GH Update Wednesday 3/2/11

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/2/11


Written by Jessica
Pictures by Suzanne

Sam wakes up to find a sleeping Jason lying next to her in her bed. He wakes up and they realize she still can’t hear. They tell one another ‘I love you’ and kiss passionately. Just then, Kristina and Alexis enter the room.

Brenda wakes up in the cave with a headache. She jerks back awake to see a servant carrying in food. Jules hurts himself with his knife, and Brenda coaxes him towards her. He doesn’t fall for it and tells her that he is at her service for the rest of her stay. She’s confused by that.

Theo sits reading his paper as Suzanne walks in the room. She’s upset; everything they’ve been working for is about to blow up in their faces. She tells Theo that Shawn spent the night at General Hospital telling Lucky everything he knew about the Balkan.

In Shawn’s hospital room, a man enters with a pillow and tries to suffocate Shawn. Fortunately, Shawn is able to grab the man’s arm and Molly walks in the room.

Patrick is at the hospital and is unkind to Lisa. He tells her that his expertise is not required on Sam’s case. Robin walks up and thanks him for being there for her.  Lisa is in the background worried and has Liz do a favor.

Shawn lets the guy go from his grasp and he leaves. Molly questions Shawn about what just happened. Lucky arrives and Shawn tells her that he will tell Lucky about the incident- Theo just sent someone in to kill Shawn.

Suzanne and Theo discuss Theo’s trickery in the Brenda/Sam switch. He seems pleased with himself. He tells her that she is the only person he trusts.

Back in the room with Brenda, her help, Jules, tells her that her charms aren’t going to work. He has his orders. Still, she tells him that if he just got a message out to someone she knows, she could make sure that he was protected and set up for life.

Brook Lynn is dancing around, listening to an mp3 player, as Nikolas walks in. They make small talk and Brook Lynn wants to know what’s going on with him. He’s introverted and has a wall up. What’s wrong? Why is he avoiding her?

While Patrick and Robin are still talking in the hospital lobby, Dr. Jackson shows up because of Lisa’s page. She is frantic and he tells her that he’s got this. He walks over to the couple and interrupts. Patrick is irritated, but Terrell brought up information about the Stone Cates memorial wing and Robin’s all ears.

In Sam’s room, she tells Jason to talk to her slowly. She tells him that she remembers getting in her car and Theo being in the backseat. And that’s all. He tells her that Theo took her and put her in the limo instead of Brenda. The limo exploded. He tells her she’s amazing. They kiss again as Molly walks in the door. (can’t these two get a break?)  She gives Sam a few books and tells Jason that she is going to help them learn sign language.

Lucky didn’t find the orderly, but Shawn tells him that the guy will be dead by nightfall. Then Lucky tells him that he wants to use him as bait.

Robin and Terrell end up on the docks. He tells her about a grant that they may be eligible for the Aids wing. $10,000,000. This just means they get to spend even more time together.

When Lucky leaves Shawn’s room, he runs into Liz as she is working behind the counter. She stops him to catch up and show him pictures of the boys. She tells him that Monica suggested that Aiden looks like him. He just plays it off since he shares the same genes with his brother.

Back at the castle, Brook Lynn and Nikolas talk about their feelings for each other. He tells her he’s been thinking of her a whole hell of a lot lately, that he just wants to be closer to her.  She tells him that she thinks about him all the time. She tells him that if he would have knocked on her door, she wouldn’t have turned him away. He laughs and tells her that he was standing at her door. She kisses him and they really get into it.

Molly teaches Sam some sign language. Sam tells Jason to go look for Brenda. She insists. He reluctantly agrees and they both sign I love you to each other.

Nikolas stops shortly after they start. They both express how they want each other. He feels as though the last time he got into a similar situation, he ruined three people’s lives. He doesn’t want to make it 4.

Robin and Patrick catch up about the grant back at the hospital. They also discuss options for Sam. Patrick then asks Robin for dinner as a family.

Sam looks in good spirits as she spends time with her mom and sisters.

Lucky and Jason run into each other at the hospital and discuss Theo and Brenda. Jason wants to make sure that Shawn is telling the truth.

Terrell gloats to Lisa about his strategy. Robin tells Patrick that she made plans with Terrell and can’t meet him for dinner. But, she’s not closing the door on them. Lisa walks up after Robin walks off and asks Patrick to join her at Jake’s for a beer.

Lucky and Nikolas run into each other on the pier. Lucky wants to question Nikolas and Brook Lynn about the events from the night before. Nik then tells Lucky that he embarrassed himself by his feelings for Brook. He says he cant do it because of what happened with him and Elizabeth. Lucky is confused.

Back in Sam’s room, Molly teaches them some sign language and she engages in fun banter with her mom. After those two leave the room, Sam tells Kristina that she’s happy to be alive.

In Shawn’s room, Jason finds an empty bed. He asks a nurse about him, but the nurse says he should be in his room.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he’s really attracted to Brook Lynn and that scares him. He then tells Lucky that Liz has been throwing signals that she wants to be with him and he feels guilty for rejecting her. Lucky asks if he loves Liz- but he’s not in love with her romantically. He loves her as a friend and as the mother of his son. Lucky tells him that he needs to get over his past. If he wants to be with Brook Lynn, he should be.

Sam takes off her restricted tubing and tries to walk around. Not 3 steps later, she collapses. Kristina screams down the halls for help.

Jason shows up to where Shawn disappeared to and tells him that he is going to pay for sending Jason into the Balkans trap.

Jules walks Brenda into Theo’s office area. He leads her to believe that Sonny thinks she died just as Lily had. She calls him pathetic. He calls it meticulous planning. She asks him what he wants from her. All this time he’s wanted to talk about his grandchild. 

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