GH Update Thursday 3/24/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/24/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick pounds on Johnny's door. Johnny answers and finds that Patrick is furious. Patrick asks if Johnny had fun with his game that pitted Robin against Lisa. Patrick reminds Johnny that he warned him about Lisa. He told Johnny if he didn't stop playing games he was going to get someone killed. Johnny points out that Patrick is clearly alive and that Lisa has just left and is fine. Patrick shouts at him that a four-year -old little boy is dead. Lisa was so desperate to get the syringe that she tried to run Robin off the road. He tells Johnny that Lisa ran over Jake. He informs Johnny that Jake's blood is not just on Lisa's hands, it is also on his.

Lisa is standing at the nurses' station going over Josslyn's file. Robin approaches her and confronts her. She tells Lisa that Johnny won't be able to get her a free pass from Shadybrook once her most recent actions have come to light. Lisa asks what she's talking about. Robin accuses her of stealing the syringe from her locker. Lisa tells Robin she has no proof. Robin agrees, but she wonders if it was worth causing the death of a four-year-old boy. She questions whether Lisa saw Jake in the street and just kept going anyway.

At the PCPD, Mac asks Dante if any information has come back on the suspect cars in Jake's hit and run. Dante tells him they have eliminated three suspects: Sam, Sonny and Robin. He tells Mac there are four suspects left, one of which has false plates and tinted windows. Mac assumes it is a mob car and scoffs that he is not surprised. Dante tells Mac that this leaves three suspects: Lisa Niles, Luke Spencer and Carly Jax.

Michael is in the hospital parking lot checking out Carly's car. He is just about to get into the driver's seat when Steve Webber calls his name. He asks Michael if he has a second. Michael tells him he was just about to leave. Steve says he thinks they should talk. He believes the least they owe Jake is to be honest.

In Josslyn's room, Luke explains to Carly that the police have traffic camera video of the cars going through the intersection of Lexington Avenue at the time that Jake was hit. Carly realizes she took Lexington to the hospital. She was distracted and worried about Josslyn. Is Luke saying that she could have been the one to hit Jason's little boy?

Jason finally arrives back at the penthouse. Sam is waiting there for him. Jason asks her how Josslyn is doing. Sam replies that she called the hospital earlier and they said Joss is out of danger. She tells Jason that she waited there for him in case he needed her, but she can leave if he wants to be alone. Jason sighs and walks over to the desk without answering. Sam takes that as her cue to leave. She grabs her jacket and is about to walk out the door when Jason quietly asks her if she can stay with him.

Johnny tries to comprehend what Patrick is telling him. Is Patrick certain that Lisa hit a child? He asks Patrick if he is talking about Elizabeth Webber's kid. Patrick angrily reminds Johnny that his name is Jake and instructs Johnny to call him by his name. Johnny tells Patrick that if it is true he is so sorry. No one was supposed to die. He tells Patrick that if Jake died because of him, he will carry it with him for the rest of his life. Patrick hopes he does. He hopes Jake's face is the last thing Johnny sees every night before he goes to sleep. Johnny asks if the police are sure it was Lisa. Patrick replies that of all the drivers on the road that night, Lisa is the only one sick and twisted enough to hit a little boy and leave him lying in the street. Johnny asks if the police have any proof. Patrick informs him that the police are going over her car and it is only a matter of time. He tells Johnny that while there may not be any evidence to charge him as an accessory, the accident is as much his fault as it is Lisa's. He punches Johnny in the face and Johnny falls onto the sofa. Patrick storms out.

Robin reams Lisa for hitting Jake and driving off. Lisa tells Robin she is delusional but Robin insists Lisa is the delusional one. Robin says that the really sad part is that it never should have gone that far. Lisa tells Robin she is out of control for attempting to pin Jake's death on her simply because she is jealous of her. She accuses her of being afraid to lose Patrick. Robin assures Lisa she is not jealous of her anymore. Didn't Lisa hear? She and Patrick are back together. She mocks Lisa by saying that after pulling every stunt imaginable; she still wound up with nothing. She then corrects herself by saying that's not quite true; she does have one thing to hold on to: she will always be a child killer.

Steve tells Michael he knows that his family came together to keep Jake's paternity a secret because they thought it was the best thing for Jake. He says it's ironic that Jason stepped out of Jake's life in order to keep him safe. He tells Michael that the family resemblance between Jason, Michael and Jake is so strong that seeing Michael is like seeing what Jake might have become if he had lived. Steve says it's strange that Jason and Carly are so close and Jason's son saved the life of Carly's daughter. Michael says that Josslyn is really sick and they can't thank Lucky and Elizabeth enough. Steve tells him it was a difficult decision for Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Carly have never really gotten along but, as a mother, Elizabeth understood what Carly was going through. He hopes that someday she may be able to find comfort in the fact that Jake saved Josslyn's life. He tells Michael how happy he is for their family that Joss is doing well. Michael thanks him and they shake hands. As Steve walks away, Michael gets into Carly's car.

Carly asks Luke who else is on the list. Luke asks her if she is trying to figure out who else she can pin it on. She tells him she is trying to figure it out. Jason is her best friend. She knows how much he loved Jake. How it is possible she hit a kid and didn't realize it? Luke says it was dark and she was distracted. He points out that her big SUV could have hit a kid and she never would have noticed it. Carly keeps picturing Jake lying in the road. Her eyes fill up with tears. What will happen if it turns out she is the one who hit Jake when Josslyn is alive because of him?

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam that he knows he should have waited at the hospital through the surgery to make sure that Josslyn was ok but he had to get out of there. Jason shows Sam Jake's toy motorcycle that he took from Elizabeth's house. He asks her if she remembers it and she recalls that he was playing with it the night of the bus crash. Jason tells her he could hear Jake's voice so clearly asking him about his motorcycle. He had to get away from the hospital so he jumped on his bike and rode as fast and as far as it would take him. He finally stopped at a little gas station and the sun was just coming up. He tells Sam that there was a part of him that thought he might just keep on going, Charles and never have to face the fact that Jake was gone and he barely knew him. He didn't, however, because he would never do that to her. 

Robin asks Lisa if she knows what the most tragic part of this whole situation is. Lisa replies that it must be the apology Robin will have to give her when it's found that she had nothing to do with it. Robin tells her the most tragic part is that none of it ever had to happen. Robin didn't have to live in fear. Jake didn't have to die. Lisa didn't have to throw away her career and what was left of her sanity. She tells her that, in the end, it was all for nothing because Patrick was never hers to have. Lisa tells Robin his actions said otherwise. Robin tells Lisa that her tryst with Patrick was just a blip in their marriage and, in fact, it actually made them stronger. Now they know they can work through anything and survive. Lisa says she has to go, but Robin tells her not to bother trying to cover up the accident, since forensics already has her car and soon there will be proof that she killed Jake. Lisa informs Robin there is one more thing she doesn't know about her: She never goes quietly. Lisa stalks off. When she turns the corner, there is a tray of instruments sitting unattended and she sticks a scalpel in her pocket.

Luke and Carly leave Josslyn's room and walk into the hall to talk. Carly is panicking over the thought that she may have hit Jake. Luke reiterates that she is merely on a list of suspects. He tries to comfort her by reminding her that even if she did hit Jake, it was an accident. Carly reiterates that it was her car and therefore her fault. She begs God not to let her be the driver that hit Jake. She wonders aloud why she wasn't paying attention. What does she say to Jason if it turns out she was the one that hit his little boy? Dante approaches them and asks how Josslyn is doing. Carly has trouble forming an answer. Luke covers for her by telling Dante that she is getting better every minute. Dante correctly interprets the tension in the hallway to mean that both Luke and Carly know they are suspects. He tells Luke he isn't going to bother asking him how he found out, since he has a pretty good idea. Carly is shocked. When was Luke planning to tell her he was a suspect too? Luke stammers that it slipped his mind because he was so worried about her. She says he was more likely worried about covering his own butt. Luke objects, he's certain he didn't hit Jake, that's for sure. Carly accuses him of not being so certain about her. Dante informs them he needs to check both their cars. Carly is anxious to find out whether or not she was the driver that hit Jake. She urges Dante to check her car first. She tells the detective that the car is parked in the hospital garage and that it has not been moved since Josslyn got sick.

At the penthouse, Jason is sitting at the table staring into space. His eyes are filled with tears. Sam enters the room and sets a plate of toast on the table for him. There is a knock at the door and Sam opens it to find a courier with a package for Spinelli. Sam thinks it must be the first copy of his book "The Adventures of Damien Spinelli." She sets the package down and rejoins Jason at the table. She encourages him to try the toast by joking that she has really perfected her toast making skills. Jason replies that he's not really hungry. Sam gently places her hand on Jason's arm. She tells him there's nothing that he is supposed to do and no reaction that he's supposed to have.

Steve is in Elizabeth's living room picking up some toys. He is on the phone with the hospital explaining that he won't make it in for rounds because his sister needs him. There is a knock at the door and Steve opens it to find Olivia. She has brought them a casserole. Olivia says she never understood why people showed up with food when someone had suffered a loss but now she finally gets it. It's not because the people who are grieving will suddenly feel hungry, it's so the other people can feel like they're doing something. Steve says if he could make a casserole he would. He laments the fact that he has done nothing but field a few calls and straighten up the house while Liz is lying up in Jake's room and he can't do anything for her. Olivia tells him he is taking care of Elizabeth right now, but who is taking care of him? Steve tells her that right then she is. Olivia then asks Steve when he ate last. He says he doesn't know and he doesn't care. He can't get rid of all the anger he is feeling. What sense does a child's death make? He tells Olivia that Jake was a special kid. He realizes that all parents say that but he insists that Jake really was special. He tells her that Jake was bright and determined. Steve says that he sees miracles happen at the hospital all the time. Why didn't Jake get a miracle?

Jason looks at Jake's motorcycle. He tells Sam he should return it to Elizabeth. Sam says she can't imagine what Liz must be going through. She hopes that she and Jason can find a way to help each other through this. Jason doesn't think that will happen. Liz doesn't want his help. Spinelli comes home. He is unsure of what to say to Jason. He wants to convey his sincerest condolences and he wishes there was a way he could provide Jason with real consolation, a way he could explain all that has happened. Jason tells him there's nothing he can say. He puts his hand on Spinelli's shoulder and pulls his friend into a hug.

Dante enters the General Hospital garage to look over Carly's car, but when he arrives the car is missing. He calls the station and has them put out an APB on the car.

Robin meets up with Patrick as he's coming off the elevator. She asks him where he's been. He tells her he was off jeopardizing his medical career. He shows her his hand. Robin asks if he's been putting his fist through walls or punching people in the face. He says the second one. He tells her he confronted Johnny about Lisa. He says that he wanted to strangle him with his bare hands but he settled for punching him in the face. Robin can't stop thinking about Elizabeth and what she must be going through. If it were Emma, she couldn't survive it. Patrick says he will never forgive himself for what happened to Jake. Robin tells him it's not his fault. Patrick insists that it's partially his fault because Lisa is only there to chase him. Robin says he can't blame himself for Lisa's psychopathic behavior. Mac arrives at the hospital and Robin wonders if he is there for Lisa. As Mac is informing Robin that he is there to see Lisa but he can't discuss it with her, Lisa is fingers the scalpel in her pocket.

Mac approaches Lisa at the nurses' station. Lisa asks him if he is the head of the committee sent to frame her. Mac informs Lisa that forensics is done with her car. The traffic cam footage shows that she was speeding and driving erratically through the intersection so they are going to cite her for reckless driving and they will make it stick. When it comes to the hit and run, however, there is no sign of a collision and no DNA on Lisa's car. Robin argues that doesn't prove anything, she could have gone to a car wash. Mac tells them that the investigation is ongoing and there are still three other suspects to check out but if it turns out none of them was the driver, they will investigate Lisa again. He will see to it personally. Lisa retorts that she is glad the commissioner will be looking at for her personally as it will make it so much easier to sue for harassment. After Mac leaves, Lisa tells Robin and Patrick that once again their accusations were the product of Robin's imagination. She tells the only thing she has ever done was love him. Patrick says he has seen her cover her tracks so many times. Lisa says that someday his opinion of her will change. Patrick assures her it won't.

Lulu goes to the PCPD to see Dante. She asks him how the investigation is going and he suggests that she tell him. Lulu admits she saw the suspect list and told Luke that he and Carly were on it. Dante questions if those are the only suspects she informed. Lulu says she is sorry but she would do it again. Luke is her dad. Dante tells her it's not ok. She put his job in jeopardy. Lulu says no one has to know. Dante says he trusted her and Lulu replies "Just like I trusted you with Brenda?" She quickly backpedals. She tells him she understands better why he had to keep his secret with Brenda because some loyalties can't be ignored. Dante says he has come to at least one conclusion; he will need to do a better job of concealing things on his desk.

Olivia tells Steve she's not sure if it helps, but she spoke to Jax that morning and he's like a different person. All his fear over Josslyn has lifted and he's full of hope. Steve is glad that Josslyn is doing so well and he might even be able to find consolation in the fact that Jake saved her life, but it's not that easy for Elizabeth. Olivia understands. When Dante was shot, she felt as though her heart was being ripped out of her body. She was terrified of losing him. Liz comes down the stairs. Olivia says she is sorry to intrude, but she brought a casserole. She tells Liz if there is anything she can do to please let her know. Liz thanks her. She confirms that Olivia works with Jax and asks her to tell him she is glad Josslyn is doing so well. After Olivia leaves, Liz tells Steve she had the best dream. Or maybe it was the worst. She dreamt that Jake was outside and that he was calling her. When she woke up, she believed for a minute that it was all a nightmare and that Jake was really alive. Steve pulls her into a hug as she begins to cry.

Back at Jason's penthouse, Spinelli asks Jason if he can do anything. Jason says no. Spinelli says he is aware that the police are conducting an investigation. He has not interfered in it yet but he can download a copy of the suspect list and he and Sam can conduct their own investigation. Jason tells him to let the police handle it. Spinelli says than there really is nothing he can do. Sam tells him that his book came in the mail. She asks if the publication date is coming up soon and he tells her it is April 5th, but the book seems insignificant to him now. Jason says that it's important to Spinelli and he wants him to follow through with it. Sam suggests they go to the office and go over the book to make sure there are no mistakes. Sam and Jason lock eyes as she prepares to leave. She takes a final look back at him as she walks out the door. Jason wanders over to the mantel where he places Jake's motorcycle. He rests his head on his arms and stares at the toy bike as his eyes once again fill up with tears.

Liz is fussing in the living room, trying to keep busy. She tells Steve she needs to do something with Jake's room but she's not sure what. She wonders if she should make it into a playroom for Cam and Aiden but she doesn't want them to feel as if she's trying to erase Jake from their lives. Steve tells her she shouldn't make decisions right now. Liz asks if he is saying she should give herself some time. She says she can't even think in terms of time anymore. Jake was gone in an instant and now every minute feels like an eternity. Steve tells her that it will be a long process but someday things will start to seem more normal. Liz tells her brother she will never feel normal again. Not a day will go by that her arms won't ache for her son. Nikolas brings Cameron and Aiden home. Cam runs into Elizabeth's arms and she hugs him tight.

At the station, Mac asks Dante how long it takes to run forensics on three cars. Dante tells him there is an APB out on Carly's car because it went missing from the hospital parking lot, Luke's car is next and they still haven't found the car with the false plates. Mac restates his belief that it's a mob car. He wonders if that is why Michael was there earlier. Dante is surprised to hear his brother was at the station. He questions why. Mac says Michael was complaining about Sonny's car being impounded, but the Kristina became hysterical and he took her home. Dante asks what was wrong with Kristina. Mac doesn't know but he tells Dante he needs to keep his siblings out of the squad room.  Dante calls Michael and asks where he is. Michael tells him he is in an alley of off 3d street where he has had a fender bender.

Lulu arrives at the Haunted Star and Luke asks her if she has seen Lucky. She hasn't and was actually hoping he was with Luke. Luke says Lucky will find them when he needs them. Lulu relates that Dante is unhappy with her for telling Luke he and Carly were suspects. Luke questions why Dante is allowed to have secrets and Lulu isn't. Lulu replies she told him that very thing but that what she did crossed a line. Luke says some lines should be crossed. That's what is called loyalty.  Luke wonders if Lulu is concerned that Carly will try to conceal evidence now that she knows. Lulu doesn't believe she would do that because this involves Jason.

There is a knock on Jason's door and Carly calls his name. He lets her in and she tells him she wasn't sure if he would be there. She thought he might have hopped on his motorcycle and driven away. He tells her he thought about it. She tells him that Josslyn is doing really well and Jason replies that he knows because Sam told him. Carly says that when Joss woke up that morning, she was smiling and making noises and she knew that her beautiful baby girl was alive because of Jason. Jason corrects her. It's because of Elizabeth and Lucky. Carly says it is because of him. Jason has never failed her. Jason cuts her off. Why is she there? What isn't she saying?

Lisa is standing at the nurses' station and picks up a brochure for the Stone Cates AIDS Wing. When she opens the brochure there is a picture of a smiling Robin inside. Lisa stalks off and closes herself in the supply closet. She removes the scalpel from her pocket and violently slices up Robin's photo.

Dante finds Michael in the alley on 3rd street and asks him what happened. Michael tells him that he picked Carly's car up at the hospital and was taking it home for her when someone ran into his car, knocking him into a brick wall, and then took off. Dante tells Michael he would make a great undercover cop with the way he lies. He theorizes that Michael saw the suspect list and knew Carly's name was on it, so he deliberately ran the car into the wall to destroy any evidence that might be on it. He challenges Michael to lie his way out of that one.

Back at the Haunted Star, Luke tells Lulu he thinks he knows Carly pretty well and if she hit Jake it was definitely an accident. Lulu tells him there was another car with false plates and it must have them because it couldn't have been Carly. Luke concurs. If they had false plates, they must have had something to hide; they wouldn't have stopped for a hurt kid. Still, they question how Carly would get over it if it was her. To kill a child is bad enough, but to know that child saved your child's life is something else entirely. Luke questions how you ever get over hitting a child.

Nikolas tells Steve it looks like Liz has everything she needs. Since Nik is there, Steve is going to check in at the hospital. He picks his keys up from the coffee table and the envelope with the results of Aiden's paternity test is sitting there. Nikolas tells Liz that Cam had fun playing with Spencer at Wyndemere. Spencer let Cam ride his pony. Cam asks Liz if Jake can ride the pony when he comes back from heaven. Liz pulls Cam onto her lap and hugs both her sons tight.

Jason asks Carly what happened. He tells her whatever it is they can figure it out. Carly tells him his son just died; he doesn't have to take care of her. Jason says maybe he wants to. Carly tells him she was at home when Steve Webber called to tell her Jax had brought Josslyn into the hospital. She says she was trying to avoid Adams Street, which had a lot of lights, so she took Lexington instead and went past Liz's house. She tells him that she was talking to Jax on the phone and she wasn't paying attention. She starts to cry. She tells him that she doesn't know how she'll live with herself if it's true, but she might have been the one to hit his little boy.  

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