky walks out on Luke. Luke stands in silence.

At Liz’s home, Lulu says that Jake was a great kid. Lulu apologizes to Elizabeth for everything, admitting she was cruel to her during her affair with Nikolas. Elizabeth is holding Jake’s motorcycle toy and then puts it on the mantel. Lulu says she is sorry but Elizabeth knows that Lulu was protecting Lucky. Elizabeth blames herself for the mess she caused between Nik and Lucky. Lulu tells Elizabeth that she was a great friend and sister-in-law. Through tears, Lulu admits she was “wrong”. Elizabeth asks Lulu if she’s seen Lucky. Lulu knows Lucky is very angry. Elizabeth says Lucky changed her mind about the kidney transplant. Lulu is relieved that Josslyn was saved. Elizabeth and Lulu worry that Lucky is intent on locating the hit-and-run driver. Liz can’t believe she didn’t hear Jake open the front door. A knock on the door interrupts their conversation. Lulu is surprised to see Dante when she opens the door. Dante tells Elizabeth he has news about the driver. When Dante announces that it’s Luke, Lulu and Liz are speechless. Lulu tells Dante he must be wrong about her dad. Dante confirms the DNA was a match to Luke’s vehicle. Elizabeth starts crying. Elizabeth asks Lulu and Dante to leave.

Carly shows up at Jason’s doorstep. Jason is preoccupied. Carly apologizes for interrupting. Jason sighs and asks Carly what she wants. Carly talks about running into Sam at the hospital. Jason wants to know why Carly is acting strange. Carly says Josslyn is doing better and then brings up Franco’s message. Jason wonders if it is some sort of warning. Carly sends the message to Spinelli. Jason thanks Carly for keeping him updated. Jason advises Carly to go back to the hospital. Carly senses Jason is going to go after Franco. Carly wonders if Franco knows about Jake. Jason wants Carly to protect Josslyn. Carly asks Jason to be careful when it comes to Franco.

Dante runs into Lucky at the police station. Lucky says he talked to Luke about the accident. Dante informs Lucky that they can’t charge Luke with drinking and driving now. Lucky asks how many people know about Luke’s involvement. Dante says he just told Elizabeth and Lulu. Dante adds that Jason knows the truth. Lucky wonders what Jason is going to do.

On Baker Street, Lulu runs into Tracy. Lulu is frantically looking for Luke. Tracy senses something is wrong. Lulu is sobbing as she tells Tracy that Luke hit Jake. Tracy is shocked by the news. Tracy and Lulu wonder how Lucky will react to the bombshell. Tracy is concerned for Luke. Lulu fears that Jake’s death will end up destroying Luke and Lucky’s relationship.

Carly returns to the hospital. Carly is holding Josslyn; they are looking at a book. Shawn drops by to say hello. Carly says Josslyn is recovering nicely. Carly inquires about Shawn’s new job. Shawn replies that he’s Carly’s new bodyguard.

Sam answers the door at Jason’s penthouse. It’s Lucky. Lucky asks about Jason. Sam has no clue where Jason is. Lucky informs Sam that Luke was the hit-and-run driver. Sam says she is sorry. Sam is horrified to learn that Jason already knows the truth. Lucky worries that Jason will kill Luke.

At the Haunted Star, Luke thinks back to a time when Lucky was a kid. Luke throws a table on its side. Luke is visibly angry. Luke screams out loud, tears in his face. Jason shows up minutes later. Luke isn’t surprised to see Jason. Jason stares at Luke and then accuses him of drinking the night he hit Jake. Luke says he wasn’t drunk. Luke puts his own gun on the table and urges Jason to shoot him.

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