GH Update Tuesday 3/1/11

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/1/11


Written by Jessica
Pictures by Suzanne

Lucky’s back in Port Charles and discusses the recent events from the Pavilion with Dante.

Sonny goes to Carly’s and has his guys tie Shawn up. Carly demands that Sonny not do this, but Sonny doesn’t care. He’s looking for answers.

Jason enters Sam’s cubicle as Patrick tells him that she is waking up. He speaks to her, trying to get her to wake up. She squeezes his hand and opens her eyes. She sees him talking, but doesn’t hear anything. Robin enters the room and Patrick, Jason, and Robin all try to get Sam to tell them if she’s okay. “I can’t hear you” she says, and the opening song starts.

Michael arrives at his mom’s house with Morgan. He insists that he go inside first and that Morgan stays at the car.

As Dante and Lucky discuss further the theories of transpired events, it appears as though Brenda was taken by a catering truck disguised for the wedding. Lucky’s suggestion: let’s find Theo’s wife.

Suzanne shows up with coffee in hand for Alexis. They discuss what had just happened, and Alexis asks questions about Suzanne and children. Still, Suzanne denies having any. “I never found the time, or uh, the right man for that matter.”  (There’s a heart in there somewhere, right?)  Interestingly enough, she then describes Brenda as the daughter she never had.

Kristina and Ethan. There’s not too much going on here except for the usual… Kristina feels bad about everything that’s going on and Ethan is there to comfort her, as always. (Side note: You know, the thing she said at the wedding, about marrying him someday, still rings through my mind. Think that’ll be used in a couple of years as a ‘moment from the past’ used to boost up their future love? Ha- probably.) Ironically, Kristina points out, she could really use Sam’s help right now. Ethan offers his help, but is told that the advice she needs is about him.

Michael enters Carly’s house and sees Sonny and Carly screaming about Shawn. Morgan creeps around the corner. Carly pleads with Michael to talk some sense into Carly. Sonny then asks Michael to take Carly out of there. (And Morgan is listening to it all, out of sight.)

Patrick has to write on a white board to ask Sam questions. Robin and Patrick discuss what could be the reason for her hearing loss and then decide to seek a specialist. Poor Sam looks scared.

Ethan makes a joke about poker and how that must be the advice she is seeking. Kristina thanks him for helping her through this whole ordeal. Then, she brings up Taylor. She tells Ethan that there is no future with him, and Ethan just tells her that she’s too young to be serious anyway. Kristina looks at him and says “I know that I’m young, but, I’m serious about you”.

Back at the hospital, Alexis finds out that Sam has lost her hearing. Sam and Jason both look so upset- but he whispers ‘I love you’ and Sam tells him the same.

Dante gets a call from Morgan, telling him about what’s going on back at the Jacks house. Carly tells Sonny that if he’s going to kill Shawn, he’s going to have to do it in front of Michael. When Dante arrives, Moran tells him everything he saw. Dante rushes into the house as Sonny is trying to defend his position on wanting to get rid of Shawn. Then Dante says “..leave it to the police. Sonny, you gotta be a father. Right now. Save this vengeful mobster thing for another time.”

.. and Sonny does. He just walks away. Carly goes straight to Shawn and takes off the tape from his mouth. “You okay?” she asks. “You have a very interesting family” he replies. (Ha! I’d say.)

Lucky shows up to Sam’s room and meets Jason outside. They agree that Jason stays with Sam while Lucky and Dante follow leads about Theo. Now, Jason feels guilty about what happened to Sam. He sent her alone to the wedding, right into Theo’s trap. 

Dante, Carly and Shawn are the only three left in the room. Shawn questions Dante for not calling this in. Carly helps Shawn explain how they met. They all agree that Shawn needs to be taken to a hospital and Dante states that he will be taking him.

Lucky reassures Jason that there was nothing he could do.  Lucky tells Jason about their wife theory. Suzanne lurks around the corner.

Dante introduces Shawn to lucky as Theo’s former employee. Lucky agrees to handle Shawn for him while he goes to see is father.

At Sonny’s house, he and Luke discuss what happened back at Carly’s.

At Carly’s house, Michael tells Morgan that he’s going to go see Sonny. Morgan points out that it would violate his parole. Michael tells him that he can’t violate it if he doesn’t get caught. Carly’s pops out and asks “and what if you do?” 

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick start to rekindle a bit of their flame. Robin tells Patrick that she wants to forgive him. That she is so thankful to have him by her side, especially through all of this. He offers to take her home, and she reluctantly agrees. He tells that that she doesn’t have to forgive him. They hold hands as the elevator closes.

Alexis enters Sam’s room and sees Jason still at her bedside. Alexis decides to do the mom thing and hover- and Jason tells her to take his seat. He walks out of the room and Suzanne walks up. They discuss the situation briefly and Jason reassures her that Sonny will find Brenda.

Carly tries to get Michael and Morgan to stay out of it. In the most motherly way, she explains to both of them that when Sonny was Michael’s age, he chose the life of crime. She wants to make sure that they do not follow in those same footsteps. 

Back at Sonny’s house, Luke is already gone. Dante shows up. He tries to convince his father that he needs to let the cops handle Theo. Dante promises that he will pay. “Not if I get him first” Sonny responds.

Lucky questions Shawn about everything he knows. Suzanne lurks outside the curtain and hears them explain that Alexander was Theo’s son… so he had to have a mother.

Kristina jerks in her sleep as she’s lying on Ethan’s shoulder.

In Sam’s room, Alexis leaves to go check on the girls. Jason comes back in and Sam opens her eyes. Realizing that he can’t talk to her, he turns to grab the white board to write on. She stops him. It’s not like he talks much anyway, she points out, in a louder than usual voice. She has gotten good at knowing what he’s thinking without him having to say it. He tells her he loves her, and she whispers I love you too.

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