GH Update Tuesday 3/8/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/8/11


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Siobhan and Lucky enter his apartment and discuss her notice about extending her visa.

Jason and Sonny discuss motivation in their office. Theo is arrogant, Sonny says, but this is more than just trying to avenge his son- he’s making it personal against him.

Theo demands to know where his grandson is. “You listen to me, you psychopath” steams Brenda. “Do you think I would ever let a child anywhere near you?” 

Dante and Lulu are still at the PCPD talking about Theo and his methods of doing what he’s doing. Dante is convinced that Theo is after the grandchild. Lulu then asks Dante if he thinks the child is still alive.

Back at their office, Jason and Sonny discuss more about Theo’s motivation. They assume that since Theo is used to so much power, he must want to teach Sonny a lesson. Sonny declares that Theo is now in it to torture him, even if it started by getting Brenda.

Brenda taunts Theo. Then he threatens her life, with the chance of her only saving it by telling him where his grandson is.

Michael turns Abby’s request down to go to her apartment. He thinks it is best if they keep their meetings public. She then starts to tell Michael that maybe he’s just not into her. He tells her that the problem isn’t her, it’s him.

Nikolas talks to Elizabeth about Aiden as they are both working at the hospital. Elizabeth warns Nik that Brooke Lynn is trying to attach herself to his bank account. She then tells Nik that he and Aiden would be better off if BL wasn’t around.

Michael tells Abby how amazing she is. He tells her that he wants to be with her- to hold her, kiss her- but, he’s still a mess inside. He says he doesn’t want to be in a situation with her where the situation can go all wrong. Abby tells Michael that she is not afraid of him; that she has never felt so safe with anyone.  Then, Carly walks into Kelly’s. “You guys have something fun planned for tonight?”

Sonny tells Jason that by Theo bombing the limo, he took the time to research him. Theo is using Brenda against him. “This was not supposed to happen!” 

Brenda tells Theo that to her, Sonny is invincible. Theo tells Brenda that he is just beginning with Sonny. “Soon he will be confined to a mental ward- whimpering for his mommy. He will not come to your rescue” he tells her. She tells him that if he lets her go now, she will make sure that Sonny will never hurt him. He tells her there is no turning back.

Lulu still discusses Theo’s motives with Dante.  Is the baby still alive?

Lucky and Siobhan continue discussing her legal status. The only option they have is to go after the US government by making contacts with who they know: Agent Bates or Alexis Davis. Siobhan agrees to stay and fight. Lucky says he has to go out for a bit.

Back at the hospital, Nik apologizes to Liz for Brooke Lynn’s actions. Liz tries to tell Nikolas that she’s only into his money. Liz says it’s like Nik is settling for her. Nik then tells her that he wishes the two girls got along. Nik then tells her that Brooke Lynn is in his life because he wants her there.

Carly joins Michael and Carly and asks how Abby’s doing. Abby makes a polite exit and leaves Carly and Michael alone to talk. Michael tells Carly about what happened with him and the orderly. She is grateful that he’s fine, but angry that he keeps testing his parole. She tells him he’s not a cop; catching the suspect is not his job.

Sonny throws a glass into the wall and then threatens to destroy Theo. Dante enters and tells them that he thinks Theo is keeping Brenda around to find out about the baby. Sonny surmises that if Theo finds out that Brenda did lose the baby, Theo will not need her alive anymore.

Carly walks into Sonny’s office and asks him how things are going. She sees that he is upset and tells him that she always wants to hear what he has to say. She wants him to talk to her. He explains all of his feelings with what’s going on with Brenda. She tells him that he does not need to be getting dark and drinking. Sonny starts to blame himself for everything that happened to Brenda.

Brenda sees Jules walk in and she asks him how he is. He whips out the blade and says it’s only a matter of time before ‘it speaks’ (ha). Brenda compares herself to him- telling herself that nobody had loved her and she had never really loved anyone else, until Sonny. Everything seems to go wrong with her. “Like me with the blade” says Jules. Brenda tells Jules that if he goes to Sonny and tells him where they are, Sonny will be kind to him and help him out. He agrees. Theo lurks behind the cracked door and hears it all.

Brooke Lynn is deep in conversation when Nikolas walks in on her to see her pacing back and forth talking to herself. “You cannot keep sneaking in on people like that!” she huffs. He thinks she’s having a panic attack. J She tells him that he doesn’t want to know what’s going on. She tells him that he is going to regret wanting to know. She tells him that it has been months and months of pent up frustration. She tried to run, exercise, everything, to not think about him. And she really, really wants to have sex with him tonight. She doesn’t want to be protected. She gets it, he’s her boss. But let’s just do this, she says…or not, let’s not. You’re just standing there, looking gorgeous, and I um… he walks over to her and they embrace passionately.

Lucky walks up to Liz at the nurse’s station and he wants to tell her that Siobhan’s visa is about to expire. She sympathizes. He tells her they’re trying to keep her safe, by keeping her in the country. She asks him what could be done about her staying if the government won’t let her. He tells her that he could marry her.

Jason walks into Sam’s room and they banter playfully. She has him catch her up on what’s gone on since he left. Right now they’re just waiting to hear anything. She tells him she has good news- she’s getting out of there tomorrow. Patrick agreed to it and everything.  Jason tells her he still has the offer on the table. Anything she wants, she gets. She says to him, “why put off til tomorrow, what we can do right now?”

Suzanne arrives to the PCPD upon Dante’s request. He clarifies that she was in Africa with Brenda during her pregnancy. He tells her that he realizes that Brenda is being held because Theo may believe that the baby is still alive.

Elizabeth pulls Lucky to the side to help him realize he may be making a mistake. She tells him that he would be committing fraud for some girl he barely even knows. She says that he’s been protecting her (Siobhan), but it doesn’t mean that he knows her. He tells her they’ve had tons of time together. He says he wants to do this. After everything they’ve been through- he and Liz- the years they’ve spent together, it still got them nowhere. Then, she pulls out the kid card. “What about the boys?” If he does marry Siobhan, is she going to be around them? Apparently she is not okay with that. Lucky even looks irritated, so he tells her that it may not even come to that. But, if it does, he is going to marry her.

Back in Brooke’s room, Nik asks “you still think I’m not interested?” She rips off his shirt after throwing him into a book case. They kiss passionately and violently, both bursting with desire, throughout different places in the room until finally choosing their landing spot in front of the fireplace.

Sonny tells Carly that he’s expecting her ‘I told you so’. Carly tells him that she thought Dante and Brenda were having an affair and were going to keep it from him. She said that she didn’t want him to get hurt. For that, he understands. She did, admittedly, overlook how much he loved Brenda. She reassures him that he will find her, bring her home, and that they are going to have the life they’ve always wanted. And she will be really happy for him.

Brenda lies sleeping on the couch when Theo walks into the room. Jules’ tray fumbles and Theo asks him why he’s so nervous.  Jules tries to play it off, but Theo insists that nervousness is a sign of a guilty conscience and that only a full confession would get rid of it.

Dante questions Suzanne about her knowledge of the baby.  As far as she knows, Brenda was showing malaria type symptoms. She had a miscarriage and the baby was gone. Dante notices that Suzanne and Brenda told the same story- the exact same story, like it had been rehearsed. Are the two women covering something up?

Sam sniffles into her tissue as she and Jason lie on the hospital bed watching some movie. Jason seems completely unsure. “I don’t get this. They’re just staring at each other standing in the rain getting wet.” He tells her. Apparently the wish that Sam wanted to celebrate was to watch a romantic movie with him. They kiss as the romantic music of the movie plays.

Lucky walks into his apartment and sees Siobhan lighting candles. She had just finished making dinner for him. She said it was the least she could do before she had to leave for Ireland. He reminds her of their other option. He tells her that if her appeal is denied, he wants her to marry him. She asks if he’s sure and he shrugs it off. “It’s a green card marriage. How much trouble can it cause?”

Liz licks an envelope shut addressed to a DNA center.

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