GH Update Monday 3/7/11

General Hospital Update Monday 3/7/11


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Shawn shows up at Carly’s house. Shawn wants to call Jason because he has a lead on the Balkan. Shawn begs Carly to help. Carly gets a towel for Shawn; his wound is bleeding. Shawn thanks Carly for helping him with Sonny. Shawn says he went to Manhattan to retrieve a detailed record of his dealings with Theo. Shawn adds that Theo’s men followed him to the bank. Shawn tells Carly that he might have some information on Theo. Shawn pleads for Carly to get in touch with Jason.

At Sonny’s office, Michael confides his worries about his dad. Jason doesn’t want Michael getting involved in the mob. Jason thinks Michael made a mistake going after Theo’s man. Michael swears he can defend himself. Michael knows that Jason had to protect him in prison but insists he is fine now. Jason acknowledges Michael’s courage during the bus crash but asserts that Michael will not be a gangster. Michael brings up Dante. Jason talks about his regrets in not being able to have a family. Jason speaks of working for Sonny and admits that mob life took away some of his options like having kids. Jason admits that Jake Webber is his biological son. Michael is stunned by the news. Michael insists he doesn’t want to have children. Jason hopes Michael doesn’t have any regrets in the future.

In the interrogation room, Dante tells the man working for Theo that his bail has been denied. The man worries what Sonny will do to him. Sonny threatens the man; he is upset about the situation with Brenda. Sonny hates the man for pulling a gun on Michael. Theo’s guy asks Dante to help him. Instead, Dante leaves the room to get some coffee. Mac walks in. Mac listens as Dante talks about why the man is being interrogated. Mac allows Sonny to talk to Theo’s guy. Dante offers to get the man some coffee. Sonny yells at the guy for following Theo’s orders. Sonny demands to know where Brenda is. The man recounts that Brenda was switched with Sam at the pavilion, then he drove a stolen van to the airport. Sonny and Dante both wonder where Brenda is now. Sonny thinks the man might by lying. The man says he torched the van before returning to Port Charles.

Jason visits Sam in the hospital. Jason tells Sam about Michael’s brush with danger. Jason and Sam talk about their future. Sam tells Jason she loves him.

At the Haunted Star office, Lucky pays Luke a visit. Lucky inquires about his siblings. Luke asks about Lucky’s trip to Ireland. Lucky relays that he and Siobhan found Megan. Lucky admits he was surprised to learn Theo is the Balkan. Luke admits Theo is smart. Lucky asks Luke to go over what happened before the limo exploded. Luke says that Sonny walked Brenda to the car but stopped to get a gift from him (Luke). Luke says everyone was looking at Sonny at the time – not the limo. Luke isn’t shocked that Brenda and Sam were switched since the lighting was bad outside. Luke and Lucky agree that Theo made a terrible error – the Balkan didn’t anticipate Sam’s survival. Luke says Theo will do anything to tie up loose ends. Luke advises Lucky to keep an eye on Siobhan. Lucky admits Siobhan is having problems with the U.S. government. Lucky discusses Siobhan’s green-card status with Luke. Luke jokes that he could get a fake Visa for Siobhan. They share a laugh. Lucky proposes the thought of marrying Siobhan. Luke hates the idea. Luke asks if Lucky loves Siobhan. Lucky evades the question. Luke points out Ethan and Maya’s marriage is a disaster. Siobhan walks in carrying a letter regarding her Visa extension. Luke leaves the two alone. Lucky opens the letter. Siobhan didn’t get her extension and needs to leave the U.S. by March 30.

In the cave hideout, Theo confronts Suzanne about Brenda being missing. Suzanne is surprised to learn that Brenda got away. Theo isn’t buying Suzanne’s story. Theo threatens to kill his wife is she’s lying. Suzanne maintains she didn’t release Brenda. Suzanne continues to proclaim her innocence, then claims one of Theo’s servants betrayed him. Suzanne won’t stand for anymore of Theo’s threats.

Outside the cave, Brenda is frantically looking for a way to escape. Dogs are barking in the distance. Theo’s henchmen grab Brenda. Brenda is kicking and screaming. Theo shows up and taunts Brenda. Theo escorts Brenda back to the hideout. Theo gives Brenda a glass of wine, claiming it isn’t poisoned. Theo questions Brenda about her release. Brenda refuses to tell Theo who helped her escape. Brenda tells Theo that he’s crazy. Brenda rummages through Theo’s desk but can’t find anything useful. When Theo returns, he asks more questions. Theo demands to know what happened to his grandson.

Abby visits Sam in her hospital room. Sam thanks Abby for bringing coffee. Sam says she is getting better. Abby agrees it’s a miracle that Sam survived the limo explosion. Abby wonders why Sam is so glum. Sam talks about her earlier chat with Elizabeth, then announces she can’t have children. Sam says she loves Jason but regrets not having a family. Abby listens as Sam recounts the shooting that left her unable to bear children. Sam wonders if the new fertility procedure would work.

Abby runs into Michael at Kelly’s. Michael is reeling from his visit with Jason. Michael hopes that everyone will stop babying him. Nevertheless, Michael is thankful that Jason protected him in Pentonville. Abby is startled to learn that Michael found Theo’s guy and disarmed him. Michael worries that he can’t get a job because of his criminal record. Abby hopes Michael doesn’t get involved in the mob. Michael is annoyed that Abby is taking Jason’s side. Abby tells Michael she didn’t get the job at the ad agency. Michael offers to get Abby a job at the MetroCourt, ELQ or Sonny’s restaurant. Abby is flattered by the offer but insists she wants to get a job herself. Abby thanks Michael for his helpfulness. Abby kisses Michael then suggests they go back to her place.

At the Jacks home, Shawn asks Carly to call Jason. Carly reluctantly agrees to Shawn’s request. Carly calls Jason and asks him to come to the house. When Jason arrives, he criticizes Shawn for showing up at Carly’s doorstep. Shawn relays that he got the necessary records from his safe-deposit box. Shawn explains he came to the Jacks home because Theo’s men were following him. Jason and Shawn talk about their lead on Theo. Jason thanks Shawn for his assistance. After Jason leaves, Carly bandages Shawn’s wound. Carly offers to have Shawn stay at her place then get checked at the hospital tomorrow morning. Shawn wonders why Carly is being so friendly. Carly admits she has made mistakes in the past so now it’s time to “pay it forward”.

Lulu shows up at the police station with food for Dante. Dante is relieved to see Lulu. Lulu inquires about Brenda. Dante tells Lulu about Michael’s run-in with Theo’s guy. Dante talks about allowing Sonny to question the man. Dante is confused about his feelings for Sonny – one minute he hates him, the other he sympathizes with him. Dante realizes that Theo might not want revenge – he wants to ask Brenda about his grandson’s whereabouts.

Jason returns to Sonny’s office. Sonny admits he almost killed Theo’s guy at the police station. Sonny thinks Brenda might still be in Port Charles. Sonny makes it clear that he’ll find Brenda. Jason relays the information Shawn obtained regarding a New York holding company. Sonny plans on finding Brenda no matter what.

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