GH Update Tuesday 3/22/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/22/11


Written by Melissa
Pictures by Suzanne

Sam is at the PCPD helping Dante search for the person who hit Jake. Dante walks into the room and hands Sam a list of 7 cars that passed through the intersection at the end of Elizabeth's street between 8:00 and 8:05, the time frame in which they believe Jake was hit. They need to find out who the cars are registered to. Sam is staring at the list when she begins to look distraught. Dante wonders what is wrong. Sam looks up at him with a mixture of shock and fear on her face. One of the license plates is hers.

Patrick and Robin are in the operating room where they performed Jake's surgery. Patrick blames himself for failing to save Jake. He tells Robin it isn't fair that he performed surgery on Jake, and within an hour he was cleaned up and ready to move on to the next surgery while Jake is on life support. Robin reminds him that Jake had a catastrophic head injury and he did all he could under the circumstances. Patrick insists he was trained to handle worse than that and he should have been able to help Jake. He asks his wife "How does it make sense?" Robin doesn't know the answer to that. Patrick then asks Robin why she came back. She wanted to tell Patrick she is really sorry.  

Lucky is sobbing in Siobhan's arms outside Jake's hospital room. He tells her he can't go in. He doesn't want his last memories of his son to be of him hooked up to machines. Siobhan assures him that he can do it. She tells him to just go in and sit with him. Liz approaches them and asks Lucky if he has been in to see Jake yet.

Carly is on the roof of the hospital with Jason. She explains to him that Josslyn has cancer. The tumors are on both of her kidneys and if she doesn't get a transplant, she will have to endure chemotherapy. Jason asks if a transplant will save Joss. Carly informs him it's her best chance but that donors for children are rare. They don't know if they will be able to find one in time. She begs Jason to let the doctors use one of Jake's kidneys for a transplant.

Dante asks Sam why she didn't tell him she had driven past Elizabeth's house that night. Sam says she thought it was much earlier in the night, maybe around 7:30. It honestly never occurred to her that she could have been involved. She is overwhelmed thinking she might have been the one to hit Jake. She tells Dante she had a headache and she should have pulled over sooner. Dante tells her that if she had been the one to hit Jake she would have noticed, but Sam isn't so sure. Jake is so small and it was really dark outside. She knows there were a lot of pot holes on the street as she hit many of them. She becomes more concerned that she may have hit Jake without even realizing it.

Kristina arrives at the hospital to comfort Michael and finds him in Josslyn's room. He asks her how she knew Joss was sick and she tells him that Jax called Alexis to tell her what was going on. Alexis is now helping Jax to research alternate treatment options for Josslyn. Michael is worried about Joss undergoing chemotherapy. He remembers the physical toll it took on Alexis when she was being treated for lung cancer and Joss is just a baby. Abby comes in with something for Michael to eat. Michael is happy to see her but Kristina definitely is not.

Patrick tells Robin that she was great during Jake's surgery and that the failure is on him. Robin reiterates that Patrick did his best but Jake was just too hurt. He couldn't be helped. Patrick is confused. If Robin isn't talking about the surgery then what is she sorry about? She tells him she is sorry for what she has done to their family. She held on to her anger over his betrayal for so long and it hurt them all. Patrick says she was right to feel that way. She reminds Patrick that he apologized to her so many times and she was so determined to be angry with him that she kept them from being a family. She then tells him if it had been Emma that had died she never could have forgiven herself for all the time they wasted.

Lucky tells Elizabeth he has not seen Jake yet. Siobhan leaves them alone to talk. Liz tells Lucky she can't believe Jake is gone. She keeps expecting him to come running into the room. Lucky knows exactly how she feels. Liz says they don't need to make a decision right away. They can just stand in the hall and talk things over. Lucky gently reminds her that it's only the machines that are keeping him alive. Liz begins to cry again. She knows that, but she's not ready to let him go.

Carly is crying as she continues to plead with Jason to allow the doctors to use Jake's kidney to save Josslyn. She explains again that without the transplant, Josslyn will have to endure chemotherapy. She doesn't want them pumping poison into her little baby girl. She begins to cry harder. She apologizes to Jason. He has always been there for her through all the bad times in her life. She should be supporting him now while he grieves over Jake's death; instead she is asking him for a favor. She knows she is handling it all wrong and she is so sorry. Jason tells her that it's ok and he understands. Carly asks if that means he will allow the transplant. Jason tells Carly that it's not his decision to make but that he will ask Elizabeth.

Sam and Dante are sitting at Dante's desk waiting to find out who the other 6 cars are registered to. Sam is telling Dante that he should have forensics go over her car just in case. The next report comes in and Dante's eyes widen. This isn't good. The second car belongs to Sonny. Sam says that Max or Milo must have been driving because Sonny rarely drives himself. Dante pulls up the video footage and zooms in on the driver. It's Sonny. Sam says that if it turns out Sonny is responsible for killing Jake he will be devastated.

Jason goes looking for Liz and he meets Steve Webber at the nurses' station. He asks Steve if Elizabeth is around and Steve says she and Lucky went to see Jake who is still on life support. Steve starts to tell Jason that the parents are discussing organ donation but, seeing the pain on Jason's face, he stops and says "Elizabeth and Lucky" instead. He seems to realize that Jason is grieving the loss of his son as well. Jason tells him that Josslyn needs a kidney transplant and asks if Jake might be a match. Steve says that they would have to run some tests but that it's very likely Jake would be a good match for Josslyn. Jason asks how soon it would need to be done and Steve tells him the sooner they can get the cancer out of Joss the better. Jason asks Steve where Jake's room is and Steve directs him to room 1050.

Nikolas arrives at the Haunted Star where Luke is sitting at the bar drinking. He sternly tells Luke that he needs to be with Lucky. Luke's response is that Lucky knows where to find him. Nikolas says that Lucky is going through the worst experience of his life and he needs Luke at the hospital with him. Luke questions why Lucky would need him. He's not the sort of guy to give pearls of wisdom or empty platitudes. Nikolas gets annoyed. He tells Luke that it's time to step up and be a father for Lucky's sake.

Elizabeth is peering through the glass in the door to Jake's room when Jason calls her name. She is surprised to see him and asks him when he got there. He explains that he has been there all along but he kept his distance because he didn't want to make things worse. Tears fill Elizabeth's eyes again. She tells Jason how sorry she is. She didn't know Jake had gone outside. He just snuck out the door.  Jason stops her. He tells her it isn't her fault. She was a wonderful mother to Jake. He then proceeds to tell her that Josslyn is sick and needs a kidney transplant. He asks her if she would donate one of Jake's kidneys to save Josslyn's life. The words are barely out of his mouth when Liz slaps him hard across the face. "You selfish bastard!" she says. She is furious at Jason. She reminds him that he refused to parent Jake just like he refused to be with her. He barely knew Jake. She and Lucky raised Jake and now they are the ones with the giant hole left in their lives. Jason walked away and never looked back. And now he wants to give away Jake's organs. Liz spits that she will not let Jason use her son for spare parts. She storms away. Jason walks over to Jake's room and peers at him through the glass.

Sam wonders when forensics will be done checking her car. Dante suggests she go home and get some rest. Sam wonders if it is standard procedure to let someone who might have been involved in a hit and run go home to rest. Dante tells her she's not under arrest she just happened to be in the vicinity. Sam starts freaking out. It has just hit her that it's really possible she might have been the one to hit Jake. She wonders if she should tell Jason right away or not. If she tells him and it turns out she didn't hit Jake, she will have upset him for nothing. While they are talking, another report comes back. Two more drivers have been indentified: Robin Scorpio and Lisa Niles.

Jax and Alexis are in the conference room using their laptops to search for organ donors. Alexis strikes out on the international registry. She tells Jax she has one more connection and that Josslyn is probably sick enough to be pushed to the top of the list. Jax refuses. He won't do that to a child that has already been waiting. Dr. Jackson enters the room and tells Jax that he has discussed Josslyn's case with a colleague who specializes in this type of cancer and he agrees that Joss should start chemo right away. He tells Jax that if a kidney should become available, they can still do the transplant. Carly comes in and asks Dr. Jackson if he could perform the surgery tonight should a donor become available. She explains to Jax, Alexis and Dr. Jackson what happened to Jake and that the father is going to arrange to donate one of his kidneys. She asks Dr. Jackson again if he can do the surgery. He tells her it is unorthodox but yes, he can do it.

Lucky returns to Jake's room and finds Jason in the hall outside. Where's Elizabeth? Jason explains that she left because he said something that upset her. Lucky tells him she's grieving. Jason knows that and he realizes that she wasn't ready to hear what he had to say, but there's no more time so now he has to ask Lucky. He explains again about Josslyn and then asks Lucky to allow the kidney transplant. Lucky asks if Liz refused. She did. Jason tells Lucky that Liz feels he has no right to choose because he walked away from Jake. Lucky tells Jason he made that choice. For a moment, it seems Lucky might side with Liz, however, when he continues he reminds Jason that he made that choice because he loved his son and wanted to protect him. Lucky is so grateful for the choice that Jason made. He is so grateful for the chance to raise Jake and the joy the little boy brought into his life. Jason urges him to make Jake's life count for something by letting him save Josslyn. 

Abby and Kristina are in Josslyn's hospital room. Abby attempts to be nice to Kristina, but Krissy tells her she doesn't need to fake it since Michael has left the room. Abby tells Krissy it's a bad night for her to be copping an attitude. Kristina accuses Abby of using Michael and tells her again that Michael doesn't need her. Abby says the only person that seems to be bothered by her is Kristina and Krissy replies that's because everyone else is too polite to say anything. Abby tells Kristina that Michael and his family shouldn't have to deal with Krissy's issues with her during such a tough time. To avoid conflict, if Kristina is staying, she will go. Michael returns to the room and is excited to tell both girls that they may have found a donor for Josslyn. He asks Kristina where Abby is and she says Abby had to leave, but it's great news about the transplant.

Elizabeth finds Lucky and Lucky tells her that Jason told him about Josslyn's condition. Liz says he had no right. She says she is not going to cut her little boy apart and when she lets him go it will be in one piece. Lucky tells her Jake is already gone and that waiting won't bring him back. She tells him she can't do it. She's not ready. Lucky tells her to think about the other children waiting out there and the other parents praying for a miracle like they were. What about their miracle, Liz wonders. Why did Jake have to die? Lucky can't answer that but, while they couldn't save Jake, they can save other children.

Back at the Haunted Star, Nikolas tells Luke he picked Cameron and Aiden up and took them back to Windermere. Luke says that was mighty nice of him. Nik replies it's too bad he can't pick Luke up and take him to the hospital to be with his son. Luke says Lucky can call if he wants him to be there and it will only take him 10 to 15 minutes to be at his side. Nikolas says that, maybe just his once, Luke should be there without Lucky asking him.

Jason enters the conference room where Carly, Jax and Alexis are waiting. Carly tells him Dr. Jackson can do the surgery right away. Jason tells her Elizabeth said no, she won't donate Jake's organs. Carly is beside herself. She wants to talk to Elizabeth. Jason tries to stop her. She tells him she just needs to talk to Elizabeth and try to make her understand. Someone calls her name. She turns around and Liz and Lucky are standing in the doorway. Liz tells her she does understand. They have signed the paperwork. Josslyn can have one of Jake's kidneys. Carly begins to sob with relief. "Thank you," she says, "You are saving my daughter's life."

Lisa gets a page from Terrell Jackson and she finds him at the nurses' station. He tells her he remembers that she assisted with several children's' transplants when he knew her in Texas and he would appreciate her help on Josslyn's surgery. Lisa says that she might get fired after today, but at least she can save a child's life before she goes.

Robin and Patrick approach and see Lisa and Terrell talking. Patrick realizes they never worked things out with Lisa regarding the syringe. Robin says she doesn't even care about Lisa anymore. The situation with Jake has put things into perspective for her. She says she is just anxious to get home and kiss Emma and know that she's safe. Patrick asks Robin to give their daughter a kiss for him, but Robin suggests he do it himself. She then says the words Patrick has been longing to hear. She asks him to come home and rebuild their family. Patrick asks Robin if she's sure and she says absolutely. The time that the three of them lived together as a family is the happiest she's ever been. She misses him. Patrick smiles at her and says "Let's go home." They join hands and walk into the elevator together. Lisa turns around just in time to see the tail end of their happy reunion.

Sam and Dante are debating whether it's possible that Lisa hit Jake. Dante says that while he hasn't been involved in all the Lisa craziness, he has heard that she's done some pretty awful things. He thinks they should concentrate on ruling Sam out first before they go into the other suspects. Another license plate is matched to its owner: Luke Spencer.

Lucky arrives at the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke quickly offers him a cup of coffee. Lucky questions whether Luke is afraid he will fly off into oblivion again. Luke tells him booze won't solve anything. Nothing will. There are no words that can make it better. Lucky wonders why everyone keeps talking then. Lucky starts talking to his father about Jake. Luke tells Lucky that when a child dies, there's no way back from the pain. You just have to learn to live with it. Lucky asks what happens if he can't.

Josslyn's family gathers around her as Dr. Jackson prepares to take her to surgery. Michael tells her to stay strong. When she gets better, he and Morgan will take her to a Yankees game. Jax assures his daughter they will be there when she wakes up. Carly kneels down and tells Josslyn to be brave. Terrell and the nurses begin to transport Joss to surgery. Carly and Jax stand in the doorway and watch her go. Jason walks into the hall as they are wheeling her away. His eyes tear up. He and Carly lock eyes and Carly mouths "Thank you." Jason nods but says nothing.

Terrell and Lisa are scrubbing in. Terrell says Josslyn is in good health so the surgery should go well. In the conference room, Jax, Carly and Alexis are anxious. Jax tells Carly Dr. Jackson said the surgery could take 5 hours. Carly says she is going to ask the nurses for an update. Jax yells at her. He just told her it's going to be 5 hours, what is she planning to ask? Carly leaves saying she needs some air. Jax says he could have handled that better. Alexis tells him that, under the circumstances, he's allowed to not be perfect. Jax says he keeps sending Joss good thoughts and he thinks she feels them. He figures that must be weird. Alexis reassures him by telling him that parents are very connected to their kids. Jax isn't sure how he is supposed to be happy about finding a donor for Josslyn when he knows it only happened because Jake died.

Back at the Haunted Star, Lucky asks Luke if he ever understood why he agreed to raise Cam and Jake. Luke says if he ever felt judged for that he apologizes. Lucky says he understood. Luke was worried about him. He was concerned that Lucky would get attached to the boys and Liz would take them away from him. Luke tells Lucky that he is a good man. Luke admires his ability to love with his whole heart. He is proud of him. Lucky tells Luke it's his fault he chose to raise Cam and Jake. Luke made being a father look like so much fun that Lucky wanted to be on the other side of it. He just never knew it was possible to love that much. Lucky begins to cry. He collapses into his father's arms and sobs.

At the PCPD, the forensics come back on Sam's SUV. She is cleared. The sixth car on the video is a mystery. It's a town car with tinted windows and no license plate. They can't identify the driver. Sam suggests it might be a mob car. They decide to check out the other 5 drivers before they try to identify that one. They get the last report back on the license plates. The seventh driver is Carly.

Carly is on the roof where Michael finds her. She tells him she is bad at waiting. She knows that even after surgery, Josslyn's struggles aren't over. She will have to take medicine to prevent rejection of the new kidney. Carly can't help but think how much this situation sucks and how unfair it is. She realizes she sounds ungrateful. Michael understands. In a perfect world, Carly would want all her children to be happy and healthy all the time, but it's not a perfect world. She tells Michael her heart is breaking for Jason. He has always helped her out, no matter what she needed. Now, Josslyn is getting a second chance because of Jason.

Jason goes to Elizabeth's house and let's himself in with a key. As he walks onto the landing, he steps on one of Jake's motorcycles. He picks it up and stares at for a moment. He sits down on the steps and presses the motorcycle to his lips as his eyes begin to fill with tears. He looks slowly around the room, then he holds the motorcycle in both hands and presses his hands to face. His shoulders shake as he begins to sob.  

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