GH Update Wednesday 3/9/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/9/11


Written by Jessica
Pictures by Suzanne

Jules tells Theo that he’s not keeping anything from him, even though Theo knows he is. Brenda walks in and Theo tells her that he wants her to answer some questions as honestly as possible.

Jason gets off the elevator near Sam’s room and hears Spinelli talking in his story voice. Sam is in the room laughing and Jason tells Spinelli “.. what did I say about putting me in that stupid book?”

Jax arrives to his former home with Jocelyn in hand. He sees Shawn walking into the living room buttoning his shirt and asked what’s going on.

Spinelli jumps up to defend himself and Sam also chimes in. Jason says sternly that he doesn’t want to be in the book at all.

Carly jumps up to introduce Shawn and Jax. Jax is very upset with Carly’s involvement with the danger. “Why does it always fall on you to help scum like this?” Jax asks. Shawn doesn’t take too kindly to the insult. Jax tells Carly that his problem is with her. Then, he says that from now on, Jocelyn is going to be staying at the hotel with him.

Dante and Sonny discuss Suzanne’s story and how it was very similar. Dante says that Brenda is willing to do anything to keep this baby safe. Sonny isn’t so sure. He says that Suzanne may lie, but Brenda wouldn’t.

Theo wants to know what happened in Africa, where she left the child behind, where did you visit, how long were you in Rome, did you make man charity appearances. And… where was she when accompanied by Suzanne. Brenda assumes that Theo is wanting to know when and if she left to see her child.

Siobhan arrives in the morning to Lucky’s apartment and tells Lucky that she just considered the green card marriage a hypothetical that she wasn’t really considering. Marriage is a big deal. Alexis knocks on the door to tell them that she has some answers, but none of them are very good.

Jax tells Carly she is an unfit mother. Then he throws how raising Michael wasn’t very good at all. He tells her that if she’s not going to protect their children, then he’s going to have to. She can’t pick up Jocelyn.

Sonny tells Dante that Brenda would never give away a child.

In Sam’s room, Jason is demanding to be taken out of that book. He snaps at Spinelli and Sam comes to his defense. Jason finally agrees that if Spinelli find information on Theo, he could keep him in the book. Spinelli agreed, mentioned this novel being the first of many, and left Jason and Sam alone. The mood lightens when she reminds him that they are now alone and he gets to take her home today.

Olivia runs into Johnny while on her phone at the hospital. He tells her she looks good. They catch up. Steve sees them talking. They make small talk then Steve walks up. Johnny takes the hint and leaves.  Johnny waits for Lisa. They ‘go to lunch’; Maxie sneaks around and now plans to look for clues with Matt.

Siobhan, Alexis, and Lucky all discuss how they could pull off getting married. Then, Luke walks in with the answers to their problem in an envelope.

Jason and Sam arrive to Jason’s penthouse and they cuddle on the couch.

Theo still tries to grill Brenda about Suzanne. Brenda tells him that she doesn’t know where Suzanne was while they were apart. Theo walks out and Jules has ‘his moment’. The knife flipped wonderfully. Brenda tells him that she’s proud of him and he exits, telling her “the blade sings”.

Diane meets Jax at the Metro Court bar. Jax tells her that he wants to amend the custody agreement. He wants to add a paragraph that Carly has to maintain a safe and sane lifestyle or else he’ll take the kids. They both giggle. Diane wants to know what he considers sane. As Jax tells Diane that he doesn’t want them around violence, Sonny walks up.

Maxie and Matt break into Johnny’s apartment.

Lisa and Johnny arrive at the metro court restaurant and Lisa believes they are there to make Olivia jealous. Johnny stops Lisa before they leave and offer that they both leave together. Olivia notices them and seems bothered. Steve asks if they’re there to have a nice lunch or make Johnny jealous.

Jax confronts Sonny about his violence in his home. Sonny defends his actions for finding Brenda and tells Jax to stay the hell away from him.

Dante goes to Jason and tells him that he thinks Suzanne knows more than she’s saying. Sam is asleep upstairs, so they discuss that Brenda may have given up the baby.

Suzanne arrives to Theo’s office and asks Suzanne about her whereabouts 3 years ago. She explained that Brenda was away with Murphy and that she went to a retreat. Theo is suspicious.

Luke presents Siobhan with forged documents which would make her a seemingly legal citizen. Lucky questions her interest. Alexis and Luke leave and Lucky and Siobhan go with having two options: going with a fraudulent marriage or using fraudulent documents.

Dante and Jason discuss Suzanne and Spinelli comes through the door talking about his book. Jason tells Dante that he needs to talk to Spinelli, so Dante leaves. Spinelli then turns to tell Jason that he has found information.

Carly leaves a message with Diane assuming that Jax had already contacted her. Then she and Shawn talk about parenting, Jason, Sonny, and Jax’ knowledge of their relationship.

Jax and Sonny argue. Jax leaves and Diane and Sonny agree to do their own jobs.

Steve asks Olivia if she thinks she and Johnny will get back together. She assures him that she has other interests: him.

Maxie and Matt dig around in Johnny’s things looking for clues. Then, Johnny and Lisa arrive, pawing all over each other. Maxie and Matt hide and hear Lisa confess that Johnny is blackmailing her with the syringe. She says this out loud as they are taking each other’s clothes off for an intimate get-together on the couch.

Lisa and Johnny playfully discuss how they are going to end their relationship and fall onto the couch together.

Lucky and Siobhan decide to go with the green card marriage.

As Sonny and Diane part ways, Jules walks into the restaurant and walks to Sonny. Sonny tells him not to run and asks if he knows where Brenda is. Jules tells Sonny he can take him to her.

Brenda hears the door open and asks prematurely ‘hey are we going?’ It’s not Jules at the door, it’s Theo. He threatens her.

Spinelli tells Jason, with photographic evidence, that Suzanne is Theo’s wife. There is a knock at the door. It’s Suzanne. They tell her that they have just had a break through. Jason states:  ‘you’re Theo’s wife? Where  the hell is he hiding Brenda?’

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