GH Update Thursday 3/3/11

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/3/11


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Kristina screams down the hallway for help and Patrick arrives. He says he’s going to run some tests; Sam may have just fainted.

Jason and Shawn continue talking. Shawn tells Jason his part in the situation, again. Shawn says he’s not running, he has information in Manhattan that can help find Theo.

Theo tells Brenda that he wants to know about his grandchild and what she did with it- beginning with the names of his adoptive parents. She tells him that he made Sonny believe that she was dead for a baby that didn’t exist.

Dante walks into Sonny’s while Sonny was on the phone with Bernie. Dante tells Sonny that searching for Brenda does not give him the right to turn the town into a war-zone. Sonny fires back, “watch me”. 

Michael sits at Kelly’s as Abby shows up before her job interview. They chat about Sam, Brenda, Theo, and the events of last night’s scene at Carly’s. He starts to blame himself for letting Shawn live if it turns out to be a mistake.

Jason tells Shawn that he can’t leave. Shawn tries to convince him that he isn’t trying to run away or help Theo. He tells Jason that there is a safety deposit box in Manhattan that may help give them some clues.

Back in Sam’s room, Patrick and Kristina see her wake up. Sam tries to sit up, Patrick stops her, and she tells him that she’s dizzy. Alexis shows up and finds out what happened. They aren’t sure why she fainted, but Patrick indicates that it could be as simple as fainting or maybe something more. He tells them that he will start with an MRI and let them know what’s going on. Alexis and Kristina decide to stay around and wait. Kristina starts crying thinking that it’s her fault.

Brenda tells Theo that she had a miscarriage when she was pregnant. Theo believes that she put her son up for adoption, dumped him off like some inconvenient baggage and went on with her life. He tells her that she took his son, but she will not deprive him of his grandson.

Lulu runs into Johnny at the Metro Court bar. She fills him in on what happened during Sonny and Brenda’s wedding. Johnny makes the observation that through all of this, Sonny is pretty much unharmed -as he is with most of the scenarios.

Sonny tells Dante that he is either with him or against him. They continue to have their argument against letting Sonny do his mob thing or letting the police handle it. Then Sonny questions: why is it that you only want to go by the book when it hurts someone like Michael or Brenda?

Shawn tells Jason that there is a high tech safety deposit box which can only be opened by fingerprint technology that only Shawn can open. He tells Jason that he will help find Theo; and that he plans to repay his debts to Carly and Michael for saving him from Sonny. Finally, Jason tells him to go and Shawn tells him that he will bring back the evidence that he finds.  As Shawn walks away, Jason tells him that when he’s going through those records to find out if there is a link between Theo and Franco.

Alexis and Kristina sit in Sam’s room talking about how her friend Ally lied when everyone thought that she was okay. Now Sam is worried that nobody can figure out what is wrong with Sam and she will die like her friend. Alexis talks to her about faith and how she needs to think positively. Alexis leaves to go check on Sam and leaves Kristina alone.

At the Metro Court, Johnny and Lulu talk about hypothetical plans that Sonny will choose to make. Johnny reminds Lulu of how Sonny had him locked in a padded cell for thinking that he shot Kate. Even without evidence, Sonny wrongfully accused Johnny. Johnny believes that Sonny is about to impose an all out war—which will only make Sonny’s ego bigger.  Lulu tells him that she owes him an apology for not remembering what he’s been through. She tells him that nobody has the right to judge him. Johnny tells her that he’s flattered that she still thinks about him. But she’s grateful to him for leaving her the way that he did. She’s completely in love with Dante. Johnny leaves to prepare for whatever Sonny has in store.

In Kelly’s, Michael and Abby discuss Michael’s troubles with the wedding. Abby supports him and tries to make him feel better. She compares Shawn to Michael’s time in prison- being helpless. Michael still feels guilty that he could have done something wrong, but Abby insists that his compassion and empathy are good qualities to have.

Sonny apologizes for taking such a cheap shot. Sonny wants Dante to help talk to his kids for what they saw at Carly’s. Then, Sonny suggests that Dante takes a leave of absence from his job since this case hits so close to home. He even agrees to foot the bill. Dante asks: you really want me to sit on a beach somewhere while you’re here murdering people? Sonny responds, nonchalantly, “yes.”

Brenda tells Theo that she got pregnant by his son. That yes, Dante did sign over rights to the baby so that she could take her unborn son to Rome with her without any difficulties. However, instead of going to Rome, Brenda needed to go to Africa for charity work. Her doctor told her that it would be fine to travel. When she got to Africa, she contracted a bad fever and she passed out. When she woke up, she knew she had lost the baby. Theo asked her if she were alone and Brenda tells her that the director, Suzanne, was with her. Theo looks shocked.

Michael decides that he wants to help find Brenda. He is intent on helping, regardless of his parole. Abby tells Michael to watch and wait. After all, he helped her. She leaves to go to her interview and Molly walks into Kelly’s. She tells Michael that the guy who just left was the same guy at the hospital who tried to kill Shawn.

Jules shows up to Brenda’s room. He tells her that Theo only keeps him around because he knows stuff. She tries to get him to tell her what he knows. He said he cant, he’d be the next body. She figures out that he’s not really dangerous. She asks why he helps him. Does he threaten Jules? He tells her that she can’t help him and she can’t help himself. She comes onto Jules to try to get him on her side.

Lulu comes to Sonny’s and Sonny tells her that he wants Dante and her to take a vacation. He tells her that wherever they want to go, Sonny will take care of it. Sonny leaves the room and then Dante tells her that just when he’s starting to feel bad for the guy, he now wants to lock him up and throw away the key.

Jason walks into Sam’s room with Kristina. She tells him that she’s worried about Sam because of what happened to her friend. She tells Jason that she’s scared that Sam is hurt worse than anyone knows. She then tells Jason what Patrick said and how Sam seemed fine. Jason asks Kristina to be strong for Sam- that he doesn’t want Sam to see how scared she is for her.

Molly tells Michael what happened when she walked into Shawn’s room. Michael leaves to go look for the orderly.

Dante and Lulu discuss what happened with Shawn at Carly’s house. Lulu tells Dante that she thinks Sonny is trying to protect him; Dante thinks Sonny is only trying to protect himself.

Carly and Sonny meet up at the Metro Court lobby. They discuss about how horrible it was for Michael and Morgan to walk in. Suzanne walks up and asks about Brenda’s condition. She tells Sonny that she doesn’t think the cops could handle it- that she doesn’t care how Brenda gets found, no matter what method is used. Just then Suzanne gets a call on her cell phone and excuses herself. It’s Theo. He tells her to come back to him, now, because it’s  “quite urgent”. 

Sam comes back into her room in a wheelchair and sees Kristina, Alexis and Jason. She tells Kristina that she’s feeling good. Patrick arrives in the room and tells everyone that she just fainted, based on the test results.

Sonny and Carly try to get information on what Theo used at the hotel. As they are discussing gathering info, Jules walks into the hotel.

Dante and Lulu still discuss the situation at hand. Dante explains that he has a duty to his family and Lulu tells him that Sonny is going to do whatever he wants. Just then, Dante gets a call from Molly telling him that Michael has gone after the guy who tried to kill Shawn.

Michael follows the guy who Molly saw and the guy pops out of nowhere and asks Michael why he’s following him. Michael asked if he was the one who was hired by Theo. The guy refuses to talk, so Michael mentions his dad. Then, the guy pulls a gun out and tells Michael that they have a problem now.

Back in Sam’s room, Alexis decides to leave with Kristina. As they’re walking out, Kristina tells Jason that she’s sorry for bringing up what she did and how thankful she is for him for being so nice. After they leave, Jason sits next to Sam and tells her how much he loves her and how he wishes she could hear him. “Jason, I just did!”

Back at Theo’s hideout, Suzanne enters the room. Theo suspects that she was trying to tip off Sonny and Carly.

At the Metro Court, Carly makes a call to gather information. Jules walks up to Sonny.

The orderly tells Michael that he is safe. Michael reminds him that his father is just as dangerous. But, if he were to go with Michael and tell Sonny everything he knows, Sonny will make sure he’s protected. Dante shows up and points a gun to the orderly’s back. Not backing down, the orderly (one of Theo’s many henchmen) tells Dante to back off or Michael’s dead.

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