GH Update Monday 3/21/11

General Hospital Update Monday 3/21/11


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Josslyn is sleeping in the hospital room. Terrell asks Carly and Jax how Josslyn is doing. Carly informs Terrell that Josslyn’s fever is down. Terrell breaks the news that Carly and Jax have been dreading – Josslyn has cancer. Terrell explains that Josslyn has tumors on both of her kidneys, most likely have been growing since her birth. Terrell adds that Josslyn’s cancer is a rare form and not genetic. Terrell suggests chemotherapy but Jax hates the idea. Jax worries what the side effects are. Terrell is adamant that the pros outweigh the cons. Carly and Jax bicker back and forth. Jax wants to look into alternative options. Terrell says Josslyn can live without one of her kidneys. Jax points out Josslyn could have a kidney transplant. Terrell fears that Josslyn might reject a new kidney. Terrell reminds Carly and Jax that the transplant wait list is long. Carly starts crying as Terrell urges them to go with a drug protocol. Carly and Jax agree to discuss Josslyn’s options. Michael is in tears. Carly asks Michael if Josslyn is going to die.

At the Haunted Star, Luke wonders if Jake is going to be okay. Luke is visibly scared for Lucky. Luke and Tracy reminisce about the time Lucky was presumed dead. Luke knows that losing a child is the worst thing a person can go through. Luke admits he’s become a bitter man. Luke believes Jake’s death will destroy Lucky. Tracy says they need to keep the faith.

In the hospital conference room, Elizabeth is clinging to Lucky. Siobhan is watching them from the corridor. Lucky blames himself for Jake’s accident because he was supposed to have the boys tonight. Lucky and Liz agree to hold out hope. Lucky knows that God is watching over Jake. Lucky brings up Jake’s accident at the carnival. Elizabeth and Lucky share a laugh when they realize how much Jake has overcome. Lucky says Liz is a good mom which makes her cry. Steven walks in. Liz asks for an update. Lucky leaves the room to speak to Siobhan. Siobhan reassures Lucky that Jake will be okay.

In the operating room, Jake’s surgery begins. Robin comments that Jake’s blood pressure keeps fluctuating. Robin urges Patrick to hurry up. Robin notices Jason watching through the window. Jason is upset. Robin points out that Jake is hemorrhaging. Patrick tries to clamp the artery but Jake’s blood pressure is dropping. Sam shows up and stands next to Jason. Sam clasps Jason’s hand in hers. As they watch the surgery progress, Jake’s monitor begins beeping. Patrick is unable to fix the artery. Robin looks at Jason. Jason is speechless. Sam leaves the area so Jason can be alone. As the operation continues, Jake’s monitor is showing no brain activity. Robin gives Jason a solemn look which confirms his worst fears. Jason starts sobbing.

Elizabeth continues to wait in the conference room. Steven says that the surgery will take time. Steven leaves to get an update on Jake’s condition. Steven speaks to a nurse before running into Lisa. Steven scolds Lisa about her earlier antics. Lisa hopes Steven can let go of the incident. Lisa wishes Patrick and Robin would save Jake. Nikolas shows up and speaks to Lucky. Nikolas relays that Lulu called him about Jake. Lucky asks Nik to stay for support. Lucky is concerned about Liz’s state of mind.

Steven returns to the conference room. Liz is blaming herself for not hearing Jake open the front door. Steven tries to calm Elizabeth down but she’s agitated. Steven starts to cry and promises to “listen better” to his patients. Elizabeth thanks Steven for his help. Outside the room, Lulu and Dante show up for Lucky. Lulu hugs Lucky then asks about the latest on Jake. Dante wants to investigate the hit-and-run. Dante hopes a traffic cam will have a picture of the driver. Lucky is adamant that Liz not be questioned right now. Sam intervenes and talks to Lucky and Dante. Sam wants to look for clues as to the identity of the driver. Lucky agrees to speak to Elizabeth. Lucky enters the conference room and tells Liz he needs to ask her a few questions.

Carly begins calling Jason but Michael stops her. Michael says that Jason is busy right now. Carly assumes Jason is looking for Theo but Michael comes clean about Jake’s accident. Carly wants Michael to keep an eye on Josslyn while she finds Jason. Michael says Jake is in critical condition. Michael says he knows Jason is Jake’s father. Carly hugs Michael then leaves the room. Michael’s phone rings. It’s Abby. Michael apologizes for missing their dinner date. Michael says Josslyn is sick. Abby rushes over to the hospital. Abby hugs Michael then asks about Josslyn. Michael breaks the news that his baby sister has cancer. Abby feels sorry for Michael. Michael says he has had a change of heart about working for his dad. Michael and Abby share a tender moment.

After talking to Liz, Lucky tells Dante that the driver hit Jake between 8:00 and 8:05 tonight. Lucky says Elizabeth placed the 911 call at 8:06. Dante figures the driver went south on Lexington. Lucky and Dante go over small details. Dante plans on checking out the traffic cam. Lucky sees Jason walking toward them. Lucky realizes in an instant what has happened. Jason says “he’s gone”. Lucky bursts out crying; Lulu sheds a tear. Lucky wants to be the one who tells Elizabeth. Lucky hurries over to the conference room. Sam hugs Jason. When Lucky opens the door, Elizabeth begins crying. Lucky consoles Elizabeth then she falls to the floor.

Tracy and Luke are playing a game of poker at the Haunted Star. Luke rambles on about Jake’s odds of survival. Luke is preoccupied. Tracy makes some jokes to lighten the mood. Lulu walks in with a sad expression on her face. Lulu breaks the news to Luke and Tracy. Lulu says Jake is on life support. Luke and Tracy are sickened by the news. Tracy doesn’t want Edward to know the truth that Jason is Jake’s biological father. Luke wonders how Lucky is going to get through this.

From the hospital lobby, Jason watches Elizabeth and Lucky in the conference room. Nikolas runs into Steven and tells him he’ll bring the boys back to Wyndemere for the night. Robin walks by Jason. Robin says she is sorry about Jake. Robin informs Jason that Jake is on life support. Robin adds that Lucky and Elizabeth will have to decide when to turn it off. Jason continues to cry.

At the police station, Dante is busy making phone calls about the hit-and-run. Sam walks in and asks to help with the investigation. Dante is surprised Sam isn’t at the hospital with Jason. Sam implies that something bad happened between her and Jason a long time ago. Sam would rather stay away from the hospital at the moment. Dante tells Sam that the driver was at the intersection of Lexington and Gable. Sam gets some coffee for her and Dante. Dante has found a grainy image of the driver’s vehicle. Dante and Sam agree to find out the drivers who were in the area.

In the conference room, Patrick and Robin tells Lucky and Elizabeth that Jake had a catastrophic head injury. Robin says that there was “too much damage”. They both apologize for not being able to save Jake’s life. Patrick says Jake is on life support. Elizabeth and Lucky are shocked by the news. Carly listens from the corridor. Patrick suggests organ donation. Liz and Lucky don’t know what to say. Lucky asks Steven to stay with Liz. Lucky leaves the room. Elizabeth tells Steven about holding Jake for the first time. Liz starts sobbing. Outside the conference room, Lucky tells Siobhan he wants to see Jake. They head for Jake’s hospital room. Lucky is hesitant to enter. Lucky breaks down in front of Siobhan.

Patrick returns to the OR. Patrick looks around and starts throwing things to the floor. Robin walks in and tells Patrick that Jake’s death isn’t his fault. Patrick thinks he failed miserably since he always thought he was the best surgeon around. Robin puts her arms around Patrick.

Jason heads up to the hospital roof where he has memories of Jake. Carly finds Jason on the roof. Carly says she’s sorry about Jake’s death. Jason recalls holding Jake eight times. Jason is visibly emotional. Carly makes a vague comment about “more time”. Carly explains how Josslyn is sick and needs a kidney transplant. Carly says that Jake can save her daughter. Jason is speechless.

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