GH Update Monday 3/14/11

General Hospital Update Monday 3/14/11


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At the MetroCourt restaurant, Kristina tells Carly about Michael and Abby’s dinner date. Kristina gives Carly the address for Abby’s apartment. Carly doesn’t want to interrupt the date. Kristina hopes that Michael’s first time isn’t with a stripper. Carly defends Michael which infuriates Kristina. Carly knows that Michael is supportive of Kristina. Carly compares Michael to Jason, her best friend. Kristina wonders if Carly resents Sam. Carly admits she and Sam get along great now.

Michael and Abby are kissing in her apartment. The timer goes off for the garlic bread. Abby rushes into the kitchen. Michael and Abby sit down for dinner. Michael can’t wait to eat. Abby is slightly embarrassed by Michael’s compliments. Michael admits his mom is an awful cook. Michael asks to have wine with the dinner. Abby agrees and pours him some. Abby comments that Michael is an adult so he should be able to drink if he wants. Abby suggests getting Michael a cab. Michael says his parole is almost over. Michael is thankful to be almost done with sleeping at Dante’s. Abby talks about her stay at the MetroCourt. Abby admits her favorite part was the shower. Abby tells Michael she made dessert. They pick up their dirty dishes and head toward the kitchen.

Ethan visits Luke at the Haunted Star. Luke is busy typing on his laptop. Luke tells Ethan about a project he’s working on – helping Carly with her marriage problems. Ethan assumes Luke isn’t helping his niece for the fun of it. Luke admits Carly will do him a favor in return. Luke produces a small diamond which Ethan can’t stop staring at. Luke says he is going to blackmail Jax. Ethan thinks it’s impossible that anyone would believe Jax stole the gems. Luke doesn’t want Jax arrested. Maya and Tracy walk in. The women are convinced that Luke and Ethan are in cahoots. Maya and Tracy sense trouble. Luke comes clean about his scam to blackmail Jax. Tracy doesn’t believe Luke. In fact, Tracy accuses Luke of lying. Ethan pleads that Luke is telling the truth. Maya laughs in response. Tracy is still mad that she was arrested for drug smuggling. Luke asks Ethan and Maya to leave. Alone, Luke apologizes to Tracy. Luke knows Tracy has put up with a lot. Luke calls Tracy’s nagging “endearing”. Luke suggests he and Tracy go on a honeymoon. Tracy assumes she’d be paying for it. Luke admits he has some money lined up for their excursion. Luke wants to start over. Tracy is silent.

Jason shoots at Theo’s helicopter. Dante advises Jason to stop. Jason continues to return fire but Dante grabs his arm. Jason claims he is shooting in self-defense. Jason wants to find Theo. Dante says he is calling the police. Jason reminds Dante that Theo almost killed Sam. Dante hopes that Theo will be put in prison. Dante makes a call to the authorities. Nearby, Jason calls Carly (who is talking to Kristina). Jason updates Carly about Brenda being at GH. Carly refuses to go to the hospital to support Sonny. Jason asks that Carly inform Sonny’s kids about Brenda. Kristina is saddened to hear about Brenda’s condition.

At the hospital, Brenda wakes up momentarily. Robin hopes Brenda will make it. Patrick pulls Sonny aside. Patrick talks about the antidote and how long it will take to kick in. Patrick suggests putting Brenda on a ventilator. Patrick tells Sonny that Brenda might not survive the night. Sonny asks Patrick and Robin to come up with a plan b. Sonny has no intentions of giving up on Brenda. Robin defends Patrick’s opinion. Sonny believes the comfort of loved ones will help Brenda recover. Sonny walks away from Robin and Patrick. Sonny returns to his wife’s bedside. Sonny speaks of their honeymoon plans; he wants to go to Italy.

Edward shows up to see Brenda. Sonny thanks Edward for coming. Robin asks Edward to visit with Brenda. Edward refuses to lie to Brenda then rambles on about Sonny putting his wife in danger. Edward talks to Brenda, telling her she’ll survive. Edward adds that he’s disappointed in Sonny. Robin and Sonny listen from the corridor. Edward asks Brenda to visit him often in Lila’s rose garden. Patrick tells Sonny that Brenda is not showing any improvement.

At the crime scene, Dante tells Mac about Suzanne and that her real name is Stephanie Wayne. Mac wonders where Theo is. Mac brings up the forensics report and the fact two men are dead. Mac thinks the man found dead at the MetroCourt was killed by Sonny. Dante defends Sonny. Mac tells Dante that he isn’t going to stand by and watch Jason kill people. Mac wants to reassign Dante and Lucky. Mac warns both Jason and Dante about his opinion on the matter. After Mac leaves, Dante and Jason bicker over Theo. Since there are no leads on Theo, Dante hopes Jason will drop the issue for now. However, Jason won’t let go of his vendetta against Theo.

Carly runs into Jax at the restaurant. Jax says Josslyn’s fever is down. They discuss the meeting that is on Thursday. Carly wonders if they should reschedule due to Brenda. Jax is shocked to learn Brenda was given a deadly neurotoxin and might die. Carly says Theo is nowhere to be found. Jax thinks Carly is testing him – that he’ll run right to Brenda. Carly doesn’t care what Jax does. Jax brings up the custody dispute which angers Carly. Carly wants Josslyn at home with her. Jax is adamant that the kids are in danger at the house. Carly gets defensive. Jax wants to protect the children.

After washing dishes, Abby and Michael return to the living room. Michael raves about Abby’s pasta. Abby makes a comment about breakfast. They sit on the couch and begin kissing. Michael takes off his shirt. They stand up and are walking toward the bedroom when Michael’s cell phone rings. It’s Kristina. Kristina relays that Brenda is at the hospital, dying from a neurotoxin. Michael agrees to run right to GH.

Dante visits Lulu at her apartment. Dante fills Lulu in on the latest regarding Brenda. Dante admits he’s scared. Lulu and Dante share a kiss. Dante admits he made a mistake covering up Aleksander’s death. Dante proclaims his love for Lulu.

Michael and Abby head to the hospital. Abby agrees to wait in the lobby for Michael. Kristina confronts Abby. Kristina asks Abby to leave her brother alone. Abby is speechless.

Sonny is sitting by Brenda’s bedside. Sonny is convinced that Brenda will survive. Sonny steps out and makes a call to Bernie. Michael overhears Sonny talking about killing Theo. Michael and Sonny hug. Michael wants to help find Theo. Sonny hates the idea. Sonny makes it clear Michael won’t be getting involved in the mob.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Sam talk briefly before Jason returns. Jason is frantic about finding Theo. Sam wonders why Jason’s panicking if Brenda was found. Jason won’t back off from locating Theo. Spinelli agrees to get on his laptop and find a lead. Spinelli leaves the room. Sam asks that Jason forget his vendetta. Jason wants revenge for Sam almost dying in the limo explosion.

Sonny returns to Brenda’s hospital room. Sonny talks about their wedding day and how beautiful Brenda looked. Sonny is crying as he talks about Brenda’s love. A teardrop runs down Brenda’s face. Sonny begs Brenda not to die. The monitor beeps and Brenda opens her eyes. Patrick and Robin run in the room. Patrick announces the antidote is working. Sonny is happy. Brenda is taken off the ventilator. Patrick says Brenda has no permanent damage from the neurotoxin. Sonny thanks both Patrick and Robin for saving Brenda’s life. Robin hopes Sonny can stop his vendetta against Theo. After hugging, Sonny enters Brenda’s room. Brenda smiles when she sees her husband. Sonny promises to stand by Brenda no matter what.

Dante is notified about Brenda’s recovery. Dante and Lulu talk about Sonny. Dante knows he has to go back to enforcing the law whether Sonny is a gangster or not. Dante and Lulu share a kiss.

In the lobby, Abby brings some coffee to Michael. Michael can’t believe Brenda is going to survive. Michael vents about Sonny and Jason’s objections of him being in the mob. Michael wants to prove he can run the family business.

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