GH Update Friday 3/4/11

General Hospital Update Friday 3/4/11


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Samantha can hear! As Jason told her I love her yesterday, he repeated himself today. She told him to say it again to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. He did- and she heard him! They kiss, both happy that she is recovering.

At the Metro Court, Sonny asks Jules what he knows about Brenda.

Back in Brenda’s room, she struggles to pick the door lock.

In Theo’s room, he confronts Suzanne about knowing about the baby being lost without telling him. She told him that she just wanted to save him from more grief. She explains that they have both been obsessed with making Brenda pay, and they still have no way to get their son back. Still, Theo is convinced that their grandson is still alive.

With the gun still pointed at Michael, Theo’s henchman is being talked down by Dante. Dante tells him that if he hurts Michael, he will be dead by the morning. Just then, a gunshot goes off and Dante yells.

Michael and the henchman struggle with the gun and Michael grabs it. He points it at the guy and tells him not to move. Then, Dante takes the gun away from Michael and tells him that he could never do something like that again.

In Sam’s room, Patrick asks her questions regarding any symptoms that she may have. She doesn’t seem to have any.  He then tells her that it looks like she may be okay, but she must take it easy while she’s still at the hospital. With Jason and Sam alone, they share a tender moment about how thankful they are for each other- that she is alive, she can hear, and she is with him.

Brenda makes progress to open the door. She struggles; almost getting it, then realizes that she dropped the pin. Flashbacks from her wedding day enter her mind.

Theo grabs Suzanne’s arm and it starts to hurt her. He demands to know where his grandson is.

Sonny tells Jules that if he knows anything about Brenda, he needs to tell him now. Jules changes his mind about speaking to him and Sonny is sure that Jules knows something. He leaves the hotel and Carly tries to calm him down. Jacks walks in and tells Carly and Sonny that he received a call from Olivia asking for passwords to get information about Theo’s contacts. Jacks then tells him that Sonny can’t get any of that information.

Sam is tired and tells Jason that she doesn’t want to talk about that night. She tells him that he needs to get back to work and he agrees. She tells her to think of something she wants, anything, and he will make sure she gets it. They need to celebrate.

At the police station, Dante shows up with the suspect. Michael is told to sit down for Dante to handle him later. In the interrogation room, the guy figures out that Dante is also Sonny’s son; then Dante informs him that he pointed a gun at the wrong kid. When Dante walks out, he tells Michael that he can’t chase suspects on his own. Michael tells him that he knows what he’s doing. Dante then reminds him of his parole.

Suzanne and Theo still discuss the baby. Theo threatens Suzanne and Brenda by telling Suzanne that he WILL find out what happened to the baby. Suzanne looks scared.

Jacks tells Sonny that he is working with the police and Interpol and that Sonny will not get his hands on those records. Sonny thanks Carly for her help and leaves. Carly tells Jacks that she sees Sonny’s side, but she also sees his too. Too bad it’s too late for that, Jacks states. Then, Carly tells Jacks that if he thinks this is the right idea, she’s not going to fight this. She also goes on to tell him everything that happened at her house that night. Carly tells Jacks that no matter what, she wants her kids to grow up like Jacks instead of their father.

As Elizabeth is checking on Sam’s vitals, they discuss how Liz seems to be a super mom. Then, they discuss the night of the bus crash when Jason and Jake played with the motorcycles. Sam mentions how much they look alike and how amazing it is to just look at your kid and see their father in them. Liz looks like she is thinking deeply… (presumably about the whole Aiden/Nikolas/Lucky thing).

Sonny and Jason meet in Sonny’s office. Jason fills him in on Sam’s condition.  Then, Jason tells Sonny that he let Shawn go at the airport. Sonny doesn’t seem too happy about this.

Theo is furious with Suzanne. He is angry and believes that she is trying to keep their grandson away from him. Suzanne tells him that he is in denial and shouldn’t look for a child that doesn’t exist.

Jules enters Brenda’s room and tells her that he couldn’t talk to Sonny because one of Theo’s men was around. He gives her the pin she was using to try to escape and tells her that she needs to be careful. Just then, Theo walks in and asks them if he needs to remind them of the consequences of her trying to escape. She tells Theo that she has offered everything to Jules to help her escape but that he is loyal to Theo. He then leaves. Theo wants to know more about his grandson. Brenda tells him that he never would have known about the baby if he even did live, because Dante signed over his rights in place of the real father.  He then leaves and Brenda grabs the pin that Jules left.

Sonny and Jason discuss Shawn and Jason’s reasons for letting him go. Sonny then tells him how horrible things have turned around in the past few days and how he feels terrible for Michael and Morgan seeing him doing his mob thing.

Dante and Michael discuss why Michael should stay out of it. Dante tells him to promise to stay out of it, and as Michael is walking away he says “I try not to make promises I can’t keep”.

Carly and Jacks share some kind words. Jacks has her understand that he can’t release those records; but Carly explains to him that Spinelli will find anything there is to find out. He then tells her that she was great at the wedding. The irony, Jacks points out, is that they finally agree on Sonny and Brenda- not that their marriage is over.

Elizabeth asks Sam for her professional opinion of a P.I. She hands Sam a picture of Jake and Sam awes at it like it is amazing to see a mini-Jason. Elizabeth clearly changes her mind about what she wanted from Sam, so she leaves the room to make a call to someone.

Sonny tells Jason that he has complications with Dante. He tells him that he tried to make a deal with Lulu and Dante to leave town. Sonny doesn’t want to hurt Dante in the process, but he is determined to find Brenda. Michael walks in and tells Sonny that the guy who tried to kill Shawn is at the PCPD. Sonny leaves and Jason calls Michael closer. He asks him how he knows about this. Michael tells him that he was the one who found the guy. Michael seems so proud of himself. Jason, on the other hand, is very displeased.

Suzanne arrives in Sam’s room with CDss and crime novels. Suzanne, again, tries to see if any news has come about as to the whereabouts of Theo and Brenda. Nobody knows anything yet.

At the PCPD, Sonny enters and tells Dante to find a way to let him go. Dante says that he is a good cop, but maybe there is a way that they can help each other.

Elizabeth calls Patrick over to her in the hospital. She hands him a picture of Aiden and asks if he looks like Nikolas or Lucky. Patrick tells her that they need to trust the labs. Elizabeth still thinks Helena could be responsible for messing with the tests and that maybe Lucky is the father of Aiden after all.

Jason asks Michael why he went after the guy. Michael told him that he wanted to. He wanted to prove to himself that he could do it. He has been protected and sheltered for so long that he wanted to prove that he could. Michael says, even if Dante never would have showed up, I would have done the same thing. Jason is angry and tells Michael that he is not allowed to do anything like that again. Michael got too close to the business today and he doesn’t want him to get any more involved.

Carly arrives at her home, on the phone with Morgan. When they hang up, Carly looks at a picture of her family. Just then, she hears someone at the door. She grabs a hockey stick and turns the corner, almost hitting Shawn as he walks through the door. He tells Carly to call Jason- he has a lead on Theo Hoffman.

Theo walks into Brenda’s room and she is nowhere in sight.

Brenda is in the woods, seemingly freezing. She hears dogs barking and gets frightened.

Dante walks into the interrogation room and tells the guy that he is being released. The henchman tells Dante that he didn’t have anything on him anyway. Dante then responds that he actually did have him on an assault with a deadly weapon charge, but that Sonny Corinthos made his bail. The guy refuses bail, saying if he leaves, he will be dead by the time he reaches the parking lot. Dante asks why; if he’s not guilty and knows nothing about the Balkan or Brenda, then he shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Just then, Sonny walks into the room. He asks if this was the guy that pulled a gun on his son. Dante tells him yes, then asks if he could leave the two alone. Sonny thanks him, and glares at the henchman like he’s burning a hole through him. (Find this scene on the internet!! No update available could convey the AMAZING acting from Maurice and Dominic. Absolutely Emmy-worthy!!!)

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